Becoming Daddy’s Girl

By Cari C

After a year of “public” crossdressing as a boy transformed to girl, visiting Boston’s most popular transvestite bar on weekend nights was becoming almost the norm for me. Only a month past my eighteenth birthday, I was both a “regular” and yet still one of the youngest “gals” at the club. I was so fortunate to be often told by men that I was the cutest, the prettiest, and the sexiest “little girl” in the bar. I certainly loved that kind of praise and even adoration, but I still had those very awkward moments of discomfort with men who often mistook me for a hooker or call girl. I’m sure it was due to the very sexy manner in which I liked to dress as a “woman.”

I quite honestly appreciate and even treasure the recognition of being seen as being quite feminine, petite and being suggestively sensual. Being temptingly attractive was an admittedly nice highlight of my crossdressing. I just loved mini dresses and very high heels. My slim, hairless, smoothly shaven body looked great in a short dress. With my make-up, earrings and long tresses (elaborate wigs usually), I did look very hot at times. Sometimes men were even convinced I was a real girl which was for me - the ultimate in flattery.

One night at “Jacques” as I got comfortable on the bar stool I crossed my exposed smooth stocking covered legs and reflected on how it seemed so hard to believe how much had changed in the past year. When I first walked into this same scary Star Wars like bar dressed overtly in a teensy scandalous black dress, teased blonde wig and five inch high heels, my education had begun far too quickly. A transgender bar like Jacques was populated by every kind of human being many of which were quite scary and even dangerous!

I remembered how that very first night at this bar (at age 17) had been literally terrifying. More than a couple of the lusty naughty “dirty” old half drunken men tastelessly tried to corrupt me. Assuming I was a hooker, they pawed me and had me so scared and feeling so vulnerable that fleeing from the bar was my only option. Not a great way to celebrate my “coming out” as a “gal!” I had my doubts about the reality of being out in public as a crossdresser!

After that negative and quite scary experience, I knew I had to develop more courage, resolve and confidence if I wanted to be out in public as “Cari.” I had to protect myself from the many sleazy characters at this club. This incredibly diverse club catered to transgender, gay, straight and bisexual folks but had all kinds of “scum and villainy” as well! There was nothing typical about the patrons!

What helped me most in time was my developing friendship with the bartender. He always graciously helped me understand the madness and uniqueness of the club’s environment. My naiveté was quite natural due to my youth and lack of experience in the world. “Johnny” liked me and (how I tipped) and he helped immensely by always telling me who it was safe to talk to and with whom it was not.

Johnny was my official and trusted protector there. He even introduced me to a nice older man with whom I shyly developed a friendship. In time it grew and I became comfortable at the bar as his friend and quite confident as a “girl”. It wasn’t until after almost a year that he convinced me to go on a date with him. My life expectedly changed far more than I ever would have dreamed or wanted after that date. I never intended consciously to surrender to him but it did happen though I felt so guilty for doing so.

I also did not realize how powerful it turned out be to be the “female” in the arms of a man. It was not my purpose for dressing – which I strongly believed.  I did actually come to enjoy being this man’s “girlfriend” for a few weeks, but my surrender signaled the beginning of how I would come to change and evolve into a new view of my femininity in the future. My new view was more open but was not yet fully established.

My life is very odd and somewhat unique in that during the week I am a normal guy and college student. I find women attractive and even dating on occasion is also quite normal for me. On the weekend however I transform into an attractively dressed 5’5” 130 pound slim, often blonde (I have many wigs!) and femininely made up and perfumed gal! I am fortunate or “unlucky” (depending on one’s point of view) to be constantly ogled and approached by men and even the occasional woman. It is a truly interesting life!

Now that I was comfortable in high heels and no longer the complete virginal innocent, I was now at least swimming a little more comfortably in this club’s dubious ocean filled with everything from minnows to sharks! I did not understand quite why I began fantasizing about scenarios that were more erotic and more feminine in nature but I suspected my earlier surrender to my first quite older boy friend may have something to do with it. I always pushed the feminine envelope in my manner of dress and behavior but I was still a “shy yet very feminine girl”.

I was not particularly overt about my sexuality because I was still a little in denial of (the implications of) my first affair. I did not accept myself as gay for having an affair with a man. I felt I had “morphed” emotionally and spiritually into a woman when I was with him. This made my sexual response to a man more “normal” in my uniquely “jaded” mind. At least for now this was what I believed about my dressing and I loved enjoying my femininity and being a whole different persona on weekends.

A transgendered girl friend of mine named Shawna that I had befriended at the club loved bondage and discipline. She talked about it almost obsessively about it. Shawna told me about the joy of things ranging from being wrapped in a cocoon of cellophane to being flogged while suspended from a ceiling. I found her experiences rather intriguing but quite extreme. I did find it fascinating to hear about her stories and experiences though. People at a club like this seemed to love all kinds of kinky things and I must admit I was at least quite curious.

In my personal fantasy world I found Lingerie models and French Maids to be just a couple of many ideals I thought were ultra – feline and so purely feminine. When a casual conversation with a man at the bar that Johnny endorsed went to a discussion of my own personal fantasies – I found myself overly trusting of this man. While being bought many a drink by him, I was suddenly more than willing to share things that were usually far too personal for me to admit.

