Standing on the deck sipping his coffee, his eyes watching me over the cup, damn he turned me on. The leafy green trees behind him were a perfect contrast to his lightly tanned skin. He brought the cup down from his clean-shaven face and smiled at me as I lay in bed slowly waking up. He didn't say a word; he didn't move towards me, he remained in place, standing on one leg, the other bent with his foot on the deck wall behind him. He was wearing a pair of grey briefs. He favored the overpriced designer briefs, I was a boxers man. No complaints from me, he wore briefs like an underwear model. They sat perfectly on his hips, his ass was the ideal shape to fill the back and his package, oh his perfect package filled the pouch and looked more than good, and it looked delicious.

We looked at each other for some time, taking in the beauty of our lover. Benji was a morning man. He would wake up at five AM on a vacation without an alarm clock. Myself being a late morning man, as he called me, I liked to sleep in until eight on my days off. Today was one of those days. He had already been up, worked out in our small home gym, showered, shaved and likely done a load of laundry already. I was still lying in bed, the light grey sheet barely covering my naked body. The sunlight was streaming in from the window and warming me. If I asked him he would say it was a perfect moment, seeing me wake up bathed in sunlight. For me that perfect moment was seeing him standing on the deck sipping his coffee with the trees as a backdrop.

Benji and I had met a little over ten years ago. He was just starting out as an architect and I was just starting my own construction company. We were both fresh out of school and broke and struggling to make it for our selves. He heard about me from a co-worker who I had worked with on a small job. The construction business is cutthroat and I knew that from years of working construction in high school and college. Rather than going for the typical home addition and garage competition I went into highly detail oriented work, a greenhouse or garden shed that resembled the house or a European croft, or a dinning room with all wood paneling and ceiling done specifically for the owners of the house. My gigs were not a quick fix. It could take three months to complete a big task. But my work was hands on without competition.

Benji had a client who wanted to add a four-season pavilion with plenty of windows and built in seating and such. When I took his call, the first of many calls, I didn't think much of it. Most people balked when they found out the cost of the work they wanted, people who wanted to live like a Martha Stewart but pay for a box kit. I explained to Benji during the first call that I was not going to come in with the lowest bid. He wanted to meet anyway.

My shop was a large, ugly shell of a cinderblock building that had been used for storage before I rented it. Benji walked in at the agreed time and I am pretty sure my mouth dropped open. Just under six feet tall, thick dark brown hair, trim and dressed in a crisp white shirt, a blue tie and dark pants. His clothes looked tailored and it was clear he was in great shape, body of a runner or swimmer. I was wearing my standard Carhartt pants and a drab tee, workman's boots. My clothes were dirty from wear and honestly, didn't hide that I may not be a bulky hunk, but my chest and arms, back and abs were of a man who worked hard and could carry his weight and more.

Without hesitation he reached out to shake my hand, looked into my eyes and introduced himself. I felt it at that moment. This guy was what I wanted. We went to sit down and go over the job. Four months later his client had a beautiful pavilion and we had started dating. The first official date is his favorite story to tell. We had been working on the job, each in his area of expertise, for three months. We had figured out early on we were both gay and before long we had taken more than a collaboration sort of relationship. One Friday I asked if he wanted to grab dinner that night, not thinking it was a date as much as being really hungry for a nice big steak dinner and some company. He smiled when I posed the question and asked, "If you are asking me as the architect to grab some food, no, but if are asking me on a date, yes."

I stuttered my response and managed to get the word 'date' out, he jumped on it and said to pick him up at seven. A date, with Benji, I was nervous. Silly really when I thought about how I had seen him dozens of times over the last few months, usually when I was filthy and sweaty from working on the pavilion. This time I was not going to be wearing my work pants and a dingy tee. Putting on a nice pair of chinos, nothing fancy but the best pair of pants I owned and a pullover. My close-cropped hair didn't need any styling but I had shaved. Ringing the doorbell at his townhouse I was actually nervous. The door opened and Benji smiled. "Gene, please come in." I wasn't sure what to think, he had a robe on. Was I early? Had I mixed up the time?

He closed the door behind me, his hand touched my left shoulder and he turned me toward him as he pushed me against the wall. Leaning in to me he whispered, "I have wanted to get my hands on you for months." His lips pressed against mine, my cock twitched and we kissed. It lasted twenty, maybe thirty seconds and he pulled back. "If you want me you better get out of those clothes." He said as he walked away dropping his robe on the ground. My jaw dropped, his ass was divine. His legs were solid; his back had that V shape that draws the eye to the ass. Kicking off my shoes and pulling off my shirt I walked after him. Fumbling with my pants I nearly tripped but didn't care, I was going to get my hands on that body and my face in that ass! He was in his bedroom, standing by the foot of the bed, naked. His cock was not erect but it sure wasn't limp. His balls hung low in the sac, I was sure drool was hanging form my chin.

