The last weekend I spent in England in a pub at Cambridge that offers Bed & Breakfast.. They have got three rooms and a shared bathroom. I was the first guest to get up on Sunday morning and I went to the bathroom only dressed with a towel and had my utensils for having a shower.

Standing then naked in front of the bathroom mirror I felt the short stubbles on my head that had grown since I had my head shaved in a typical English barber shop two days before. Seeing and feeling these stubbles on my head I thought they had to be shaved off and I stated applying shaving cream all over my head and also I started masturbating.

When my head was covered with shaving cream and my penis had grown big and hard suddenly the bathroom door opened and a very nice looking guy who stayed in the other room stood in the door with his mouth wide open as he saw me masturbating my penis with both hands while my head was covered with lots of shaving cream. Obviously I had forgotten to lock the bathroom door properly and now he was struck by surprise watching me doing my business.

'Oh, sorry - I need the loo quite urgent.' - he said and was about to leave the bathroom again. ''Come in if you don't mind, I will turn around and you can have a pee without me watching you.' While I heard him peeing I continued masturbating as if he was not there and started to shave my head with the razor.

Suddenly he stood behind me and I felt his thick penis at my back. Without a word he took the razor out of my hand and continued shaving my head which gave me the opportunity to masturbate my penis with both hands. I felt my neighbour's penis getting bigger and harder and so I bowed down a bit and grabbed his penis with my hands and directed it into my ass.

Fucking me up the ass he continued shaving my head and when it was shaved all over I felt his sperm shooting up my ass. Nearly at the same time mine came out as well and we used that on my clean shaved head.

'I think I could have done to me that as well.' my room neighbour said. - 'No problem, if you want that nice treat I can give it to you. I've got all the tools we need with me.' I showed him the clipper I always take with me: 'Are you sure you want that done to you?' - He stroke his hair back and said: 'I think, I'll have it. It's time for a change and I've never been fucked while I had a haircut.' - 'It's not a haircut I'll give you, it's a complete shave, are you sure you want that?' - 'Yes, please. Don't talk, fuck and shave me.'

So, I made him bow his head over the sink and I took the hand shower first and started to wet his hair. As there was no shampoo around to wash his hair I said: 'I'll use the soap for your hair. It doesn't matter that the texture of your hair will not be like if it is washed with shampoo as you will go out from here without any hair on your head.' - 'Go on, do it, I'm getting hard and wet again.' he said working hard on his penis with both hands.

I took the piece of soap and started shampooing him fucking him gently up his ass. After a few minutes of shampooing I rinsed his hair with warm water and dried it with a towel. Then I made him bow his head over the toilet and took the clipper. I pushed his head down and started the shave the back of his head upwards and his hair fell down into the toilet. Soon the back of his head was shaved and I did the sides of his head then. Now only the hair on top of his head were remaining and for the last bit I fucked him harder and shaved to top of his head clean. Shortly before I was to come I took my penis out of his ass and my sperm then landed on his shaved head and I rubbed my fluid into the remaining short stubbles on his head.

It was not before then that I allowed him to have a look at himself and standing in front of the mirror then he touched the short stubbles on his head and said: 'That's great, I want it all shaved off but first I have to do some work on me.' He then masturbated his own penis watching himself in the mirror and finally he caught his sperm and also put it on his shaved head. I then massaged both our fluids well into the skin of his head.

Now it was time for the clean shave. I applied the shaving cream on his head and then took the razor. I shaved the back of his head first and then I handed the razor over to him and showed him how to continue. Watching him shaving his own head which he was doing very well from the start I had a hard penis again and I had to serve it with both my hands.

'You should have shaved your head before' I said 'you are very good with it' When he had finished shaving his head we went to his room first and two shaved heads were fucking each other. He was on all four on the bed and from behind I touched and caressed his shaved head applying some after shave on his head and on my penis. That made my penis burn and hard and I fucked him up his ass I got my orgasm. Then we did it the other way round, he now treating his penis and my head with after shave and fucking me then.

Finally we got dressed and two went over to the café that offered a good traditional English breakfast. When we said goodbye to each other my room neighbour said 'That was the best sex I've ever had, I think from now on I will always shave my head and have a lot of fun doing that.'




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