The gleaming, spit-coated cockhead looked fantastic! So close, surging towards my mouth, it looked enormous! So swollen, it looked ready to unload its rich, syrupy juices. It flashed in bright sunlight with a luscious sheen; was perfectly shaped with flaring contours surrounded by a generous turtleneck of richly pigmented foreskin; had a crystal drop of sparkling liquid in the indented slit; and was coming closer, closer, and even closer still. It wanted back in! It wanted to be sucked. I knew I wanted to suck it. I knew I was going to suck it dry. I knew I had to suck...

'Jack,' a voice called from far above the giant cockhead. I was sure the voice was pleading for me to suck the big uncut cock.

'Jack!' the voice said more stridently, insistently. I pressed my hips down, feeling the length of my own erection. I was enjoying myself, yet somehow, I couldn't quite seem to remember whose cock this was, being thrust in at me like this.

'Jack! Wake up!' the voice demanded.

Sleepily, I opened my eyes to blinding light and immediately pressed them shut tightly. Damn! It was a dream, I realized instantly. I squinted out cautiously at the sunny world, made out a pair of naked feet, under naked muscular calves. I looked up at a guy standing there next to me on the army blanket I was lying on. Oh, yeah, I was at the beach. Oh, yeah, it was Kyle, a fellow soldier, standing there above me, hands on his hips, dressed only in a skimpy pair of black Speedos, its full pouch partially blocking our view of each other. He looked great from this angle. But he seemed upset.

'Christ, Jack,' he said with a concerned expression on his handsome face as he spread his knees and squatted down beside me, resting on his haunches, 'it looked like you were about to cream all over the place. You'd better cover up that big thing or you'll get it sunburned...' He paused, '...or attract a crowd...' He paused, again, grinning, '...or both!' He chuckled, shifting his gaze to look down my body. I followed his gaze and saw my big erection poking out well beyond the edge of my hip. It had worked its way out of my own red Speedos and had stretched out to its full length. It felt very hard, and, to tell the truth, it looked damn good: wide and fat and brightly colored in the sunshine. In a flash, I realized I'd been having such a sexual dream that I was really turned on.

My face flushed as I raised my hips, allowing my cock to straighten beneath me and hide itself from view. I lowered my hips back down, pressing the stiffness between my belly and the blanket, feeling the soft beach sand yield with the pressure.

'Oh, shit,' I said in embarrassment.

'Guess you were dreamin',' Kyle said quietly.

'Yeah, I guess so,' I agreed, feeling flustered.

'Must'a been some dream, man, to fill you out so far.'

I glanced up at him. He was still squatting, hovering over me. His own crotch, exaggerated by the wide-kneed stance, looked very full. I stared at it for a moment and then looked up into his eyes. They flashed with excitement.

'Thought I'd better wake you before you started squirtin' at me, floodin' the blanket,' he sighed breathlessly.

'Uh... Well...' I said haltingly, trying to gather my wits, '...thanks, I guess,' I offered feebly. 'I don't like wet dreams.'

'Yeah, especially in public, like this,' he added for me, waving a hand around vaguely. He smiled.

'Yeah, well...' I didn't know what to say.

'Never seen one poke out so far, before, I gotta tell ya,' he added in a sexy tone. 'It must be a whopper! I didn't realize you were so well hung, man. In the barracks' showers it looked so, well, unusual, being one of the few uncut ones and all, but I never imagined it would surge out of those sexy foreskin folds to stand so tall.'

I felt my face flush with color again. 'I... I...' I stammered. It didn't occur to me to wonder why he'd checked it out, and I guess I was too flustered to realize the full sexual nature of his comments.

'Hell, man, it ain't nothin' to be embarrassed about. Fuck, it's somethin' to be proud of! I took me a close look before I woke you up. It's a mighty fine lookin' tool, if I do say so. I wish mine were that long.' He grinned. He was a sexy eighteen-year-old who had this friendly, open, high-spirited attitude, which had drawn me to him in the first place. He seemed to be handling my penile exposure much better than I was.

