** It has been a while for me since my last post,  I had some free time here lately and decided to put this one in writing.  ......Please be kind, I have never tried to pen one as the third person relating the action, it became much more difficult that I had imagined.   As always, constructive feedback is welcomed for this novice writer. 


Mouth agape and speechless we are both staring at Kevin, his chiseled image walking up the steps. Each perfectly pumped muscle glistened in the fading light adding to the almost unreal vision of him smiling back at the two of us. Neither of us had any clue just how drastically our life was about to change in the next few hours, and all for the better.

Omar and I arrived at this moment a few days ago during a night of lust driven sex. Roleplay was our forte and that evening it turned to a hidden muscle fetish that was new to me. Here we are both in our mid-thirties, skinny as fuck and damn near nerds. Ha! Damn near? Oh yea we were total fucking nerds. I ran a tech startup he was my right hand man. We met at work and it more than worked out for the both of us. (The story of how we crossed that line? Oh fuck, now that is as hot too; but that is for another day) 

At that moment he has me bent over the sofa table fucking my brains out like a top tier porn star, all while demanding that I “flex my huge muscles”. And to prove how serious he is when I stopped flexing he would pull his big dick out of my hungry hole and slap it across my ass ‘if I wanted more of his big dick, I needed to keep flexing.’  I learned fast and I flexed my ass off. 

Had I not been so horny for this grade ‘A’ fuck I would have laughed out loud? But I went with it. I adopted my new role with gusto and passion. I started bragging about my huge biceps. Which I am sure would not even register on any tape measure used by any gym. But I flexed and bragged and shoved the shapeless flesh into his mouth for him to worship.

That night may have been some of the hottest sex we had in the ten or so years we have been together. The more I “posed, flexed and performed” the harder his cock got. I could feel it pulse and jerk deep inside me. On a good night we can fuck for a few hours, with a few breaks and both cum at least twice. But that night something was different. He lasted most of the night. I know I shot off three times no telling how many hot loads he deposited deep in my ass. It was then I knew I had to make his dream come true for real. 

A few days later I was still feeling the rush when I ran into one of our mutual friends at the gym. Kevin just happened to be in the “muscle stud” category. Of course there were guys with more mass and size, but few if any with the perfect symmetry shredded ripped and just plain fucking hot.  The exact body that Omar was so wildly fucking that night using my skinny ass as his muscled muse.  

I stifled a slight gasp when he lifted the hem of his shirt to wipe his brow and I was greeted with every sweaty muscle staring at me so close I could smell the natural musk of his pheromones mixed with the heady scent of testosterone coursing through his body.

He gave me that sexy crooked smile with what’s up with that look? So I let him in on our latest sexual romp. I told Keven the more I flexed these massive guns, I faked a pathetic flex for added entertainment, the more he fucked me like a wild animal. Shaking my head in total disbelieve even at my own story. I was half way about to …

 “I’ll do it!” He pipes up before I even got the chance to ask. 

“I’d fucking love to swing from that slab of meat that he calls a dick”. He is so turned onto the idea that his hand absentmindedly reaches for the bulge in his gym shorts to make room for it to expand as his mind takes in the imagines of being bent over and taken for a ride by my lover. 

“Ya think he would enjoy this gun show?” he tosses the tank top off then he pops both arms up and bounces them into perfect balls of granite. He is perfectly fine being used for his muscles –why do you think that I built all of this to start with, he freely admits -  Big dicks, I hit the gym years ago because I like hot men, big cock and sex. A lot!  Looking like this sure helps, he opens his arms as if to say come on – look at me. 

“Hell.” He added. “I would fuck myself if I could.”

I am pretty sure he is the perfect candidate. The whole time he is telling me what a muscle slut he is, even claiming to be a full blown power bottom, his hands are feeling his body and his eyes never met mine they instead are enjoying the same path his hands make exploring each delicious muscle.  He is literally lost into turning himself on, standing in the middle of the gym while carrying on a conversation with me. And I am loving it. And that ‘fuck myself’ comment. I would be willing to bet good money that he has indeed fucked himself many times. Flexing in front of a mirror with a big dildo enjoying his own reflection. 

“You’re serious huh?” I reach over and grab a handful of his chest muscle and receive a hard flex for my reward. Public be damned, I was as turned on as he was. 

