During the few milliseconds that I am airborne, the sweeping foot kick surprised me and knocks me off of my feet, two thoughts flashed through my mind at the exact same time; either this was one very lucky strike; or holy crap I could be in trouble. The air rushed out of my lungs when I landed face down as I feel the weight of his body land on my flattened back.


  A few hours ago, I was slipping on my ‘lucky’ T-shirt. “Sitges Wrestling Team”. Ten years ago I intentionally bought it one size too small, now after gaining even more mass and size it was like a second skin of thread bare well-worn cotton that hugged every cut contour and bulge of my torso. I smiled at the image and popped a double cep pose. Yea, this should do it, I approve of the reflection. With the faded 501’s outlining my lower half, matching the casual but shown off upper half, I slip on my loafers and head over to Ryan’s house.

I have never really been in the “A” list crowd around town and that is fine, but Ryan and I go way back and his parties are a blast. His mix includes every age, race, back ground, twinks, bears, gym rats and more. Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter and at his house we all mix and mingle as one giant happy family – as it should be but seldom is.

The chilled Vodka is ice cold and the young bartender is smoking hot.

  “Here you go Daddy.” He hands me the drink with a wink and smile. Shirtless and oiled up, with his looks and that body, the tips will pour in before the night is over along with a pile of phone numbers too.

“Thanks” I return his lusty smile. I approve of the ‘daddy’ label, I sort of get off on it anyway.  With a wink I am gone with us both knowing that I will return to his bar for the rest of the evening to get my refills.

The dance music is heavy but not loud, allowing the conversations to be easy yet the mood to be festive. I track Ryan down and give him a friendly kiss and thank him for inviting me. Our exchange is suggestive and graphic. Our pattern of 20 years.

“One Day, you big stud. I promise” I squeeze the handful of his crotch that I am rubbing before we both laugh and he continues his rounds as the best host in town. Damn that bulge is huge. ‘Yea one day’ I muse to myself.

  I meander through the crowds. I see a few buddies I have not seen since the last party here. We catch up briefly before moving on and I find a great perch near the pool and sit back to enjoy the sights.

 Our eyes lock first. Damn this guy is cute. The proverbial all American guy next door, innocent good looks. We nod.  He finishes the chat he is in before trying to make it my way, casually, yet with confidence.

“I haven’t seen you around town.” He extends his hand. “My name is Kevin”

“My loss” I give him my winning smile. I surly would remember seeing this one. Shaking his hand firmly, “I am Jake”

Damn this young man has it all. Perfect smile, glistening blue eyes, surfer boy blonde hair but with a more professional cut. And a powerful handshake that matches mine.

“So.” He runs a hand over my stretched T-shirt tracing the ‘wrestling logo” and getting a handful of muscle at the same time. “You wrestle? Or do you just wear this shirt to look so fucking hot?”  His personality is self-assured but pleasant and happy go lucky.

“I love to roll around every chance I get” his hand remains on my left pec and his finger tip has found my erect nipple. “Never can get enough, just hard to find many guys that like to give it a go” His hands feel great.

“You any good?” he asks directly. “I mean – all this muscle has got to be strong.” He claps a pec and gives it a solid feel.

“I can hold my own” I flex both pecs and make them dance.  “What about you? Do you wrestle?” If he wants to play with my body, who am I to complain.

“Yea.” Not looking at my eyes any longer, his focus in on the mounds in his hands. “Me and my brothers and even my dad, we used to wrestle some, but it has been a while.”

“I have some mats if you ever want to have a go at it.” I let him know. “It could be fun.”

“What about now?” His hands slide off my pecs down my abs. “Besides pawing on the hottest man in the house, I don’t have any other plans.” He adds with that incredible smile of his.

“You’re serious?” I give him a sly grin.

His hands slide under the shirt raising it up my torso and both fingers grab onto each nipple with a firm twist as he leans in closer and kisses the side of my neck sending shivers and goose bumps over every inch of exposed skin.