Roger was a unique man and perhaps the most popular male character who was a regular at the bar on weekend nights. At almost six and a half feet tall he was very manly, very genial, quite comical and very outgoing. He looked like and was built like a professional athlete and had a natural way of owning a room. I must admit I liked the fact that he often liked to talk with me and buy me drinks whenever I wanted.

Roger was the guy who when he arrived at the bar it was always like it was when the party started. His humor and generosity was always on full display. Dressed always in elegant suits, the girls flocked to him like flies. He bought many a round for the girls and even at times for the entire bar. He was unique in so many ways – especially in a place where there was far more desperation than charity and more frustration than kindness.

I was always flattered when he showed any interest in me but it wasn’t until my friend Shawna told me that Roger was quite smitten by me that I knew otherwise. I did love it when he bought me drinks and when he joked with me. I liked that he was genuinely funny and articulate. He was apparently a very successful broker in the investment industry. I always seemed drawn to people of class and elegance and he was unique in the often deadly Jacques Ocean!

Roger well was over twice my age and literally more than twice my size. I found myself constantly being drawn to him in ways I had never before had understood. In some ways he was like a father figure to me and in other ways he soon became both a protector and a good friend. He would walk me to my car at the end of many a night. When our discussions eventually led to my fantasies on a crazy night a couple of weeks later – I would spill more in my inebriated state than I have ever admitted to anyone ever.

Another first for me was handing him my address along with my cell phone number. My first boy-friend didn’t even get my phone number! Though I was at college here in Boston on weekdays, I lived in the city and was all guy during the week. Dressing up was both a hobby and a love – but not a way of life for me except on the weekend.

Perhaps thanks to Johnny the bartender’s advice I found myself trusting him implicitly. I never had trusted anyone this completely, even the man with whom I had first became a “girlfriend” to. I even told him where I lived and admitted I would look forward to meeting him at the bar the next week and we planned to do so.

On Wednesday that week when I returned home from classes, there was a package waiting at the door of my apartment. I couldn’t figure out where it came from but it was marked “urgent”.  It also had my female name on it and I was both vexed and a bit embarrassed about that! It had come via UPS and was apparently from a woman’s clothing store.

I was trembling in fear and anticipation when I opened it! Inside I found a small pink, pleated skirt, a short sexy semi sheer white sweater blouse, white stockings, a red bra, and a garter belt! There was a card in an envelope and I knew who was responsible for my gift even before opening it! That was why I was so nervous when I was opening it!

The “schoolgirl” outfit was incredulous. It was but one of the numerous fantasies we had both talked about. He had shared with me that the school gal fantasy was a favorite of his. I was shaking in anxiety and yet in a strange excitement as I tried to open the note. It was short and simple. “Hi Cari – I believe in helping people’s fantasies come true. Do you dare?” – Love “Daddy” PS I’ll call you soon.

So many emotions hit me at the same time. I was stunned, happy, scared, excited, aroused and afraid. I had been far too honest with this man yet I found the sensual items and outfit he had provided for me to be so irresistible – I had to see if these items fit. I grabbed a pair of five inch pink high heels and immediately went to get dressed in them.

As I tried on the dress and the blouse they fit perfectly. Suddenly I recalled more of our late night conversation. Plied with a half dozen free drinks I’d spilled everything from my waist size to my dress size to him when he had asked. He had a plan perhaps even then. I was embarrassed yet actually quite flattered by it all. I had always dressed for myself. Did I dare to dress “up” for a man’s desires? It was obviously his hope in sending these sexy things to me. I was unsure about how I felt about all of this!

The feel of female clothing was the powerful aphrodisiac that was probably responsible for my first dressing as a girl as a child. I was smitten and in the mirror as in this minimalist outfit - I looked so terribly hot and naughty. Even without make – up and one of my many wigs I looked incredulously female and decadently hot.­ My smooth, slim, completely shaven body looked great in clothes like this! Just the idea of being this tempting young school girlish creature made me crazy with lust – yet was I that naughty and that bold to ever dare to wear this alluring “tease outfit” for a man?

At 6:30 the phone rang and suspecting who may be on the other end. I forgot that I had jokingly entered his number into my phone in my inebriated state that night identified as Daddy and seeing the word “Daddy” come up on my phone lit me into the fantasy idea almost immediately. My voice was suddenly super feminine and I swooned when he told me how much he enjoyed talking with me and that he liked me very much. He asked if I still planned on meeting him Saturday and I let him know that I thought I would like that.

I think he wanted me to be the one to mention “the package”. Finally, after a few fun minutes of small talk, I told him to guess what came in the mail for me. He simply asked me if I liked it. In lots of words I told him how much I LOVED the outfit. When he asked “Would you wear it for me?”- I was almost afraid to answer. I was never more torn. I didn’t want to be a “slut” – yet this nice man was reminding me about the kind of “opportunity” that I had fantasized and reluctantly admitted to him about!

In a combination of lust, emotion and doubt – I blurted out “I would like that” but I honestly didn’t know if I REALLY meant it. At least half of my soul NEEDED to wear that outfit for him. It was the exciting chance I had dreamed of but ONLY if I had the true courage to explore my dreams. He then invited me over to his house Friday Night! He told me that my “Daddy” would love to see his little girl knock on his door all dressed up pretty and sexy in the outfit for him. Suddenly this was all so real.

