As I stepped through the bedroom door I glanced in one more time to look fondly on the form huddled up blissfully sleeping under the covers. I thought back on the wild night we had just spent in that bed and smiled. It was a warm and genuine smile of contentment. Even though I knew I wouldn't be heard, I whispered 'Good night, love.' as I closed the door.

It was raining when I stepped out into the night.

Of course it was. It was always raining when I had to be out. Just part of life here in Bay City. Down here on the southern Oregon coast we got the remnants of all the big storms that came up from California. They just rolled on up the coast building power and speed until they all seemed to vent their fury on the little industrial fishing town of Bay City.

It sucked, but what could you do? Just carry on.

I hadn't intended to end up here.

Yeah, that statement pretty much sums up my life. It seems I spent most of it ending up in places I hadn't intended to be. When I enlisted in the Army I wanted to learn something with computers. Do my tour sitting behind a safe desk somewhere.

Well, that didn't happen. Not so much, anyway.

I ended up in the Military Police. It wasn't so bad, at the start. They gave me a place to sleep and fair to decent pay and even if the food wasn't haut cuisine, there was plenty of it. I figured I'd end up checking ID cards at the gate of some military post somewhere for the rest of my tour. I actually got to spend a couple of years doing that at a post out in Kansas. Not a bad gig, when you look at it. Nothing mentally challenging, but the odds of ending up dead that way were pretty slim.

Well, that didn't last too long.

My unit ended up getting attached to a UN company and going over to some little northern european swamp where everybody was trying to wipe out everybody else after the fall of the Soviet Union. They killed each other for racial differences and they killed each other for religious differences and they killed each other because they were right handed or left handed and whether or not they wore mittens instead of gloves when it got cold.

And our job was to try and stop that.

If you remember, that didn't work out so good, either.

Two years into an eighteen month tour (I'd love to see the math on that one explained) I ended up getting sent back stateside with twenty five holes in my precious only skin where they had pried mortar fragments out of my hide. I was the lucky one. Two of the guys in my patrol didn't make it and the guy who was on point lost a leg.

I spent two months in Germany getting put back together and another six in DC in another military hospital doing physical therapy.

While I was in the hospital I received two letters. The first one contained a little box with a Purple Heart medal and a copy of my medical discharge papers telling me I was entitled to full military veterans benefits. Uncle Sam was grateful and proud..... blah blah blah.

The second one was from an attorney. It had apparently been mailed to me right before I got hit on patrol and had spent the next several months following me around before it finally caught up to me there. The attorney explained that my mother had passed away about the time I got shipped overseas and according to the provisions in her will (see attached) I inherited a small mobile home in Bay City Oregon and the proceeds of her $10,000 life insurance policy.

Minus the attorneys fees, of course. Yeah.

Mom and I had never been really close. Let's just leave it at that. She rarely even spoke of my father who was killed in Vietnam. She rarely ever spoke to me at all, when it comes right down to it. I was her one and only child and when I left home I'm pretty sure it was with a sigh of relief on her part.

I had no idea how or when or why she ended up in Bay City.

So when I was discharged from the hospital I hopped a MAC flight to Salem, Oregon with a check for a little over nine thousand dollars in my pocket. A long boring but scenic bus ride later decanted me in beautiful downtown Bay City.

It was raining that day, too. Go figure.

The mobile home was nicer than I expected. In my mind I had a picture of one of those old 1950's Airstream travel trailers up on blocks in a seedy mobile home park. In actuality it was one of the newer trailers. Three bedrooms, lots of additional stuff like appliances and ceiling fans and such, set on a lot that was a little over ten acres in a little stand of woods about a quarter mile from the beach. The attorney (who turned out to be a pretty decent guy, for an attorney) told me that Mom had bought the place brand new about six months before she died. He also turned over to me the proceeds of a bank account with about six thousand dollars in it and they keys to a small battered Toyota that came with the place.

Mom hadn't spent a whole lot of time unpacking, other than the furniture and dishes and her clothes. One spare bedroom was still half full of boxes still taped shut. After a cursory glance through most of them, I took several trips to the local Salvation Army thrift store and unloaded most of the stuff there. I kept a few items for sentimental reasons or because I thought they might be actually worth something some day.

