My name is Cody Badson, I’ve always enjoyed reading erotica and I thought I’d try it for myself. Before you read the story, please note that I’m not a big fan of romance. If you’re looking for two guys who fall in love, find another story. I’m also into realism, so don’t expect hot steamy sex straight away. If you have any comments please email me at [email protected] and follow me on Twitter at @CodyBadson .


Jake is beginning his first year at Bellview School, an all boys boarding school. Along with friends and enemies to make, he also starts exploring his sexuality. Fitting in his class work, extra curricular activities and encounters with other boys, he finds himself in a few sticky situations.


His bag was already packed and leaning against his bedroom door, his phone was on charge and his clothes for the day folded neatly on his bed. His hands were resting on the cool windowsill as he stared out of the window into his back garden. It was a warm sunny day, the trees and grass seemed more green today. Today was a big day, something that he was looking forward to, but also very anxious about. A sudden jolt in his mind. Did I pack my pencil case? With a quick run back to his suitcase he found that he had packed it. He had packed most of his room. Most of his life stuffed into this suitcase. 

‘Jake?’ A voice sounded from downstairs.

‘Yeah?’ he replied calmly.

‘Are you ready? We’re leaving in five minutes!’ She yelled up again. With a mumbled response Jake took his phone of charge and packed the charger into his backpack. He zipped up his backpack and sealed his suitcase, turning to his clothes on the bed. After pulling up his boxers he turned to the mirror. He sighed deeply as he looked into his own icy blue eyes. You’re ready, Jake, you’re ready. He had to catch his breath for a while as he figured himself. His hair was a bit messy and white-blonde, even more white in the summer, his skin slightly tanned from his days out in the sun, with a tan line just above his boxers waistband. His tanned skin covered his slim body, faint abs pushed out, a v-line leading from his hips to below his boxers. His almost hairless legs made him stand five foot tall. As he stared at himself in the mirror, his chest rising and falling with every breath, his defined jaw twitching slightly, he completely lost track of time.

‘Jake!’ His mother yelled again, this time more urgent.

‘Yeah, I’m coming!’ He yelled back, scrambling to the rest of his clothes. He pulled on a pair of light blue skinny jeans, plain white socks and white converse shoes. A slim fit black t-shirt messed up his hair as he put it on, but he quickly brushed it back with his fingers. He threw the backpack on and pocketed his phone, picked up his suitcase and left his room, with the door slamming behind him. His suitcase banged against the stairs as he ran down, before handing it to his father who was halfway out the front door already. His mother went through a quick check list with him as he mumbled ‘yeah, yeah yeah’. As the three of them walked through the threshold a voice yelled out from the living room.

‘Have fun little bro! Stay away from Mr Dermott!’


They had been driving for two hours when Jake’s phone had started losing signal as they went along the motorway. His parents had been talking about keeping in contact, cleaning his room and staying out of trouble but Jake was no longer paying attention. It seemed as though he wasn’t even part of the conversation anymore.

‘You have to keep your things together, when you take something out of your cupboard, always put it back later!’

‘You’re right, and leave your bedside table clear.’

‘And your wardrobe organised.’

They droned on so much they hadn’t noticed that Jake had put his headphones in and started listening to some music. He tweeted about his journey and then closed his eyes as the countryside passed by, staying awake but making the journey seem quicker.

Jake’s older brother, Tom, had only just finished his five years at Bellview. Jake didn’t know much about the school, but he knew Tom was profoundly fond of the school, since he got a tattoo of the school logo on his leg. Tom rarely spoke about it though, only telling his family about the boring classes and strict regime, which worried Jake a lot. Before he started packing for school Jake tried to ask Tom about the boarding, who do you share a room with, what do you do on weekends, how to get some privacy, but Tom often replied with ‘It’s too complicated’.

A symbol of a bell atop a tower indicated the entrance to the school, as Jake recognised from his brothers tattoo. The car drove past the gates and down the winding road towards a modern, yet classy, school. Jake peered out the window paying attention to the surroundings, his new home, and to the crowd of people making their way into the building, parents and their offspring alike. Jake climbed out of the car and grabbed his backpack as his father took his suitcase from the trunk of the car, then they all made their way across the car park and towards the entrance of the school. Inside the glass entrance were a few parents kissing and cuddling their children, wishing them well and giving them a final lecture on how to act in such a prestigious school.

‘Leave your bags in the hallway and make your way into the hall. Induction begins in ten minutes!’ A short and stout woman yelled above the noise of bustling and emotional parents. Jake’s father took his suitcase and backpack and led them to the hallway, leaving him with his mother. 

‘I want you to call every week, if you need anything just let us know!’

‘Yes mum…’

‘And remember, if you’re feeling homesick, just know that you can come home on the weekends, we will come and pick you up!’

‘I know, mum…’

Jake was anxious about these completely new living conditions, but he was more excited to be getting away from his family for a while. He didn’t dislike them, he just wanted to be a bit more independant. His father returned and gave him a firm handshake, before his mother gave him a big kiss on the cheek and hugged him for at least two minutes. As they walked away Jake wiped the lipstick from his cheek, looking back at his mum wiping away her tears. He looked around at all the other boys making their way into the hall, and followed them in.

Inside the large hall was hundreds of seats in many rows, all facing a stage at the end of the room. A few boys tried to sit at the back of the hall but teachers told them to move to the front. Jake walked along to the sixth row from the front and sat next to a boy with dark hair and dark eyes. He seemed nervous and stared straight forwards as Jake gave him a slight smile. Jake looked at the boy from the corner of his eye, he was wearing a white hoodie with dark skinny jeans, he was quite skinny and smelt distinctly of aftershave. Another boy sat the other side of Jake, this time saying a quiet ‘Hi’ as he sat down. Jake replied to the brown haired boy and shuffled a bit on his chair.

‘You have lipstick on your face’ he said to Jake, looking at his right cheek. 

‘Oh, thanks’ Jake replied, rubbing his cheek again.

‘I’m Matt’ he offered, his voice a sort of high pitch.

