I cried out as I pumped my juices into his mouth... Down his throat, humping against his face, holding him tightly against my exploding cock, grunting with each spurt of hot fluid, I felt the enormous release, the joy of completing an act I had only dreamed of until tonight. Finally, after a few small surges of cum, I was finally empty and he had sucked it all down, swallowed all my love juices.

He looked up at me with wanton eyes, his hands still holding the cheeks of my ass in a death grip, his mouth still sucking on my still rigid cock, wanting more than I could give him, not wanting to let go of the treasure he now held deep in his throat, still gorged with my cum coated cock.

As I looked down on his naked broken body, I felt the juices stir again deep within me... His body was beautiful, so lean and smooth, so ready to be used by me in my passion for him, for our bodies to mingle as one being...

I pushed him off my cock and he unhappily gave it up, my cum seeping across his ruined, swollen lips mouth.

I motioned to the bed and he quickly lay down on it, still looking into my eyes. I lay atop him, bringing my lips to his and licking up the remnants of his cum bath, I buried my tongue deep, savoring the taste of my juices mingled with his natural sweetness.

I could feel the hardness of his cock against my belly and I slowly worked my way down his hairless chest, sucking out the hardness of each bright nipple, squeezing each to force the nipple up and out for my mouth to devour. He whimpered and gasped for breath as I licked my way down his body, finally taking his hardness into my mouth, swallowing it whole burying my face against his shaved and tender being.

We twisted and turned in our love making as I gave worship to the essence of his sexuality, his life force, the juices of his being that I greedily yearned to fill my inner being... I didn't have to wait long. His body began to arch against me and his moans were gasps for air as his cock grew in width, filling, stretching my mouth and throat an then the juices of my love for him, for this act, began to plunge down into me and kept coming, so much of it that I could not contain it all, no matter how much I swallowed down, more and more blew into me, his whole essence of life filled me and then I was Delirious with his life force within me.

We lay there for the longest time, my face covered with his cum. He rolled to face me and our lips met again, his tongue exploring the depths of my swollen mouth, his cum on both our faces, no matter.. We lay there filled with each other.

I nodded off only wake to his lips sucking my cock, licking my balls and his tongue exploring the puckered opening to my love canal... I moaned in a wave of exquisite pleasure as he ministered his love and then a finger slid in where his lips had been teasing me... I spread my legs as he buried his finger deep inside me, all the while sucking at the tip of my aching cock, teasing my senses from one place to the other until they became one and he was deep fucking my ass with three fingers and I was bucking up against him, the juices already boiling inside me. His fingers found my magic spot and he stripped them against my prostate in the rhythm he was using as he viciously sucked my cock... oh my love I can't stand what you are doing to me, I am crazy to become one again with you, I need to fill you again with my heat, the heat burning inside me for your whole being to join with mine..

Then I was bucking against his onslaught and the juices poured out of me. We became one again... and I was like a drugged one, unable to speak, limp and tamed.

He rolled me onto my belly and pulled my ass up, so that my ass was up and open to him... He leaned down and licked me, from my balls to my red and opened hole. I could feel him as he mounted me, his cock sliding inside the beloved passage he had readied so well.

I grunted as he shoved against me, pushing against him with all my heart, my body begging for his cock, begging to be fucked, begging to be one... He held me tightly by the hips as he rode me, his body slamming against mine with each lunge... I cried out as he hit my balls with his own, cried out as he buried it to the root with each cock run into me...

He rode me like a horse, fucked me like the cock hungry whore slut that his love had made me into... My face was slammed into the bed as he ground his man cock into me. I could feel his fingers digging into my flesh... we rode away into some place where we were the only beings, the only world, the only reality and I cried and wept as I gave the fullness of my body to him..

Then he screamed and I screamed as he pumped his lava cum, his burning love, his hot juices into my ass. My cock exploded it own juices, splattering cum across my belly and the bed... giving of its own self to our oneness. We rode up into the sky as he unloaded the fullest spirit of his life into me and we were one again... My being was filled with his cum, his heat, his life...

We slept, his cock still deep inside me, his hands around my breast, holding me tight, our bodies intertwined....

Oh yes, and that is the joy of it


Corey Anton

[email protected]


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