'Geez,' I said, looking around, 'do ya think anyone else saw me?'

'You mean, saw that fine, muscular, bubble-ass of yours buckin' around, fuckin' the sand, like that?' He looked turned on.

'Oh, shit. Was I doin' that?'

'It's what first caught my attention.'


'Aw, don't sweat it, man. No one else was lookin' this way. I told you this stretch of beach is real quiet. Look around. Only a few guys here. No one else noticed. Take my word on it.'

I looked around and was relieved to see that he was right; all I saw were a few young guys, in pairs, not very close by, or close to other pairs, either, for that matter. I felt relieved.

'You see? I'm right. Funny thing is, though, they'd all love to have seen what I just saw.' He grinned at my expression of surprise.

'Why? Why do you say that?' I asked in a strained whisper.

'Oh, didn't I mention it before? This here's a gay beach.' He smiled brightly as he looked around at the other pairs of men.

'You big shit!' I cried as I reached out, put my hand on his strong chest and then pushed him over on his back, catching him off balance. 'Why didn't you say something?' I shouted.

He rolled over, jumped up and threw himself on top of me, laughing and yelling, 'Oh, so ya wanna play rough, do ya? Well, here...' and he grabbed me around the throat. I had to defend myself quickly by grappling with him, turning over between his strong legs, and rolling our bodies over so that I was on top of him, finally subduing him by holding his wrists outstretched above his head against the blanket. The action left me short of breath. It also left me in close bodily contact with Kyle.

His expression was sparkling with excitement. He was enjoying himself and something told me it was more than just our boyish horsing around that was doing it. Then I realized I still had a rampant erection and that I was poking the naked, exposed, entire length of the large organ right into his belly. I looked down. The sight was awesome. My cock was shoved up against his abdomen from the top of his low slung swimsuit to well beyond his navel, below his solar plexus. My throbbing cock looked larger than usual against his slim, swimmer's build and narrow waist; and even sexier against the backdrop of his masculine, black pubic hair, which trailed thickly up to his navel.

Stunned, I looked up to his face. He was still looking down at my cock. For a moment longer he kept looking; then he glanced up into my eyes. He beamed. He was enjoying himself regardless of my arousal. Or, rather, because of it!

Suddenly, I felt movement against my balls. He was clearly getting an erection too. Or he had one and was letting me know it, now, by pressing it into my balls. My mouth dropped open, but I didn't know what to say.

'It's okay, Jack,' he whispered, 'everyone on this beach is gay. No one's gonna take any notice of us.'

'But, geez, Kyle, what the fuck are we doin'?'

'I don't know about you, but I'm having the time of my life! Really enjoyin' myself for a change...' he paused. His erection throbbed against me. 'More than you can imagine,' he admitted.

'You are?' I asked quietly. Somehow, I was becoming less and less surprised, and more and more aroused, myself.

'Yeah,' he responded huskily, 'I was really glad to see you with this hardon when I got back from the toilets. I was really hoping this would happen,' and when he said 'this' he jabbed his hips up, forcing his erection against me. His meaning was completely clear. 'I was only hoping against hope that you might find this exciting, too; that you might be interested in fuckin' around with me.'

We looked at one another for a long moment. This was one of the first times in my life that I would willingly admit to someone that I was, indeed, interested. Up till this point, the many adventures I had had were almost all with guys I'd known all my life and didn't have to explain anything to, or they were simply very quick, one-time affairs: some mutual masturbation with horny, quick-coming classmates; a blowjob from a coach, or neighbor, or stranger while hitchhiking; a glory hole suddenly found; a few circle jerks with horny teammates or recruits; a handjob here; a blowjob there. You know how it is with teenagers. Everything's speedy. Fortunately, I'd been propositioned many more times than I think might be customary, which I attributed to tight jeans and a full crotch, and even more particularly to my friendly, open face which doesn't have 'NO' stamped all over it. I've always known I'm very approachable, so I wasn't really all that surprised by Kyle's come on.

