I was a very shy 'boy' at age 17 but I was lucky to have that cute young masculine lifeguard look

along with a tight body and a very curious nature! I am not very tall, only about 5'8' tall, but in great shape, with

a swimmer's build at 150 pounds. I shaved my body all over because it was the in look and I loved the

sleek and sensual feeling it gave me, especially while smoothed all over in aromatic tanning oil!

It was summer and my sun bleached blonde hair and my developing 'all over tan' made me feel sensual and

confident. I felt good about how I looked. It was a beautiful early summer day and once or twice a

week during the summer I made time to come to this quiet and isolated beach on the farthest end of

Cape Cod to sunbathe in the nude if possible.

I had often wondered whether I had gay tendencies but I was content to enjoy the atmosphere of

simply being at a 'gay' beach where nudity was subtly permissible and where I saw a lot of naughty

things going on in the forested areas of the sand dunes! I suppose I am a bit of a voyeur having

noticed 'things' happening between consenting men in these more isolated spots!

I must admit that I found these acts quite stimulating and erotic. I had seen men giving one and another

blow jobs in the reeds on the bay side of the beach, in the bushes and even in the open in the sand

dunes. I had even watched a man fuck another man in a wildly hot scene that I accidentally happened

upon on a beach blanket between some sand dunes and my presence did not cause them even to


Today was one of those perfect summer days where the scent of wildflowers and the ocean just made

you feel great. I found an area that I had discovered at an earlier visit to the beach in the sand dunes

where the beach patrols never went and where I had observed men sunning nude and doing other

naughty things in the privacy of the area.

I could sunbathe in privacy and I spread my towel and stripped down to my sexy small black almost

string like bathing suit. I covered my body in Hawaiian Tropic Sun Tan Oil and slid my suit off to expose

my quite stimulated 7 ½ inch Boner. Nudity and the sun combined with the aromas of the oil make me

crazy! I was in lust with my body and as I oiled my throbbing cock it stood like rocket between two huge


I had put myself into quite a state of sexual need and tension already and I wasn't thinking about girls I

had dated at the moment! I kind of knew I needed to 'find out' about whether guys were my thing or

not - but I didn't have a clue as to how to go about it. I was dreaming about the guy who was fucking

the guy I saw two weeks earlier not far from this spot and kept rubbing myself and taking myself closer

and closer to orgasm!

Suddenly I was being spoken to! 'You look real hot Kid!' I'd suddenly been caught masturbating naked

in public and this guy was staring down at me. My hand was still on my cock and I was aghast at my

predicament. 'You look like you could use a little help sexy boy!' In a second he was lying next to me on

my big blanket as he quickly took my slippery hard cock into his hand. He gently rubbed it up and down

and I froze in fear, joy, confusion and astonishment.

If this had been some kind of subliminal plan to meet a guy on my part it was working whether I liked it

or not! The feeling from his hand was beyond belief. I was already tense from being so startled and this

had me spinning in pleasure and yet in fearfulness and a quite confused state! The guy was older than I

but was much taller and even though he was graying he was quite handsome. He was probably well over

twice my age but when his lips met mine I responded like I'd never been kissed before.

The passion I felt was magical and I needed to pull his hand off my cock so I didn't orgasm in but a

few more moments! His lips devoured mine and his tongue was soon searching my mouth. I was now

surrendering passively and he moved to lie atop me. I realized that he too was completely naked as he

originally had a small bathing suit on when I first saw him. Things seemed to be happening with such

speed and passion but I was already enthralled, so excited by him and so willing to submit in any way!

He licked my ear and kissed my neck. He went down my body to take my nipple into his mouth as I felt

his teeth gently bite down on it. He then devoured my other nipple and I found my hand on the back of

his head guiding it gently as he sucked and bit my boyish but firm nipples. Suddenly he went down to my

belly and when his mouth found my cockhead I thought I was going to come right into his mouth! My

squeals must have made it clear that my tolerance for having my cock sucked without orgasm was slim

to none!

The man slid back up to kiss my face all over. His had rubbed and squeezed my nipples and when his

mouth again found mine I was a goner. I was too young to know love but I sure knew what lust was all

about now as this man was making me feel very wanted and needed. He was muscled and strong and I

felt so small beneath him and in his arms.

I felt his huge erection rubbing increasingly against my smooth flat stomach next to mine. I was so

overwhelmed and my mind was spinning but my loins and senses were afire with awareness and a sense

of almost overwhelming need. The man was fumbling with something as I let my arms surround his

back. I was in heaven. I was beneath him helplessly. I was being passionately kissed by a man and we

were both naked and I was aroused as I had never been aroused before!