“Damn Jake” Ryan making his rounds passes by with a disapproving tsk tsk but a very approving smile and nod. “What has it been?” he asks out load. “Two minutes?” His laugh is loud and infectious as he walks on by.

He rides with me the few minutes back to my place. The small talk is easy and flowing. He is from the Midwest, 41 years old. Me always from the south, 54. Never married, me neither. Single for about 6 years. Me about 9. Good job, loves living in Florida. His demeanor is exactly my taste. Easy going, yet confident. No arrogance but very sure of where he has been, where he wants to go and has a plan to make it happen. Add in an easy smile and a quick laugh always at the ready.

Plus the fucker is about as hot as they come. Cute clean cut and that sexy smile of his.  Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! I think to myself as we pull into the drive.

I grab us both some waters as we make it through to the back of the house to what was once the pool cabana and small guest house now turned into a decent home gym and a large mat room facing the exposed glass wall facing the pool. Thick mats line the floor of the entire room with mirrors on the opposing wall from the pool.

“Holy shit” he is impressed by the set up. “Fantastic set up.” He is taking it all in and commenting on the various equipment. I open the doors and windows to let the steamy night air in. Nothing like a good hot match to get the blood flowing.

 “What about gear he asks?” he starts unbuttoning his shirt and letting it fall to the floor. 

“I have on a pair of Aussie bum boxer briefs on if that is alright”.

My eyes damn near bug out at the sight of him shirtless. His hairless body is rippling with corded muscles exploding over his rock hard torso. Weighing in at a lean rock solid 175 lbs. Buff to the max would be the word of the day here.

“What’s the matter old man?” he steps closer enjoying the spectacle his body is causing. He pops a double biceps shot of exploding muscles. 

“Not too shabby. Huh?” he taunts as he proudly makes them dance. 

“Earth to Jake” he teases “Gear? Briefs? Hello?”  Making the biceps pop with each syllable for effect, his laugh is perfect.

“You sneaky little fucker” I snap too with a wry smile. 

“Here you are with all that” I gesture his way at his flexing body. “Hiding it this whole time.” We both laugh.

He drops his jeans to the floor and kicks them aside revealing his very tight form fitting Aussie Bum boxer briefs.  His hands snake under my t-shirt and lift it off of my head.

“That’s better.” He approves when my shirt is on the floor beside his clothes. His fingers nimbly unbutton each snap on my jeans and I wiggle to step out of them and kick them aside too.

“That jock you have on will do just fine” he acknowledges my black sports jock. “Now what sort of match we got going here.”  He adds as we both get an eyeful of each other and start stretching out and flexing to loosen up.

Our reflection in the mirror is about the hottest thing these pieces of glass have seen in a long time.  I am 6.2” with a rock solid 220 lbs of hard earned muscles. His 175 lbs. 5’11 inch frame is loaded with some of the most jact up lean muscles I may have ever seen. His blonde all American Midwestern good looks is offset by my darker complexion and almost black hair. Our bodies both glisten smooth and hairless. The sight staring back at us is making my cock stir in my jock and I like it.

“How about we just get a feel for each other and test the waters.” We both agree.

“You got a good 40-50 lbs. on me.” He guesses.

 “But yea let’s just see where it goes and have us some fun.

I get into a classic crouch with arms half extended legs spread wide, knees bent,   balancing my weight to be able to dodge lunge and move quicker when the action begins.

I am not sure I have ever seen his stance before, standing straight up, arms hanging down by his side bouncing on his toes from one foot to the other. Odd – but whatever.

I grab / reach out towards his torso with my left hand to test the waters, he ducks low and bends down on one foot then whirls around so fast it was a blur before his extended foot makes contact with my ankles.

The move leaves me suspended in midair wondering if that was the lucky strike, or possibly I could be in deep shit.


