While I was in the Navy, I was a member of the Shore Patrol. I was a Navy cop. I enjoyed my work, but was torn when I had to take a fellow navy man in for homosexual acts. You see, I am totally gay, and hated having to arrest one of my own.

When I got out, I applied with several law enforcement agencies and was hired by the sheriff's department in a large midwestern town.

Having been not only a military cop, but an excellent swimmer, I got the job. I moved to town, found an apartment in a singles complex and started work in the spring. My partner and I would patrol the river and lakes in the county when it was boating season and do street patrol in the off season.

My name is Mark Sims. I'm twenty-eight, six-three, and weigh one-nighty. I'm muscular and well built, with no fat. I consider myself well built, or did until I met my partner.

When I reported to work, I was introduced to my partner, Brad Morgan, but because of the way he was built, he had received the nickname of Rock.

Rock was thirty, six-six, weighed two-ten, and was much more muscular than I was. He was assigned to seeing that I got my 'uniform' for the boat patrol, which consisted of sneakers, swimsuit, and tank tops with 'Sheriffs Dept.' on the front and back.

I was given my ID, badge, and weapon before we left for the uniform shop. They provided uniforms for all the local law enforcement agencies as well as security firms. In order to get any type of uniform, you had to have a list of what you needed from the head of your agency.

I had my letter from the sheriff and Rock drove me. The county proided the first round of uniforms and you had to pay for all replacements.

As we drove, I learned that Rock was an ex-Marine, divorced, lived alone and had no girlfriend. My interest in him was increased hearing this. He was hot as hell.

'Mark, take all but one of the regular uniforms home. Keep one and all your summer uniforms in your locker at the station. Then when the seasons change, reverse that routine. I'll let you know when.'

'Why one of the regular uniforms?'

'When we have to make an arrest, if it goes to court, we wear the regular uniform.'

'That's understandable,' I replied.

After I had all my summer uniforms, we headed back to the station. The regular uniforms would be ready in a few days after they had sewn on the patches.

At the station, Rock led me to the locker room and said the locker next to his was vacant. I began puting my things away and said, 'I see i'll need to get a lock for this.'

'Nah,' he replied. 'I have an extra one.'

He reached intohis locker and handed me a lock along with two keys.

'Oneof those keys fits my lock. If we're going to be partners, I feel we have to trust each other completely. I have a key to your lock. It's just a precaution, in case either of us needs to get something out of the others locker in an emergency.'

'Sounds logical to me,' I told him.

'Let's get changed and we'll go out, check the boat, then I'll show you around our patrol area.'

'How many teams are there?' I asked.

'Four. Two patrol the upper river and lake above the dam, then there is you and I which patrol the river from the dam to the bottom of Lake Davis, then the fourth patrols from the end of the lake down the lower river and two small lakes below that.'

'Is there any overlapping?'

'Only in an emergency situation,' he replied as he removed his jeans and shirt, revealing an extremely muscular torso, legs and arms.

His chest was covered with a medium coating of dark brown hair, matching his goatee and moustach. Since his head was shaved, I assumed his hair would be dark brown also. My heart began to race as I casually took in his beautiful body. When he removed his bikini briefs to put on his jock, I saw his beautiful cut cock. It was at least seven inches long soft and thick, with a nice size pink head.

I noticed that as I myself stripped and changed, he glanced my way a few times. I knew that we'd have to get used to seeing each other nude when we changed.

As we headed to the dock, I asked if we got any days off.

'You and I will get Mondays and Tuesdays off. The upper teams each take two days off but cover for each other. The team that relieves us relieves the lower team on Wednesdays and Thursdays. No one gets weekends off during the boating season.'

'I assume that on busy holidays the relief team works also.'

'You got it. Certain weeks when we have holidays, no one gets off those weeks. At least we get overtime pay.'

We arrived at the dock and checked out the boat and filling the gas tanks. It was a sleek, super fast twin outboard rig with a sun canopy.

'Come with me,' he said. 'There's someone I want you to meet.'