I felt his body pressing rhythmically against my stomach as he raised his naked backside and then would

press it against my smooth flat belly in a powerful but gentle humping motion. Soon he was lifting my

legs! I knew exactly what he wanted yet I was never more afraid and in such turmoil in my life. I was

probably never more in need for what he had in mind but my fear and uncertainty made me freeze.

Without even asking me, he was spreading my legs and pressing his huge condom covered cock against

my virgin anal opening!

Whether I liked it or not - I was about to get fucked by a man for the first time in my life! I suppose you

don't call it rape when I was caught openly masturbating on a gay beach when he came upon me in my

birthday suit rubbing my erection! Doesn't a guy at least ask? The initial penetration was awful! I cried

out and growled as it felt like he was tearing me apart and in half. My cries went unheard because my

own mouth was enveloped by the needy tongue searching mouth of this huge powerful man who had

His tongue explored my mouth as his huge boner finally began to slide more deeply inside my most

private place. It hurt so badly yet for some outlandish reason I still wanted more. Soon he was

rhythmically fucking me and his cock went in deeper and deeper. It hurt so much and I felt like I could

hardly breathe yet it wasn't just his body or mouth that seemed to be practically smothering me! His

cock was splitting me yet there was this cathartic and almost welcome feeling I had as apparently my

bottom was unconsciously struggling to meet his thrusts!

Now my ankles were pinned back by my ears and he was riding me like a need driven almost savage wild

man. I was groaning in deep guttural grunts and yet my hands were gripping his ass like each thrust was

necessary and welcome. I was hanging on for dear life yet I didn't want him to stop his fucking of my

backside! His need seemed immense and I was now enraptured by being 'his' boy and his fuck toy. In

the hot searing sun this was not just sordid but the sweat that poured between us just made the need

grow far more for his and perhaps my own need for physical satiation.

My body had never been more helpless and certainly not as completely violated as mine was now. I held

on to him tightly with my arms, gripping his ass with need and now helping and guiding each fast and

need driven thrust into my depths. I was out of control and my mind was spinning. The pain was so great

yet the pleasure waves filling my body off set my will to reject the massive cock that was filling me so

brutally. I was now responding with the same passion and need that my lover had been afflicting on my


I was so moved and having such struggle with even my own breathing that I felt like I was melting into

a dream like state. As his thick, long, huge cock thrust so rapidly and so deeply inside me, it must have

kept me from passing out. I never 'dreamed' I was passively willing to do such a thing nor did I ever

think this would happen, but there was a strange and obvious level of joy in being so used and so well

loved! In a crazy way I was incredibly happy and moved by being so thoroughly and completely ravaged

by this man!

Suddenly I felt him tense and his blurringly fast and powerful thrusts became so rapid that I felt so

helplessly used and out of control. I felt him grab my own still hard and wet cock and in seconds he was

milking it. He yelped and screamed 'Oh God!' and I suddenly he clearly erupted and came with the

force of a tornado! I was soon orgasming just as he was and his hand finished the job as my cum seemed

to squirt endlessly and so powerfully in spurt after spurt between us. The power of that orgasm was

beyond any in my young life. I was never more moved! My brain was on overload and my mind was just


Man to boy love was something to do much more than fantasize about! The man gave me some

gentle kisses and withdrew his condom covered cock which was filled with cum. He then stood up and

smiled. 'Thanks' he said. He leaned down and grabbed his bathing suit out of the sand, and walked off

with it in hand! I just lay there naked on the blanket stunned, covered in my own cum and in what was

now well worn Hawaiian Tropic tanning Oil! In blissful exhaustion and still in lust, I rubbed my own cum

over my smooth flat belly and chest. It felt wonderful and so unbelievable! I just couldn't believe that

a stranger had just fucked me, taken my virginity, and just walked off with a smile after saying but a

quick 'Thanks' for my 'use'.

If I had doubts about being able to 'love' men I no longer had them. It had been impersonal and yet

passionate but it was almost like being raped. I knew though now that it was just what I needed and

what I must have wanted down 'deep' in my heart of hearts. I closed my eyes in complete relaxation. I

then rubbed some more oil on my body and my erection returned in but seconds as did my lust for what

had just happened.

The scent of ocean and flowers oils and my own cum had me feeling more alive than I ever felt in my

young life. As I lay there blissfully rubbing my still erect, well oiled cock, the feel of the warm sun on

my slippery, smooth body made me smile. In a few moments so did a guy who had apparently been

watching us! He turned out to be a very nice 'friendly and helpful' guy too! My first time and first 'day'

at the beach was truly a dream come true!


Cari Christi

[email protected]


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