Kevin lands seated on my lower back and has his hands firmly cupped under my chin rearing back before I hardly had time to open my eyes.  The camel clutch is not applied with brutal force but enough to test my resolve and see just what I am mode of. His only mistake was not lacing my arms over his legs leaving them free under me to press us both off the ground using my upper body strength.

I jerk us hard and flip both of us sideways then bounce to my feet with lightning speed just in case that was not a lucky hit and he has more surprises line up for me.

“Used to wrestle a bit?” I laugh in his direction. “I see how this is going to go.” I stretch my back and try to focus before making another move.

“I won’t hurt you old man” he teases. “If you just corporate” his laugh is still easy but has taken on a more serious tone.  He stands flat footed arms wide, daring me to make another rookie move.

I approach this time with much more caution and we lock up in some serious muscle tangle tussling. Testing the power and strength of each other. Getting a feel for the other. Enjoying the closeness of our now sweat soaked bodies fighting for dominance. His power is impressive. He is not fazed one bit by my larger size or heavier weight. In fact I think he enjoys proving it, is demeanor has changed.

With a swift move I finally get the upper hand and out muscle him. I get his pretty face buried deep in my pit and his back damn near parallel to the floor in a rear headlock. I flex off the biceps around his head and expand my chest to full mass cranking the hold good and tight. I am not losing this hold I think to myself.

He doesn’t fight once he is locked, the fucker sticks his tongue out and takes a swipe at my sweaty pit. I crank harder and lean him further back. He is limber for sure, but this has got to be a punishing hold for just about any one.

Still, no fight or struggle. I feel his hand snake around my exploding bicep and he actually starts rubbing and massaging it seductively, like he is enjoying himself. I can hear muffled sounds coming from my pits and his mouth. I cannot understand them, but he is sure not tapping, he is making that obvious.

His left hand remains firmly planted on my biceps, when I feel his right hand behind us travel down my leg caressing my quads and exploring the cuts and horseshoe ridge of my calf muscle. Ah. He is trying to throw me off, lessen my grip by turning this into a muscle worship hold.

“I aint falling for that move pretty boi” and I lay into one more incredible flex pressing his head as deep and hard as I possibly can with my guns.

The tongue makes contact with my pit again, damn it feels good.

“You give?” I test him. There is no way he can escape this.  I can hold this position and flex as long as need be.

I feel his head shake sideways and hear a muffled no.

‘Damnit’ I think to myself. What does a man have to do with this stud?

About the time I am about to switch holds I feel his hand trace up from the calve muscle to my thigh then lighting explodes through my core.

His hand has a death grip on my balls and the pain shoots through my entire body. I loosen my grip and he uses this split second to reverse the tables, he drops to the floor taking my nuts with him and rolls me on my back with my legs locked in a figure four into themselves.

He laces my ankle under his free arm and cranks my legs tight while still maintaining the grip on my balls. He rears back with such force I feel as though my back is going to snap.  My lower half is raised so far off of the mats that my hips are in the air and the only thing in contact with the floor is damn near my shoulder blades.

Face down arms spread wide I am in agony. My fists slam into the mats with force.

“Is that a tap old man?” he cranks harder adding to my discomfort.

“Fuck you.” I try and gut it out. 

“You wrestling hustler” I laugh in pain.

“Hey.” He lays back again.

 “I am not a hustler.”  He is enjoying this way too much. 

“But I may have forgot to mention a few things.” He chuckles as he rubs my aching balls again to add insult to injury. Then really lays back begging me to give.

“Okay – Okay” I damn near scream with pain. And tap the mats with both fists.

He raises off of me and flips me over on my back. Standing above me he lays his foot on my chest and raises both arms in a victory pose.

“And the winner of round one goes to. ME” he flexes with a shit eating grin before giving it a rest.

“Well well well. What do we have here?”  He uses his toes to nudge my bulging pouch. 

“I am not sure if I did that hold right if you enjoyed it that much.” He adds smiling down at me.

My dick is so hard it is poking above the waist band and leaking precum all over the mats and my abs now.

