Hey there, Darian here. And this is my story. I was an older college jock. I was in my mid-thirties and had decided to go back to school to upgrade my computer skills in Web Page Design. The market for good jobs was in that field and the job that I had been in was a dead end shitty fucking boring job. I dreaded going to work each day. It paid well but if you don't like what you are doing what is the point of doing it. I was in Marketing. It sucked big time. So I kicked myself in the ass and decided to go back to school and get into something I really liked. I loved computers, God if they were human I would marry one. Anyways I ended up going back to the College of the Knights of Sir Lancelot. It was a college of good reputation. And besides that I loved the name. I had always been into medieval times and often read Prince Arthur tales of the round table. I didn't know it then that I was gay. I didn't really even know what gay was. But I knew I was turned on by Guys in armor. I never really thought that it was a gay thing; I just thought that I was turned on by the excitement of being a knight.

I had grown up in a small town in the country and of course people there were all straight as hell. It was expected of you to get married, have kids get a job and well supposedly live a happy life. Ya right, happy life. That was a real farce. It was a boring life. I wanted to have fun. Play sports, go fishing and camping. Travel to exotic countries. Maybe take a cruise. I also had always dreamed of living by the ocean and have a beach bum life.

I had never married but I was in a relationship for about ten years. It ended one day in the summer when I came home to find my Girlfriend in our bed having sex with the postman. And it was the postman, of all people. Sounds like something from a soap opera. Well we split up and I moved to the city to go back to school for a new career and new life.

I had still lived on my parent's property in the guest house, so I really didn't have much to move except my clothes, sports equipment and a couple of pieces of furniture. I found a small flat near the college. A small one bedroom with a huge balcony that overlooked the colleges sports field. I didn't realize it was just on the outskirts of the local gay village. Also I didn't know what a gay village was at that time, but I was soon to learn. LOL. The flat was in a villa style building that reminded me of the Caribbean. There were five other flats in all. And each of them was occupied by a guy or two. No girls, just guys. And they were remarkably very handsome, well-built ones.

In the first few days I met each of them. There were three floors to the villa and two flats on each floor. My flat was Three "B", my neighbour on my floor in three "A" was Matt. He was a muscular handsome olive skinned Italian. He was very friendly and smiled at me a lot.

The next floor down lived Josh in two "B" and Jacob in two "A". Josh was British and Jacob was Jewish. And they were also fine handsome muscular jocks. And strangely enough they also kept smiling at me.

On the ground floor in one "B" was Spencer A Scandinavian stud and in one "A" was finally Drake who was a Greek god. Damn I was in a house full of hot looking viral muscular studs. And they all smiled a lot at me. I was almost embarrassed, almost but not quite. I knew that I was hot looking.

I myself had always kept in shape. I worked out at the gym a few times a week. I had a firm Six-Pac and a set of nice well-formed Pecs and biceps. I usually wore tight faded button fly denim jeans that hugged my firm tight butt and showed off my ample crotch. And the T-shirts I wore were form fitting and hugged my upper body tightly to display my manliness. I had a handsome jocks' face and turned quite a few heads when I passed by people.

I had another week or so before school started so was able to paint and get my flat made up the way that I liked it. As I said I didn't have much stuff, so I decided to go to the local Ikea furniture store. As I exited my flat, Matt was just leaving his as well.

He flashed me one of his fantastic smiles, "Good Afternoon" he stated in his husky manly voice as he reached out his hand to shake mine. "Where are you off to this fine day?"

"Off to get some much needed furniture for my flat. " I answered him and also reached out and took hold of his firm warm hand.

"And You?" I inquired.

"Nothing much, I am free for the day. I was just going to head downtown to see what trouble I could get into. But maybe you might need some help loading up the furniture. You want me to come with you? He inquired with that dashing smile fixed on his face.

"Hey Budd" I replied in a joyful voice. "I would love to have you along. Maybe you might have a suggestion or two to help me choose."

"Alright then." Matt said. "Let's be off. "

He put his arm around my shoulder and we went down the stairs to my half ton Tacoma truck, climbed into it, and went to the local furniture store.

It wasn't far away, maybe a five minute drive. Matt's hand was on my knee as I drove. I just thought it was a friend thing and didn't think anything about it. We got to the furniture store and climbed out of the truck. Matt had a big smile on his face as we went to the entrance and went in.