My heart raced and yet my masculinity hardened! I couldn’t believe what was happening. At 7:00 PM on Friday night – “My Daddy” was expecting to see me - “his girl” knocking on his door in a naughty school girl outfit, that left little if anything to the imagination of any man. Could I dare do as I was being asked? Daddy said he would be waiting right at the door for me with a big smile! Confused yet enthused - I told him I would be there!

I day dreamed about that outfit all day Thursday. Friday at college was an emotional disaster. I didn’t hear much of either of my professors lectures because my mind was torn up in conflict. I knew I would go home and get dressed in that delicious outfit – but would I dare do it and wear it for him? I definitely wanted to get all dressed up like a sexy girl but did I have the courage to wear that very naughty outfit for him? I was nervous yet happy, though wildly torn emotionally. My feelings were all over the place.

Friday afternoon I went home from my classes early. I wasn’t able to focus so at home I made myself up to perfection. My favorite longer length two tone blonde wig made my face seem so sexy and yet innocent. The look was as perfect as was the outfit. My short blouse revealed my flat stomach and naturally narrow waist. The skirt revealed my smooth sexy legs in complete and my smooth round ass could be seen with ease.

I just had to add a tight stretch set of black panties to cover my bulging 7 plus inch male-hood! It would be far too embarrassing if I did not! The garters and white stockings were in full view. This outfit had almost way too much purpose! My hot, sensual reflection was worth much more than a thousand words!

I never felt hotter and more sensual as I doubted whether I had the audacity and nerve to show up like this dressed at his front door. Could I dare do it? I knew “Daddy” was hoping his little girl would! I already knew men like nothing more than a very good and well behaved girl! I certainly knew what would likely happen if I did so! It was whether or not I had the courage. A big part of me had wanted to “walk on the wild side!” Would I be a coward or would I be brave?

I took many deep breaths knowing it would take about twenty minutes to drive to his suburban home. I decided I would dare at least to try to do it! I would leave early to give myself time to think – and if I decided to go forward and courageously knock on the door – I’d at least be there on time. I walked to my car in the cool evening breeze covered up by a light knee length trench coat. I slipped off my high pink five inch sandal style heels to insure my driving safety.

After a twenty minute drive, I found the huge almost mansion like home in this fancy Boston Suburb. I found myself scouting the distance from the circular driveway to the front entrance. It was only a small number of steps, but at seven PM it would still be prior to sunset and darkness was still far away. I feared being a spectacle in this elegant neighborhood!

I knew Daddy wanted to see “his naughty school girl’ arrive and parade for him looking so naughty all the way to his elegant front door. As my excitement grew so did my trepidation. There were neighbors across the street and I could easily be seen. Suddenly I was shaking so much that I just knew that I had to do it! After a long look in the mirror I winked at myself! I looked terrific and I knew I wanted to do it!

The next time I swung by the house I took a deep breath and drove right into the circular driveway and then parked as close to the front as I could. I looked out the car windows and realized I didn’t have but a dozen or so steps and just 5 stairs before I could do as I had been asked. I removed my coat, adjusted my teensy skirt and checked my reflection in the rear view mirror. My excitement surged and after another deep breath I opened the door. I nearly fell as I exited my car!

I steadied myself in my 5” high heels and walked quickly to and up the stairs. I felt naked and so exposed on the front porch and wasted little time knocking on the door. I felt so helpless, so exposed and in such a total state of vulnerability. I heard a voice – “Just a minute” and as I stood I realized just how truly unclothed I was. I looked down at my legs and high heels. I could see my panties bulging! I was here dressed in complete overt naughtiness for him.

What a naughty slut I thought! I guess I was more than ready to be Daddy’s little girl! It seemed like forever before he opened the door. I think he wanted to remind me just how sexy and vulnerable I was out there. Standing on his doorstep dressed like such a shameless seductress only heightened my excitement but frazzled my insecurity as well. When the door finally opened I realized that his big smile was what had always made me feel so comfortable with him.

I got a huge hug and kiss and suddenly everything seemed all right in the world. In his arms I felt tiny and little girl like. His hands held my waist and bottom and I felt like such a little girl! I had already surrendered myself dressed like a sexy and wanton school girl in the most revealing outfit that I had ever worn out in public. I felt a little proud, a little embarrassed, very sexy, and suddenly very accepted for the shamefully naughty girl who I had become. I had done this all for him!

Hearing that Daddy was very happy with “his girl” only made my comfort and happiness surge as he took me by the hand and welcomed me into his elegant home. It was huge and perfectly decorated and he took and walked me to a large mirror on the wall of the large stylish living room. As my ridiculously high heels clicked on the hardwood floor I felt wondrous. It already seemed right to have surrendered myself to the comfortable trust of this friendly and seemingly caring and quite handsome older man.

I was quite emotionally prepared to surrender myself sexually to Daddy and we both knew it. In my drunken honesty a week earlier I had already confessed and admitted my want for various feline surrender fantasies and I was already in almost a state of complete comfort in our role play. Now I felt so sexy and coddled because my “Daddy” seemed very pleased with his “little girl.”

In the mirror I saw my reflection as I felt so tiny and vulnerable next to him. We both smiled broadly at my teensy plaid mini skirt and skin revealing “outfit”. He told me how pretty I was and that I looked just like a high school girl – only much hotter! When Daddy told me I needed a spanking for being dressed in so naughty a way I felt a bit confused at first. He hugged me then led me by the hand to the couch and had me lay on his lap. Now it seemed to make all the sense in the world to me. I was a “naughty girl” dressed like a seductive school girl – and I knew I deserved a spanking from my Daddy!