‘I’m Jake’ he replied, smiling. Matt had slightly long hair, reminding Jake instantly of Justin Bieber. He knew some of the boys would find that a reason to poke fun. Matt was wearing a white t-shirt and an open blue shirt with beige chinos, quite fashionable Jake thought.

‘Okay, okay, settle down’ a man said from the front of the hall after everyone had entered. The hall still had hundreds of empty seats, but Jake assumed it was for the other students in older years.

‘I’m Mr Dermott, head master of Bellview School’. He said with a tone of authority. Jake remembered what his brother had said, stay away from Mr Dermott.

‘Today you will have time to find your way around the school, make yourself comfortable in your dorm room and meet your classmates. Tomorrow you will begin your classes, there is no time to waste, so make sure you get an early night. Classes start at 9am sharp, so make sure you are ready before then, the washrooms will be out of service from 9 until 1. You’ll find induction packs inside your room, please do not lose them’. He said with a monotone voice. Jake was trying to pay attention, but kept smelling the boy to his right, his aftershave was faint, but quite sweet. Jake looked down at his lap and edged his eyes to the side, Matt was drumming his fingers on his legs, the other boy was twiddling his thumbs nervously.

Everyone stood from their chairs, Jake quickly stood up too as everyone started filing out of the hall. He hadn’t paid much attention at all. Outside the hall were a few teachers, holding pieces of paper above their heads.




Jake went to the first teacher and stood behind the crowd until he reached her. The same short and stout lady from earlier had a list in her hand.

‘Name?’ She asked as Jake approached her.

‘Jake Brooks’

‘Room 113’ she replied. Jake looked at her for a while, awaiting further instructions, she looked up from her papers and gave him a stern look, so he simply walked away. Down the hall Jake grabbed his backpack and suitcase and followed the general crowd, they left the main building and headed down past a large playground and field towards another large building. Outside the building a few women were trailing large bags, filled with bedding, quilts and pillows. Jake walked past the women and into the building, looking around as he walked past a reception and a living area. The hallways stretched the length of the building, Jake walked down a hallway without noticing the crowd had already gone up the main staircase. He walked past a few large rooms, studies, kitchen and canteen area and a library. He reached another staircase and went upstairs to find all of the other boys scanning the doors for their rooms. The building was three stories high with many rooms, Jake knew it would take a long time for him to find his room. He squeezed past other boys with his suitcase looking past a few doors to the bedrooms inside. Some other boys had already dumped their suitcase on their beds and greeting their roommates, some were looking extremely awkward. 

As Jake walked along he passed another large room, the door was wedged open, inside was pure white tiles and the smell of cleaning products, above the door was a sign that said ‘Shower Room B’. He kept walking until he reached the central staircase again. Walking past the staircase he looked at the door numbers again.

115, 114, 113.

He pulled his suitcase through the open door and into the center of the room. It was somewhat small, with two bunk beds on either sides of the room, two desks with computers and other school supplies, a small sofa and a tv on the wall. Next to door into the room was a small bathroom, complete with a toilet, sink and small shelf for toiletries. He looked around the room at the other boys, they all looked as he entered the room. 

‘You have bottom bunk’ a blonde boy said with a cheeky smile. ‘Reece’.

‘Jake.’ Jake replied, shaking hands with the boy. Reece smiled politely, his pure white teeth standing out more against his dark tan. Jake would’ve thought he was meeting an Australian if it wasn’t for his accent.

‘That’s Myles’ Reece said, pointing at another boy who was sat on the other bottom bunk, his bag beside him as he lifted his head from his phone.

‘Hey’ Myles greeted Jake, his dark hair was shaved short on the sides, the top was gelled in a small quiff. He was sat in a pair of blue basketball shorts and a tight red t-shirt. His obvious muscles clung tight to the material. Jake replied a friendly greeting with a smile.

‘And that’s Tony in the bunk above you’. Reece pointed out.

Jake looked up at the boy he recognised from earlier, the dark haired nervous boy that sat next to him in induction. Tony lifted his eyebrows and gave a small smile.

‘You ‘right?’ Tony said in a deep voice.

‘Hey’ Jake replied as Tony turned back to face the induction pack on his lap. 

Jake put his things on his bunk, sitting on the side of the bed with his feet on the floor, the springs above his head creaking as Tony moved around. Reece took charge of the room, suggesting where everyone kept their things. As Jake and Myles joined him unloading their bags Tony still sat on his bed reading through the induction.

‘Do you want the wardrobe on the right?’ Reece asked Tony.

‘Hmm? Yeah, sure’ Tony replied. He eventually climbed down from his bed and joined the others in unpacking their suitcases.

Jake’s wardrobe quickly filled with his school uniform, shirts, trousers and the school blazer, leaving little room left for his regular clothes. He bundled his underwear into one of the drawers near the wardrobes, and the contents of his backpack in a cupboard near his bed. After putting his toothbrush, toothpaste and hair gel in the bathroom he sat on the bed and joined the conversation. Reece sat next to him as they spoke about what the next day will entail, what lessons they might have together and what they planned on doing for lunch.

Inside the induction packs were their planners, listing Jake’s Monday lessons as English, French, Geography, Maths and Religious Studies. 

‘Wanna have a look around?’ Myles asked, both Jake and Reece stood up, Tony replied a quiet ‘maybe later’. They left the room to find more boys wandering the halls. They made their way along the hallway and down the staircase and to one of the living areas, full of sofas, beanbags and huge pillows.

‘This looks like a good place to stay’ Reece laughed. They perched on some of the beanbags in the corner of the room, there were lots of other boys laughing and messing around, probably because they knew each other from previous schools.

‘What’s that other guy’s name?’ Myles asked.

‘Tony?’ Reece replied.

‘Yeah, he seems a bit quiet’.

‘When I got to the room he was already there, he seems nice’.

‘I think he’s just nervous’ Jake input.

‘Yeah, he’ll be alright soon’ Reece replied.

They spoke for a while, explaining where they were from, what they like to do. Jake learned that Reece grew up in the south, he liked swimming and partying. Myles grew up with a few older brothers, they got him interested football and wrestling, which explained why he was so buffed. 