"Boxers huh?" He said as I entered the bedroom.

"Yeah." Came my sheepish reply. I lowered the boxers and stepped out of them as I walked the last six feet to Benji.

His hand rose to rub along my chest. "Smooth, naturally too. I like." His voice was deep and totally seductive.

Copying his move I reached for his chest, "Hairy, and perfect." He had a wonderful layer of hair across his pecs and a wide trail from mid ab to his pubes. Fucking perfect covering. His abs, he carried a six-pack, the kind you get from a gym, and were moving in and out deeply. He was as turned on as I was. My abs weren't a six-pack. They were taunt, flat and more of a four pack, like you get when you physically work for them. Either way we both looked like a couple of very sexy 24 year old men.

We caressed, we kissed, we fell back onto his bed. He had the energy of a gazelle and the body to match it. I felt like a cheetah and wanted to devour him. Who devoured whom is a toss up. He was not shy when it came to sucking my cock or taking my balls into his mouth and rolling them over his tongue. My own tongue was in heaven as I rimmed his hole, his tight cheeks had a very thin but sexy as hell covering of hair. Sometimes an ass can be a little too hairy for me, but his, perfection.

He wasn't shy when it came time to fuck, "Here's a condom, now get in there!" Not what I expected but who was I to argue? A hot stud with a freshly rimmed ass demanding to be fucked is not to be turned away! My hands were shaking as I ripped open the package and fumbled to get the damn thing on my cock. It was not the first time, or even the hundredth time I had slid a cover on, but I still felt like a seventeen year old. "Lube?" I asked him as I moved between his legs, his ass in the air, back arched and ready.

"Skip it, you got we loose and I like the friction." He replied as he raised himself into doggy. Again, who was I to complain? Grabbing a cheek in each hand I spread him open and leaned in until my head was at his hole. Pushing down I raised myself up until I could angle the head of my cock in and pushed. He moaned and I felt him relax and give in as I slowly slid in. It had to have hurt a little, no lube, but he didn't complain. When he tells the story now he brags about the pain and how rough I was, it's all bullshit, he loves it and we both know it.

We began slowly and in short order he was backing into my thrust with equal force. Who was fucking who is a tie and I came way to quickly, I wanted to be in there for a good twenty minutes, I think I lasted eight. When I pulled out he turned over, smiled and said, "My turn stud. Lube or are you gonna take it like a man?"

"LUBE!" My hole was not new to cock but I needed lube and wasn't too embarrassed to ask for it.

He pushed me back, grabbed my legs and pulled. He was lean and trim but not weak. Placing one knee next to each of my thighs he smiled. "I am gonna enjoy this, after seeing this ass in those pants, yeah, now it's mine." He slid a condom on his thick six inches, applied lube to my hole some more to his meat and grabbed my ankles. "Open up baby, here it comes."

Clearly he had fucked before; hands free he lined his cock up to me hole and began to push. There was no pushing and feeling around for my hole, he was there and popping inside in one smooth move, like a diver entering the water. I yelped and then moaned. He began to drive it home. Being fucked by a guy who actually knows how, verses a guy who is just thrusting away, is not as common as it seems. Benji knew how to fuck. It made me wonder if I had the same skill level. At the moment it didn't matter, he was owning my ass and I loved it. He didn't last nearly long enough. Was it a relief we both came too quickly?

After he shoot his load he fell back on the bed next to me, sort of next to me. His legs were stretched out with his feet near my shoulders. We were both breathing deeply. After five or so minutes he leaned up on his elbows, "Shower and then dinner?"

The last month on the job we would fuck every night and pretend nothing was going on during the day. The clients had no clue about our evening activities but loved the pavilion. That job ended, our dating didn't. A year later we decided to move in together. At the time, being 24 I didn't think I would be done playing the field but we clicked so well and sexually were so combatable I didn't really want to have sex with another guy. Benji felt the same.

That was nearly ten years ago. Benji has his own architect firm, small but thriving. My building company is also small but doing very well. We often work together with a client and have built a well-respected reputation for our work. Most clients don't know we are together and the ones who do find it 'adorable'. Not the word I would use but they pay our bills.

Leaning up from the bed I scoot back so I am sitting. Benji walks into the bedroom from the deck and towards the bed. "Wanna fuck before breakfast?" He whispers as he crawls between my legs and on top of me. Who am I to turn that offer down?



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