Daddy pulled down my panties. As I got a few coy and gentle spanks to my naked bottom I found myself lighting up in excitement. For the first time in my life I was thrilled with what felt like was complete surrender. As Daddy’s firm spanks got a bit more severe I found my cock straining in my panties. I was more than enjoying the heat my bottom was getting from my Daddy’s huge hand! All the time Daddy checked in with his little girl making sure it did not hurt too much but also getting me to admit to him that I was indeed his naughty girl!

When Daddy asked me, I told Daddy I promised that I would be a good girl for him. I had accepted completely Daddy’s suggestion that naughty girls deserved a good spanking and the fact that I was getting very aroused only convinced me Daddy knew exactly what his girl needed! I told him I was sorry for being such a tease and so shameless and he replied back explaining that I need not be sorry, but simply obedient. He said simply that “a good girl finds the ways to please her Daddy” and “I already can see that you are what I would call a good girl!”

The kisses and his praise and approval of my behaviors after he heating my bottom had me swooning and feeling like a little girl who had fallen in love. Daddy told me he had another present for me. I was thrilled and excited and when I learned that it was a sexy black bustier. It was boned, covered and edged in silk lace. When Daddy stripped me naked he slid it around my waist and tightened the laces in the back. My waist was so spectacularly narrowed and in the mirror I looked so breathlessly feminine that I never wanted more to be made love to in my young life.

Just one of the many things I loved about Daddy was that he treated me like I was a delicate little flower. He also kindly allowed me to decide on many things at first especially in regard to sexuality. He asked me if I would like to suck his cock. I would reply eagerly though blush as I said - “Yes Daddy” like an innocent girl yet with lots of enthusiasm. I wanted so much to please him and I wanted already to do my best. Being not the most experienced gal in the world – did not stop me from being very willing to be an excellent pleasure girl!

Though Daddy was only my second guy, I did seem to end up with guys with huge cocks. Daddy was so well endowed it was incredulous. I went to my knees for him and when he exposed his penis to me I was almost cross eyed! He was huge and at first glance I feared that his huge nine inch monster cock was so thick that I had real doubts about my ability to succeed. His cock head was huge and mushroom like and just the act of getting it into my mouth was going to be quite a feat!

In spite of the ridiculous challenge, I never felt more ready and willing to please anyone and I found a way to take him almost fully and very deeply into my very willing mouth and throat. I was so pleased to hear Daddy’s moans. I was so thrilled to be servicing him this way! Soon there were many compliments that he gave to his good girl! It just made me more and more willing and more enthused to please him!

As I looked up at my Daddy’s face I knew just how right my “role” was. I knew that I belonged here on my knees pleasing him! Even though I was half choked and in a bit of duress with his size, seeing his face and hearing his moans of pleasure had my cock swollen and hard as a rock. I never was aware at how much sucking a man’s cock could excite me but I was in heaven in my role and the knowledge that my Daddy was enjoying his girl’s actions and behavior quite clearly. He was as hard as I was greatly enjoying my girlish enthusiasm. I was lustily enjoying myself when he lifted me fearing I would make him go off in my mouth! I was kissed so deeply that I swear I teared up in emotion and in happiness!

Daddy walked me up the stairs holding my hand to his bedroom. It had a full walled mirror next to the bed and for me being able to glance and see me as a stunning and attractive girl in a man’s arms only added to the celebration of my role. I wanted that beautiful cock inside my hot red bottom. Daddy was completely aware of my needs as well as his own.

Using lubricant and a condom Daddy wanted to start our lovemaking and the plan was to mercifully have his little girl sit on top of him. It took considerable relaxation techniques on my part to get his huge cockhead inside me. My sphincter strained but once inside me I worked with a great deal of struggle to accept inch after inch until I began to ride my Daddy with genuine and lustful enthusiasm. The best part was the constancy of the deep kisses I got as we worked together to get him inside me, straddled over him in such wondrous lust.

Even better was seeing our reflection in the mirror. Having left the lights on was such a great idea. Daddy and his little girl could see the love dance taking place atop his bed. I was so smitten with what I believed to be a beautiful blonde 100% “GIRL” with a teensy wasp like bustier narrowed waist riding atop a huge man’s thick cock that I forgot that my dripping, pulsing cock was bouncing frenetically atop his stomach! I could clearly see his huge cock disappearing then re-appearing from my backside.

I was never more turned on by sex or a scene more vividly moving. After perhaps only five minutes of lusty enthusiastic cock riding I was getting crazed in lust and sexual heat. I was finally letting go in my role as a woman. My screams and screeches were becoming so high pitched and so frantic and frenzied. Feeling a big, hard appreciative man so deep inside my girlish body frenzied me beyond belief. It was only natural that my lover responded in complete. Grabbing my tight fitting bustier at the waist he cooperated fully in pulling his girl up and down along his monster shaft so furiously that his little girl was soon a goner!