We both laugh as he sits on the mats near me. Laying his hands on my heaving chest and gently rubbing with tender passion, as opposed to the menacing heel he was mere seconds ago.

“And just what did you conveniently forget to tell me about your skills?” I give him a questioning smirk.

“Oh yea. Did I forget to mention my father owns a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training camp?”  He lays down next to my heaving chest. And uses my biceps for a pillow. 

“And I may have had a little training there, since, like, before I could walk.”  He chuckles harmlessly.

“You hot little fucker” I lock his moppy blond hair and in my arm and use my free hand to give his head a scuffing using my knuckles.

We both laugh and enjoy the contact and afterglow of a very hard fought fun match.

“How are your balls?  Remember I was raised with a rowdy father and three older brothers that were much larger than I am. I had to learn quickly.”  His hand gently massages my big balls through the jock.

“You played with your brothers balls?” I tease him. “And your fathers?” I jokingly kid him. “What sort of freak did I invite home with me?”

“A Horny freak.” He joins me laughing as he slides my jock off exposing my rock hard dick and a very heavy red pair of nuts hanging between my thighs.

Sitting up he lowers his briefs and his rock hard dick bounces out slapping his abs as it gets free.

“Yea. Much better!” we both agree in unison.

“They may need a warm mouth to make them feel better” I direct his handsome face closer to my balls nudging him closer.

He readily laps them up and sucks both into his mouth which is no easy feat. With him bent over on his hands and knees, a genius idea flashes across my mind.

For a muscle bound guy, others are always amazed at how quickly I can move and with pretty surprising agility. I lock his head between my thighs, grab both of his legs and bend his already bent over body into a ball and roll on top of him. I land with a reverse face sit and his legs pulled all the way back under my arms pinning him in with his body damn near doubled in half. I lock my ankle and calf around his neck, his ankles in my hands and spread him out wide like he is doing the inverted splits in the air.

He quickly spits my nuts out of his mouth, and I hear him counting; One. Two.

“Is that you tapping out?” I ask him.

 “Even counting your own pin?”

“Not hardly.” He almost brags. He head butts my large nuts with the force of a mac truck. He jumps to his feet as I roll over and clutch the jewels.

Staggering to my knees, clutching my balls for the second time in less than 20 minutes. I try to stand and keep clear of any of his moves.  When the biggest surprise comes.

Strength!  Holy shit. Power- like few others. He leans into my midsection and lifts me clean over his shoulders racking me in a brutal back breaker. And the finesse of a well-oiled machine to get me up there so easily, in one fluid motion. His left hand fish hooks my mouth and his right hand grasps my well worn out nuts and he proceeds to bend me until every fiber in my body is on fire.

“I knew these mirrors would come in handy.” He parades my limp body and hard cock in front of them for his own amusement.

“Damn, Jake.” His hand moves from my nuts to my big dick. 

“You are rock hard!” He moves his hand from my balls and deliberately polishes the bulging head covered in pre-cum.

“If I didn’t know any better.” His fingertips work circles around the slit oozing like a running water hose.

“I would swear that you like being worked over." His hands are torture and pleasure mixed in one dizzying feeling.

"You enjoy the pain?”   If he only knew the pleasure even his words were giving me, he would even blush.

Mumbled garble escapes my mouth, both pleasure and pain and trying to warn him that I am about to bust a nut. But with his finger wedged deep pulling my jaw open all he hears is gibberish and feels my spit rolling down his long strong fingers.

“Or possibly. You may just get off on a younger stud half your size totally owning you like a bitch.” He poses and flexes in the mirror. The image I see looking back at me is one of pure raw beauty, mixed with power, strength and total dominance. One very fucking hot image, indeed. 

“Look.” He turns so there is no way I can miss our reflection in the mirror. Fuck yea. I can see every glorious inch of you I am thinking but unable to vocalize.

“I bet you like what you see.”  He flexes his dick in unison with each flex of his muscles, watching himself totally dominate me.