"Well, the first things I want to look at are the beds" I stated to Matt as I turned to look him in the face.

I met his eyes, I had never noticed before the deep dark blue hue of them. And they sparkled like a star in the sky. Wow, he looked so hot.

Mark put his arm around my shoulder and then led me to the bed department.

"What size Ya lookin for? Mark inquired of me.

"Well." I replied in a thoughtful voice, "I like to spread out and roll around so I think that probably a Queen size would be what I am looking for."

Matt glanced around and spotted a nice bed over against the wall with an intricately carved headboard and footboard. He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to it. Pushed me down on top of it and then fell onto it himself. He was snug up against me.

"So, this feels quite good, don't you think?" He asked me as he turned his head to look me in the eyes. "And it's also big enough for two or three."

He laughed loudly and slapped me on the chest. I shifted around a bit and moved up and down this way and that. Yes it felt quite good and comfortable. I glanced behind me at the price tag. $400.00. Well that was in my budget. Not that I wanted for money. My savings in the bank amounted to over one hundred thousand dollars that I had saved up over the years. I was well off financially.

"Yup." I said. "This will do fine."

We climbed out of the bed and Matt asked what next.

I reached into my pant pocket and pulled out a list.

"Well, let's see!" I remarked to him. "I need a dresser, End table, kitchen table and chairs, a china cabinet and a comfy couch and chair."

He grabbed my arm and led me around the store. Over the next hour we picked out all that I needed and I paid for the merchandise. The total came to just under $3,000.00 dollars. A very good sum I thought. I got some real bargains. We went out to the Tacoma and I backed it up to the loading dock. It was going to be a tight fit but I was sure we would be able to fit everything in.

With the truck loaded up we drove slowly back to the villa. Again Matts hand was on my knee. And I didn't mind, I felt quite comfortable with it there.

Every once in a while he would give my knee a squeeze. I didn't read anything into it. It felt good actually.

We arrived back at the flat and were starting to unload. I guess we were a bit noisy because all the other guys came down out of their flats and came out to the truck.

"Hey." One of them said. "Looks like you guys can use some help?"

Then everyone pitched in and in no time we had all the furniture up into my place. They even helped me unpack and get things placed in the proper places. The last thing to go in place was the bed, which had to be assembled. But with the guys help we had it done in no time.

"Hey man." Jacob said "That's sure is one cool bed." Then he laughed and continued. "Let's see if we can all fit into it together."

With that all the guys quickly piled into the bed. I stood there looking down at them. Yup they all fit. Then Drake reached up and grabbed my arm and pulled me in on top of them. I was lying down on top of them, butt up in the air and then in laughter and a fun way they all started to slap my butt, legs and back. Damn I actually liked it. It felt good. I joined their laughter and then we were rolling all over the bed having a wonderful time. After a few minutes the boisterous play ended and with a number of loud sighs we all lay back entwined in each other's bodies. Life was great, I felt so at ease. I liked my new buddies.

I got myself up on my elbow and asked the guys, "Who's up for a nice cold beer?"

There were suddenly a number of affirmative nods all around. We piled out of the bed and pushing past each other to see who could get there first, had another boisterous bit of boyish fun.

I opened the fridge and took out a case of Budweiser. Handed a can to each of the guys and then toasting each other we all took a big swig of our frosty brews. Damn that was good. Then Matt looked at the other guys and kind of nodded his head. The guys looked back at him with a knowing look. He had his eyes out for me and he had decided that he wanted me and was going to get me.

"Well!" Spencer chimed out, "We got a few things to do so we will leave you and Matt here to admire the results of our team work and be on our ways."

The others took the hint and with some hearty farewells left the apartment.

Matt turned to me and exclaimed, "Damn, Darian. Your place looks great; we sure did a damn good job."