There are orgasms and there are incredulous mind blowing nuclear anal orgasms. Mine was certainly the latter. Never had I orgasmed simply from anal penetration and never had I felt shivers, quivers and warmth consume my body literally from my toes to my head. I saw stars and felt glorious sensations so pleasurable and powerful that all I could do was fall forward to his face as eruption after eruption overwhelmed me as never before. Breathlessly I cried out with each pulsing eruption until the quivering and full body pleasure waves gradually subsided. I could not believe the splendor and power of what had happened to my entire essence. I covered his flat abs with spurt after uncontrollable spurt of my sperm.

Suddenly Daddy began groaning and thrusting wildly and I was so thrilled that I fully and enthusiastically cooperated in meeting each and every powerful up thrust with a synchronistic down thrust. In moments I could feel the heat and warmth inside me in spite of the insulation of the latex that kept my bottom from being filled with his love fluids. Daddy was coming and I was every bit as thrilled as he. To say we were both moved was an understatement of epic proportion.

We kissed and hugged for what seemed like hours completely satiated by our lusty lovemaking. Daddy whispered wondrously naughty compliments in his girl’s ear. Our dialogue was so mutually complimentary that it was truly fun and filled with many an enthusiastic “Oh Yes Daddy!” comment – that was almost comical in nature coming from my bright red lips. There would be many more hours of praise and commendations including quite a bit more Daddy-girl love in his bedroom on this wondrous night! I stayed over and was delighted and overjoyed to be invited to be “his” until Sunday night!

Chapter 2

The man whom I was now calling “Daddy” was soon calling me each night at my apartment. At first it was a bit uncomfortable because during the week I was a complete “male” and college student who always tried to separate my two very different lives. By Tuesday I was looking forward to his call. We would talk about all kinds of things and he would always excite me with news about what he would call his “special presents” for me. He knew one of my wildest and favorite fantasies was role of being a “French Maid” and he would support my fantasy completely!

On Wednesday when Daddy he told me he had found and bought me the perfect French Maids outfit for me I swooned. Thinking about that outfit was powerful magic for me. I was extremely excited and when I talked to him I couldn’t help but rub myself while feminizing my voice and swooning as I talked to him in the role of his pretty submissive pleaser – girl. I loved to hear each word from him and I thought carefully about each honest response to him.  He told me how sexy my body was and how he felt that I was a purely stunning girl. When he told me I had a sexier ass than any woman he ever knew I blushed like a little girl.

That night we talked for over an hour as my studying seemed less and less important! We talked about all kinds of intimacies. One of a number of questions he asked was whether I had ever had unprotected sex. My having never been so foolish made him quite pleased. Daddy was always soothing and such a smooth talker. He said that he hoped that he would someday be lucky enough to be the guy who would love me bare back and be the first to breed me!

His suggestion seemed so far beyond any thoughts I had ever had about sex with a man “as a woman”. A person would be crazy to do such a thing without complete and proven trust like that of a respectfully loving husband and wife. I was thinking only day to day or date to date and was kind of flattered but also quite a skeptical about such dangerous practice to say the least. I would find the “thought” of “breeding” quite incredulous yet never had such a suggestion even crossed my mind as a boy turned girl – for obvious reasons!

I once again quite willingly made plans to meet him at his house on Friday night. In our Thursday night conversation Daddy told me that he would like to have me try handcuffs and to experiment with a little bondage. He also talked about training me to be a very good girl. He explained that a “Good Daddy’s Girl” should know what a paddle and crop should feel on her bottom. He would teach me all of the things that pleased him but only if I was willing.

This generous man was buying me the things that I had so dreamed of. He was so understanding and yet so powerful and representative of such a real and truly masculine man. I was like a moth “instinctively attracted” to the flame yet unaware or perhaps willing to trust in the danger.

Now that Roger was now my “Daddy”, I was enthralled that I was seen by him as having a new and exciting role as kind of this “kept girl” whose job it would be to please and serve him! I couldn’t wait to see what the weekend would bring because the previous weekend was the most powerfully exciting, erotic and extraordinarily sensual experience of my young life. On this night I dreamed of being his maid and it was the blatant eroticism of those thoughts and fantasies that had me making the sheets of my bed quite wet!

I was so looking forward to Friday that my classes were again clouded in the mystique of very erotic day dreams. I couldn’t believe that I had found a “Daddy.” Boys who submit to men as “girls” are unique and perhaps the most well equipped to know how to please a man much better than even a real woman can. I couldn’t wait to wear that maid outfit. I envisioned going down on my knees in high heels and frilly black silks for him and pleasing him more than I had ever pleased a man! I would make sure that all was clean like only the best of French Maids!

I drove to his house Friday night in sexual and emotional frenzy. I was naked beneath my super short sport coat as he had specified and in but perfume and high heel. It made it quite hard to focus on the road. I already knew I was “his” in my heart and when I arrived at his door his smile just filled my heart with happiness and genuine appreciation.

This man was devilishly and cleverly supporting the unpeeling of my subliminal layers of sensuality and fantasy that I had kept hidden for fear of my own embarrassment. “Daddy” so seemed to love his pretty submissive girl (boy) who had arrived at his door promptly, just as he had asked and was already aflame with passion for him.

He peeled off my coat as I stood before him. His kiss made me breathless. Everything was right in my world. He told me to go down on his knees and look up at him. I didn’t hesitate for a second. “Are you ready to please your Daddy?” I was obedient and genuinely enthusiastic in my reply. He then placed metal hand cuffs on my wrists and fastened them tightly behind my back. I knew exactly what to do and why my hands were helplessly shackled behind my back.