Before they knew it a young male teacher entered the room.

‘Alright guys, 9 o’clock. Back to your dorms.’

With a groan all the boys made their way back upstairs, Jake realised there were more boys than earlier.

‘They’re the other years, they’re back from the summer holidays’. Reece whispered to Jake, knowing he was curious. A few of them seemed happy to be back, some of them looked overly tired. They were greeting each other in the halls and dragging their suitcases to their dorms, some on the second floor and some up the next flight of stairs. Jake, Reece and Myles all returned to their room to find Tony using the computer to checking his Facebook, Reece filled him in on their conversation as Jake and Myles sat on the sofa to watch two episodes of South Park.

A knock on the door followed by the young male teacher entering the room.

‘Guys, lights out’ he said.

‘But it’s only ten?’ Reece replied.

‘You’ll need your energy for tomorrow’ he suggested, leaving the room. They all started preparing for bed, undressing together. Jake knew he shouldn’t look, but he had to have a peek. Myles’ muscles were more impressive without his shirt, for a young guy he definitely had a nice body. Jake removed his t-shirt and jeans, folded them neatly and put them on the bottom of his wardrobe. Reece was wandering around in his boxers, but Jake only saw him from the back. His tan was amazing, it didn’t even seem like he had any tan lines. Tony also put his clothes at the bottom of his wardrobe and returned to his bunk, his body more impressive than Jake originally thought, he was skinny but there were definitely abdominal muscles there. Jake had prepared a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to sleep in, but judging on the other boys sleeping in their boxers, he decided to do the same. He left his clothes in the wardrobe and climbed into bed, the main light was out but they kept the lamp on for a while as they spoke. Tony was listening but didn’t speak much. 

‘I have a girlfriend, but I don’t think it will work out with me being here’. Reece said from his top bunk.

‘Unlucky mate, I dumped mine before I came here’ Myles replied, looking at his phone as he spoke.

‘What about you two?’ Recce asked.

‘Not had a girlfriend in a long time’ Tony replied.

‘Me neither’ Jake said, knowing he was lying. He hadn’t ever had a girlfriend. Although a few girls at his old school offered, and his friends tried to match him with others, he always said that they weren’t his type. Jake knew he was attracted to guys, but it was far from obvious, his friends often teased him about being too good for the girls at his school.

‘I’m going to struggle without the fun, to be honest’ Reece interjected. The boys laughed for a bit, and soon Tony and Myles fell asleep. Reece and Jake continued their conversation for a while, talking about their friends at home, before they drifted off, the lamp still on.


An alarm woke Jake, the other boys yawned and stretched in their beds as they awoke too. The springs above Jake’s head creaked again as Tony moved on his bed and climbed down the ladder. For a short moment Jake watched as he climbed down the ladder, his bulge moving slowly in his tight black boxers, Jake had to take his eyes away, he was already erect from morning wood. He pulled his phone from the bedside table, it was 8am, he quickly went through a few notifications as he waited for his penis to go limp again. The other boys were out of bed and fumbling with their clothes in the wardrobes, pulling towels from one of the cupboards and handing them amongst the others. Jake stepped out from his bed and took a towel, then went to his cupboard to get a bottle of shower gel as Myles and Reece left the room. As they left Jake saw a few boys walking the halls, wearing their boxers with a towel over their shoulder. As Jake prepared his uniform Tony left the room, but quickly re-entered.

‘They’re naked’. He said from the door.

‘What?’ Jake laughed, looking over at Tony in his boxers still.

‘Lots of them, they’re jus’ walking down the hall naked’. Tony replied. Jake stopped laughing as they both left the room, stepping outside to see lots of boys all walking left, towards Shower Room B. Reece was right, although most boys were wearing underwear, there were the odd boy walking the hall, completely naked. Jake knew he couldn’t look at them, he knew it wouldn’t end well, but they walked so confidently, some with their friends, just chatting as they made their way to the shower room. 

Jake noticed all of the boys were walking to Shower Room B, some walking straight past Shower Room A.

Tony followed the crowd and Jake followed, even though Shower Room B wasn’t closest, everyone seemed to be going there. They reached the entrance and shuffled past as an older boy left the shower room naked, his penis swinging and his towel over his shoulder. Jake made sure to avert his eyes as they walked inside.

The room was quite large, clean and bright white tiles. Half of the room was benches and three small cubicles for changing, covered by a red sheet. They were open and no one seemed to be using them, instead all the boys were just removing their boxers and hanging them on hooks or leaving them on the bench. The other side of the room was the showers, which shocked Jake. There were no cubicles for the showers, no separating walls, just one large open room, filled with wet, naked boys. Jake stopped for a second as he took it all in, the sight was unbelievable, boys of various ages, all naked and showering together. There were only around twenty shower heads sticking from the wall, and a lot more boys than that, so some boys were sharing. It was obvious to Jake who the older boys were, they were the ones showering confidently together, their bodies touching as they washed. The younger boys were standing around in their boxers still, waiting for the showers to empty out a bit.

‘I think we should wait’ Tony suggested, Jake snapped out of his gaze.

‘Yeah, you’re right’. He replied.

‘Hey, I think we should wake up a bit earlier’ a voice said on the other side of a bench. Reece was stood there, drying himself. He was holding the towel in front of his private area, but the sight of his naked body started to get Jake excited. He had to force his eyes up, away from any cock swinging below. Reece and Tony spoke for a bit, it seemed neither of them cared about Reece being naked. Jake could only return to the conversation when Reece had put his boxers back on.

‘You guys aren’t going to get a shower’ Myles said, walking behind Jake. He turned around to see Myles, walking to his towel, his muscled body shining from the water, his limp dick swinging slightly as he picked up his towel and began to dry. It wasn’t the biggest that Jake had ever seen, but he knew he had to take his eyes off it. His dick was now a firm semi inside his boxers, this was going to be difficult, he knew he had to ignore the temptations. 

Reece and Myles left to return to their room, warning Jake and Tony that they would be late. Jake knew they were right, there were still so many boys waiting for a shower. They decided to head back to the dorm and just spray deodorant, as they walked along the hallway Jake noticed one boy walking into Shower Room A, so it isn’t out of order?