I replaced all of the flowery linens and stuff for more utilitarian plain white sheets and towels. I had two duffel bags full of clothes and a small gym bag of books and things. That pretty much concluded my unpacking.

My original intent was to sell the place quick and go somewhere else and start a new life. I had no plans on staying in Bay City. But the place was nice and peaceful out there in the woods. On calm nights when I slept with the windows open I could hear the ocean off in the distance. The place started to grow on me. I picked up a night watchman job at one of the local factories which suited me pretty well. I spent my evenings in a little shack reading books and doing crossword puzzles and walking laps around the factory floor to keep in shape.

With my MP training, I suppose I could have applied with the local police force, but that idea didn't set too well with me. But a few months after I started at the factory I heard on the radio that someone had a school for private detectives going over in Brookings, a few miles down the road. It was only a few grand, and I had quite a bit of money left, so I signed up.

Six months later I walked out of the place with my diploma and an investigators license. I had visions in my head of taking off to LA or San Fransisco or even up to Seattle or Portland and opening my own office. Instead I ended up taking a spot in a small Bay City agency, pretty much because of my lack of ambition.

The agency wasn't real busy. After all, Bay City wasn't that big of a town. Only about 25,000 people. Less in the summer when all of the college kids went home. We didn't have lots of pristine beaches so there wasn't that much of a tourist trade in the season. I kept my job at the factory part time to supplement my income.

As the new guy, I got all of the jobs that nobody wanted. Usually divorce cases. Whenever someone wanted a possibly cheating spouse tailed, I got the job. I didn't much care for those, but there you are. Most of the work involved following someone and taking lots and lots of pictures. I bought two digital cameras for the job. You could load a whole lot of pictures on a memory card and never have to pay for developing film. And swapping out a memory card was a hell of a lot easier than swapping out a roll of film.

I got real used to seeing the seedy side of life. There were just enough sleazy cheap motels spread out between the beach and scattered along the highway to keep me hopping pretty steadily. I'd been with the agency for a little over a year. I knew all of the seedy motels and even most of the secluded parking spots that cheaters preferred for their play areas.

Actually, I was getting pretty tired of it. The first dozen times I actually managed to get pics of someone having a little romp it was exciting and a little arousing. After awhile it had gotten boring. By this time I was beginning to look on sex as something cheap and degrading. I knew that wasn't a healthy outlook and I was thinking maybe it was time to change professions.

There had been a girl. Olivia. She worked at the used bookstore downtown that I frequented. Petite, brunette, brown doe-like eyes and a real hellion in the sack. We'd dated for a few months and then broken up under a mutual agreement. She'd gotten tired of hearing me grouse about work and said I was depressing her. We stayed friends and she still gave me a discount at the store.

That works.

I had decided at the end of the year I was going to take a month off and quit the agency. Find something different to do. Something a little more cheerful, maybe. The year was going to be over in another three weeks. I had given them my notice. Steve, the boss, tried to talk me out of leaving, but my mind was made up. So instead he handed me one last job. Another divorce case. Go figure.

A woman thought that her husband was cheating on her. He kept saying he was helping out a friend. Turns out that he actually was telling the truth, but I didn't know it yet. Things turned out okay for them in the end. He'd gone three times to a bar down on the other side of college town called the Blue Oyster. From the outside it looked like a sort of hip trendy place. The clientele going in and out looked like they were the more cerebral of the college crowd. Older guys that dressed like professors and the younger guys were always nicely dressed and none of them wore football jerseys like you saw in the other joints.

I'd trailed the guy there three times, like I said. Each time he spent the whole night sitting in a booth with a guy that he worked with. The second time they came they both arrived in the same car and that was how I knew it was someone from his office. They sat and talked until the wee hours of the morning and then they left and went different directions. The first two times I was lucky and I managed to watch them through a window and snap a few pictures. But since there was nothing really going on, I quit taking pics and saved my batteries.

The third night I decided to slip inside and see if I could overhear any of their conversation or at least get some idea of what was going on. I figured his wife was paying the bill, so I might at least make her feel better.

The place wasn't too crowded for a Friday night. Maybe twenty or thirty people scattered here and there. I managed to slide into a booth right behind my two guys and catch snatches of their conversation over the sound of the teevee and the juke box. From what I could hear initially, his friend was having some kind of emotional crisis and the guy I was following was trying to help talk him through it. It took me about an hour of nursing draft beers as slowly as I could to piece it together. His friend had come to the realization that he was gay. And of course, having been married for several years, he was having some difficulty coming to grips with the idea. How was he going to tell his wife and kids? Ouch, I sure didn't want to be in his shoes.