But here I was, now, with my erection happily poking into the sexy, hot, young belly of a fellow soldier who was not telling me to take it away. 'I do find it exciting,' I admitted, finally, calmly, and quietly. Kyle looked surprised. I guess he had not expected me to be so forthright. 'But there's nothing we can do about it right here,' I added firmly.

'We could keep rollin' around like this, like we're wrestlin',' Kyle suggested. He made another stab at my balls with his erection, this time rather tentatively.

'No. If were gonna do this, let's do it right; let's find someplace better; someplace private.' I paused. 'Got any ideas?' I asked. We were both recruits, fresh from basic training, awaiting transfer to training schools. We had plenty of free time and I had an old car, but neither of us had much money, experience, or sophistication. The car, overheated now from sitting in the sun, was no place for romance. Renting a motel room didn't occur to us, and besides, we were perpetually broke. Going to a gay bath was simply something neither of us had even heard of. But doing it on an open beach, like this, was something I wasn't willing to contemplate, even though I was so aroused, so horny, and so attracted to Kyle.

Kyle was looking down at my erection, again. He looked up, smiled invitingly, and sighed, 'Man, I'd sure like to suck that big thing.'

'Holy shit!' I exclaimed, 'This really comes as a surprise.'

'I hope you're not annoyed. Your cock is still so nice and hard against my body.'

'No, I'm not annoyed,' I confirmed, 'I just want to get off of this damn beach.'

'Because I told you it's a gay beach?' he asked timidly.

'No. No. It's not that, exactly,' I told him honestly. 'I want to make out with you, Kyle,' I admitted, looking him in the eye, 'but not right here, this way.'

'Why not,' he asked in a seductive whisper, poking his hard cock up against my balls, which were now separated by the hot tube. 'Who'll know? Who'll care?' He tugged his right hand free from my grip and slid it between our bodies, wrapping its fingers quickly around my big boner with a knowing dexterity. It immediately occurred to me that he'd handled cock before.

The sensations raging through my body as a result of his skillful manipulation were incredible. He forced his fist down the shaft even though both our tight bodies prevented easy movement. Then back up. Then back down. Then back up where he squeezed the engorged glans and smiled up at me.

'This feels terrific,' he said huskily. 'What a great cock you've got, man.'

I couldn't protest. Passion overwhelmed my ability to think straight, or to stop him. A quick glance around confirmed to me that no one seemed to notice what we were doing. I released his other hand and rolled off him onto my side. As I did so, he rolled with me onto his side, facing me, never losing grip on my cock, his erection never breaking contact with my balls.

'Let me suck it,' he pleaded.

'No!' I said firmly, shocked out of my trance by the lasciviousness of his request. 'We just can't do it here, Kyle. The risks are simply too great.'

'What risks?' he asked in a faraway voice as if carried off by sexual arousal and not paying attention.

'I don't know. Maybe someone from the military is watching this beach with binoculars and a camera just waiting to catch guys like us doing what we're doing, then turning us in, or maybe even trying to blackmail us. I don't know. But we must take precaution. No one does this sort of thing out in the open.' I was sincere and Kyle finally realized it.

'But, damn, Jack,' he whispered, 'this feels so good. You're so fuckin' hot!' He was slowly pumping my long cock. I put my hand on his wrist.

'Look, Kyle, we gotta stop. Okay? Now, I said I'm willing to go somewhere with you, somewhere we can make out without worry. Fuck around together. But,' I said firmly, removing his hand from my cock, 'not here. Okay? Not now. So, calm down.' I was adamant.

'Okay, Jack,' he agreed, sounding forlorn, 'I'll behave.'

'Yes, keep your hands to yourself.'

He giggled.

I looked at him questioningly.