In the dorm room Myles and Reece were already in their uniform, they laughed at Jake and Tony for not getting a shower, and left the room to head to their first classes. Jake pulled his uniform from the wardrobe and stripped out of his boxers, keeping his back to Tony. Tony had done the same, using Myles’ bed to lay his clothes, so neither of them would see each other getting undressed. Within a few minutes they were both dressed, sorted and ready for class. Tony messed his short hair up and Jake put some gel in his hair as they both left the room and headed down the hallway, a few boys still leaving the shower room. Leaving the dorm house they arrived at the main school, but split as Tony went to his class and Jake headed for his English lesson. 


The lessons were a lot more boring that Jake had imagined, boring but stressful. In English he was sat on his own desk near the back of the room, the lesson consisted of collecting his books, labelling them and being told what they would be learning that year. French was pretty much the same, with their teacher speaking mostly French throughout the hour, with students confused with what he was saying. 

Jake arrived at his Geography class a few minutes late after he walked into the wrong classroom. Myles giggled as Jake sat down next to him, and Jake jabbed him in the ribs. Just like the other lessons, the female teacher droned on about what to expect over the year, consisting of learning about clouds and bodies of water. Jake and Myles whispered through most of the class, laughing at how short their teacher was and at the ‘cumulus cloud’. The lesson ended as soon as it started and the class full of boys filed out of the room and towards the dorm house. Myles recognised a friend from his old school and went off to talk to him as Jake carried on to the canteen. Inside were hundreds of boys grabbing trays and pushing along a line to get their lunch. Jake quickly joined the line and picked a sandwich, bottle of orange juice and an apple then turned to the room full of boys laughing, yelling and punching each other in the arms. He spotted Reece’s blonde hair on the other side of the room and went over to the table.

‘Jake!’ Reece cheered, a bit too loud as a lot of boys turned to look. Jake replied with a big grin and joined the table. Reece was talking to the group, it seemed he had already made a big group of friends.

‘This is Elliott’ Reece indicated at an almost bald boy, he smiled as Jake said hi. ‘Ben, Liam, Rob’ he continued, pointing boys out. ‘Charlie, this is Jake’ Reece said again, Charlie had spiked blonde hair and huge arms, he was obviously obsessed with the gym. Charlie mumbled ‘Hi’ without a smile.

‘Reece, what room are you in?’ Liam asked, a short plump boy.

‘113, with Jake’ Reece replied to him.

‘Ah, we’re in 128’ Liam indicated at Charlie. Charlie lifted his head, then returned to his meal.

Soon after Tony, Myles and his friend joined the table with their lunch. The room started to empty as the boys went outside to play football in the sun, Tony hadn’t finished his lunch when the school bell rung. They left their trays on the table and Tony stuffed the rest of his sandwich in his mouth as they went off to their final two lessons. 

Maths was definitely Jake’s most hated lesson, and it didn’t change at this school. He didn’t know anyone in the class and was sat next to a boy who smelt like he didn’t shower today either. The mix of the warm weather and the teachers monotone voice made Jake drowsy, he spent most of the lesson trying to focus his eyes and hold back a yawn. Afterwards he made his way to his Religious Studies class, which was a bit more uplifting. Jake was never interested in any religions, and it seemed the teacher wasn’t either, he kept making jokes and spending more of the hour getting to know his new students. With a final bell ring the school day was over.

Jake was in his boxers when Myles and Reece entered the dorm room, they joined him in getting changed into their normal clothes. Jake pulled on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a grey t-shirt and sat on his bed bare footed. Reece was in a pair of slim jeans and a navy t-shirt while Myles sat on his bed in only a pair of shorts, showing off his muscles again. Reece laid on the sofa as they spoke about their lessons, it appeared everyone had had the same boring day. Tony walked in and yawned a ‘Hey’ to everyone. Still in his school uniform he slumped on the bed next to Jake, explaining that he was really tired. The sun was still shining and Myles and Reece contemplated about going out to explore the fields, Tony and Jake agreed to rest for a bit. As they spoke the noise in the dorm house grew louder as more boys ventured their rooms for a bit of fun. 

‘I’m going to shower in the morning’ Tony told Jake as his eyes stared into nothing.

‘Yeah, me too’ Jake replied, already knowing his plan for the next morning.


The vibrating of his phone woke Jake, it was 7am. He turned off his alarm and thought about getting out of bed, wondering if he should lay in for a few more minutes. The other boys were still asleep, Reece’s leg hung over the top of his bunk, Myles breathing heavily as he slept. Jake pulled himself to his feet and readjusted the erection in his boxers, pushing it to the waistband. As he gathered a towel and his shower gel he felt it going down. The hall was empty this time, he turned left out of his room and towards Shower Room B, his towel dragging behind him. As he reached the shower room he could hear the showers running, inside the room was a lot emptier than yesterday, one boy was drying and two others were were washing themselves under the water. Jake pulled his boxers down and left them on top of his towel, turning towards the shower. As he walked he felt his penis hitting his legs, it wasn’t hard, but there was still a slight tenseness from his morning wood. As he entered the shower one of the boys left, it gave Jake a strange feeling, he was stood there, completely naked, next to another naked boy, something he had never done before. He drenched himself in the warm water, his head hanging, the water heating his slim body.

‘Hey, can I borrow your shower gel?’ the other boy asked. Jake handed it to him and returned to facing the wall. His eyes wandered to the side, watching this older boy rubbing the gel into his body, the bubbled running down his muscles. He quickly turned away, facing away from this boy, knowing that if he looked too long he could be caught short.

‘Here you go’ the older boy said, holding out the shower gel bottle.

‘Thanks’ Jake replied, taking the bottle and another quick glance at the boy’s muscular body. He had a swimmers body, toned and smooth, other than a slight trace of hair from his navel to his penis. Jake opened the bottle and poured some into his hand then smothered it onto his chest. He started washing it down onto his stomach, onto his legs and onto his own penis. He rolled back his foreskin and used the gel to wash underneath, his wet hands gliding softly over it, feeling like electricity on his sensitive glans. He retracted his hands but he knew he had gone too far, continuing to wash his body he watched as his cock started to lift up and swell. Shit, shit, shit.