I'd take another twenty five holes in my skin rather than be in that situation. Not the being gay part, the having to tell the wife part. That would be rough.

Suddenly a small dim light went off in my head. It was like being on patrol and getting a feeling that something just wasn't right. I turned my head and slowly surveyed the room, taking the whole place in from one side to the other. Then I looked again and paid more attention to faces and body language and how people were actually interacting with each other.

Yup. This was a gay bar. No doubt about it. I felt rather foolish that I hadn't noticed it before.

The thought didn't freak me out or anything. I'd had gay friends before and their sexuality never bothered me. There were a few guys in my unit that were gay, even though we weren't supposed to know. One of my closest friends in the unit was a lesbian chick that could bench press twice what I could, and I was no lightweight! But I also knew guys that would have crawled right out of their skins in order to get as far away from that place as possible.

Well, since I had solved the mystery of the wandering husband, I figured I might as well drink one more beer and sit here in the booth and write up my report for the wondering wife. I was about halfway through the second page in my notebook when a voice said 'Excuse me sir?'

I looked up to see a young kid with one leg in a cast just below his right knee and a set of crutches standing across the booth from me. He said 'Do you mind if I sit? My leg is killing me!'

A quick look around the room told me that the place had finished filling up while I was writing and there were very few seats left anywhere. Especially one big enough for someone with a broken leg. I waved at the opposite bench and said 'Help yourself.' and he slid into the seat gratefully, leaning his crutches up in the corner. The kid said 'Thanks. Can I buy you a beer for your hospitality?' I shrugged and said 'Sure.' The kid waved at the barman for two drinks.

'I hope I didn't interrupt what you were doing.' He said as I closed my notebook and slid it back into my jacket pocket. I just shook my head.

'It wasn't anything important.'

'Are you a writer?' he asked.

'No, nothing like that.' I said. Then I added 'Actually, I'm a private investigator. I had to follow somebody earlier tonight and I was just writing up my notes for the report.'

His eyes went wide. He said 'That is so cool!' His excitement made him look even younger than he was. I had to take another look at him through my investigators eyes and reassess him. My first impression said 'kid' but my second look said he was probably at least on the high side of twenty five. Not a day over twenty six, though. His face was still clear and untroubled and unwrinkled by life. Except for the cast he looked in pretty good shape. Dark dark brown hair that was almost black and brown eyes partially hidden by a pair of little round glasses.

When our drinks arrived I pointed to his cast sticking out the side of the booth seat and said 'Football injury?' He looked the type.

He actually blushed a little and shook his head. 'It was the stupidest thing.' he said. 'I was in the shower at the dorms. Someone before me had left their soap on the floor and I stepped on it getting out. The next thing I knew, there I was; buck naked on the floor of the bathroom with a broken leg! They carried me out on a gurney with nothing on but a towel. The other guys haven't let me live it down yet.'

We shared a laugh and he stuck his hand across the table at me. 'Michael' he said 'Michael Bernstein.' I shook his hand and replied 'Dexter Ford. My friends call me Dex.'

Michael smiled at me. 'So, Dex.' he said 'Are you here on a case or are you looking for someone?' He leaned in and almost whispered 'You do know what kind of a place this is, don't you?' I nodded. 'Yes, Michael. I know what kind of a place this is and no, I'm not looking for anybody right now. Just ended up here by happenstance. I'm finishing this last case here and I'm taking a vacation to look for some other kind of work. Turns out that being a PI isn't as exciting as I'd hoped it would be. It's getting me down.' I waved a hand at his leg again. 'How about you? Shouldn't you be home with your leg up on a pillow somewhere?'

Michael grimaced and nodded ruefully. 'Probably' he said. 'I've been spending every night for the last week in my dorm room and I was going a little buggy. I needed to get out and move around some.' He grimaced a little and rubbed the cast, as if to ease the pain in his leg. 'I guess I got out and about too soon.' He shifted around in the seat a little to get more comfortable and sighed as he looked around the crowded room. 'Coming here has pretty much been a mistake, anyway. I thought with being a college bar I might meet someone interesting. But all there is here is horny professors looking for a quick hookup and preppy boys looking to hook up with professors.' He laughed, a short quick bark. 'I suspect that some of them are just here trying to get better grades.' I suspected that he was right.

