I was on my way to school. As a High School senior at 17, my hormones were raging. Not having had time for a wank in the morning, my balls felt full and were constantly sending signals to my brain that they need to be emptied. Walking down the road in front of our house, my neighbor and buddy's dad Peter greeted me with just a simple "Hi Eric".

I turned around to get a better look at him. I love his looks. He just came out of the house and was on his way to go for a run. He was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. At 40 something, about 6ft and quite fit but with a couple of extra pounds around the waist he had everything I lusted for. That mature and knowing look with a full close cropped black beard with some gray sprinkles in it, his arms and legs covered with black fur, the fur underneath his T-Shirt covering his chest and stomach was pushing the material of the t-shirt off of his skin and some even poking over the edge of it.

Then he started stretching. The T-shirt went a little up his back and the shorts a little down so that I could see his lower back and even down the cleft of his ass. He had lots of fur there too. My cock got hard immediately and I was totally lost at the beauty in front of me as my buddy came out of the house and greeted me. We had to start walking to school. My hard on was making it hard for me to walk normally and my buddy asked if there was something wrong. I told him I had just a small ache in the ankle, but it would pass in a couple minutes.

It was a dreadful day at school. I could not focus at all and the only thing that could get my attention was one of the boys on the wrestling team who at 17 already had a strong beard growth and showed some hairs sticking out of his T-Shirt, but too young for my taste. As a swimmer I was smooth all over and shaved the little body hair I had. Mainly my legs, cock and balls. Not much growing on me at all. I had swim training twice per day and sports during school. If I was bored after school I would go to the YMCA and push some weights. I had been doing it for a couple of years now and I was covered with trained muscles. Not the body building type of muscle, just the "lots of sports" look. With all the swimming, my hair was bleached by the chemicals in the water and I was blond on top. I got plenty attention from the girls which I enjoyed, but I had no sexual interest in them at all. Only grown men would do for me, men who could teach me ............

I had honestly no idea where this would take me and what I actually was lusting for. I knew it was men and that I wanted to lick them all over. My strongest fantasy was to rub my cock on a bearded face until I come. I never could get enough of beards.

During Lunch I jumped into the toilet for a wank. I got my 8" cock out and I within 3 minutes I shot my spunk into the toilet. Relieved, but not satisfied, I could at least focus on the last 3 classes of the day.

Distraction was everywhere. I seemed to have a radar for burly, hairy men and was wanking at least 5 times per day just to keep my cock down. I had to have real sex soon or I would go crazy.

A month later was my 18th birthday and I was really looking forward to it as it would make it possible for me to get into bars and start my hunt of men. My parents made a big party on the Friday night for me with all my school friends and some relatives. I was happy about it, but could not wait for it to be over so that I finally could start my own life. Especially my own sex life.

The next day on Saturday I told my parents that I was going out down town. They told me to be careful, but to have fun. They definitely knew that I was more than ripe and needed to get things started for me.

I knew there was a gay bar down town where I had seen men obviously gay due to their somewhat effeminate behavior smoking their cigarettes in front of the bar while drinking beer and joking around and I figured it would be a good starting point.

I wanted to look good, but not too horny. Putting on a white jock strap which pushed my cock nicely out in front of me, I put on a T-Shirt and a pair of thin white summer trousers. To give myself a bit of a bad boy look I found a pair of leather laces which I tied around my right wrist. The pants and T-Shirt were a bit too tight, but not skin tight. One last check in the mirror and I was off heading downtown.

To my surprise it was a very mixed audience in the bar. Men of all ages, some boys my age and some I figured to be in their 60's. I felt insecure but happy to finally be there.

The bar itself was bright and open with large windows to the back of the building. A secluded garden in the back where people were sitting drinking and talking.

I went to the bar tender and ordered a beer and hoped it would calm down my nerves. The bar tender seemed to be mid 30's and was nice to me, but he did ask me for my ID. With my smooth looks, I still looked very young, so I showed him my ID and he congratulated me on my birth day.

A man in the garden caught my eye and I decided to go and sit as close to him as possible. He seemed to be in his 40's with just the looks I like. As I sat down at a table just a few yards away from him I had a good view and started to study him closer. His beard did not seem to stop anywhere. At his jaw it grew all the way back to where the hairs on his neck started. He shaved his throat, but I could see stubbles all the way down to where his chest hair started. He shaved his head and the entire man looked to me like a walking wet dream of a huge cock. My own cock was hard in a minute and I got very nervous. I could hardly look at him, on the other hand I was not able to refrain from looking at him. Torn between horniness and lack of self-confidence, I just sat there more or less aw struck.