Next to the dock was a beach area with large concession stand and convenience store.

As we walked up, the man behind the counter said with a smile, 'Hey, Rock. Saw you arrive. Got your supplies ready.'

'Thanks, Luke. This is my new partner, Mark. Mark this is Luke. He owns this place and knows everything that goes on around here. If he sees problems, he has my cell number and calls me. Nothing gets by him.'

'That's good to know. It's a pleasure meeting you Luke.'

'Same here, Mark. You need anything at all and I mean anything, you just come see me.'

'Thanks,' I said, as he gave me a wink.

Luke was in his mid to late forties, fairly well built and still good looking with a beautiful smile.

Rock led me to a case of bottled water and two large bags of ice. Handing me the water, he grabbed the ice and headed back to the boat where we iced the water down in the built in cooler.

As we did, Rock said, 'He never charges for the water or ice. I've tried to pay him but he won't let me. He says I can pay him in other ways.'

'How's that?' I asked.

Smiling, he said, 'Maybe I'll tell you sometime. Let's get going.'

We headed out and Rock showed me around our area.

'Any where ther is a beach area there is a wake rule and distance limit.' He showed me the bouys, saying that inside the bouys you couldn't cause a wake, and if withing a hundred feet of the beach you had to kill your motor and paddle to the beach.

'Also, there is no reckless operation of a boat and if you have a skier, you have to have an observer on board.'

We simply road around with him telling me about things he'd run into when patrolling.

When I asked what kind of things, he said that we always checked the small inlets.

'I've found couples in there shooting up, smoking weed, fucking, you name it.'

'Damn,' I said.

After a couple of hours, he looked around and said, 'Nice and private here,' and pulled the boat to shore. After killing the motors, he limbed up on the bow and sanding sideways to me, lowered his trunks and jock and lifting his cock he began pissing into the river.

'I wondered why you stopped. I think I'll join you.'

I climbed ontothe ow next to him and repeated his actions. As I pissed, he glanced over at my cock fpr a few seconds but didn't say anything. I made no attempt to hide it. I even milked it a few times after i finished pissing, making sure he could see me.

That day we did give out a few warning tickets for reckless operation, but being a Wednesday, things were quiet.

By the time we shut it down on Friday night, Rock and i were working together like we had been ding it for years, almost reading each other mind.

As we drove in, he said, 'Mark, I have a feeling that you're going to be the best partner I've ever had. You're sharp eyed and see it all when I'm driving the boat. That's the way it should be.'

'You're a great teacher and I'm a fast learner.'

'I can see that. In case you didn't know, the first two weeks I'll be evaluating you, and as it stands now you'll get the highest evaluation I can give.'

'Thanks,' I said. 'You're great to work with.'

'Say, when we get back to the station, I'm going to hit the gym for a little while. Care to join me? Then after that we can get a bite to eat.'

'Sounds great,' I said.

We arrived at the station and without changing, went straight to the gym.

'Just as I expected,' he said.

'And how's that?'

'Empty. Just you and me here.'

He removed his shirt as did I and we hit the weights, spotting each other. After some treadmill jogging, we headed for the locker room, and as he stripped he asked, 'You joining me in the steamroom?'

'Hey, we're partners aren't we?' I replied with a smile. He stripped nude then grabbed a towel and headed for the steam room as I did the same.

Upon entering, he turned up the steam and soon you could barely see a foot in front of you. We were on an upper bench sitting a foot apart and talking. Neither of us bothered with wrapping our towel around us. After a few minutes, I glnced over and saw that Rock was almost fully erect. My own cock began to react and within seconds, my own cock was hard. We each saw the others hard cock, but neither commented on it.

After the steam room we hit the showers and then returned to the locker room to dress. As we dressed, I decided to speak up.

'Rock, sorry about what happened in the steam room.'

'What? Popping a boner?'

'Uh, yea.'

'Hey man, no big deal. I'm sure you saw mine also. It happens to all of us at one time or another. I damn near took matters in hand in there.'

'What? You nearly jerked off?'

