Samuel or Sam to his friends was an attractive 25 year old with short neatly styled blonde hair. He had a circle of friends who all went to the right bars and clubs, wore the right clothes and dated the right men. He had been brought up in a middle class household, had a good education and had a responsible career, but there were times Sam wanted to say to hell with it all.
To hell with the designer clothes, the clean cut image, the manscaping, eating only healthy food, and only hooking up with guys that only looked like models.

There were so many expectations from his friends and family on to how to act and how to live his life, and Sam wondered what it would be like to just drop all those notions of social conduct and just let go now and again, be free and wild.

That is when he began to create Ryan. Sam started by writing down all the characteristics of this imaginary person and the top word was, 'Dirty'.
'Ryan was a guy that just loved to fuck and get fucked, who would suck a stranger and not even ask his name, who did not judge on age, shape, size or social background.'  Than Sam quickly added, 'or even if someone did not attend a gym several days a week'.
Sam pondered further about Ryan and finished with, 'no sexual hang ups and would try anything at least once.'

Sam began to masturbate as he watched his favourite gay bukkake video online and imagined that the guy at the centre of the action was Ryan. The problem with the video was all the guys were so, so bloody perfect. All of them, young, fit, smooth bodied and handsome.
Sam went to the search and searched through bukkake until he found one that caught his attention.

A young fit guy about Sam's age with several guys of various ages and sizes, some were hairy, some stocky, and none fitted his friends criteria of the kind of man to date.
Sam watched wide eyed as he gripped his cock tightly
"Oh yeah, you dirty fucker" Sam groaned as he watched and envied the guy at the centre of attention

The young man sucked every cock in turn without discrimination, occasionally sucking two whilst his hole was ploughed hard from behind.
"Damn Ryan you dirty slut", Sam groaned as he watched in awe as one of the men began to release a powerful stream of piss over the young man while he got spit roasted.

It was another night out with his friends at a fashionable bar. Looking around at all the beautiful perfect people Sam felt frustrated and uninspired by the constant parade of plastic people. The fake tans, tight designer shirts, fit bodies, and no doubt shaven smooth all over.

Sam visualised himself as Ryan. He would not be caught dead in a place like this. It was not dirty or raunchy enough for Ryan who would prefer a place that challenged his sexual limits. Not this room full of pretty prim proper princesses, who would certainly not be caught at a glory hole sucking a stranger's cock. Sam had never done that either and the thought appealed to him right now, an anonymous erect cock stuck through a hole in the wall.

Sam made his excuses and left his friends at the bar as he made his way home.
The couple of beers he had drunk had gone right through him and now began to cause his bladder to ache.

As Sam walked down the street wondering if he would be able to hold his bladder for the whole journey home he remembered there was a public toilet down a side street at the multi story car park.
Sam took a diversion as he headed for the car park, more focused on needing to piss than the thoughts that had crossed his mind earlier about glory holes.

The toilets were down in the dimly lit basement and as soon as Sam opened the door to the public toilets the strong stench of stale urine filled his nostrils causing him to gag and attempt to hold his breath.

There was a long metal urinal trough along one wall but instead Sam entered one of the lockers opposite.
He closed and locked the door quickly behind him and sighed after pulling his cock free and beginning to release his pent up bladder.

Sam felt such relief as he began to urinate that he had not even noticed the large hole in the middle of the patrician wall. That was until a finger tip began to explore through it, slowly moving around the perimeter of the opening before disappearing out of sight.

Sam felt his stream come to an end and he give his cock a few good shakes before crouching down curiously to look through the aperture. An eye looked right back at Sam and then was gone. Sam continued to stare curiously as he felt his heart fluttering nervously.

Through the hole he spied the head of a moist cock. Large bulbous and purple with a lighter coloured semi retracted foreskin. The head moved towards the opening until it pierced through the partition, and there it was, throbbing in front of him, beckoning Sam to get closer.

Sam felt saliva build up in his mouth with eager anticipation and he spied a few grey pubic hairs which were the only indication to the possible age of its owner.
It bobbed up and down as the foreskin retracted fully and the stranger rammed as much of his member through the hole as it would allow. Sam touched it, feeling the firmness of flesh and the blood that pumped through the many veins that covered the shaft. Then Sam asked himself a question, "what would Ryan do?"

It was like he had suddenly channelled Ryan, without further hesitation he opened his mouth wide and took the full length down his throat hungrily like it was the first cock he had ever sucked, and in a way it was his first cock, Ryan's first cock.

He heard the husky gratifying groans of the stranger in the other cubicle whose appearance was a complete mystery, but Ryan did not care about that, he had an appetite to satisfy and his virgin lips were hungry.

A dirty slut had been born, Ryan's birth, there kneeling on the grubby floor of the stale stench filled public toilets, sucking a cock of a grateful faceless stranger without any feeling of guilt.
In fact it felt good, real good. A desire fulfilled and a burning passion satisfied, but all too soon it was over.

Ryan felt a rapid throbbing within his mouth and heard a quick succession of deep shallow groans. He felt thick wads of fresh man juice squirt down his throat as the strangers cock pumped it out.
Ryan swallowed eagerly until he could swallow no more and it dribbled from his lips and down his chin.

The stranger gasped and the cock was pulled from his mouth back through the hole from where it had come. Ryan smeared the stranger's spunk from his chin with his fingers and rubbed it down his forehead like some fucked up baptism.

When Sam arrived home he wasted no time in buying some new items online, specifically with Ryan in mind. Jock straps, cock rings, army fatigues, any kind of clothes his friends would turn their noses up at due to the lack of top name branding. He looked online at fetish stores and marvelled at the many intriguing items, both clothes and toys alike. It was a whole new world and Ryan approved.

Sam felt that he could not be Ryan in his usual haunts so he searched further afield. Places out of town or in other towns where he was unknown and Ryan could become known. He made a list of cruising grounds, saunas and seedy bars that Ryan could explore and promised himself that once a month Ryan would be set free to roam...



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