Knowing that I had plenty of time to arrive at the barbeque, I was in no rush. Knowing my friends, they wouldn't be arriving until well after the appointed time of 4 o'clock. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to weasel into this group, as they were all straight couples and quite a few had kids, and I was the token gay guy. It made me think that I was only there for my cooking and decorating skills.

Arriving at Jennifer and Nate's house I noticed, as I previously thought, I was the first to arrive. For a minute I contemplated continuing down their street and wandering the nearest convenience store to kill time, however, I knew the potato salad on the passenger seat would not keep well in the heat of June.

Nate greeted me at the door with a warm hug, as warm as a straight man would give a gay man. Nate is just my type of man, around 6ft tall, solid build, hairy check and stomach, shaved head and goatee. He was the type of man that made me want to drop to my knees. Jennifer and I had always had the same taste in men.

As I walked through the door, I realized that Jennifer was not at the house, which I thought was strange given their barbeque was to start any time. Nate said that Jennifer and her mother had to run into town and pick up some last minute supplies for the party, and that most people weren't coming until 5.

I asked Nate what I could help get ready so that everything was in order when the rest of the group arrived. Handing me a couple bags of spinach he asked me to rinse them for the salad. As I stood at the sink making sure the spinach was thoroughly rinsed, I got the feeling that I was being watched or someone was right behind me. I then feel a pair of hands circle my waist and pull me back sharply and a mouth close over my ear. Shocked I go to turn around but am held tightly in place.

Being a beautiful, warm summer day, I was dressed in a loose fitting pair of linen shorts and a light t-shirt. I could feel the distinct feeling of a man's body pressed against me. Having recently broken up with my boyfriend and not been too keen on dating or on night stands, I had been incredibly horny. Feeling that body against me felt so good, my cock started to rapidly inflate. Without a second thought, I reached behind me and grabbed the thick, throbbing cock of the behind me. Letting go of his cock and grind my ass back into his crotch like a whore in heat.

Completely lost in the moment I have no concept of reality, or the fact that the only other person in the house was the husband of one of my closest friends. I quickly pull the string on my shorts allowing them to fall to the floor around my ankles. My tight, gym tones ass is framed by my favorite jock strap. I feel the strapped being pulled away and moan loudly, knowing the snap against my skin is close.

It was at that point that I hear a low husky voice, almost growling in my ear, "I am going to fuck your tight little ass so fucking hard." My only response was a deep moan, which was obviously taken as compliance, because I soon felt the blunt head of his cock between my ass cheeks. Not wanting to endure the pain of a dry fuck, I see lotion on the counter by the sink, grabbing it I quickly pump some in my hands, reach back and grease his cock and my hole.

At that moment time stood still as the blunt head of that fat cock pushed against my hole. This was a moment I had dreamed about for years. In that moment I was thankful that my morning had been spent with a Jeff Stryker dildo lodged in my ass, that helped me accommodate the cock burying itself inside me.

There was no grace in the powerful, deep, rough thrusts. Nate was grunting and groaning into my ear saying things like, "Take my fucking cock in your pussy" and "ride my fat cock whore." With each degrading comment, I got more turned one. I then felt his tongue snake into my ear and his pace steadily quickening, then a whisper, "I'm cumming baby."

I felt his already fat cock expand deep inside me. I felt a warm sensation flood my ass, and realized there had been no condom used. I could already feel Nate's cum starting to leak out of my ravaged hole, as his cock started to soften and slip out. He spun me around and did the unexpected, kissed me deeply and passionately. I didn't fight his tongue battling mine, but instead met it with gusto. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Nate suggested that we get cleaned up. Following me into the master bathroom, Nate started the shower. In a state of confusion, I asked if he was afraid Jennifer would be home soon. He looked at me with those beautiful green eyes of his and assured me we had time.

The warm water felt amazing as it cascaded down my body, partly from heightened sensitivity that goes along with intense sex. I felt his body pressed against mine and his arms circle me again. His cock was rapidly hardening again, I quickly grabbed it and slid back onto his cock, feeling it buried back into my already cum filled ass. Nate presses me hard against the wall and fucks me with renewed passion. My moans echo through the steam filled bathroom, and I realized I sound like a total cum whore.

Feeling his cock swell inside me again, I knew I was going to take another load from one of the sexiest men I knew. I turned my head and locked lips with him, pulling his tongue into my mouth and kissed him deeply. He cried out as his orgasm tore through him. He never broke eye contact.

Once again his cock softened and slid from my ass, and I felt empty. He turned me around and looked into my eyes, I could tell he wanted to say something and was looking for the words. I ran my hands through the hair on his chest and asked him what was wrong. His eyes clouded a bit, "There is no barbeque, and Jennifer left me yesterday." I was shocked to say the least. But had to ask why. He said, "Two days ago, Jennifer said she had meetings all day, and I wanted to have dinner ready for her. I took the afternoon off and got home around noon. I noticed a car in the driveway that I didn't recognize, so I parked on the street and went to the front door when I looked through the glass Jennifer was on all fours getting fucked at each end. I burst in the door and she just laid there with their cum dribbling from her pussy. I told her to get out and I haven't seen her since. I am sorry I lied to you about the barbeque, but I have been attracted to you since Jennifer introduced us, but thought it was a passing curiosity. Over the years, it's only gotten stronger."

Realizing that the water was now ice cold, I quickly turned it off and suggested we dry off and move our conversation to another room. Once back in the kitchen, he asked if I was mad at him for taking advantage of me. I said, "How can I be mad at you Nathan, I have been head over heals in love with you since the day we met." I could see tears threatening to break free from his eyes. I walked over to him and pulled his head to my chest, stroking his hair. His shoulders trembled while he got out his emotions.

Pulling his head back I asked him, "Do you feel better letting that weight off your shoulders? I know it's hard that she left." He looked at me and said, "I am not crying because I am sad she's gone, I am crying because I love you too, and I think I have always loved you. Jennifer cheated on me from the beginning, did you know that?" I didn't know what to say to him. But he continued, "I stayed with her, because of you, because I could be around you more with her here. And the barbeque, was the only way I knew I could get you here for sure, and I knew you would be early."

As unexpected as this situation was, I can't say that it was a shock. Jennifer was the type of girl who lived for attention, attention of hot men. This was the girl who, while on spring break in Vegas, fucked the hotel bartender for free drinks.

The next day Jennifer come and picked up her things from their house, and drove away without a word to Nathan or I. Over the next weeks and months, my visits to his house became more frequent. Finally about 9 months later I was staying over every night of the week.

Meeting at the house after work, Nathan suggested we go into the city to have a nice dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant I was shocked because it was one of the nicest places in town. We walked through the door, Nate suggested he speak with the host. I was too caught up in my awe of the place, thoughts from the day, and love for the man I was with I didn't notice their conversation. However, we were soon whisked off to a dim, quiet corner of the restaurant.

After ordering a nice bottle of Malbec from the waiter Nate said he needed to ask me something. He was fidgety and nervous, he reached for my hand and looked into my eyes. I got lost for a moment in his beautiful eyes, then his voice broke my reverie. He said, "Michael, I love you more than anyone I have ever met, more than life itself. I want to be with you forever. Will you be my partner in all that life has to offer, good and bad?" My emotions got the best of me and immediately my tears streamed freely. I could only nod my affirmative, as I knew my voice would betray me.

I think back to the day this wonderful journey started, with me bent over the sink, getting pounded by the most beautiful man I'd ever met.



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