“I know I like it.”  He adds, as a trail of his precum reaches the floor in one continuous string.

His hand is now coated in my own juices and he uses that lube to start a slow rhythmic piston motion along the full length of my 8” dick. My cock is beat red, jerking, twitching and could erupt at any second.

The first shot shoots straight up nearly four feet above my prone body. Every muscle from head to foot flexes with each ejaculation while Kevin keeps milking me in amazement.

“Fuck yea Muscle daddy” he keeps the motion up on my dick.

“That is fucking hot as hell.” Seeing me shoot is turning him on as much as it is me. I feel his body shake and flex as I see the first shot out of his cock matching my ejaculation, except his is hands free shooting towards the mirror.

“Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Dammmmmmmmmmm.” His fingers have left my mouth and the words come out more like a rumble.

“You have no fucking Idea!” I am muttering as he last few drops seep out of the end of my dick.

His cock is still fucking thin air and his cum is flying all over the floor around us. His face is contorted, his muscles even more corded and sinewy than when we wrestled. Every vein explodes matching his load. Watching this man cum, may be one of the hottest images ever burned into my mind.

“Uh. How long are you going to keep me up here Hercules?” I tease as both of our orgasms subside and I am still laid across his strong shoulders. Not in a painful back bender any longer, but relaxed and actually enjoying his display of strength.

As if he can read my mind;  he gives his knees a slight bounce and overhead presses me in a smooth clean and jerk move until his arms are locked out and holding me high above the ground.

“FUCK YEA” he bellows. As impressed with his display as I am. His face is beat red, even more muscles explode from his hands all the way down to his toes while he keeps me pressed, all 220 lbs. of beef suspended above his head for us both to enjoy.

“FUCK ME!”  I add to his impressive display.

He drops me faster than he intended and we both land in a tangled pile of cum covered sweaty muscles in each other’s arms.

“Yes.” I answer his earlier question after we both regain a little composure and fill our lungs back with air.

“Yes, to all of your questions.”  I slip my hands around his neck and explore his mouth for the first time this evening with my horny tongue.  

His kiss belies the power and strength and aggression of his earlier actions. It is tender loving and full of passion. The hottest mix of a real man. Using his body when called far and using his sensuality when it is required. Combining the two, wow, and pure heaven for a man like me. I melt into his strong arms and enjoy the full Kevin experience. My cock is still rock hard, it has not flagged even a little.

Kevin’s big dick is the same hardness, I admire it for the first time up close and it is a beauty just like the rest of him. Perfectly straight, a full 7+ inches, flared head and a bag of heavy nuts that look ready to burst again at any moment.

“Yes?” “Questions?” he asks as I crawl between his spread legs getting ready to inhale his entire dick.

I lick from the base of his nuts all the way to the tip, slurping up any remnants of his last load and any precum beginning to ooze again.

“Yes. I love being worked over.”  I test the weight and heft against my palm and lick the head.

“Yes. The pain does make me horny.”  I suck his left nut in and roll it around the inside of my hot mouth.  The smooth warm bag feels like it could fill a condom with cum it is so heavy.

“And yes.” I look deep into his eyes. 

“I am in awe of any man who can take me down and make me his muscle bitch”.  Then I inhale his dick all the way to the base lodged deep in my throat and leave it there. I let my tonsils and throat muscle massage the full length of his dick while my answers sink.

“Just so you know” he uses his incredible strength to lift me by my armpits, dragging me off of his cock, sliding me up his body.

“I was actually easy on you tonight.” He admits. “I was not sure what you could handle.”   He kisses me one more time.

“You try any of those dirty moves on me again and I will kick your ass all night long!”  His words sting, with a fair warning mixed with lust.

“You promise?” I wink tossing him my most seductive grin as I slide back down his rock hard sweaty muscles and begin giving him the best blow job of my entire life.

“That’s it muscle boi.” He spreads his legs out wide. 

“Suck your daddy’s big cock!” 



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