My fantasy private barber and beauty shop is exclusively for gay men. Everyday, I would receive customers from the local college. They were young men in their early twenties and from different ethnic backgrounds. The college has strict rule that athletes be butt-shaved.

Once the customer enters, he would strip down. I also strip down during the entire work of shaving and collecting pheromones. Clothes were placed on special hangers. Under wears would be collected for a technique that I invented. Pheromones from sweat and stains on men under wears were extracted to make a special aphrodisiac perfume. The guys were asked to work out for few hours before coming in so that pheromones would be produced in their pubic and anal areas.

Then, my customer would go to special room where he would sit on a special seat and spread his ass hole. Shaving ass and genital area is for free and usually involves some retribution. Shaving the rest of the body is for a small cost. The cost would be determined between me and the customer.

My ass rituals would involve applying special soft shaving cream. I would place the cream at and around the ass hole and rotate my finger so that the cream is spread to the entire area. Athletic men are sensitive to my technique.

Once, I was asked by a marvellous looking college guy to finger his ass hole before I start to shave it. He was horny and wanted me to message his prostate. I lubed my finger and inserted it gently. It went inside with some resistance first. Then his sphincter became open. I gently moved my finger inside and out. Once deep inside, I rotated it around his prostate area. The man moaned with pleasure.

I could not hold it any more. I bent down my customer's seat and started nibbling and eating his ass hole. The clean aroma that came from the area was so strong. I came without touching my self. He came too after I bathed his butt with my tongue.

Then, he asked me if I could finger him with two fingers instead of one. It was very pleasurable. Suddenly, the man lifted his ass and asked me if he could slide it all over my body. He wanted to bath me with his ass! He literally sat on my face and slid himself slowly from neck to chest, abdomen, and pubic hair. He slide back to my face and rotated his ass and slid on my left arm then my right arm. Then he slid it on my right leg and left leg and messaged my feet with his ass. He wanted to interlock our asses together. He bent over his back and spread his legs wide open in the air. I spread my legs on top of his so that both assholes would touch each other. I rubbed my ass against his then I decided to go further. While his legs in the air, I double penetrated him and me with a long dildo.

Then we decided to fuck each other. We took the dildo. Because of our unusual acrobatic ability he was able to fuck me at the same time I fucked him. We fucked each other in this position until we screamed in pleasure. We both came the same time and two times in a row.

I shaved the man's ass and saved his ass hair as souvenir. I decided to go further and shave his entire body. We were playing all the time. I collected hairs from his body, legs, armpit, and pubic areas. The man was slightly but seductively hairy. The man's pheromones were also collected and were made into special cologne. Every time I smell the cologne I would come without touching my self.

The man came back after a while. He grew his ass and body hair back. We repeated the same thing. I also decided to have him shave me and finger me. It was a great pleasure when we decided to finger each other at the same time. Then, we shaved each other at the same time. It was difficult but it was done. Our pheromones were collected in a special bottle. We divided the bottle between us and each carried his share as a souvenir of our hours of pleasure. I did this with him again and again. I did so many pleasurable things with the rest of my customers and they loved it.


R Joe

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