We spent probably the better part of the next two hours just sitting in the booth talking. It turned out that Michael was getting his degree in Criminal Justice, with his eye on computer fraud type stuff. He aspired to work for the FBI some day. He had a thousand questions about being a PI and I tried to answer them as honestly as I could. I found myself warming to him. He was so open and honest, even if he was a little naive. I wanted to get to know him better and that sort of startled me. I hadn't really been personable with anybody since I left the hospital. Michael was arousing feelings in me that I hadn't thought existed anymore and I wanted to get to the bottom of them and figure out what was going on.

The investigator part of me was still on the clock apparently. Questions kept popping into my mind, wanting to draw out more information like the young man was a client or a suspect. 'So what is it you are looking for, Michael?' I asked. 'I take it from your coming here that you are saying that you're gay and looking for a man.'

He blushed again. It struck me that it was kind of cute, in a weird sort of way. That made my mind race off in all different directions. I had to actually stop and listen when I realized that he had leaned across the table and lowered his voice.

'....on me, will you?' he said.

I shook my head and leaned towards him. 'I'm sorry. What was that?'

He spoke a little louder, but not loud enough to be heard anywhere besides our table. He said 'If I tell you a secret, you won't tell on me, will you?'

I spread my hands and shrugged. 'Who would I tell?'

He leaned in a little closer, hitching his cast further up on the booth seat and almost whispered. 'The truth of it is' he said 'I have never actually ever been with a man. I've had these.... feelings..... and attractions.... for awhile now. I suspect that I'm probably gay. Or at least bisexual. I've been with a few women before. The sex was always fun but..... it always seemed like there was something..... lacking. Do you know what I mean?' I nodded, reassuringly. Not really knowing, but just to keep him talking. Suddenly that short fling with Olivia passed through my mind and I knew exactly what he was talking about. It was fun, but something was lacking. Hmmm....

'I broke off an engagement with a girl back home when I left for college.' he continued. 'We just weren't clicking anyway. And when I got here and realized that I was looking at other men that way, I knew what was wrong with me. Or... not necessarily wrong, per se. I guess it was just my perceptions that changed.' He sighed again. 'Even now I'm not sure what I want.'

'I guess, if I were to say who I am looking for, I'd have to say someone like you, Dex.'

That startled me. I said 'You don't even know me, Michael. And I told you, I'm just here by coincidence. I'm not gay.'

Or at least I was pretty sure I wasn't. But there was something about Michael that I would have to admit was attractive. He was a little shy and kind of vulnerable in a way that made me want to reach out and protect him. This was a new line of thought for me and I would have to mull it around some before I decided what to do with it.

Michael reached out and took hold of my hand and traced the scar that went from the outside of my wrist to the knuckle of my index finger. I had several more of those that weren't visible, but one prominent one that went from the bridge of my nose almost to my left ear. The doctors said that I had been a millimeter or so away from losing my eye. People I met almost always stared at that one. Michael hadn't even glanced at it. Or not so I had noticed, anyway.

'You're older than I am, Dex. You're what.... thirty five? Thirty six?'

I shrugged and said 'Thirty two. I look older than I really am. There are some things in life that will do that to you.'

He nodded, his thumb still rubbing up and down the line of scar tissue on my hand. It never really occurred to me to pull my hand away. His skin was soft and warm and the pressure of his thumb caused little tingles of feeling around the area. I hadn't actually had any sensation in that spot since that night on patrol. Nothing other than pain, anyway.

'Someone a little older than me.' Michael said. 'Someone who has been places and seen things. I've never been anywhere besides here and back home in Roseburg. Not really, anyway. Someone who could teach me things and learn about things with me. Someone smart and kind and gentle and sure of them self. Someone who would appreciate me for who I am.' He looked me right in the eyes and repeated himself. 'Someone like you.'

Michael shook his head again. 'It's true that I don't know you, Dex. I just met you for the first time, what? Two hours ago? But I've been attracted to you since I first saw you sitting here. I was so nervous I almost walked away twice before I worked up the nerve to ask you if I could sit down. Ever since I realized that I am attracted to men, you are the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.'