His mind was occupied by images of the boy next to him, though he tried to push them out he couldn’t stop himself. He hadn’t masturbated since he was at home, he was used to doing it twice a day, he had no relief, this was torture. 

‘Dude, Shower Room A’ the older boy said. Jake turned to him, confused. The older boy was looking down at Jake’s semi-erection, a grimace on his face.

‘Huh?’ Jake replied, using his hand to cover himself up. The boy left the shower and Jake waited for his excitement to erase before leaving the shower. As he headed towards the bench with his clothes, Tony entered the room.

‘Hey’ Tony said, Jake’s arms twitched as he went to cover himself up, but he stopped himself. Tony looked Jake straight in the eye, he didn’t glance down for a second as he started conversation.

‘I thought it was a good idea to get an early shower too’ he said, hanging his towel on a hook. Jake walked past him and to his own towel.

‘Yeah, I got up at seven just to be safe’ he replied, picking his towel up and drying himself. He made sure to watch Tony’s eyes as they spoke, even as Jake lifted his towel away from his manhood, Tony didn’t look.

‘Yeah your alarm went off just before mine’ Tony replied, pulling his boxers down. They maintained eye contact, Jake struggling to think of what to say instead of looking at Tony’s cock. ‘Hey have you got P.E. last period today?’ he asked Jake.

‘Yeah, do you?’

‘Yeah half of our year have it fourth period and the other half have it at last period’ Tony reminded him. He turned to pick up his shower gel from the bench and Jake chanced a look, he only caught a side glance of Tony’s penis, but it looked to be an impressive size. 

‘I’ll see you at the dorm’ Tony said, leaving his boxers on the hook and walking towards the showers. Jake took a moment before pulling on his boxers, watching Tony’s peachy bum. 

He walked down the hallway towards his room again, noticing his breathing had sped up and his mind was racing. All through his life he had had sexual desires for other guys, often day dreaming about friends in his old school and masturbating to sketchy porn he saw on explicit Twitter profiles, but this was getting more and more difficult. He was surrounded, literally surrounded by boys, some of them hot, some of them really hot, and he got to see them naked on a daily basis. His mind was calculating what was the best time to shower, do I go early and see Tony or go late and see Reece and Myles?

It hadn’t occurred to him that he had walked past room 113 until he heard the water running in Shower Room A. Since he had been here he witnessed almost every boy on this floor using Shower Room B, but why? He quickly turned around and returned to his dorm, Myles and Reece were still sleeping, so he decided to lay on his bed for a while and start getting ready for class when they wake up. Tony returned soon after, whispering to Jake about how he had never felt so clean and preparing his clothes for the day. When Jake told him that he didn’t want to wake the others up, Tony sat on the sofa and also went on his phone. The two boys relaxed in their boxers until the alarm went off on Reece’s phone, waking both him and Myles up. Reece started moving around and Myles mumbled something about five more minutes. 

‘Are you two coming for a shower?’ Reece asked, climbing down from his bunk.

‘Already been’ Jake replied, Tony pointed out his still wet hair.

‘You’re up early for a Tuesday’

‘Yeah but we wanted to actually have a shower today’ Tony said.

‘Just squeeze your way in’ Reece laughed before taking the pillow off his bunk and hitting Myles with it. Tony gave Jake and they both laughed.

Myles rolled onto his back with his left hand swinging to the floor, he reached around for a bit then grabbed a pair of boxer briefs next to his bed.  He sat up and pulled his underwear on, showing his flaccid penis for half a second. With a yawn Tony stood up and started getting his things ready for the day and the other two boys left for the shower. Yet again Tony and Jake got changed with their backs to each other, then made their way out of the dorm room to the canteen downstairs for their breakfast. 


The day had gone remarkably smoothly, probably because Jake felt clean and wasn’t starving by lunch time. Yet again lessons consisted of boring lectures of things to come, safety warnings in his cooking class and a lunch break that seemed to end too quick. After his second English class Jake made his way across the field and towards the Sports Hall for his first P.E. lesson. The class consisted of around 60 students from his year, he recognised some from his classes, Reece, Myles, Tony, Charlie, Liam, Ben, Rob. They all stood around together outside the hall, with the exception of Reece talking to a collective of many other boys.

‘Alright everyone, settle down. Get changed and gather in the Sports Hall.’ The teacher had yelled above the noise. He was probably in his late thirties, although his obvious exposure to the sun had aged him considerably. As the boys all past him into the large changing rooms Jake peered over, he looked stern and tired, next to him was a younger teacher, probably in his early twenties. His hair was spiked at the front and he smiled as the students passed him. Inside the changing room everyone was squeezed together at the benches trying to get changed, Jake was in between Tony and Myles, he pulled his P.E. kit from his bag and began to undress with everyone else, his bare skin brushing against the others. The school’s P.E. kit was no more fashionable than the uniform, a plain white t-shirt with the Bellview logo and a pair of black nylon shorts, accompanied by some plain black trainers. The boys left their uniform in their bags or on the hooks and made their way to the Sports Hall where they all sat on the ground waiting for their teacher to return.

‘Okay, in future you need to get changed much quicker than that’ he moaned straight away, looking at his watch. ‘I’m Mr Matthews, this is Mr Evans, we’ll take you through some basic exercise today, you will begin normal lessons on…’ he flipped through papers.

‘On Friday’ Mr Evans chimed in.

‘Yes, on Friday. For your first year at Bellview we will be reviewing you in many different sports, in your next year you will have the opportunity to join a team. A lot of older students are part of teams and compete with other schools in football, rugby, basketball, swimming, running, etcetera.’

Jake considered this as Mr Matthews continued on, he liked running, he liked swimming, maybe he could join a team, as long as he performed well this year.