Daddy had already made me realize how crazy I was for his cock. As helpless as I was I felt freer than I ever had! I felt thrilled to be so helpless yet so in control of his pleasure. I went to work on him dutifully though helplessly unable to control my circumstance. Daddy took gentle hold of my head as I gulped inch after inch of his huge already stunningly huge and hard manhood. My cock was so hard and I must admit that I have been more than thrilled. I was totally enamored by my wondrously sensual state of submission and compromise!

I was undeterred and determined as a “girl” could be as I had already made up my mind that I wouldn’t relent (or perhaps be allowed to relent) until I had swallowed every inch of his huge thick cock. I struggled to breathe but worked my best to deep throat him to the limits of my ability. My desire to please was absolutely focused and as simple as the lustful reality that I had no other choice and fortunately this was just what I wanted to do for HIM!

He tasted slightly salty and the taste of his pre-cum was delicious! I loved feeling every inch of him inside my mouth and throat and I now became more confident as I was practicing the relaxing of my throat. My persistence and eagerness soon allowed me to fully swallow him in spite of the huge size of his bulbous cock head. I took a deep breath and with a huge loud awkward gulp I felt my lips at his balls. I was so pleased and just continued to envelop every inch of him as I found a way to breathe from my nose between each huge glorious thrust into the depths of my wiling throat!

I must have been doing quite well because he kept groaning and loudly mumbling God’s name with the occasional expletive thrown in! His reaction only inspired me more. Soon my nose met his pelvis and my lips met his balls as I enveloped every inch of his glorious missile. As my throat strained I found a steady rhythm that enabled me to breathe between his deep thrusts. I was being used for his pleasure and my cock was so hard and stimulated that it was dripping wet with pre cum.

Sucking Daddy’s cock so helplessly and so completely was complete joy. I never imagined I could be so enthused and so wanting of such a circumstance. I was so lucky to be his pleasure girl and his submissive. Daddy already had me in lust and in love with my role and place as his. Daddy relented for fear of ejaculating. I whined a bit when he took his cock from my mouth but I just knew even more wondrous delights were on the way.

Daddy helped me from my knees and gave me the deepest and most breathtaking kiss I ever experienced. I instinctively wrapped a leg around his thigh drawing me closer and when he took my bottom in his hands my legs were soon wrapped around his waist as he held me like a tiny little girl. Our wildly deep emotionally stunning kiss was perfection. Daddy was so strong and I felt so helpless and feminine as he literally began walking me up the stairs toward his bedroom.

“Oh yes Daddy” I panted in a needy and desperate high wail. “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me please Daddy!” Never in my life had I ever been so honest! Never was I so needy and so desperate for a man. Daddy made me crazy. Daddy made me shameless and so wanton. He placed me on my back on his bed. “Fuck me Daddy” I again wailed.

My behavior was just as open and authentic as it had even been. Daddy said he’d get a condom. I said “Please no Daddy, Please fuck me!” Daddy seemed surprised yet thrilled! I couldn’t believe what I had asked for. I wanted him and I wanted to please him! He spread my legs and bent them back only to begin licking my anus. “Oh God” I wailed. Now Daddy was indeed being “the god” that brought me so much joy. His licks and searching tongue had me so crazed that I was near orgasm and I had to beg him to stop. “Fuck me Daddy Please!” I wailed in desperation! I wanted and so needed him inside me!

I was naked and in complete vulnerability as he began to penetrate me. I was so wet from his oral penetrations and his cock so slippery from my oral work that his entry was immediate and successful. His first strokes into my willing backside thrilled me like never before. Daddy soon began driving that stunning oversized missile into depths where no man had ever been before. I was crying in the wondrous pain – pleasure and joy of being completely skewered by a man who was so truly a man. Even more was how much I liked this man. He was hot and masculine beyond belief and as he fucked me into a state of madness - I could only hold on to his ass in the most helplessly wondrous experience of my young life.

We were crazed in our passion and as our mouths met it so overcame us. I began to quiver and shake and Daddy began to growl and groan. Daddy’s furious thrusting was so incredulously powerful and frenetic. The sound of his balls, pelvis and thighs spanking my body echoed in the room. I was lost in a helpless combination of joy and in the need to literally feel my lover explode inside me. The overwhelming power of his magnificent unsheathed horse like cock splitting me so thoroughly, and so forcefully, was heaven on earth. Nothing felt more meaningful or more beautiful!

I knew my Daddy was getting near. I held his powerful ass as he pounded me grinding my long fingernails into his muscular ass cheeks. With my lips breathlessly and greedily smothered by his mouth, I was as near as I ever could be. His tongue greedily searching my mouth and throat and I knew that being his was the perfection I had always fantasized about. The building eruption and the overwhelming feeling of his trembling and flash like fuck strokes rocked my entire existence.

His body tensed and trembled as he let out a growl that filled the room. I felt the intense warmth of his first glorious gushing ejaculation in a place so deep inside me that I couldn’t quite comprehend it all. Then I felt the next spurting explosion and then the next. My mind was on complete overload and immediately my own body went into convulsive explosion after explosion. I was being filled with pulse after pulse of spewing male cum and I was now helplessly exploding along with him. I was being bred and I knew this was far more than a fantasy and dream!