Having finished my beer, I needed to pee. I went to the toilet and my half hard dick was giving me a hard time letting the piss run. Bending over I finally managed to pee. I considered a quick wank right there and then, but decided against it. I wanted real sex and not just my own hand. I stuffed my cock back into my pants and had a hard time getting the zipper closed again. The bulge in my pants was obvious, but no matter how much I tried to focus on boring things like algebra or even repulsive like naked women, it just did not want to go down. I gave up and entered the bar again, hoping nobody would notice. As I came back into the bar, all the guests were standing around the door to the toilet and started singing happy birthday for me. I was so embarrassed and absolutely sure every man in the bar had seen my swollen dick. I started staring at the floor as if I could find a hole there to sink into. The bar tender fought his way through to me with another beer and a cheers went through the bar. I drank with the others. The beer tasted a bit strange, but I figured I would not complain as it was free of charge. Somebody came up behind me. I could feel the heat radiating from his body. He leaned in and told me very quietly but clear into my ear: Drink it up boy. I turned around and I looked into the bearded face I had admired before.

There was absolutely no way I could refuse anything from this man. He was looking directly into my eyes with a stern look in his face. All I could say was yes Sir, and I started gulping it down. His face changed and he had a kind and amused look on him. Good reply and well done boy, he said. Would you care to sit down with me so that we can get to know each other better? I almost fainted right there, but found my tongue and said just lead the way. He found a table in a corner of the bar which was a bit darker and we both sat down next to each other with our backs to the wall. The moment we sat down, his hand was on my thigh. I looked down and saw that the back of his hand was full of black hair. My cock was rock hard again. We did some small talk and I learned that his name was Shaun. After a while I felt a strange feeling of self-confidence coming which I had never felt in such a way before. He must have noticed and his questions got more personal. He started asking what type of sex would be my kind of sex. I could not really answer, but I put my hand on top of his and started rubbing it. I could feel every hair and I was loving it. Then I answered honestly that I was new to the gay world but had a deep need to learn and give pleasure and that he would be the right man for me.

His smile grew wide and a bit wicked. He ordered two more drinks for us. The beer had the same strange taste , but again, I was so excited and horny I would not complain. Again the order came: Drink it all in one go boy. I just gulped it down, and did not answer. He looked at me and said: your training is starting here and now. When I give you an order you will always reply with yes Sir, otherwise I will punish you. Do you understand?

I looked at him and said Yes Sir. I was by then so horny I would do anything for him.

I felt his hand moving closer to my cock. All of a sudden he slapped me between the legs and his hand met my balls for the first time. The new sensation of pain in such a horny state made me even hornier. I spread my legs wider and leaned back to give him better access. He knew he had me now.

All he said was: Very good reaction boy. Now I want you to go to the toilet and take off your jock strap and bring it to me. I immediately got up and did as ordered. As I came back he took my jock strap and put in his pocket. I sat down again. He opened the fly of my trousers and pulled my balls out. He just let them hang there for a while and complemented me on my nice set of low hangers. They are so much easier to play with, he said. My balls are quite large and swell when I get exited. He started slapping my balls, very light in the beginning and then harder and harder. I could not believe the sensation going through my balls. The mix of excitement, pleasure and pain was overwhelming. I was on the verge of blowing my load right there and then when he squeezed my balls hard to stop me from ejaculating. I doubled over the table of pain, but my cock stayed rock hard and precum was flowing freely out of it making a big spot in my thin white summer pants.

He let go of them and I relaxed a bit. He looked at me and told me he needs some facts on me. He opend two buttons on his Polo Shirt and more fur became visible to me. He was driving me crazy, playing me as if I was a piano and he the words best piano player. I would never be able to refuse this man anything.

He was talking again, but my senses were elsewhere. He just looked at me and said: did you hear me boy? I had to reply no Sir, sorry Sir. This time he just smiled and laughed. My blood was slowly coming back to my head and he asked again:

When did you come the last time boy? I told him that I had blown two loads this morning. A horn dog he meant. I had to agree to that. No question about it.

The waiter walked by while I still had my balls hanging out of my pants below the table. Shaun ordered two glasses of ice water. He told me he needed to get me cooled down. He gave me one glass to drink and the other one he placed under the table and my balls went straight into it. That really hurt and finally my cock got soft. He pulled my cock out of my pants for the first time, only to push it into the glass as well. It shriveled up and became very small. I could not remember having seen it this small.