We arranged for him to stop by the house in a couple of hours to see how this will play out. He agrees. While he finishes his work out, I head home and give Omar the slightest of hints without revealing my plans. Let’s shower, clean up – I have a surprise for you this evening. And that is all he needs to hear for him to jump to it and get ready, after giving me a sweet kiss, his thank you in advance. 


Seeing Kevin in those tiny black briefs walking up our loft stairs is surreal.  I mean we knew the guy was buff and had one hell of a body, but to be honest we never knew just how fucking hot he is, or more like how fucking hot all that muscle is. Being lean, skinny as fuck and as athletically inclined as a pile of silly putty we honestly never imagined a man built like him being on our radar, much less either one of us being on his? We had been friends a long time, and ran among the same circles for years. But seeing him standing there shirtless. Looking like sex on two legs. I am blown away, Omar is speechless and the look on Kevin’s face reveals he is in his prime sweet spot, and knows exactly how to handle the situation. 

Stepping out of the only clothing he wore he kicks his ‘tighty blackies’ aside, comfortably nude he steps in closer to Omar.

“I hear somebody would like to have a go at all of this?” He pops both arms up into full on rock hard front double ceps flex and holds it mere inches from my shocked man’s face. 

“Uh.” Kevin mutters shooting his eyes towards me. He reaches past Kevin pulling me up close with all that muscle sandwiched between us.

“I am not sure what I did to deserve this” he gives me a quick kiss. “But thank you.” 

Kevin gives me a nod along with one of his trademark sexy as fuck winks then begins his performance as a piece of meat to be enjoyed. He reaches around the back of Omar’s neck and drags his face deep into the valley formed by his mounding chest and massive biceps.  I see a smiling face disappear into the smooth shaved pit and a sigh of pure lust escapes his throat. 

“You like all this pumped up muscle don’t you buddy?” Kevin wraps his bicep tighter, flexing fully to engulf his head. His constant chatter about his muscles and both of us enjoying him any way we please is a rush. You could tell he totally got off on having his body lusted after for his muscles. And honestly was proud to be a piece of meat. Omar has freed his face just enough to move his mouth up to the peak of that granite bicep and starts feasting. Lapping licking sucking the entire slab of muscle from the elbow deep back into the pit. 

Kevin was so lost in being worshipped that he was not even aware when the dynamics shifted. From being the aggressor with Omar in a slight headlock he was now being imperceptibly walked backwards towards the bed. Omar now had Kevin’s wrist twisted and wrestled behind his neck exposing his pits pecs and biceps for easier access. When the back of Kevin’s knees made contact with the bed one slight nudge was all it took for a 145 lb. weakling to topple 215 lbs. of shredded muscle onto his back. 

Quietly, I removed my clothes and settled into the corner chair. From the look of fiery lust beaming from his eyes and the amount of precum flowing out of the red angry pulsing cock, this was going to be one hell of a fuck.  

“I hear somebody wants to swing from this big dick” Omar has fully transformed into his ‘top’ persona. Stripped nude and a 9 inch rock hard pulsing veiny cock hovering midair pointed at the muscle reclined on his back looking up in pure awe.  He slaps the side of the iron rod so hard is slings huge strands of precum clear across the room when his cock ricochets from one thigh to the other like a pendulum from the force of his own hand. 

“You really think just because you have all those pretty muscles you can handle this?”  Whack! A loud sound echoes as his open palm makes contact sending the angry red dick in motion again. 

“Fucking right stud!” Kevin slides to the foot of the best so fast it was a blur. Landing on his knees between Omar’s legs and that giant cock resting on his face, He flexes both ceps up rock hard. 

“Grab on big boy”! Kevin nods at his biceps. “And I will show you what I can do.”

For the rest of my life I will never forget the vision:  my man, my husband standing buck naked in all his skinny glory but with all the power in the world poking out from his crotch. Wielding that power over this beautiful creature on his knees flexing his incredible muscles - begging for the privilege to suck that big dick resting on his face. 

The sight of a my man, so lean and thin with barley a register of body fat, slinging such a rock hard dick the size of his is always a shock, no matter how many times I enjoy it. I am always amazed that he does not pass out with the amount of blood it takes to fill that monster. Omar is maybe 5’9 inches tall and he cannot weight one ounce over 145 lbs. soaking wet. His naturally tanned skin from an olive complexion is highlighted by a fine layer of dark, almost black hair dusting his entire torso. Hanging heavy below his cock he has the perfect set of low hangers to back up the rod. Each large nut hangs heavy and full in a low slung smooth shaved sac. 