‘Okay, let’s start.’ Mr Matthews said, passing his clipboard to Mr Evans and holding his arm straight out towards the group of boys. ‘Everyone on the left is with Mr Evans, everyone on the right is with me’. Jake was unfortunately to the right. 

Reece and Tony walked away with half the group, following Mr Evans, Jake and Myles stuck together as they stayed inside the Sports Hall. The lesson consisted of simple circuit training, starting on one side of the room doing a certain exercise and making their way around doing others. Jake began by doing push-ups for a minute, rested for 30 seconds, then sit-ups for another minute. After ten minutes they had completed the circuit and Jake was already sweating, but holding well compared to other boys in the class. One in particular had opted for laying down instead of completing his sit-ups. Mr Matthews moaned for a few minutes, and they did it all over again. After the second round they all ran from one side of the hall to the other, and back, their trainers squeaking on the polished wooden floor. By the end of the lesson everyone was sweating. Myles had taken off his damp t-shirt as they all slumped back to the changing room, they had a blissful minute of cooling down before the rest of the class returned, mud splattered up the back of their legs.

‘Running… just isn’t… my thing.’ Tony panted, sitting down next to where to Jake was getting changed. Jake decided that he definitely preferred circuit training to running around a field numerous times. A few boys washed their legs in the showers whilst the others just sprayed themselves with deodorant, then heading back for the dorms in their P.E. kits. As they left the changing room the school bell rang, a clamber of chairs around the main school signified that everyone would soon be at the dorms and heading for dinner at the canteen. The boys took their time, walking slowly to aid their sore legs and took refuge in their dorm for a while.

After dinner Jake went to the grass plains outside the dorm house, a large football game was taking place. Jake and Tony sat under a tree and watched as the boys fumbled around, some acting up when they fell over, Reece getting hit in the back of the head with the ball and someone ripping their tight jeans open. After two hours Jake, Tony and Myles had retreated to the dorm and relaxed for a bit, Myles Skyped a friend from back home whilst Jake and Tony watched the TV for a while. Reece returned to the dorm with a few friends, Tony wasn’t happy about it and went very quiet, but it was a good chance for them to meet some new people.

Later that night Jake kept an eye on Myles as he climbed into bed and pulled his boxers off under the sheets. If it wasn’t for his constant morning wood, Jake would probably do the same, as he often slept naked at home. He fell to sleep a lot quicker, probably because of the exercise, but the alarm rang almost instantly.


Wednesday morning was difficult, Tony was already showered when Jake awoke.

‘What time is it?’ Jake asked him, shielding his eyes from the sun beaming into the room.

‘Just gone eight’ Tony replied, sat on the sofa in his boxers again.

‘Shit!’ Jake said, sitting up in his bed. Myles and Reece both stirred as they began to wake up.

‘If you go now you can probably still get a shower’ Tony suggested, walking to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

‘I… I will in a bit’ Jake said, holding the quilt up, trying not to think of the erection in his boxers.

‘Why?’ Tony asked, stopping in the toilet doorway. ‘Oh, dude… Shower Room A’ he said, closing the door behind him. 

‘Why does everyone keep saying that?’ Jake asked, mostly to himself.

Seeing Myles climb from his bed naked didn’t help situations, Jake had to pretend to be using his phone as Tony got dressed and Myles and Reece left the room for their shower. Jake’s erection remained firm as he left his bed, he walked around the room aimlessly hoping it would resolve the situation, but to no avail. The time on the clock read 8:31 and he knew he was running out of time. He hadn’t masturbated since he was at home, he didn’t have the opportunity here. With a snap decision he decided to act upon it, give in to his primal instinct and sort this problem out. He made sure to lock the toilet door as he stepped inside, although it wasn’t an ideal place, it would do. He pulled his Hollister boxer briefs down and his boner sprang to life, pointing towards the ceiling. A blob of precum had already formed on his penis tip, he used this as lubricant as he rolled his foreskin back and began to work the shaft. For a while he had forgotten where he was, all he knew was that it felt amazing to be masturbating again, his six inch cock throbbed as his hand ran up and down it, sliding over the head with his own made lube. He stood for a while, just enjoying the feeling, using his free hand to play with his balls, they felt a bit bigger than usual, but the sound of someone yelling in the hallway snapped him back to reality. He fastened his pace, even though it felt great, he wanted a shower today. His legs started to go weak as he neared climax, his breathing getting heavier, the door behind him jolted.

‘Jake, you in there?’ Myles said through the door.

‘Yeah, hold on!’ Jake replied trying to calm his voice, he stopped masturbating, thanking himself for locking the door.

‘Hurry up we need to brush our teeth’ Reece said from somewhere in the room. Jake had no time to finish now, although he was still hard, he now had a long way to go.

‘C’mon man we want to get down for breakfast’ Myles insisted.

‘Okay, okay, alright’ Jake replied pulling on his boxers. He pulled his erection towards the waistband hoping it would hide it. He unlocked the door and slid out straight past Myles who thanked him and stepped inside.

‘You need to hurry up if you want to get some food’ Reece suggested, now fully dressed and putting his shoes on. Jake rushed passed but noticed Reece’s eyes shift down to the obvious bulge in his boxers, but he didn’t say anything. Jake gathered his things for the day as his erection subsided to a semi, he didn’t mind people seeing his semi bulge, so he grabbed his towel and walked down the hall with a fast pace, other boys walking past in their uniforms. 

He stepped into Shower Room B to find it empty, so he quickly pulled off his boxers and ran to the showers, slipping slightly on the tiles. He turned on the water and quickly soaked his hair before the school bell rung, signalling the first lesson, and the water cut off.

‘Shit’ he said out loud, he had managed to soak himself, but not clean himself. He left the shower and dried himself quickly, before running back down the hall towards his dorm, a few more students were running out of the building in their uniform. Jake slammed through the door and threw on his uniform, odd socks and his boxers on backwards. He made it to French class five minutes late, with wet hair.


