This is another short story of mine and i wanted to make a story that is depressing at first but towards the middle and the end is uplifting.

Hope you enjoy!

"Try and get back up now fucking faggot" One said as they repeatedly kicked me in the stomach.

"Yeah we're going to make sure you can't have any kids" The second one said.

I have been through this torture all my life and this is the reason why i can't seem to find a perfect date.

Thankfully those bullies have ran off and i noticed a hand trying to pull me up.

"We need to get you to the hospital" said this mysterious stranger

I suddenly blank out and lay in a pool of blood.


I regain conciousness and see that i'm laying in a hospital bed with other adults. there are various nurses and doctors talking to the paitents when one doctor walks over to my bed.

"So how are we today Andrew?" the doctor asks me.

"I'm feeling a little better but there is still a pain in my stomach" i admit as i try to sit up but wince from the pain.

"maybe you should relax and try to get some rest" the doctor says

A nurse whispers something into his ear and he had to go for an emergency. as he leaves i admire his buttocks and how well they shape in his pants. After that i don't remember much as i fell back into sleep


I awake and immediately stare into the beautiful doctor's eyes yet again. He has brown hair with brown stubble and brown eyes. also from what i could tell behind that uniform he had a nice muscular build.

"So andrew feel any better since we last talked?" he asked

"Well yeah the pain seems to have disappeared in my stomach" I admitted. "But i think i should know your name if your in charge of taking care of me"

"Certainly my name is Aaron Jones, but call me Dr Jones. I need to perform some medical tests on you before you go home"

The medical tests that Dr Jones performed were quick and painless and he helped me into my car.

"I care about you Andrew so here i want you to have this" he said.

He gives me a folded piece of paper and i drive off.

Listening to my favourite Cascada song i drive to my home and put my key through the door.

I enter my home and lay on the sofa and replaying the time i've spent in the hospital and how i could actually end up with a date with the hottest doctor around town.

These replays soon escape my mind and open the piece of paper Dr Jones gave to me. On it was his mobile number.

So i decided to call him and he answers straight away.

"Hell Dr Jones speaking who may i say is calling?" He questions

"It's Andrew you recently discharged me from the hospital" I answered

"Ah yes i remember how can i help?"

"Well i was wondering if when you've finished your shift would you like to go on a date with me?" i asked curiously.

"Sure i'll come to yours in an hour" he said. He had to hang up since he was busy.

The hour gone by quickly and i was just putting on my shoes when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to find Dr Jones still in his uniform holding some chocolates and a bag of clothes.

"Do you mind if i use your shower i stink and need to change into more casual clothes" he admits to me

"Sure go ahead" I say as i watch that fabulous butt again as he walks upstairs

i pour us a glass of white wine and as i walk into the living room Dr Jones is in the sexiest clothes ever a tank top with a jacket and jeans with nice trainers. I offer him the wine which he accepts

"So busy day at work then?" I ask

"Yeah i had to announce to a family that their son had died which was upsetting to say and to see how damaging it is for them" he sighs and i can see the tears coming from his eyes.

i wrap my arms around him and give him a long hug and wipe his tears with a tissue

"i'm here for you sweety" i say to him

Dr Jones stare into my eyes and i stare into his. He makes the first move and leans his face closer to mine.....




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