Grinning, he said, 'You mean I should...' and he pumped a fist in a jack-off motion. It was a sexy thing to do. He was a very sexy guy.

I laughed. So did he. Tensions were broken. Mentally, I gave a sigh of relief. I was beginning to think that all he ever thought about was sex. Of course, all I ever thought about was sex, so I don't know why that bothered me, but doing anything openly on a public beach struck me as being pretty crazy, even if my balls were aching for release.

We disentangled and, after a while, I was able to slip my Speedos back up over my slowly deflating cock. We collected our things and, on the way back to the car, I carried the blanket in a manner that shielded my crotch from prying eyes. Kyle, on the other hand, didn't seem to care if the giant bulge in his swimsuit was noticeable or not. And it was noticeable. Believe me!

As we stood at the car, shaking out and then folding the blanket, putting away lotions, books and the other things we'd brought to the beach, I saw two young men leaving the small changing house and toilets. They rinsed sand off of their feet in the spray of one of the outdoor showers available for swimmers. While watching them, I became aware that they were the first two people in my life at whom I only had to look to be confident they were gay. It was partly because Kyle had said this was a gay beach, and partly because I now saw how overtly friendly they were with each other. They exuded a familiarity uncommon, even unacceptable, among the young men I hung around with. It was discernible in the way the one guy placed his hand on the other's high buttocks to steady himself as he raised one foot behind himself to see if its sole was rinsed clean. That over-the-shoulder, curved bending to look back at his own foot, molding his trim body into an effete pose, seemed to me an indication of an effeminate nature in stark contract to his friend's overtly masculine stance. They looked right together.

Kyle silently watched me looking over at them. As the two walked away from us, bumping against one another they were so close together, Kyle interrupted my reverie by saying, quietly, 'Nice looking couple.'

My glance darted to his face. He looked handsome and lustful. I felt an intense longing for him which focused itself in my groin. I felt my dick going back on the rise. We were at a gay beach. I wondered what better place was there than right here to make out. The change house had no roof, and each room - the toilet room with booths and urinals, and the change-room itself - was open to the sky, but no one could see in. Since we were almost naked, anyhow, and if done quickly...

'I gotta take a leak,' Kyle announced, breaking into my thoughts. 'Come with me, this time, I wanna show you somethin'.' He headed towards the little building, carrying only his towel. I followed and we went inside. It seemed deserted. In the room beyond the changing room, there were three toilet booths in a row and three urinals lined up next to them.

'Look at this, Jack,' he whispered, indicating with a crooked finger and a wave of his hand that he wanted me to follow him into the middle booth. As I followed him in, the first impression I got was that the walls were completely covered with graffiti, both written and drawn. I had seldom before seen such flagrantly homoerotic art. It wasn't childish stick-drawing or amateurish doodling. No, most of it was fully sketched, carefully shaded, well-executed representations of muscular men at the peak of sexual activity, mostly sucking cock, being sucked, and/or jacking off and spurting cum. It was breathtaking in its impact on me.

The second thing I noticed I commented about without thinking: 'Oh! A glory hole!' And there it was, well positioned on the wall next to the commode.

'So you know what it is, do you?' Kyle whispered huskily. 'Well, there's two of 'em in here. Look!' and he leaned towards the first glory hole so I could look past him, and I saw the other one.

'Geez! What a place! And you were in here while I was sleeping on the beach?' I looked at him and smiled. He grinned back. 'Any action, then?' I asked, wondering how he'd answer so blunt a question.

'For a moment I thought there might have been, but the guy chickened out, pulled up his swimsuit and deserted the next booth after he saw me lookin' at him through the hole. It happens.' He was very casual about it.

'Would you have...' I asked, trailing off, not finishing the question. But I stepped closer, letting the door swing shut behind me, and flipped my towel onto a hook on the back of the door.

'I've always felt that if you make the offer you should go through with the deal. If I had beckoned him with a finger, or even asked him to shove it through, I would have felt it my duty to oblige him with a skillful blowjob.'