The next few days seemed to fly by, Jake was finding his feet amongst the school, he was figuring out where all the classes were, what teachers to avoid and what to do in his off time. Lunch times consisted of eating and talking, after school was messing around outside or in the living area. Jake had started speaking to a few more people, Liam from 128 was nice but a bit over-bearing, according to his friends he had been stashing chocolate bars under his mattress. Elliott was very confident, sometimes too confident, Jake knew he was over exaggerating when he boasted about sleeping with over 100 girls. Ben was football mad, he had dark skin and a deep African accent, other boys often joked about how he had never been to Africa.

Charlie seemed to have a dislike for everyone, apparently he had an argument with Liam because their room smelled of food all the time. Liam often moaned about how Charlie made the room smell of sweat from his constant working out. When Jake had to share a desk with Charlie in History, he couldn’t escape the awkward feeling of being judged the entire lesson, either because Charlie didn’t seem to like him, or because Jake looked like a twig next to him. 

On Friday, Jake enjoyed running around the field during P.E. as it was another sunny day. Although there was a bit of mud splatter, the exercise cheered him up, and he demolished lunch straight afterwards. After their final lesson all the boys were in the dorm house, Jake had found himself sitting on the main staircase with a few other people, talking about what to do over the weekend. As they spoke a few boys passed them with bags, going home for the weekend, but most boys opted to stay in school. An older boy, Joe, was sat with them and explaining some of the procedures.

‘Most of the school relax, some of us work.’

‘Work? Why?’ Myles asked, giving him a curious look.

‘Because we don’t all want to be borrowing money from our parents when we need to buy something. I only do some odd jobs around the library, some people clean, some work in the tuck shop…’ He continued, but Jake lost his train of thought. He didn’t want to work during the weekends, but he didn’t want to be sat around bored either. 

On Saturday morning Jake woke up around 9, Reece was laying on his side scrolling through his phone, Myles and Tony still seemed to be asleep.

‘G’morning’ Reece smiled at Jake.

‘Morning’ Jake replied, yawning.

‘I’ve been waiting for someone to wake up, I’m bored and want to do something.’

‘What you got in mind?’ Jake asked, knowing that for the first time since he got to the school, he could jump out of bed straight away, as for some reason he was not hard.

‘We could see what’s around outside of the school.’

‘Yeah, sure’ Jake said, stepping out of bed and stretching. Reece climbed down and grabbed some shorts from his wardrobe and propped them up on the ladder of his bunk.

‘You coming for a shower?’ He asked Jake. Jake had to consider for a while.

‘Yeah, let’s go’ he replied, picking up a clean towel and his shower gel. 

They made their way to Shower Room B and undressed together. A few other boys were showering, two boys were whipping each other with their towels, Jake and Reece laughed as they passed them and turned on the showers. It had become almost normal for Jake now, he had sort of overcome his fear of showering next to other boys, as long as he kept his eyes up he knew he would be fine. Ben arrived shortly after and joined the boys in the showers.

‘Look out Jake, a proper African is here’ Reece joked.

‘Oh shut up’ Ben replied in his African accent.

‘You know what they say about Africans? Deep voice, big cocks’ he laughed.

‘You’re more African than me then!’ Ben laughed back. ‘Put the anaconda away!’

Jake laughed with the boys, but still didn’t look down. He had seen Reece’s bulge, and it did look pretty impressive, but he didn’t know exactly how big.

‘You should see it when it’s hard’ Reece giggled, leaning past Jake to punch Ben in the arm.

‘I’d rather not’ Ben said with a stern voice, before laughing again. The three boys left the showers together and began drying, Jake had already pulled his boxers back up whilst Reece was still drying. His blonde hair looked darker when it was wet, he lifted his towel above his head to dry, and Jake chanced a look. It looked big, and thick. As Reece dried his hair, his long penis swung side to side, hitting his thighs, Jake had to look away, at Ben, who caught him looking. Jake quickly propped his towel over his shoulder and began to leave, Reece following close behind. 


The weekend was over too quick, Jake seemed to have caught up on a lot of sleep. His dorm room was never empty, Reece often invited friends into the room and they spent most of the weekend relaxing, Jake surprisingly had time to collect his clothes from the washing and hang them all up neatly for the week ahead. It was 6:30am when Jake woke up, earlier than he had hoped. It seemed to be a system of fate, on the weekend when Jake had free time, he was not sexually frustrated at all, but on the weekday when he had class, he was waking up with morning wood. His hand was down his boxers before he woke up, his fingers a bit wet with precum. He checked the time on his phone and considered going to the toilet to finally masturnate, but decided he’d rather do it when everyone else was out of the room. He looked over at the other bunk, Reece was snoring quietly with one of his arms dangling off the side of his bunk, Myles was in a deep sleep, his sheets pulled down to his waist, his morning erection poking past them slightly. This was too tempting for Jake, he stared for a while, his hand still down his boxers, stroking his own penis a bit, but all Jake could see was his purple helmet. He tried to move back on his bed for a better view, but instead very quietly and slowly stepped out of bed and stepped a bit closer. Myles’ erection was laying against his muscled body, twitching every few seconds, all Jake wanted to do was feel it, touch a cock for the very first time, but he had to resist. Instead he stood there, rubbing his own erection through his underwear, staring.

With a weird sort a snore, Myles began to wake up. Jake quickly stepped away, turning his back to him as quickly as possible.

‘You’re up early’ Myles said, closing his eyes as he said it.

‘Yeah, I guess’ Jake replied, pretending to be sorting something out in his bag so Myles wouldn’t see his erection.

‘Going for a shower?’

‘Yep’ Jake replied, not thinking it through. Myles mumbled something in a drowsy voice as Jake grabbed his towel and shower gel and stepped out of the dorm. He stopped in the hallway and looked down at the boner in his grey boxer briefs, he was definitely stuck now. He started walking along the hall, holding the towel in front of himself. Another boy left their dorm room, naked, with a towel in his hand, he didn’t see Jake but walked straight through into Shower Room B. Jake stopped for a second, he couldn’t walk in like this if there’s other people there, what am I meant to do now?