For well over a minute our bodies surged and erupted. Torrents of sperm gushed in spurt after spurt from my cock pinned tightly and trapped helplessly between us. Daddy just seemed to endlessly keep shooting his sperm so deeply and completely into my depths that I was moved more than I have ever been moved in my life.

I felt so complete and so satiated and as we tried to catch our breath Daddy was the first to speak. “I think I’m in love”! He said with a coy smile. Somehow I was thrilled and even prepared for his statement which I sensed was very sincere. I wanted to say I know I love you – but what escaped from my mouth was perhaps an even better response. “You better be in love with me Daddy because if I was all girl I’d be having your baby!”

Daddy just roared in laughter! “You are so right! I can breed you all day and the good news is we don’t have to worry about you getting pregnant my sexy little princess! You are the best kind of girl!” It was early and Daddy and I still had 47 more hours together! The weekend would be even more wondrous and memorable than our first the week before.

The Maid uniform looked even better on me than I had dreamed! It was expensive, silk and actually made as a real French Maid’s uniform. I felt like and Daddy said I looked like the sexiest girl-boy French Maid on the planet! I dusted and cleaned  while wearing it, got spanked over Daddy’s knee in it and of course managed to get “bred” in it soon after! Daddy taught me many things about submission ranging from bondage to more elaborate discipline measures that I so gravitated to.

Daddy soon introduced me to the concept of wearing his collar for him. I soon was sucking cock in the proper “hands free” positions without any need for being handcuffed or bound except when Daddy wanted to see his submissive helpless. When a “girl” wants to please her man, a girl will do most anything for her Daddy!

Daddy continued to keep things fresh with promises of everything from buying me wedding dresses and lingerie to planning a “honeymoon” weekend in which I would be carried over the door step in a wedding dress into our hotel room. Our sex life and fantasy life was perfection beyond compare.

Part of my “training” as a submissive was learning what Daddy called the six submissive sex positions. I was made to practice them even taking time to pose for him. For the “doggy position I would pose in my collar either naked or in a minimalist sex outfit on my hands and knees on his coffee table. I would be “coached” on keeping my ass raised high and my arms straight. He would often have me spend many minutes as a “stationary object of sensual art” as he would say for his enjoyment and entertainment.

During sex I would remember these positions and make sure I always met his expectations to the best of my ability. I found that my desire to please him always seemed to be increasing and I was pleased and even exhilarated with the prospects of his training. The more I was taught and trained the greater respect and “love” I found myself feeling for Daddy.

Training was sometimes quite intense and often included spankings, floggings, and lessons from numerous other instruments. I learned to tolerate my trainings and even came to greatly enjoy them. During sex I might be expected to wear instruments ranging from nipple clamps to wrist or leg restraints depending on Daddy’s whim. I so loved how Daddy’s explanations of the “why” behind these items and they always made sense to me. I was 100 percent bought in to his ways and his belief system for his “princess”. Being a submissive for my Daddy seemed to be my calling as a Woman! Returning to my apartment and school Sunday eves was more difficult than I would have ever dreamed!

Daddy is also a wondrous communicator. He always makes me feel so wanted, valued and truly special. Sunday afternoons became a sexy and intimate discussion and planning time for us. We would sit down together and have a drink while we would talk about specific future fantasies and erotic times that we could share together! Daddy was completely invested in making my fantasies come true and I was unconditionally invested in pleasing him! I knew I had found someone truly special. His ideas and desires became mine! When I looked him in the eye and said “I love you Daddy” – It was not role play. Daddy was so pleased and he had even said it first to me!

Our second magical weekend together continued into the ultimate love fest. In the colloquial it was a true “fuck fest!” I recall the incredulous feeling of having his cum shooting deep inside me at least a half dozen times. His orgasms caused multiple orgasms for me! “Serving him” as his maid, his “princess” or simply as his submissive “girl” is a joy beyond anything I could have comprehended before I met him.

We are a now a true Dominant – Submissive couple who are completely invested in each other’s happiness and pleasure! I allow myself to be helplessly tied or “used” for his pleasure because of my implicit trust for him. I love to be able to surrender to him as his exclusive loving submissive. Nothing feels more freeing – than being tied, handcuffed or bound as his! The irony or bondage is the freedom or true surrender and trust. Daddy has never once disappointed me and if he I does I will not mind!

On Monday while back at college I at least found myself better able to focus in my classes. Daddy and I were now comfortably established, exclusive lovers. I lusted in being a well - bred and very well - kept “princess” who was a most willing submissive lover for her Daddy. My only discomfort about it all was on a day like today. Feeling Daddy’s fluids trying to leak their way out of my naughty bottom as I sat in class in the morning felt rather embarrassing but also distracted me to the point that I had felt like I was glowing inside and smiling on the outside!

The “wet” feeling is also comforting. The heartfelt thoughts and memories of “our” weekends together soon became the magic that would build my anticipation and excitement to a peak by each Friday. I knew so clearly that I just couldn’t wait to serve him. I know my obedience and my well-focused dutiful attentions to his pleasure will result in the joyful reward of being so thoroughly fucked.  I often become rather obsessed with the emotional, spiritual and physical ecstasy of being filled with his huge cock and then his hot wet swimmers again and again.