'Geez, are you skillful at it?'

'Wanna find out?' he asked, sliding down his swimsuit and sitting on the commode. He stared at my crotch while reaching down between his legs and hefting his growing cock for my inspection. It was a beauty: far larger that it had appeared to be when covered; fatter than it had felt when pressed against my balls; more stunning than I had imagined; and, best of all, uncut, just like mine. The thought struck me that, although he had checked me out in the barracks showers, I had not checked him out because I was so overly concerned about being 'found out.'

As I contemplated his cock and wondered what I should do, feeling my own cock rapidly completing its erection and suddenly poking up over the waistband of my Speedos, I heard him say, 'No one's around. This place is as private as any place we'd be able to find today, man. And if someone does come in, he'll want to join in on the fun, not cause a problem, I'm sure of it. Loosen up! We can enjoy ourselves...' he paused, then added, huskily, '...together!'

I had known he was right even before I had followed him into the small building. The atmosphere of the place, the glory holes, sexy drawings and graffiti, and his open masturbation as we talked, even the faint but recognizable odors of recent man-sex, had all worked to bring me back to an exceptionally high state of arousal. My cock was straining for release, and Kyle's dedicated stares weren't making it any easier to control my emotions. But, even so, I wanted to be cautious.

'Gee, Kyle, two guys in one booth... I don't know...' I explained hesitantly, '... what if someone does come in?'

'Okay,' he agreed, standing up, 'you sit down, here, and I'll go into one of the other booths.' He moved around me, his fist and cock making contact with me as he moved. Then he waited, his back against the booth's door. I realized, immediately, that he wanted me to slip my swimsuit down and sit on the commode.

Normally, I'm not at all shy, but there was something about this place, I don't know, something about Kyle's enthusiasm that caused me to be hesitant. Reluctantly, I tugged at my waistband, pulled the drawstring, untying it, and then slowly exposed the rest of my erection to Kyle's admiring eyes.

'Man, what a cock!' he sighed excitedly. His hand darted out and he re-gripped my hardon with an easy familiarity. 'It's the best I've ever seen, ever felt,' he told me sincerely, beginning a vigorous pumping of the hot organ.

'Com'on, Kyle,' I whispered, 'You said you'd go into the next booth,' and I slowly lowered myself onto the seat of the commode, eventually causing him to release me from his grip. My cock was rigidly erect and already leaking fluid.

Kyle licked his lips and sighed, 'Man, I want to suck that big thing!' But then he turned and went out of the booth.

I noticed that the booth doors opened and closed very quietly with none of the squeaking one expects in these places, but that random thought was cut short with the appearance of Kyle's cock being shoved through the glory hole at me from the right. Then it stood there in the bright light and open air in its full splendor. It filled the hole. Rigidly! Pulsating with vigor! A drop of liquid formed at the deep indentation on the crown as I watched. Inviting me! There was no way I could ignore such a magnificent cock or refuse such a splendid invitation to suck it! My mouth began to water as I lowered my head towards it.

My tongue lapped up the droplet of precious liquid at the tip and then swiped at the entire glans. As I heard Kyle suck in his breath at the touch of my tongue, I also saw his cock further enlarge, stiffening with arousal. Lust overtook me and I sucked in the entire cockhead and applied full suction while tonguing the tasty folds of foreskin.

'Oh! Man! You can suck!' he whispered with deep emotion. 'I wasn't sure you'd go for cock, man, but, - Wow - this feels terrific! Suck it, man! That's it! Suck my big dick! Oh! Yeah! Suck my big dick! That's it! Suck my big dick!'

He fell into a repetitious chant as I energized my sucking talents into a classic blowjob, giving him head like he'd never expected, deep-throating that 'big dick' of his with an enthusiasm that swept both of us onto a level of enjoyment always hoped for but seldom achieved. He started pounding his body noisily against the wooden partition, pumping his long cock into me with frenzy, really working with me, really shoving cock to me.

