New and revised version of Bedmates

It was the end of a long day of volunteering. I had worked later than any of the other guys. Probably they were all asleep. It was a church mission trip. We were fixing up houses that had been storm damaged. The poor people who had been displaced were so thankful. It was worth the effort.

The church had gotten a motel room for us. My legs were thick and my feet heavy as I trudged back to my room. I stopped at the van to put my tool belt up. I was right, I could hear the quiet breathing of all the guys, two to a bed. I found my empty berth and notice the tousled blond hair of Andy on the other side of the bed.

I pulled off my T-shirt, unbuckled my heavy leather belt and unzipped my jeans. I stopped to slowly pull down the zipper. I felt the soft pressure of my fingers on my crotch. The fabric sprung back releasing my genitals into the support of my underwear alone. I pealed off my jeans the rest of the way. I quickly slipped under the sheet and light summer blanket and became aware of the humming of the air conditioner.

All of the sounds of the room seemed louder. My mind drifted to all of the events of the day. I heard and paid attention to Andy's breathing next to me on the bed. I turned with my back to him. His breathing seemed very large in my mind. Suddenly, I realized, that within reach was his penis. A penis covered only with one thin layer of cotton. I could see the curl of the blond pubic hair in my imagination.

I never considered a gay thought before. I was tired. I had refrained from jacking off all month. It was lent. Andy was there, next to me. He was available for my thoughts. I pictured him working that day. Stunning blue eyes a pale complexion, but with healthy high color in his cheeks. He was very modest and humble. He was the last one to take off his shirt in the heat. Funny, I remember watching him unbutton the buttons. The flat taught muscles of his stomach, the waist, easy to reach around and his butt was the only part of him that was ample. It was cute and very rounded.

Andy wore pants that were loose. I often wondered if it was because he had a small dick, but he was humble and did not show off. Now all my world was filled with thoughts of him and his body. His breathing got louder in my attention and everything else faded away. My fingers itched and were restless. I wanted to touch him.

Finally, in one move, I turned over and swung my arm over his chest. My hand rested on the tip of his shoulder and arm. The breathing never stopped or changed. I lay there taking in the touch of his skin. I smelled the sweet, just showered smell of deodorant soap. I think his curly hair was damp. I waited. I say waited, but I did not know what I was going to do next or whether Andy would wake up and say anything.

I felt the rise of my excitement. This was not enough. I knew now that I was going to do something. I could not risk waking him up. I really admired Andy and did not know what he would think of me If he knew, even what I was thinking.

I turned over on my back and got as close as I could. I casually flipped my hand on Andy's crotch. I felt the soft sponginess of his balls. I was right, his penis was smaller than mine. Crossing the line into his intimate person excited me. I tried to remember, I could not recall anyone ever touching my penis. As I softly grasped his, I wondered if I were the first person to ever touch him.

I was content for a while to feel him and listen to his breathing. I was so thoroughly thinking of him that I did not notice myself getting more excited. I could also feel the hard rippled muscles under my arm. Still his breathing did not alter. I was this close and he did not know.

Yet somewhere inside his sleep laden consciousness he knew that some one was feeling him up. Slowly his penis engorged itself. I felt it under my hand getting bigger. It pulsed with his heartbeat and it got bigger. Even in erection it was not overly large. But it was very hard now and pressed up against his stomach. My erection kind of sticks out and up at an angle.

I was thinking that a penis that worked like this would be very handy. It would not stick out so much if called up to the chalkboard in a bad moment. It would make Speedo swimsuits not so scary. With the right pants, a boner might not show at all. All this thinking about cocks made me even more excited. Andy seemed very double minded. His breathing was impassive but his penis was ready for action. I was sure he was sleeping soundly.

I could feel the whiteness of his briefs. I fingered the outline of his dick and the ridge around the head. Slowly, ever slowly, I lifted the elastic band of his underwear. I grasped the soft skin of the top of his penis. When I touched his skin the pre-cum seeped out and lubricated and made his skin slippery to the touch. I ran my fingers down the shaft. I felt the gentle seam that men have on the underside. I pressed down but his dick held tight to his abdomen. Around his groin, I felt the taut skin and the creases of that triangle. Cupped in the pouch of his briefs I put my fingers around his balls. They tightened up from the soft thin skin to a tight knot under my hand.

Suddenly I thought about everyone else sleeping in the room. Somehow, the danger to my reputation excited me. It made me hornier.

Emboldened by the regularity of his breathing, I massaged up his chest. I could see the naked flesh in my mind from the daylight. Now the darkness only was pierced by my hands to touch. I slipped off his briefs. I lay my head sideways at his waist and teased his dick into my mouth. It pressed hard on the side of my mouth as his erection continued to push it toward his stomach.

It was like eating a hotdog. Smooth, my saliva making it slip so easily by my lips. It was so rewarding, like a good piss on a full bladder, like eating ice cream, maybe like sucking on your mother's teat. It certainly felt good like beating your own meat. His ejaculation was like a dream, or so I hoped for him. Somewhere, in that time I filled my own underwear with cum. I did not even touch myself. Just my thinking and my sucking and my touching pulled it out of me.

I fell asleep with my head in his crotch. When I awoke, I was alone in the room. I started. I jumped up and quickly dressed. I ran down to the van and got my tool belt.

Every one was working. I saw Andy. He was the only one left with his shirt on. The sun caught the gold of his hair and he turned his piercing blue eyes toward me and smiled. He set down his hammer and while looking at me unbuttoned his shirt.

'Would you put some suntan lotion on me?'

Without speaking I took the lotion and spread it over his back. I was glad the stiff denim concealed my boner. The electricity was there between the skin of my hand and the skin of his back.


Peter Maxly

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