It was december, dan and i had broke-up; i was a few hundred miles away in school and i had started to forget our affair. Summer had been great, we would lay around or stand around having sex every three days or so and he paid my bills and bought me stuff. The girls I knew were jealous, but they were teaching me sex tricks; he was doing a good job of fucking me gay and they were helping me help him. We went to a few parties and i was happily surprised to find out there were more young twinks like me, and men to want us. Brooke was one of them, dan's friend and he loved fem twinks too. He always showed his lust for me, flirting and touching, telling me all the things dan did ( i would find out later his cock was a little bigger than dan's ). Brooke had a boytoy like me and he taught me alot about being the fem sexy boytoy. Dan had me all summer, for four months we played as he flaunted me in front of guys like brooke, kind of a game to see who could get the sweetest ass but i didn't mind, no one important ever found out (dan bought me a convertible car, nothing fancy, used; and twice he screwed me silly in it after a party at brookes' house as brooke watched). I was just learning of the power of my sweet ass and it had a horny mind of it's own.

Saturday in december, two days past my birthday and i get an email. from dan... he has a friend delivering a birthday present, brooke is staying in a hotel across town and he has gifts for me, he wants me too and i can have whatever i want. I haven't thought about being gay in three months, yet i'm instantly feeling sexy. I go for a walk to think, to the bar a street away and order a vodka. I think about the email and my boypussy quivers, the nerves in my cock and legs start firing. Two drinks and a few convincing emails later i am ready to go. I have showered, shaved, primped and put on cute pink booty panties, shorts a t shirt and sandals, i even painted my finger and toenails pink, then tied my sort of long hair in a half-pony tail.

We have dinner in his suite, champagne, vodka, fish, salad, fruit, it's nice but he is preoccupied; trying to confirm the stories he heard from dan our conversation is mostly about me. We move to the couch and he undresses completely, 6' about 200lbs, tan and muscular he had that sexy V pointing to his cock, and a great cock it was he was bigger than dan. "this is all for you sweetie. cori, i'm glad you came i've needed to be with you since we met, your ass is amazing, dan has never only had 1 boytoy at a time, i have to see what you two did together". i was still excited to be the object of this mans lust, i just said yes and pulled my shorts off. "I want to make you moan like april" (dan must've told him when i'm getting cock i sound girlie, like his ex april), we moved onto the sofa, him sitting and me on my stomach in between his legs, looping my tongue around his cock. I dove down into his stomach, proud that my nose was buried in his belly button as he moaned my name. I sucked his sexy top cock untill he made me stop and parade around in the panties shaking my ass.

He laid me out on my back and started tracing my muscles and tickling me saying how sexy i was how my body turned him on and he wanted it. At one point, he was behind me with his cock poking through my bootyshorts - "you want my sexy boypussy brooke it wants your cock". He smiled, thanked dan and then put me in a 69 on the floor. I lubed his cock with my mouth as he ate my boypussy and then he flipped me over the arm of the couch, geting me ready for some doggy style gay sex. His lust was wild, he pawed at me pulling my boypussy into his mouth instead of pushing his mouth into it, i was getting so turned on. Then he pulled my panties over and i felt his thumb go in me, and it was good; he playfully smacked my "sweet sexy ass" asking me if i was ready? "yes" i blurted out and he smiled " dan said you were a great boytoy, did he buy you a car for screwing him "? my eyes told him yes, and brooke slipped his cock into me, sort of surprising us both in a good way and we rode that to orgasm in four minutes. OMG that was too fast but before i could say anything he apologized and blamed it himself finally getting with me after being teased, i played along; it was part my fault, i liked his cock too much with my boy pussy that first time...

Soon after we 69'd again, and the he set me up on all fours promising to satisfy the "sexiest ass ever". He was right, brooke played my boypussy like a maestro, i came three 3 times on his dick, once i begged for it. i was barely coming the first time when he pulled me back by my hair, buried his cock in as deep as it would go and stopped - " cori do you want my dick in your mouth or boypussy sweetie"? "pussy" i answered sexily spewing my cum all over the couch, and that's how we went utill we finished an hour later. Brooke became my lover last year, his cock loved my ass!

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