I actually pulled my hand away at that point and laughed aloud. Reaching into my back pocket, I pulled out a clean handkerchief and tossed it on the table. 'Here, kid.' I said. 'You need to clean your glasses.' My hand went up and unconsciously rubbed the scar on my cheek. 'I am anything but beautiful. I wasn't all that pretty before I got all banged up and I sure as hell aint now.'

Michael reached out and recaptured my hand in both of his and squeezed it. 'Dex.....' he said 'Those scars don't make you ugly. They make you look proud and strong, like a lion. Most people try to hide things like that away. But not you. You have a look on your face that says 'This is me. Take me as I am.' And that makes you beautiful in my eyes.' He paused and took a deep breath, then blurted out 'If I was undecided before about my sexuality, I'm not anymore. Whether I'm actually gay or bisexual doesn't matter. I am attracted to you in a way that I have never been with anybody before in my life.' He paused and looked into my eyes again and said 'I want you, Dexter Ford.'

I started to say 'Look, kid...' and stopped. His warms hands on mine were feeling really good and I had come to the sudden realization that I was pretty aroused. Never having been in this situation before it was understandable if I was a little confused. Love another man? Make love to another man? Sure, I knew the mechanics of it. I read books. Magazines like Penthouse and Playboy were full of stories about it. I'd just never considered it as a viable alternative. And now all of the sudden this guy had gotten me all hot and bothered.

I said 'If this is a pick-up line, it's a good one.'

Michael looked a little hurt. He said 'I never said any of that to anybody ever before. I meant every word of it.'

I squeezed his hand and said 'Sorry. My job makes me a little cynical at times.' This time I looked into his eyes. 'Did you really mean all of that?'

He nodded and said 'I said so, didn't I?' a little defensively.

I waved my other hand and said 'Look, Michael. I'm sorry. This is all just a little new to me. You know? This wasn't how I expected my night to go. Not at all. I expected to go home and type up my report for work and maybe eat a frozen pizza and crawl into bed alone. Now all of the sudden this....' I paused and looked at him again. 'This cute guy.... has got me all worked up... and incredibly horny... and I don't quite know what to do next.' I paused again and squeezed his soft fingers in mine.

'I don't know whether to run away or take you home and fuck your socks off.'

The flush on Michaels face spread all the way down past the neckline of his shirt. He gulped visibly and said 'I hope you don't run away.'

'Are you sure this is what you want?'

He nodded, his eyes still locked with mine.

'Let's go, then.'

I returned my handkerchief to my pocket and flipped a few bills on the table to cover the drinks as I stood up. Michael struggled out of the booth and I held his crutches still while he climbed up on them. I hadn't realized until I was standing next to him that that Michael was only a little over five feet tall. He made me feel like a giant. I walked slowly and broke a trail through the noisy crowd as we made our way out of the bar. We walked the half a block to my car in silence, our ears still slightly ringing from the noise. I unlocked the passenger door and held it open. Michael slid his crutches into the back seat and turned back to me, his hands on top of the door, his face only inches away from mine. There was this awkward moment as we both moved imperceptibly closer and finally his lips came up to meet mine. At first it was just a hesitant peck, then he slid an arm around my waist and opened his lips to me and I kissed him hard and deep. The feel and taste of him made me slightly dizzy and I had to stand there for a second and recover my senses as we broke away and he clumsily climbed into the passenger seat.

I walked around to the drivers side and realized that I had a raging hardon. It was a little embarrassing. I felt like a teenager with my first dirty magazine. Even Olivia had never gotten me that wound up with just a kiss!

But my mind was still whirling. I had never ever in my life been this confused. Even being in combat hadn't made me this nervous. I briefly considered just dropping him off at the dorm and telling him I'd made a mistake. That I wasn't attracted to men and this whole deal was a bad idea. Then Michael reached out and laid his hand on my thigh as I drove. He didn't stroke or squeeze, he just laid it there. But the heat from his hand spread out from there straight to my crotch and I felt my prick get even harder in my pants. It felt like it was going to rip right through my pants and smack into the bottom of the steering wheel. I had to roll down the window to get a little air, even tough the night was rainy and cold. I heard somebody groan with pleasure and I'm pretty sure it was me.