Then he came over to me and put his arms around me in a big bear hug. He was so close to me I could smell his manliness. It was turning me on. I had never had this type of feeling before. I mean from a guy, shit not even from a chick either. As he held me his crotch was pressed up against mine. I was suddenly startled. He had a hard on. I could feel it pushing against my own crotch. Then I realized my own crotch was hardening as well. With his arms still around me, Matt tilted his head back a little and looked deep into my eyes. His dark sultry blue orbs focused on mine. Searching them for a hint. I was not sure what to do so I smiled at him. Then he did something unexpected. Still staring deep into my eyes he leaned forward and planted a kiss on me. His tongue parted my lips and he stuck it inside and started to twirl it around mine. He tasted so good. At first I was a bit shocked and tensed up, but then as he continued to kiss me and look into my eyes, I melted into his arms. He tightened his grip around me and hugged me affectionately. After a moment or two he released me and stood back.

`You`ve never done this before, have you? `` He inquired of me.

``No`` I managed to stammer out, ``No I haven`t. But I think I like it. Please let`s continue! ``

Matt took hold of my hand and led me to my bedroom and the new bed. He gently placed me down on it and lay down beside me. Then he snuggled with me and kissed me again. He ran his hands up and down my back. I was feeling sensations that I had never felt before. It never felt like this with chicks.

I was really getting turned on. Matts hand continued down my back and then paused at my butt. He caressed it and squeezed it, drawing out new sensations. I let out a moan of pure contentment and pleasure.

With his hand on my butt he leaned his head back and laughed, `You like this, don`t you Darian? `

``Oh yes. You are doing things and drawing out feelings in me that I never knew were possible.

Please don`t stop. ``

Then Matt slowly drew my t-shirt off over my head. Undid the buttons on my fly and I lifted up a bit so he could slip off my jeans and undershorts. Then he undid his shirt and took it off displaying a magnificent partially hairy chest. Then he pulled down his jeans. We were both lying next to each other totally nude. Both our cocks were hard as a rock. He was a bit bigger than my 8 1/2 inches, he was at least 9 ½ inches and nice and thick too.

Then he started to lick down my chest, I quivered with excitement. He paused at my nipples and gently bit them and licked them. I moaned again in pure bliss. He proceeded down my chest and tight abs and reached my throbbing cock. He started to lick it all around. Oh god, that felt so good. Then he opened his mouth wide and engulfed my entire rod. I let out a gasp. He started to go up and down on my shaft. Damn that was so good. I had had blowjobs before, from chicks, but this was amazing. He knew how to touch spots that sent tingles throughout my body. I was becoming a quivering wreck. Then he reached behind me and with his finger started to play with my hole. No one had ever done that before. It felt so right. I clenched my cheeks tight around his finger.

Then Matt sat up and looking down on me said. "Can I please insert my finger into your ass? I know that you will love the sensation. You already seem to be enjoying it?"

I considered and then replied, "Yes I think I would like you to, but it's never been done before. Will it hurt?"

"Don't worry, I will take it easy and stop if you want me to. But first you need to douche. Let me go back to my apartment. I have an enema bag; you can fill it with warm soapy water and clean yourself out." He explained to me.

I nodded my head and Matt hopped off the bed and quickly left the bedroom and I heard him hurry across to my front door and heard his footsteps rushing down the hall to his place. He was only gone a minute or two. He asked me if I knew how to use the enema bag. I nodded my head and said that I often gave myself an enema with herbs and lotions to clean myself out.

He handed me the bag and I went to the washroom to clean up. I was gone about ten minutes. When I got back to the bedroom he was lying on his back watching me come through the door while he played with is hard man rod. He beckoned me over to him and reaching up pulled me down on top of him, then his hand went to my butt cheek and he gently slapped it. I quivered again in excitement and anticipation of what was going to happen to me. He had had some lubricant in his jean pocket and his fingers were greased up. He put his other hand down to my butt and then he spread my cheeks. Then placing his index finger against my entrance started to rub and touch my cherry. Slowly, ever so slowly he started to insert it into my warm depths. At first I thought there would be pain, but there wasn't. There was just pleasure, suddenly I just wanted him. I pushed out my ass so that it sucked his finger inside of me.

He let out a gasp and said passionately, "Wow, Darian, your ass is made for this. Are you sure that you have never done this before?"

I told him no, but for some reason it just felt right. He pushed his finger all the way in and it was great. He twirled it around and worked my hole. My hole was almost begging for more. Then to my amazement he inserted another finger. It went in so easily. He worked them in and out and spread them, bringing all sorts of new sensations to me.