He turned to walk back to his dorm, but remembered Shower Room A. No one went in there, so chances are it’s empty. He quickly walked the hallway and crept through the open door. He was right, it was empty, and it was cleaner than Shower Room B, why wasn’t he using this room before? The only difference was that in this shower room, the curtains were closed on two out of the three cubicles, when there wasn’t much point in using them. What’s the point in using a cubicle to get changed if you’re going to shower naked? Jake slipped out of his boxers and his boner flew out again, pointing straight up. He left his towel and boxers on a bench and walked to the showers, turning them on, and being surprised to find they worked. The emptiness gave Jake a homely feeling, being able to shower freely, erection or not, without being conscious of the people around. He turned his back to the wall and looked out at the large shower room, his erection still begging for attention. Maybe if I do it quickly…

He began to play with himself again, the water allowing his hand to slide up and down his hard shaft, he sighed deeply, finally some pleasure. A slight moan escaped his mouth as his pace fastened, his balls bouncing as he wanked with one hand and rubbed his toned, smooth body with the other. But someone walked in. Jake only saw him for a second, before he quickly turned to face the wall, an older boy, maybe three years older, he had defined muscles, a perfect v-line leading down below the towel wrapped around his waist. Jake knew he was fucked, his erection was too hard, and this boy would be walking to the shower any second, he stood with his hands to his sides, in hope that it would go down enough by then. Jake heard the towel being placed on the bench, the footsteps as his bare feet crossed the tiles, he gulped and waited, hoping he could maybe turn away as he boy entered. But he didn’t enter, and Jake stood for a minute waiting, curious about why this boy hadn’t walked into the shower yet. Jake turned slightly, the other boy was just standing next to the changing cubicle, facing the closed curtain. What the fuck is he doing? His hands were by his side, this body very close to the curtain, his eyes closed and his head facing down. The curtain moved slightly, and the boy breathed heavily, the curtain seemed to be moving backwards and forwards, when it moved backwards Jake could see the boy’s outstretched erect penis, poking through a hole in the curtain. 

Is there someone behind that curtain?

Jake watched the boy, able to see his boner every so often, he boy moaned quietly and lifted his arms to hold on to the side of the cubical.

Jake’s hand found it’s way down to his own boner, he began stroking it again, watching his boy receive pleasure from a mystery person behind the curtain. Luckily the boy had his eyes closed, so Jake could watch, reminding him of the times he watched porn on his laptop at home. His hips started thrusting, and Jake did the same, letting his boner slip through his wet hand. Another boy walked in. Jake turned again quickly, but just enough time to see that this boy was also naked, and also had an erection. What the fuck is going on? Jake faced the wall and considered what was happening, he was stood naked in an open shower, his cock as hard as a rock, while some guy was getting a blowjob from someone else behind a curtain, and another person has just walked in naked and hard?

‘Hey Brandon’ the naked guy said.

‘Oh, hey, Corey’ the other one said, his breath still heavy as he received oral pleasure. ‘You having one today?’

‘Nah not today’ the other boy replied.

Jake stood for a while, wondering what to do, but the naked boy was already next to him. Corey didn’t even glance at Jake, but Jake glanced at him. He was half cast, his black hair matched his black pubes, above a circumcised, erect penis. Corey washed the water over himself, and then started masturbating. Jake tried to look forwards, but his eyes kept going to the side, watching this stranger rubbing his hard cock up and down, and Jake didn’t notice he was doing it too. He stood there, facing the wall as he wanked, his cock twitching with every stroke as his eyes kept glancing to the boy next to him, his eyes closed as he masturbated, probably imagining girls. Corey breathed heavily as he played with himself, Brandon’s moaning was getting louder, and louder. He finally let out a longer, louder moan, Jake quickly glanced around to see Brandon’s body relax, before he pulled a wet, hard cock from the hole in the curtain. He sighed deeply and then joined Jake and Corey in the shower. Jake’s hand returned to his stroking, as Corey wanked to his left and Brandon washed himself to his right.

‘Did you bring any shower gel?’ Brandon asked Corey. Corey opened his eyes and reached for his shower gel and passed it past Jake to Brandon. For a second, both boys were facing Jake, their erect cocks pointing at him while Jake wanked his own, he wasn’t sure what was happening, but he was enjoying it. Corey continued masturbating for a while as Jake enjoyed the view, his cock tensing up as he prepared to cum

Within a minute Corey’s breathing got very loud, it turned into moaning, he turned around so he faced the rest of the changing room, then with a loud moan he cummed. Jake didn’t see, but the sound of his moans turned Jake on to the max. Jake’s hand sped up on his hard cock as Corey and Brandon washed themselves down in the shower, Brandon was now at a semi whilst Corey’s was still hard, and Jake was about to climax. He started moaning again, he didn’t care if anyone heard, he was too horny to care. His other hand played with his tensed balls as he prepared to shoot.

‘Dude, turn around, aim for the drain’ Brandon said, looking at Jake. Jake tried to respond, but he didn’t have the breath. Instead he forced himself to turn around, as soon as he faced the other side of the room, his balls clenched, his hand stopped, and cum shot from his cock. He looked as the cum leaped from his cock, spurt after spurt, they shot across the room, far past the drain and onto the tiled floor outside of the showers.

‘Oh my god’ Brandon laughed as Corey turned around to watch. Another few spurts shot out, still going far, then a spurt that hit the drain directly, and then one that fell just before Jake’s feet, and then a little bit dribbled out the end. Jake took a deep breath and straightened up, then turned to face the shower and wash himself down.

‘Fuck that’s gotta be at least three meters’ Corey said, laughing.

‘Nice one little man’ Brandon said, punching Jake in the arm slightly. Jake was still too out of breath to reply, he washed his cock with the water and joined the other two boys in drying up. They laughed about Jake’s cumshot and Jake explained that it had been over a week since he last cummed.

‘So who’s in the cubicle?’ Jake asked.

‘I don’t know, no one really knows, and you’re not meant to ask’ Corey replied, wrapping the towel around his naked body.

‘Why?’ Jake inquested.

‘Just, the code, y’know? They get you off, you don’t ask any questions.’ Brandon answered.

Jake pulled on his boxers and walked out of the room behind the other two, having a quick look back at the closed curtains on the cubicles.


Cody Badson

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