Close your eyes he said. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I felt him fumbling with my cock and balls, but they were so cold my now, I could not really feel what he was doing. I felt my balls and my cock being pulled through some type of plastic ring, but still had no idea of what he was doing. After a while I heard a click and he told me to open my eyes again. I looked down and saw my cock captured in something which looked like a small cylindrical cage. I looked at him with a big question mark in my face.

This is a chastity device he explained to me. I cannot accept that you spill your seed alone several times a day. When you come it will be with me and I will tell you where and when you are allowed to come. There was a padlock on it and he jingled with the keys to it. The keys stay with me until we meet again, he said . As the situation got clear to me, it made my cock grow hard inside the device which was quite painful and my cock went soft again. I was now at the mercy of this very hot man. But it also meant that I would see him again.

All of a sudden I had an incredible urge to pee. He pushed my cock and balls into my pants but left the zipper open. He strictly told me to leave it open just and as I wanted to go, he gave me my jockstrap back and told me to put it back on while I was at the toilet. He wants people to know that I am now his boy. When I entered the toilet, I pulled out my cock at the urinal, but I quickly figured out that with the chastity device, I would have to sit down to pee. The only toilet was busy so I had to wait. The pressure became unbearable, but I managed to hold back. It gave me a new almost ecstatic sensation running through my bladder. I could not believe the sensation. Finally the guy on the toilet left and I could rush in and sit down. When the piss started flowing, it felt almost like an orgasm. It felt like the piss was running through my cock and balls I was thinking, if peeing alone is this much fun, how would peeing together feel ? At the thought of seeing Shaun pissing, my cock started to swell again, but confined as it was, it had nowhere to grow. I cursed and it started to dawn on me that this was going to be difficult.

When I finally returned to the table, Shaun looked at me and smiled friendly. I melted again and any doubts I had had went straight out of my head. He is so god damn sexy!

He offered to take me home, which I was glad for. With the tight white pants, the chastity device would make a substantial bulge and I would be embarrassed walking down the street with it. I was quite surprised at the big and expensive car he had. A Big Mercedes SUV with lots of plastic boxes in the trunk. When I gave him my address, he said he knew exactly where it is. I was happy and did not think much of it until we arrived at my parents' house. My neighbor's dad was sitting on the porch drinking a beer and reading a book, wearing only a pair of shorts and a wife beater. When he saw us he immediately greeted my new friend Shaun.

Now recognition hit me. They do look a bit similar. Shaun hugged him and I could see the chest hair of the two hairy men mixing. Oh god I thought, how would it be to be in the middle feeling hairs rubbing against my front and back? Or both sides of my face? My cock started to swell again, but that damn chastity device kept my cock down. Frustration started to spread t my in head. My buddys dad Peter was Shauns brother! He asked where we two had met and Shaun just came right out and told him. I panicked as I had not told my parents that I am gay. Peter said that my secret was safe with him. Now however, Shaun surprised me again. He asked Peter if he would hold the spare key for the chastity device I was wearing in case an emergency should occur. I Blushed again and started searching for that stupid hole in the floor to sink into which is never there when you need it. Peter just looked at me, then he reached over and started fumbling my balls and feeling for the device through my pants. I almost shot my load even though I was wearing the chastity device. He just smiled at Shaun and told him sure; he would be the second key keeper. He also told Shaun that he thinks it was high time somebody put one on me. He had seen me wanking all the time and that I was spending way too much time wanking in front of my computer. The energy could be used better for other things. I blushed again going a deeper shade of red and understood that more could be seen through the curtains in my room than I had thought.

My mother had heard us talking and came out to greet me. I had no idea how to explain a 40 something friend and was quite embarrassed, but Shaun mastered it perfectly and said he had seen me down town and offered to take me home to make sure I was safe. He looked me directly in the eyes and said very earnestly that my safety was important to him. I melted completely again and wanted to kiss him there and then, but I chickened out and went into the house with my mother.

It was late and I was dead tired. I went straight to bed and just collapsed. So many things had happened today; I needed to rest and some time to think. I woke up in the night with a hard on in the chastity device. It hurt and I had to pee. My cock went down quicker than I was used to and I could pee after a short while. I went back to bed and slept peacefully until morning.

To be continued!




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