Typical 27 year old guy, always horny, rarely getting any. I had messed around with guys a few times since I turned twenty. Every six months or so I would be so desperate for it I would get on line and find a guy my age, go to his place, fuck and go home. It wasn't amazing, it wasn't even great. I was shy, nervous, afraid and not even sure I like guys. Living with two buddies in a duplex we were normal guys, we worked, drank a little too much, hung out and watched cable. We were all straight, at least they were, I was the one who wasn't sure and did everything I could to keep them from knowing about it.

During the six-month hook ups I would get on line and see if anyone was interested in my profile. My picture was a torso shot, in my boxer briefs and it looked good. My ripped jock bod had slowly changed, no longer ripped, no longer having the metabolism of a teenager, I had softened a bit but still was pretty fucking hot. Guys wanted to hook up often but most of them didn't attract me. Guys my age often couldn't host so it wasn't easy.

Usually the guys lost interest when I said I had to travel and wouldn't do anything too kinky. There were some guys who would chat for a while and I found it interesting to learn about them and what they liked. This brings me to last night.

It was a Friday and my roommates were at a game, free tickets. This left me home alone for a few hours. Taking advantage of the empty place I poured myself a drink and got on line. I was horny as hell, it had been over six months since I had been with a guy and toyed with the idea of having a guy over.

Moments after I logged in this guy sent me a message. George was in his mid 50s, according to his profile, good shape (whatever that means) and one of the guys who had spent a lot of time chatting with me for over two years. During this time I had come to like the guy, he was respectful, funny, seemed honest and one very horny man with a ton of experience. He was way too old for me but he liked to chat with me so I would chat with him. We spent about an hour chatting, he would ask me how my drink was doing and sort of encouraged me to have another. Being home alone and not planning on going anywhere I did.

Then it happened. I hit the point where my thinking went from solid and reasonable to open to suggestion. George was talking to me about tying guys up and stimulating their bodies as they withered in ecstasy. He related experiences of guys moaning and hard for hours as he worked their bodies. How he loved watching another man explore them. He went on and on. Hard and going a little crazy with lust I listened and answered his questions but wouldn't admit to being hard or horny.

He asked me if I would enjoy being one of his boys, being touched by him. Not thinking I said yes but I couldn't drive, thinking he would let it go. Then it happened, I didn't even realize it until it was too late. I gave him my address, agreed to go home with him. He said he would be by in half an hour and encouraged me to take a shower and make sure I was clean, inside as well as out. He logged off. I looked at the screen and wondered what the hell I had just done. My heart raced, I could hear it beating. I got up and went to the bathroom. After turning on the water I returned to my computer and shut it off, didn't want to risk the roommates seeing the site I had been on. Then back to the shower. Yes I was drunk and yes I was horny but I was still nervous as hell. I cleaned my hole and quickly washed up the rest of me. Tossing on a pair of briefs, the only pair I had, I pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt and bundled up. As I walked to the door I saw headlights pull into the driveway. Shit. He really came!

"Fuck it Nate. You are horny. Go for it!" I said to myself.

Getting into his car I didn't look at him. "Nice to finally meet you Chad." He said to me. Chad was the name I used online.

I said the same to him.

"Chad, relax, you will enjoy yourself, I promise."

It took about fifteen minutes to get to his place, he spoke some as we drove and it calmed me down. When we arrived we went inside and he took my coat. He returned with two drinks and for the first time I saw his face. He was a nice looking man. We chatted a while as we drank. I admitted being nervous, especially since he was so much older, turns out twice my age, and so much more experienced. "Comes with having had sex with men since before you were born." He replied.

The situation got the best of me. I was so horny and so scared I couldn't take it. Putting down my glass I stood up and began removing my clothes, right there in his living room. He didn't say a word, he just watched with a smile on his face. I stopped at my briefs.

"Looks like you are ready to start Chad. Follow me." He held out his hand and I took it following him into his basement. The fear that rose as we descending the stairs was incredible. No one knew where I was. I didn't know where I was. I didn't have his address or phone number, nothing. I was drunk, almost naked and in this guy's basement. My cock was rock hard.

There was a sort of platform with a thin mattress on it. He helped me lay down, handed me another drink and turned away. It was warm in the basement, some music was playing and it smelled great. He returned and said he was going to take the glass, empty or not. I downed what was in it.

Then he touched my shoulder and immediately I was relaxed. He took his time touching my body and tying me up. He spent time making sure I wasn't freaked out and before long I was relaxed and admitted I was so horny for him I couldn't stand it. "George, I want to make you happy, anything you want...I want to do."

Was that stupid to say? Probably but I was drunk and horny and meant it. He did want he wanted. Some light whipping, if that is what you would call it, with some soft leather things, some pulling and prodding my cock, balls and ass, he was all over my body. He untied me moved me to the edge of the platform, removed my briefs and ate my hole. And then he fucked me. He took his time and even drunk I knew it was the best fuck anyone had ever given me. When he was done he smiled, kissed me and whispered in my ear, "Chad, that was fantastic. Your body is designed for sex. Ready for some more?"

I smiled. He liked fucking me. It felt great to hear him say it. "Yes." I whimpered in reply.

"Good, tonight you are going to experience a lot of firsts."

Hearing those words turned me on. I was enjoying the evening, enjoying George and really happy he was enjoying me. He helped me sit up. "Chad. I would like you to offer your body to my friend."

My heart jumped. A friend? My mouth went dry. I swallowed hard and said ok. Looking up I say a black man, about George's age, in better shape than George, standing a few feet away. How had I not seen him? How long had he been there?

George patted my shoulder, "Go on. Offer yourself."

I stood and slowly walked up to him, my cock began to fill with blood.

"I'm Chad. Please enjoy my body." I said barely loud enough to hear.

Then he stepped toward me and held out his hand. I reached up not sure what to do; placing my hand in his I thought he wanted to shake hands. He didn't respond to my attempt. I then looked into his eyes. He smiled. I reached my hand around his and stepped closer to him, almost cock to cock, and placed his hand on my ass. He learned in and in a deep voice whispered in my ear. "I will gladly enjoy your body."

When you are drunk, horny and having sex time means little. Moments seem to fly by or go so slowly you think life is in slo-mo. During this time I sucked my first black cock. I was fucked by this black cock. George would join in at times. I had my first experience with a cock fucking me as I sucked another one.

Finally I was spent; George and his friends must have also been done. George took a shower with me, telling me I needed to be cleaned after the evening of sex. Then he took me home. It was nearly four in the morning. My body was exhausted. My head a little cloudy, not from the alcohol, I felt almost sober, but from the mind blowing experience.

Sneaking in I quietly went to my room, closed the door and fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up. One roommate was watching TV, the other still sleeping off a good drunk. We chatted a little about what a great time they had and how they hoped they didn't wake me when they came in. I played along.

Taking a cup of coffee back to my room I logged into the site. George was online and quickly sent me a message. He asked how I was feeling, regrets, hung-over, that sort of thing. I said honestly no not at all. He then asked if I was interested in coming over again. This made me feel great. He thought I was hot enough to hook up with again! I replied, "YES!"

"I can pick you up in twenty minutes."

What? He meant now? Getting nervous I wasn't sure what to do.

"You said you wanted to see the video before I deleted it." He sent another message.

"Video?" Fuck! What had I done?

"You don't remember, do you? Don't worry, I didn't post it on line. Twenty minutes ok?"

"OK." I replied terrified of what I had agreed to the night before.



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