The look of lust frozen on Kevin’s face reminds me of my own the first time that I saw it too. There are penis, and there are dicks and then there is COCK!  And my husband was the proud owner of a full blown COCK. And the hot part for me, is that he knew it, enjoyed it and most of all knew what to do with it. Although I will admit to never seeing an ugly one, there is damn sure a difference when they are crafted perfectly in size shape length width girth. Clean lines straight as an arrow ending with a mushroom cap acting like the framing end for the masterpiece. His was beautiful. 

For the next few hours I witnessed sex between two men in its rawest most primal form. The dynamics between a gym rat power bottom who at times was as aggressive as any Dom I have ever been with, tangling with a total top who is a fucking machine. Kevin swallowed that big dick in one slide down it. Never gagging, no hesitation and no warm up. This guy was as dick hungry as any man I had witnessed. And he must have been good. The entire time Omar’s hands massaged rubbed squeezed and even punched on the muscled peaks he was using for handle bars to feed the muscle all the dick he wanted. 

When Kevin lifted Omar off his feet and laid him out on his back in the middle of the bed I knew instantly that he was on a mission to mount a big dick and take a ride. A ride that I had ridden many times and knew every bump and grind and hump well. 

“May I?”  Kevin asks. Standing over Omar. One foot on either side of his body. Looking like a tower of a Greek muscle god with the intentions of a horny porn star. 

“Be my guest!” Omar hands him the bottle of lube and a fresh bottle of poppers after taking a huge huff himself. He lays back and laces his hands behind head, flexing his cock making it slap his abs in anticipation of that fine ass being lowered onto it. 

My view was from the foot of the bed, and let me tell you. Seeing that round smooth ass flare out and explode with muscles as his legs begin to bend at the knee, his smooth wet hole twitch in anticipation while taking aim at the grand prize. Now that was one hell of a sight. Every muscle exploding from his feet up, following the curves and cuts defining the calf muscles, gathering tight in the knee before flaring out into a set of quads/thighs that were equally as shredded as the rest of his body and showed every separate striation of muscle forming them. Not one hair on his body to hide the fine layer of sweat that made the muscles even more defined as they danced in the soft light of the candles I had lit earlier. 

“Here”. I could not resist any longer. I grabbed my husband’s cock aiming it for the sweet spot.  Touching the red hot steel rod I could feel it jerk and pulse. I cannot remember the last time I felt his dick this hard and I liked it. 

“Show me what you got Muscle BOI!” The way he emphasized boi, only added to the role reversal, proving once and for all ‘he who has the biggest dick rules in this world’. When the tip made initial contact Kevin’s head rolled back as a huge moan escaped his throat and he slid all the way down in one lube aided ride down the pole. Being so near to the action now I lowered my face until my head was resting on his muscular shoulder. 

I can feel his right arm snake around the back of my head and wraps my face into the crook of his biceps while his hips start the gentle rocking motion to welcome the new dick into each nook and cranny, welcoming it home, offering it to get comfortable and stay a while. My mouth wastes no time tasting that fine layer of sweat covering his hard muscles. 

I hear a huge moan escape my husband’s chest before I feel a tongue dueling with mine on the peak of a biceps. Kevin has joined me in licking his own muscles and kissing them at the same time, and that my friends is when the rodeo started. 

“God DaaYaaaammmmmmmmmm!”  (Damn always has about five syllables when my husband is fucking) I hear him bellow as he grabs hold of Kevin’s hips and thrusts up into his ass with every ounce of power his slight frame can generate. 

“Bring it home Daddy” Kevin eggs him on. Still on his feet he lifts up just enough to allow Kevin to slam fuck up into him.  But never breaks contact with my tongue or his own biceps.  

“You have no fucking clue how long I have wanted to ride your man’s dick.”  He talks into my mouth. “Thank You.” He adds like we invited him for dinner or some formal occasion. 

“I will do you one better.” I tell him through the same spit and muscle “I had no fucking clue just how hot your muscles are. Until now.”

“You and me both”! I hear Kevin join our banter. His hands move from the death grip on the hips and clamps onto each pec. 

“Fuck yea” Kevin roars.  He flexes both pecs. Enjoying the feel of the hands cupping them. Leaning forward just a hair and using his legs he starts power fucking the cock he is riding, Omar lays back and lets Kevin set the pace, and the pace he can produce using those powerful legs like pistons is amazing. 

