Marty was 22, and he'd been in a very heavy sexual relationship for four years. His partner, Peter, was great - heavy-cocked, and a long stayer when it came to sex, but they'd split up recently because Peter had wanted him to stop playing the gay scene - which Marty loved - and that was when Marty decided that he had to get away from the city.

He threw some things into a case and then stuck a pin in a map, which wasn't a very wise thing to do....which is why he now found himself in a small seaboard town a mere 100 miles from the city he'd just left.

The beach house he'd rented was the only building on this small stretch of coastline; the town itself being a short drive away, so he'd also rented himself a small car to get around and take in some scenery.

That morning, he decided to get up early and wash the car, which was already showing severe evidence of being parked near the beach, so he flung on an old pair of cut-offs, dropped a sponge into a bucket filled with slightly unhealthy-looking water, and set to work.

He'd been going for about a half hour, when he heard a voice behind me.


He spun round in surprise to find a good-looking man standing watching him. Marty looked down at himself, covered in wet, holding the sponge, and felt slightly ridiculous.

'Hi yourself,' he replied, and introduced himself.

'I'm Joe,' the guy replied, holding out his hand.

Cunt, thought Marty, he can see my hands are full, but he smiled anyway and, put the sponge on top of the car, then gripped Joe's outstretched hand, noticing suddenly how dark the guy's eyes were, how his moustache framed a set of dazzling teeth, and how broad-shouldered he was.

Marty also noticed that he had a healthy bulge in his jeans.

Joe looked about 40, and in real good shape.

'Need a hand?' he asked.

'Nah,' said Marty. 'It won't take long.'

'We live up the lake road,' Joe went on, 'A couple of miles.'

He inclined his head in the direction of the hills.


'Me and my partner, Earl.'

Marty nodded, not quite sure how to continue this conversation usefully, mainly because, being in the presence of Joe, he realised that he'd had no sex since he and Peter had parted. He was now feeling incredibly horny, but he wasn't going to push his luck here, so he turned back and carried on sponging down the car, aware that Joe's eyes never left him, and embarrassed to admit to a growing swelling jutting out from the front of his cut-offs.

'You mean - like a business partner?' He spoke over his shoulder to Joe.

Joe laughed.

'Not exactly!'

There was a long silence, broken only by the squeaking of the drying cloth on the car.

'Well, I guess I'll take a dip,' said Joe. 'You mind?'

'Feel free, Joe, it's not my beach.'

With that, Joe kicked off his trainers, and then stripped off his socks, jeans and T-shirt.

Marty turned to watch him, and then saw that he wore no underwear, and he felt his eyes widen when that uncut long cock and heavily-laden balls swung into view. It was an impressive piece of flesh; wide and about 10 inches long he guessed, and his loins began to ache, much against his will.

'Wait for me, Joe!' called another voice, and Marty turned. Running up behind Joe and stripping off as he approached, came another good-looking guy.

Earl, Marty presumed.

By the time he drew level, the guy was naked and had his clothes bundled in his hand, then he waved as he passed, and chucked his clothes down by the car. With a loud yell, he followed his pal into the thundering surf.

Marty watched them as they plunged into the foam, his cock rising, and pushing hard against the front of his cut-offs. He just stood and admired their powerful, tanned backs and hard-muscled butts, as they played in the waves, splashing and rolling in the white breakers.

Marty shaded his eyes with his hand, as he Joe turn towards him and waved, his beautiful body lean and taut.

'C'mon in - the water's beautiful!' he cried out, cupping his mouth with his hands, but the wind clutched the words and flung them haphazardly at Marty.

He looked back at the half-cleaned car and thought fuck it, so he kicked off his clothes, gave his rising cock a stroke, and ran to join them.

Despite Joe's description, the sea was bitter cold, but by the time he'd been pushed under a couple of times by the two of them, teasing him and wrestling with him, the chill had gone, and he soon was swimming in the swirling waters like an eel. Suddenly he took in a mouthful of water, which seemed to be undiluted salt, making him cough and retch, and he stood there, hunched and spluttering.

Then he felt Joe come up behind him, his hard cock pressed against Marty's butt.

'You OK, Marty?' he asked with a concerned voice.

'Sure, sure!' he gagged, his own prick rising as Joe's cock stayed there, now upright and pressing into his crack. Marty's mind seemed to be in a daze for some reason - almost like he was intoxicated just being here with these two great-looking guys. He reached back both hands to Joe's thighs and pulling him closer, while he gazed at the horizon, then at the beach house.

Just then Earl splashed over to them.

'Let's go back to the house, guys.' Marty heard himself say, surprised that his voice, though soft, sounded so commanding, and they turned to walk back. Joe kept his hand on Marty's butt, while Marty stretched out his hand to Earl, who linked fingers with his as they half-walked, half-staggered across the beach. Now he was only aware of his feet rising and falling on the soft sand, as they all three moved forward, linked, and their enormous erections showing them the way.

