I lay in the sun at the resort. My face moved to catch the heat and bright rays through my closed eyes. I was still lonely, coming alone to this expensive place to seek companionship.

I opened my eyes and through the glare saw him. Tan with no hint of a tan line above his ice cream white bathing suit. His round pouch showing and above leaning to one side a perfect but small, well defined penis. From his crotch my eyes moved up his lean hard stomach, the 'V' of his hips cut deeply into his abdomen. Well modeled pecs, he worked out. Above, a model's face. His complexion was perfect, a noble nose, not too big and a square masculine cut to his cheeks. His forehead was high with a bit of a crease in the middle. Now that I noticed, I was lost in his deep green eyes.

His long legs brought him close to me. 'Brilliant day for a walk on the beach.'

The first note of his voice was a mellow baritone. 'Sure, do you walk?'

'Yes, walk together?'

'Why not.' I got up, my ten pounds extra feeling heavy.

'Where are you from?'

'I am a local.'

'I didn't know there were any.' We laughed freely.

'I am just walking the beach today.'

We walked and talked all the small talk that people talk when they want to get to know one another or get in each other's pants. He walked ahead of me a few times, his pace a bit quicker. My eyes rested on his perfect buns half exposed by his very small white Speedo. I especially loved the dimples matched on either side of his ass.

'Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?'

'Sure.' We dove into the ocean and swam in the cool water. After we both showered at the spigots at the edge of the beach. I fantasized about him in my shower as I saw him caress his body under the shower head.

'Meet you in the hotel lobby.'

When I saw him again he was dressed in a suit a bit too small. It had tatters but with a crisp clean white shirt. 'Here I am he chimed.'

'You made it.' We went in to eat and he ordered ribs. The food was great, but at one point he picked up the finger bowl and drank from it. I must have looked shocked. He looked around and people were staring at him. He eyes suddenly filled with tears and he ran out to the restroom.

I went after him and found him sobbing over the sink. I patted him on the back but he pulled away from me. He was inconsolable. I gathered him up in my arms and he drenched my shoulder with tears.

When they stopped, I asked, 'Want to take a walk on the beach?' We walked for a long time in silence.

'I try so hard.' he paused having trouble getting it out. 'I know I look good, but I can't fit in to your way of life.'

'What way?'

'Money. I live in poverty.'

'You are polite and interesting, I think you are pretty bright. That is a lot for someone like you that looks so perfect.'

'But, I cannot behave with the kind of class that people expect. I always do something silly or stupid.' He wiped his nose on the back of his hand.

'I think you need to get a better sense of humor. Some people would have made a lot out of that kind of attention you got in the restaurant.'

'Are you serious?'

'As dead serious as being funny can be.'

He cracked a smile. 'You are pretty understanding.'

'I try. You know, I really like you.'

'You like my ass. I see how you look at it.'

'Yes, but I like you. Your deep green eyes are very soulful.'

'I never have met anyone like you. You don't need me to be perfect.'

'I think you are perfect enough.'

'Lets go back to your hotel'

'Are you sure. Maybe people will think I am robbing the cradle.'

'I want to be with you.' He walked a bit ahead of me so I could have the pleasure of seeing his legs move back and forth and his hips shift back and forth. 'I don't care what people think. This is a new thing.'

As he pealed off his clothes underneath was that white swimsuit. 'Why the swimsuit?'

'I don't have any underwear without holes.'

I got down on my knees and pulled at that white shimmery cloth. I had been thinking of this ever since I first saw him. He stepped gracefully out of his suit. I took hold of his hips by the dimpled handles and pressed my face into his crotch. I don't know if a penis can taste sweeter or an ass

I woke with the clarity of light and mind that vacations on the ocean deliver. The sun was rising over the water and casting long brilliant shafts into my room. I looked at my bed partner's quiet face, revealed beautifully in the morning. So quiet and care free, the muscles of his face so soft and tensionless.

A bolt of realization came to me like a vision. There he was so quiet and defenseless, I wanted to care for him. I gathered him up to me. His head readjusting to rest on my breast. He was still deep in sleep, though he shifted his weight to rest his hand around my side. I could feel his heart beating against me and the smooth skin of his back and backside.

I was mistaken, that sex with him was for his own good. He needed someone to care for him without ulterior motives. He did not need a sex partner, but a father and mentor. Now, I could not be that. It was not just him, it is the human condition to need someone who is for you with no other motive. I just wanted to get my hands on his body. What exactly did he need? I don't really know if I cared.

For this time and place, I felt a sense of loss. This person needed a friend or a father and I had seduced him. It was easy, he was so wantable and vulnerable. He was so masculine and so much what I wanted to be like. I would have to think how I must act now. What an irony that for the lack of a few etiquette lessons he felt such a failure. What was it about my world that was so attractive when he was living in his world.

For now I hugged his pretty body and hoped with all my heart that he would be alright. I think I can love him and let him go. That is what he needs. He needs to learn to fly and have the teacher watch him soar into the sky.


Peter Maxly

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