I am profoundly proud and thrilled to feel the wondrous joy of having my Daddy fill me time after time with his huge nine inch manhood and then by his copious hot breeding fluids. It is both wonder and the truest of joy being “his little girl” on every Friday eve, Saturday and Sunday! I never dreamed how satisfying and how female a boy could feel and how the dominance of Daddy turned me into the “slave princess” and fantasy pleaser Daddy said men fought wars over to have!

I remembered how it was not long ago that I was so unsure about what it meant to dress up so pretty and be as feminine as I could be. I didn’t even know if I liked men and dared not even explore my feelings. Now having “dared” my submission and my efforts were a gift that just kept on giving, just like my wonderful, generous and dominant Daddy! Those sexy dresses, six inch high heels and the blonde and brunette wigs and perfumes all made so much sense to me now!

As I sat in class my smooth shaven, narrow wasted, swimmers type body beneath my boy clothes I realized just how lucky I am. I’m also luck to be blessed with a sexy round bum, a slim body, trim waist, flat typically boyish chest, and a cute fine featured face that the gals found handsome enough. I could live life from many perspectives and I love all of them. When my mood needs something different I had ways to find it!

This kind of emotional, physical and spiritual delight is perfect for a “weekend girl” like me! At but eighteen years old, I have found a secure and magical lifestyle and a man that exhilarates and electrifies me. I am so lucky and fortunate to be completely inspired by a generous, creative and lovingly sensual man who owns me and yet pampers me. I love giving my all to him in return. I am learning so much as a young student in college, but Daddy is teaching me so much more about how to truly live and how to openly and honestly enjoy my life!


My life as Daddy’s Princess / Submissive is continuing to develop and mature into an even more meaningful experience I could ever imagine. Last weekend was another amazing fantasy – reality experience that took us to another level as a sensual couple. This was a weekend I would never forget! We both had the “honeymoon fantasy” and we agreed to launch it by sharing the idea with a couple of friends from Jacques.

On Friday afternoon, thanks to my friend Shawna and Daddy’s friend James, we held a mock wedding ceremony at Daddy’s house. We rehearsed the ceremony with James acting capably as the Justice of the Peace. Daddy and I took a few minutes to prepare our vows to each other! I wore a spectacular white chiffon dress and I looked so much like a real bride that I thought I’d lose my mind. I felt the nervous reality of what it would really be like in committing completely to a man!

Shawna helped with my make-up and veil. Daddy saw that I was provided with with flowers as well as a white and red rose bouquet! I looked like a young blonde haired bride and I felt magical. Shawna kept telling me how lucky I was. She said every girl in Jacques wanted Daddy and she was happy for me. Shawna said that I should really marry “Roger!”

I was near tears in joy and the ceremony moved me so much that I couldn’t wait to tell him how much I loved him in my vows. My words were actually very sincere and as “his” I was both smitten and in love with him so my “devotion” to him and my love struck thoughts were so naturally expressed by me. His words were so touching and magical that I bought every phrase and thought! Never had I been more moved outside of Daddy’s bedroom. He loved me deeply and “forever” making me crazy in my lust and love for him.

Shawna video-taped the ceremony and took dozens of photos during and after. (Later we even posted one of the pictures of us looking at each other on a web site for weddings and no one even to this day noticed anything unusual about the bride) I was so thrilled to have “passed” completely on the web!)

After the ceremony Daddy and I (his wife!) kissed deeply and unforgettably. I was so thrilled and excited by how real this all seemed that I was tearing up in joy like a real woman! I almost orgasmed in my panties when he held me and planted that incredible kiss on my lips. Why do people feel being married is so bad? To me it seemed better than any possible experience yet this did not “feel” to me in any way phony or pretend. I wondered if Daddy felt as strongly and as powerfully about me as I had come to feel about him.

It was hard to bid adieu to our friends James and Shawna. They had shared something quite special with us even if it was only a “mock” wedding. Soon we loaded our bags and we were off to our honeymoon in a luxury hotel in Montreal, Canada. Leaving in the beautiful wedding gown for the five hour drive just drove the anticipation to another level.

We stopped at a gas station and convenience store on the way in Vermont so I could go to the ladies room. Both the attendant and the cashier said I was a beautiful bride! I was incredibly nervous about going through Canadian customs as a “woman” yet it was another most exciting experience in my life. The border guards were surprisingly accepting of the difference in my appearance in my photo on my passport!

Our time at the hotel, out on the town and in bed was as good as it gets. Daddy took me out to dinner at midnight then he even recorded some scenes from our honeymoon ranging from me blushing in my sexy white wedding gown to our raw sexual hot coupling in bed! Daddy just sent me some more video to me on my phone of us fucking and it is incredulous. The best scene shows literally everything about our need for each other and just how perfect we are as lovers. Seeing Daddy on video sending all nine inches into my cute little bottom as I squeal for more is crazy! Now that we are “husband and wife” I only joke about possibly feeling a headache coming on because I just want to “get pregnant”!

All weekend he fucked me filling me with his genetic fluids and breeding me like it was time for me to get knocked up! I am so “in love” and we are completely unafraid to express that to each other now. This was the most perfect weekend of my life and Daddy was the first to say it.  Is sincere words - “I love you so much my princess” just echoed in my brain and my reply of “I love you Daddy” was as sincere as it was true. My life is wonderful and I just can’t wait for more of life as his and as Daddy’s girl!


Cari C

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