Suddenly, yet inevitably, he crashed against the board forcibly and changed his chant to 'Here it is, man. Here it is, man. I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!'

His voice rang in my ears musically, delighting me, as his sperm spurted into me, filling me over and over. I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed his enormous outpouring of viscous juices. It was phenomenal!

Once past the pinnacle and completely drained, he withdrew his hard meat, tugging it from me and pulling it back through the glory hole. I heard him sit down, heavily, on the commode, breathing hard, catching his breath.

After a few moments, I heard his voice at the other side of the hole and looked to see his mouth there at the hole. It looked very sexy. 'Oh, God, Jack, that was wonderful! Man! You really do it good! You really surprised me with your talented mouth. I just had the best orgasm of my life. I came more than I've ever come before. It was terrific! But look at you, man. Your cock looks like it's ready to burst! Shove it through to me and let me suck it for you. That's it. Shove it through to...'

He stopped talking as the head of my cock surged through the glory hole and pressed against his hot lips, which parted, instantly. I was welcomed into the intense heat of his moist mouth. He sucked, twirling his tongue around the sensitive meat, as I pressed inwards. He took it. He took more of it. And more! He took it all! I was surprised. He was much better at cocksucking than I had come to expect of any young recruit.

Everything about the experience combined to raise me to exceptional sexual intensity. Everything: the warm air on my naked body; the atmosphere of the place with its lusty drawings; the taste of his delicious ejaculate on my tongue; the correct placement of the glory hole; the feel of my balls against the wood; his terrific suction and expert handling of my large organ; even the element of danger for a naked soldier getting a blowjob from another naked soldier; all worked to bring me to that wonderful, memorable awareness that I was about to come. My entire body reacted to the excitement, stiffening, readying for the intense, gut-wrenching, muscle-spasming explosion of semen.

'I'm gonna shoot!' I warned through clenched teeth, and immediately felt him rise to capture my cockhead in his mouth. He wanted the full explosion of my jism on his tongue, like any good cocksucker does. I let him have it! I really had no choice. I blasted off into overwhelming orgasm, delirious with spasming tremors, filling him over and over with my machine-gun-rapid spurts. He groaned with greedy pleasure between swallows of the heavy flow, demanding all of it from me, drinking it all down, swallowing my cum.

I withstood his prolonged sucking until well after I had finished shooting off into him, and until I was simply unable to endure the continued pressure on my now over-sensitized cockhead, lurching with aftershocks and clenching my buttocks in reaction to the fantastic blowjob, having given him what he wanted. But I finally had to pull back and collapse onto the commode to catch my breath, just as he had. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the aftereffects of a marvelous experience.

That's when I heard him gasp at the hole.

I looked over at him. All I saw were his eyes, opened wide with amazement, staring past me.

'Christ! Look at that, Jack!' he whispered excitedly.

I turned to my left and got a genuine shock! A full-sized, meaty, stiffly erect cock was standing up through the other glory hole! A glorious erection pulsating at attention waiting for my reaction. Invitingly. Erotically. Lustily. Its sight overwhelmed me with sexual excitement.

We hadn't heard this silent, bare-footed Fucker enter the booth, but he'd obviously seen some or most of our sucking and wanted in on the action. Well, who can blame him? And, at Kyle's urgent recommendation that I 'Go for it,' I went for it! It slipped easily into my semen-coated mouth as if it belonged there!

Before I had had more than a couple of slurps on the long tool, I suddenly discovered Kyle kneeling next to me watching the action. Those damn doors really were silent. He looked especially excited as he watched me sucking cock. And he was watching me do it close up. Real close.

'All I could see was the back of your head, Jack,' he offered by way of explaining his action. I understood. He wanted to see more. The idea of being watched as I sucked cock really turned me on, so I put on a great display of my talents for him while the guy in the next booth clearly appreciated my efforts. He was humping energetically through the glory hole into my mouth and delighting me with his enthusiasm. Together we reached ecstatic levels when, suddenly, he began pumping cum into me without warning. Kyle could see me swallowing and swallowing and said huskily, 'He's coming! My God! He's coming!'