I lean over and give Omar a kiss. No, not one of our lover tender kisses, I rape his mouth with my tongue. Swapping spit and feasting on his tongue while reaching for his insides with mine. Sucking both loads of spit out of his mouth, I turn my head and Kevin needs no invitation he vacuum kisses it out of my mouth in one swoop. 

“Uh!” I can recognize that tone. “I am not going to be able to hold off much longer with you two mugging out like that.”  Kevin picks up the pace.  Telling Omar no reason to hold back, he has all night and wants every drop of seed he can get. 

With agility and power I had no clue he possessed, I see him toss Kevin flat on his back, pull his dick out of his ass just in time to spew one of his signature massive loads all over those brick abs, pecs and handsome face smiling up at us both as he keeps unloading and coating that smooth masterpiece of muscle. 

I had not even touched my cock, watching my husband spray his huge load all over those fine muscles, one stroke was all that I needed to add my pool of DNA to the mix. Not to be left out, Kevin grabs his hard dick and nuts one off himself. 

Okay, he is muscled, we have covered that. Enjoyed his beauty. Licked tasted, touched and rubbed all over him. But seeing his body react to ejaculating his semen was something I had not thought about. But once his cum started flying, the flexing – convulsing – contraction of his entire body was unreal. Muscles I had never knew a human possessed erupted from head to foot. They froze in a striated state so deeply ridged and shredded he did not look human. 

His first pulse flew over his head landing on the lucky pillow behind him with a loud splat. For the second one his tongue flew out, he must have practiced this move because it landed perfectly on the tip of his tongue, before the remaining shots covered his chest and abs completely. Lying there covered in sweat and three loads of cum I am not sure I have ever seen a more incredible sight. 

“Go For it babe.”  Omar gives me a soft kiss after we regain a part of our senses back. Lucky me. My man is not a big fan of eating cum. And what laid before me was a buffet of three separate loads waiting to be devoured.  Leaning over I start at the tip of his still quivering cock I lick the tip and run my face and tongue clear up to his neck in one languid stoke lapping up every drop it its path. Devouring the cum bath that I was eating was incredible, but the muscles I was licking to gather all of that sweet cum added a new dimension to the ritual. My soft hot tongue tracing and licking over the entire torso was such a thrill that my cock did not deflate, I stayed rock hard and leaking the whole time. I repeat the tongue bath to the moans and quivers of the muscles holding it for me until his entire torso is clear of every last drop. 

Without hesitation he uses both of his hands to guide my mouth to his open mouth and willing exchanges the mass of cum I have gathered and saved just for this one fetish, swapping spit and cum back and forth with a man who wants it as much as I do. That is one part of the sex that my man passes on, But Kevin. He dove in with gusto like few others. 

‘Pig’ was just added to; power bottom muscle stud in his growing list of pet names and titles, some yet to be discovered. 

A few hours later I drifted off to the sounds of sex and the vibrations of the bed shaking from the two of them still rutting like pigs. At some point during the night I hear the running water from the shower. Sex while cleaning up for more sex was a specialty of his. I smile in my half sleep knowing that my husband was in ass heaven. 


Upon waking the next morning the bed beside me is warm but empty. Smelling the coffee in the air, I can hear them before I see them. Yep. They are still fucking. Kevin is straddling the chair and bouncing on my man’s morning wood with a huge smile still plastered on his face.

“Good morning sleepy head” he chips out, a little too happy for this hour. But can you blame him. 

“I hope you don’t mind.” He shoots that winning smile my way. “But I had to have one more piece of this incredible dick before heading out.

“Tell you what.” I lean over and give Kevin a light good morning kiss, before kissing Omar with a little more passion. 

“How about you take me with you to the gym and become my trainer?” I run my hands over his chest and biceps. 

“And I will ask a certain someone about giving you all the dick you want in return.” 

On those days where I did not think I could muster the energy, or tried to talk myself out of the gym for that day, all I had to do was envision the sight of my man fucking that muscle all over our house and the joy it gave him.  I never missed a training session from that day on.

Ten years later I am still lifting my ass off giving Kevin a run for his money in the muscle department.  Kevin is still a part of our lives we get together on regular basis and my husband now has not one but two jacked up muscled pigs to fuck senseless any time he wants. We call that a win win win and it works for us. 





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