'Shhh. Yea. Hell, I'm just human. Every man does it at some point.'

'I know I do. Frequently.'

'Me too. I've thought about it on patrol when things are slow, but my last partner was such a prude. He was married and a real bible thumping guy.'

'Oh, hell. What happened to him?'

'He quit after eing offered head of security for a major manufacturing company. I sure was glad.'

We finished dressing and I fllowed him to a small restaurant for dinner. We took a table off in one corner and after ordering,I said, 'Rock, we're both single red blooded males and we get horny. I'm open minded and if you ever have the need when we're out, I'll take the wheel and you can relieve yourself. It won't bother me in the least.'

'Fuck! Are you serious?'


'Well, you can feel free to do the same thing. My older brother and I jerked in front of each other for years when we were home and shared a room. It won't bother me either.'


'Deal. Hell, I just might pul in to one of those inlets and we can both do it at the same time.'

'I've got no problem with it,' I replied.

'Well, I doubt we'll have time before Wednesday. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be kept busy and we're off Monday and Tuesday.'

'What you got planned for your days off?' I asked.

'Other than sleeping late, nothing. Why?'

'Well, I've got a Bow-Flex se up in my spare bedroom if you'd like to come over and wrk out with me.'

'Hey, man, sounds great. Monday or Tuesday?'

'How about Monday anytime in the afternoon. We can work out then go down and hit the pool if you want to, then I'll fix us some dinner.'

'Is about two okay?'

'Perfect,' I said. I wrote my address and phone number on a scrap piece of paper I had in my wallet and gave it to him.

The next two days were busy as hell, with two arrest for operating a a boat under the influence of alcohol. Land patrol deputies were on call to take in our arrested individuals.

Monday arrived, and Rock arrived right at two in the afternoon wearing swim trunks and tank top and flipflops.

He came in and I showed him around my apartment, saying, 'Make yourself at home.' I was wearing shorts only and was commando.

'Thanks,' he said. 'Mind if I shed the shirt if we're going to be working out?'

'Not at all. When I'm here alone and work out I usually do it nude,' I said, watching for his reaction.

'Hell, I don't blame you. I'd do the same thing. I'm that way most of the time when I'm at home and I'm not even working out.'

'I do that some myself,' I answered.

After getting us a beer we headed for the spare bedroom. As he set the rods to maximum power, he asked, 'Shall we get comfortable?'

'Go for it,' I said.

He immediately stripped off his swim trunks and jock and lay down on the bench, grabbing the handles and egan working out. I quickly removed my shorts and he saw I was commando and smiled.

After we had both done one set and was preparing for the second, Rock's cock began to stiffen. Seeing this, mine began to rise. He lay down and went through another set then I did the same. by the time I finished, both our cocks were rock hard.

We returned to the living room for another beer and as we sat on the sofa, I decided to break he ice so to speak. I grasped my cock and began stroking. Rock smiled and immeditely joined me.

As e both stroked our hard cocks, he looked over and said, 'I guess this means that we're the best of friends.'

'I guess so since only close friends would do this together.'

We both soon shot our loads out onto our stomachs, each saying how much better we felt.

After wiping up we dressed and went to the pool for a hile then returned to the apartment. once inside we boh striped nude without a moments hesitation. After we had dinner, we sat with another beer and talked. Rock confessed that he and his brother each jerked off the other at times and did other experimenting. I, in turn, cnfessed that I did the same thing with my best bud who was my neighbor. Neither of us, however, said what the experimenting consisted of.

On Wednesday, about half way through our shift, Rock pulled into an almost totally hidded inlet and after going back a few yards, kiled the motors, saying, 'I'm horny.'

'Me, too,' I replied.

Rock surprised me when, instead of just droping his swim trunks and jock, he totally stripped and lay up on the bow of the boat. I did the same and lay beside him.

As we began stroking, he smiled and said, 'I'm glad I have a partner like you.'

'I feel the same way about you,' I replied.

We turned and looked at each other and our eyes locked together.




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