The instant I realized I had captured all of the semen he had to offer, I withdrew to let Kyle get a close up view of the marvelous cock. It was shiny with saliva and sperm but still rigid with lust as it throbbed in front of us. Then, it was slowly withdrawn back through the hole as it began to deflate.

'Man, that was great!' a deep, masculine voice whispered in heartfelt tones across the partition, adding, 'Thanks.'

From the angle I was at, I watched him wrap a towel around his naked loins and leave the booth.

Kyle was beside himself with excitement. He was completely naked. I didn't know where his Speedos were. He was squatted down, next to me, toying with a reinvigorated erection and looking wild-eyed.

Sucking a cock, like that, right in front of Kyle, had given me a reinvigorated erection, too. Unconsciously, my hand had wrapped itself around the thick shaft as I watched Kyle fondling his.

'Man! That was thrilling! I've never seen a guy suck cock before,' he exclaimed enthusiastically. 'I never watched a cock getting sucked, like that. It was terrific! Got me all hot, again!'

He stood up. His stalwart hardon loomed in front of my face. His big, almost hairless, balls were near enough to lick as I stared at them, mesmerized. He shifted his body, as he saw the focus of my gaze, so that the distance between his balls and my lips was slowly, tantalizingly, narrowed. Until the fine, wiry hair on his ball-sac tickled my lips and set them on fire, as the odor of his masculinity and the heat of his balls excited me beyond awareness of time, place or danger. To where all I saw were his big balls and all I wanted to do was to taste them, lick them, suck on them, and enjoy them fully.

He let out a long sigh as my tongue slid over them and my lips pulled at those giant testicles. I saw his dick vibrate rigidly with lust and knew he wanted me to suck his balls. I heard his sharp intake of breath as he felt the pleasure produced by the heat of my mouth, by my firm yet tender treatment of those giant balls.

I looked up, past the thickness of his high-standing cock, and saw him looking down passionately at me, an expression of extreme sensual pleasure written all over his face. He moaned. 'Look at my balls in your mouth, man!' he sighed. 'You love 'em, don't you,' he asked, knowing we both knew the answer.

His voice brought me out of my trance. I released his balls and whispered, 'We shouldn't do it here...'

Another shock! A voice came through the glory hole from the booth Kyle had vacated! It said, 'Oh, man! Don't stop now. I wanna watch you two in action!'

I glanced at the glory hole through which I had gotten blown and had blown Kyle and saw a pair of eyes staring in at us. Just the eyes. They were wide with excitement.

I looked up at Kyle, who gave me a shrug and an expression as if to say, 'Well, why not? He wants to watch. Let 'im watch!' Then he shifted his hips, while using a finger to point his cock towards my mouth, and aimed the fat cockhead at me. In my state of lustful arousal I realized that the cockhead, shining in the bright sunlight of the roofless room, looked amazingly like the cockhead I had been dreaming about when Kyle had awakened me. Enormous, with flaring contours and generous foreskin! I knew I wanted to suck it. I knew I would suck it. I knew I had to suck it!

Both Kyle and the watcher in the next booth sighed loudly as I allowed the giant cockhead entry into my mouth. I moaned with pleasure, vibrating the cockhead erotically. Sucking cock is so enjoyable. Being watched, while sucking cock expanded my enjoyment, and I felt that Kyle enjoyed being watched, too, as his cock got sucked.

As the big cock got forced down my throat, deeper and deeper, until, finally, the big balls were at my lips pressed against my chin, the watcher in the next booth kept gasping in surprise. 'Look at that' he hissed in amazement. 'It's goin' in all the way, man! It's in, down to the balls! You've got that big cock in all the way down to his balls!' His voice was a strained whisper of excitement as he watched us working together to slide the big weapon in and out of my throat. 'Man, seein' you two in action is gettin' me HOT!' he added lustily as the pace picked up.