Mark then took them out and pushed me off of him. He told me to lie on my stomach. I obeyed him. Then his hands went down to my butt cheeks and he spread them wide. The next thing I knew his tongue was entering my butt hole. Holey crap that felt so fucking good. He stuck his tongue in as far as he could. I was moaning and groaning in pleasure and I raised my hips up for him to more readily.

He kept it up a few minutes, and then he stopped and slowly licked up my back until he was laying on top of me. He caressed my neck and nibbled my ear.

Then in a soft passionate voice he whispered, "Darian, I want to fuck you. If there is pain tell me to stop. If you want me to continue just don't say anything. OK, Now I am just going to put the head against your butthole entrance."

He put his hand down to his cock and placed the tip of it against my warm moistened virgin hole. I wanted him; I wanted to give myself to him. I slowly lifted my butt up and he held his cock firm, the head of it popped in past my spinster. There was a little bit of pain but nothing I couldn't handle. I let out a gasp of pleasure. Then he slowly lowered himself onto and into me. His huge girth slowly penetrated my channel. It felt so good. What had I been missing all these years? As he pushed in I pushed my butt against him. His cock slid in faster and deeper. Then his balls hit my ass cheeks. He was totally in, I was amazed. How could that big huge cock be in me without ripping me open? But there it was and it felt good, no great, no stupendous. I was quivering and making little whimpering noises. And Matt was also moaning in ecstasy. He had just taken a willing virgin and his virgin was enjoying it.

Then Matt pulled out and slowly pushed in again. As he pushed in I thrust back with my haunches.

His balls slapped against my ass cheeks. Then he started to go faster.

"Oh Oh Oh I moaned out. OH fuck me Matt, fuck me hard.' I pleaded.

Then Matt put his hands under me and pulled me up into doggy position. Then with his hands on my hips he pulled out and then pulled me onto him as hard as he could. His balls slapped loudly against my ass cheeks. I craved him. I wanted him. As he pulled me on and off of him I thrust myself backwards each time so I could get all of him. I wanted him completely inside of me. I was no longer a virgin; I was a fuck hungry cock craving man. I wanted him to join with me. Make me his sex toy. Why, why had I never experienced this before? I missed all this time, when I could have been getting man cock up my eager butt.

Matt was using my hole brutally now. His balls slamming hard against my cheeks, and with every thrust my own cock would spring forward and slap my chest hard. He was ramming me so hard I thought He was fucking my brains out; I could almost taste his cock in the back of my throat. Then he built up speed. Thrusting harder and harder the back board of the bed was making loud banging noises against the wall.

I was moaning and crying out in pleasure and he was panting like a wolf and dripping sweat all over my back, adding to the pleasure of the fuck.

Then with an animalistic howl he screamed out. "Oh Fuck, Damn Darian, I am going to blow my load. Give you my hot man juice. Fuck Ya take it boy, take it all."

Then with one final deep thrust he held his cock deep inside of me and started to gush out his ambrosia. It felt so good. Then to my amazement, I also started to shoot. As he filled me up my own gusher was covering the bed. He seemed to be coming buckets inside of me. I could feel his body shaking as mine shook in turn. Then it was over, we were both spent. I collapsed forward and Matt collapsed on top of me. Our hearts were beating a mile a minute and we were both gasping for air. I was in heaven. When our heaving breathing had calmed down and our hearts were not thumping as hard, Matt rolled off of me. He lay beside me with his manly arms wrapped around me.

He had hardly any energy left and he murmured into my ear, "Oh Darian, my new Love. That was wonderful." He hugged me tightly and I could feel his warm tears dripping on the back of my neck. Was he crying? I rolled over and looked into his face. Yes he was, there was steady flow of tears going down his cheeks. The look in his eyes was of total passionate joy. I reached up with my hand and gently stroked his cheek. He trembled at my touch. Within seconds I too was crying. We had found true love. Neither of us would be alone again.

Then I laughed out loud and spoke out, "Guess what my Matt? You have just taken two virgins. Me and my bed. We just broke the new bed in and you broke me in. You have changed me forever! You have made me yours forever."

Then Matt started to laugh too. "Yes" he said, "My two virgins, forever;"

We fell asleep in each other's arms. We were now a couple.



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