Marty stumbled up the step and opened the door then almost fell into the hallway with Joe, who held him tight as he leant him flat back against the wall, leaving Earl to close the door behind him.

As soon as they were indoors, Marty sank to his knees, opening his mouth over Joe's swollen cock, pulling back the right foreskin to reveal the liquid treasure of his purplish piss-slit, while licking up and down the shaft, tasting and savouring the pre-cum, while breathing noisily through his nostrils in his heated desire to consume Joe's meat.

Meanwhile Joe shoved his cock further down his throat as the young guy played with his balls. Earl bent over Marty from behind and stroked his small brown nipples, while kissing his neck, making Marty's own cock stretch upwards painfully. Since Peter's departure he was desperate for sex, and could feel the drool oozing from his cock-head.

Joe tapped him on the shoulder, nodding towards the bedroom, and as if in a dream, Marty rose and took his hand, letting him lead the way, with Earl close behind them, both his hands stroking their new friend's butt. Marty knew he was in for some great sex that day, and wanted to take it slow and easy, enjoying it all the way, and in no time Joe was kneeling on the bed, with Marty laying face-up between his thighs, taking him once more deep into his mouth.

He loved the feel of this powerful cock in his throat; the balls heavy on his forehead as he sucked hard, length into his saliva-filled mouth.

Grabbing hold of Earl's hair, Marty sought to push the man's face lower and lower onto him, as he felt the fingers in his ass - two, then three, and then a fourth before moving in up to the knuckle and gently fisting him. He moaned low and long while sucking Joe's meat, as Earl's hand swooped and dived within him, the fingers being intimate witnesses of Marty's bowels, and the city boy's prick stretched further in Earl's mouth in lust, as he was fisted to paradise and back.

Marty tasted a change in the flow from Joe - the clear pre-cum was being replaced by something funkier and thicker, and he knew Joe was going to cum fairly soon, as he traced his free hand up the inside of Joe's thigh, feeling the slight muscular tremor as the spunk gathered.

Joe's hand was now on the shaft that spread Marty's lips wide, while his other hand stroked his own bush, taking pleasure in seeing his tanned meat appearing and disappearing, slick and shiny with saliva. Earl was still down on Mart's cock, his head rising and falling, while Marty stroked and curled his fingers in the hair, loving the way Earl cupped his balls as he sucked and fisted him, and now he could feel the tingling onset of an orgasm deep within him.

Joe was now at the point of no return, his balls bulging with cum as he groaned above Marty, his thighs shaking in spasms, and then with a jerking, gasping cry, he came. Marty had to loosen his lips on the cockhead as it sprayed him - there was no way he could take all that load as coated his mouth and face with the creamy gift, and it was then, with his face covered in jizz that he let rip with his own climax, hearing Earl gag and choke as the spunk hit the back of his throat, the fisting hand quickly sliding out to hold and control Marty's pulsing prick.

Again and again Marty pumped out his cum, whilst almost drowning in Joe's viscous joy-juice, then he turned slightly as he felt Earl move away, and through the milky curtain over his eyes, he watched as Earl rose to his feet on the bed and begin to jack-off over him. The action had got Earl pretty well primed because it only took a few strokes before the first hot splashes hit Marty's belly and made him flinch, then longer arcs of the milky nectar until his belly was a shimmering lake of cum.

That was when Marty totally lost it, because later, just about all he could recall was writhing on the bed and licking up spunk wherever he could find it; scooping up the pools that Earl had sprayed on him, and wiping his face with it in the palms of his hands. And swallowing, and somewhere deep in his mind came the thought that if he were found dead tomorrow, the verdict would be 'overdosed on semen'.

Marty woke suddenly, thinking it had all been a dream, when he felt the cold stickiness of spunk on him.

Lots of spunk.

And then he saw the two hunky men laying either side of him.

He moved slightly and Joe stirred and looked around him, first at Earl and then at Marty, then he leaned over and kissed Marty, dabbing his tongue in the cheesy mess encrusted on his face, before slowly sliding off the bed and trailing cum from his cock as he staggered towards the shower. Earl then woke, and smiled at Marty, lying flat on his back and stroking his leaking cock, before lazily rolling off the bed and pulling Marty with him.

The beach house had one of those big walk-in showers, so there was plenty of room for all three. Joe turned on the faucet and a hot stream of water hit them hard, sending them staggering blindly into each other, until he managed to cope with the temperature mixer, bringing the water heat to a sensuous level and they both began soaping Marty. Earl kissed him, open-mouthed, tasting the cum they'd both devoured earlier, while Marty reached down and stroked the man's cock, feeling it growing and stretching in his hands.