'Haul it out, man, and shove it through,' Kyle advised through jaws clenched with sexual tension, 'and we'll take care of it for ya as soon as I come!' His lusty invitation surprised me - and delighted me - but I kept on sucking his magnificent cock. I realized the presence of the watcher was impacting his rigid arousal, and experience told me he'd be blasting off at any moment, now. His balls were up tight against the base of his thick cockstem and I was fingering them lightly as I sucked on the long pole.

As Kyle sighed, 'Wow, look at that,' I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and shifted slightly to watch a monster cock being shoved through the glory hole at us. It was a champion! One of the biggest I've ever seen.

'Holy Shit, Jack,' Kyle exclaimed as he reached out a fist and encircled the huge weapon, 'I could never handle this fucker!' Instinctively, he began pumping the large organ. It was an awesome sight to see: my naked lover playing with a stranger's giant erection while I kept up my best deep throating suction. It made me realize that our relationship was typical of young guys: hot, explosive, but not particularly monogamous.

Kyle's hand moved faster, really pumping the big thing, but then suddenly stopped as his entire body went tense. 'I'm coming!' he hissed excitedly, rising up onto the balls of his feet, humping cock into me. The first blasts caught me deep, but I worked to get the rest into my mouth, savoring his thick, juicy, hot semen as it filled my mouth over and over and over.

Emptied, Kyle backed away, leaning against the booth's door to catch his breath, but never shifting his gaze from the giant cock pulsating in the bright sunlight. 'Do it, Jack!' he encouraged, 'Suck that big cock!'

'Yeah, Jack,' the guy joined in, calling me by name now that he'd heard Kyle using it, 'Suck my big cock!' It was a command I was not willing to ignore.

I had to reposition myself to rise to the proper angle to handle the mammoth erection. As Kyle watched me lapping at it, moistening it, licking it, kissing the cockknob, sucking in the giant cockhead, he again went down on one knee to take in all of the action close up. I found his presence both reassuring and arousing.

The massive organ required lots of work. Slowly I forced it down my throat, really giving the guy what he wanted - a great blowjob!

Kyle took it all in, gasping or commenting from time to time, until, suddenly, I heard him say, in an awestruck voice, 'Oh! My God!' Instantly, I recognized from his tone that yet another hard cock had been thrust in at us through the other glory hole!

Kyle had been kneeling next to the glory hole I was sucking cock at, but like one hypnotized, he slowly worked himself around my knees and started sucking the offered cock. I couldn't turn to watch, of course, but I heard slurps from Kyle and sighs from beyond the wall.

'What's goin' on, man?' my partner wanted to know. After a pause, during which his cock stiffened in my mouth to absolute rigidity, he sighed, 'You're both suckin' cock, ain't ya?!' As soon as I hummed an agreement, 'Um Hum,' onto his cock, he froze and began hosing cum into me. I swallowed and swallowed, receiving more cum than I thought a single orgasm could produce.

Immediately, I heard Kyle slurping and swallowing, slurping and swallowing, and knew he, too, was receiving a hot load from his partner.

When the giant cock was slowly withdrawn, I slumped onto my haunches, resting. It had been overwhelmingly exciting! Kyle slumped next to me and we looked at each other, grinning.

'What a great day!' I sighed.

'Yeah,' he agreed, 'and look at this!' He fisted his cock and waggled it at me. It looked renewed, with that shiny, bright cockhead gleaming at me as he raised himself and pointed it at my mouth.

Just as it had in my dream, it looked fantastic as it slowly neared my mouth! And I wanted it.

'Wow,' a new voice whispered through a glory hole, 'look at the two of you!'

'More meat,' I thought to myself as I went down on Kyle's hot cock! I wondered how long it would take before we could leave. Or if we would want to!



Jack Sofelot


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