Joe turned the water off, and poured onto the palm of his hand some lube, from a bottle on the shower shelf, and started working it into Marty's ass. Marty bent slightly, still kissing Earl and felt four fingers go up him, once again to the knuckle, and he knew he was ready for more cock.

Earl's prick was now huge in Marty's hand, and the city boy wanted it deep in his ass instead of fingers.

'Fuck me!' he hissed, his voice hoarse with longing. 'FUCK ME!'

Earl's eyes flashed as Marty spoke, teeth were bared and looking crazy for a moment, but Marty didn't care what they did to him now, as Earl and Joe dragged him out of the shower and onto his back on the tiled floor. Earl roughly parted the young man's thighs as wide as they'd go, then pushed his cock against the sphincter ring; Marty was already greased up from Joe's fingers, and the long, thick cock slid easily into him.

Marty gasped as Joe sat on his face while his partner got the city boy ready to party again.

Earl was so fucking BIG, but Marty wanted him.

He wanted Earl riding him and filling him with jizz!

Earl looked down at his cock, holding it firmly with one hand as he poled Marty and making him scrabble and claw with his finger nails at the tiled floor as the force of the entry shoved Marty, with Joe astride his face, sliding him along until the bathroom wall prevented them from going any further. Marty lifted the heavy balls that were lying on his face, trying to raise himself to see, and with a satisfied smile saw that Earl was tight up against him. He flung back his head, letting the balls drop back onto him, savouring their aroma, and the gamey, meaty feel of Joe's ass cheeks over his face, delirious and gasping; this huge flesh intruder feeling as though it was halfway up to his throat. Earl didn't make a move for a while - Marty didn't think that even he believed he'd get it all the way up inside him.

Marty groaned, a mixture of pleasure and delicious pain, as Earl withdrew slightly, then filled him again, and he wrapped his legs around the man to keep him there as long as possible.

Suddenly, his hands grabbed Marty's body and pulled him over to one side, so Joe obligingly stopped riding his face for a moment and let Earl pull Marty on top, heaving the boy up so he could squat on Earl. Then Joe knelt by Marty and watched the grimace of pain and joy as he saw the huge cock penetrate their newfound playmate's bowels even further.

Joe then fed Marty his cock, and now Marty was so out of it that he kept on taking it down his throat until his nose was buried in the bush, his eyes wide open and glazed at how much cock he'd swallowed. He began to rise and fall on Earl's cock, listening to the slurping as the cock moved within him, and all the while stroking himself, his hardness becoming more pronounced as Earl's prick touched his prostate.

Earl was wild now, and his face had a look on it that told Marty to expect his cum any moment. The big man tightly gripped his thighs, thrusting his hips up to match Marty's downward strokes, while Joe fucked his face, holding the back of his head with both hands clasped. All the while, Marty held that long shaft and jacked him hard while he sucked.

The sounds in the room became deadened to Marty's ears, and all he was aware of was that flesh pole moving silently between his lips, and the hard man meat that rose and fell jerkily in his rectum. He decided to heighten Joe's pleasure by pressing a finger to the base of his shaft, when it began to pulse. This made Joe gasp out loud, as he realised what Marty was doing, and held the city boy's head tighter

Joe wanted to go on forever, but Marty wanted to taste that cum again, and with that cock straining in his throat he let him go, feeling the spunk spray immediately into his mouth, as the man pumped against his face in a frenzy. He peered up as best he could at Joe's opened mouth stretched wide, as Marty masturbated wildly now, sending splashes of clear pre-cum all over Earl's belly.

Earl's hips were rising and falling manically on the tiled floor as his body roared its way into a climax, thrusting unevenly and streaming towards that moment that Marty always treasured, when all stops still before the deluge. And now Earl's hips were raised stiffly beneath him, lifting him up and sending a stinging stream of cum up into him, bathing him in its warmth, while Joe continued to pull Marty's face tight to his cock, forcing him to drink the cum, which he tried to do without gagging, but only with a supreme effort.

Marty finally let go with his load, which arced over Earl, splashing as far as his chin, and then a further load hit his lips, while his tongue darted out eagerly to taste the jizz.

The milky flood continued, as his sphincter clenched around Earl's cock as he spasmed, almost passing out with this release of passion by all three of them, then he slowly released Joe's cock from between his lips, while his tongue kept licking at it, cupping his hand beneath it, to catch the excess spunk that flowed after it.

Pressing his hands flat on the tiled floor and easing himself up, he felt Earl's enormous cock slide from his depths, shivering slightly at the cold air that seemed to rush into the emptiness, and then he rolled over onto the floor, as Joe sagged back beside Earl.

Smiling, Marty brushed the damp hair from his forehead as he surveyed the scene, and knew that as soon as they'd all caught their breath, they'd fuck for the rest of the day and long into the night.

The End


Cal Ritchie

[email protected]


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