It only took ten minutes to drive out to my place. As he got out of the car Michael stopped and said 'Wow. You can hear the waves from here! This is a great place! Is it all yours?' I told him that it was and helped him up the three steps and through the front door. Once inside I helped him off with his coat and got him seated on the couch. He started asking questions about the mobile home (having never been inside one before) and I ended up telling him the whole deal with my mother and how I ended up owning the place. As we talked I puttered around in the kitchen and ended up making a pot of coffee that I really didn't want or need. I was doing things just to cover my nervousness. Walking away from the coffee pot, I got us two big glasses of ice water and carried them to the couch. Michael took his gratefully and drained half of it down in big gulps. When he set the glass down he said 'There's something about beer that makes me thirsty as hell. Thanks.'

As I sat down, I looked at Michael and said 'Since you told me your secrets, I guess I should tell you mine.' I looked down into my glass and took a big drink. 'The truth is.... I've never done this before either. Not with a man, anyway. Hell, until a few minutes ago in the parking lot, I'd never kissed another man before.' I paused and shook my head. 'As a matter of fact, I have never even considered it before until tonight. But there's something about you.... I don't know for sure. You've gotten into my head like nobody ever has before. I'm a little spooked by it.'

Michael took the glass from my hand and set it on the coffee table. Then he laid his hand back on my thigh and I felt that delicious warmth again. My cock, which had laid back down, sprung back up inside my pants. How did he do that?

He scooted a little closer and propped his cast up on the coffee table. 'Do you want me to leave?'

I shook my head and grinned. 'Hell no.' We leaned together and we kissed for the second time. His lips were soft and sweet and opened immediately to me as my hand slid to the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Michael moaned softly into my mouth. His hand, which had been laying on my thigh, began sliding up and down my leg, getting a little closer to my crotch each time. I felt like if he didn't touch me soon, I would explode. But I knew that if he did, I'd still explode. Just in a different way.

My other hand had slipped up inside Michaels shirt, my hand roaming all over his smooth belly and firm chest. He had the build of a swimmer, smooth and sleek instead of being overly muscled. It was a different feeling, touching a mans body. Different, but not bad. And I was so horny he would have felt good to me no matter what.

Michael shifted his weight a little and his foot fell off the coffee table with a loud 'clunk!' He pulled his lips away from me, grabbed his leg and said 'Owwwww.... shit.' He rubbed his hands up and down the cast and said 'That really hurt.'

I took this as a sign to gather my wits about me. Maybe step away from this crazy thing I was doing and get a handle on what was going on. I was in another one of those places I never intended (and surely never even dreamed of) to be.

I patted his other knee gently and said 'Maybe I should just take you home so you can get some rest.'

'No!!' His hand gripped my arm as I started to get up off the couch. Michaels eyes were large and tragic as he looked up at me. He said 'I don't care about my leg, Dex. I would cut it off if it meant I could stay here with you.' He placed a small warm hand in the middle of my chest. 'I don't want to go home. I don't want to go back to the dorm and crawl into that ridiculous twin bed by myself. I want to be here with you.' He leaned forward and kissed me quickly and whispered 'If you want to put me to bed, then put me to bed here..... with you.'

There was something about his soft words and soft lips and his soft hands that made me get hard all over. I felt my body flush with heat and desire and I wanted nothing more than to get this incredibly sexy man into my bed as quickly as possible. I stood and took his hand to pull him to his feet. He stumbled a bit getting up. I could tell that the impact with the floor had really hurt him. A quick glance at the path we would have to take around the couch and through the kitchen to the bedroom was going to be difficult with his crutches. So I just leaned down and lifted him in my arms with one hand under his legs supporting the cast and the other around his waist. Even with the cast, Michael only weighed maybe a hundred and sixty pounds. It was a bit of a strain to carry him very far, but my expectations made him seem so much lighter. As we came around the end of the couch, Michael grabbed his crutches and carried them along. Even in the heat of the moment, he was thinking. You had to admire that.

I had to turn us sideways to make it down the narrow hallway into the bedroom. Michael flipped on the light as we went through the door. My bedroom wasn't much. Just a king sized bed and a dresser. No decorations or posters or anything. My only addition to the room was a large thick down comforter that I had bought from a place online. It came in handy when I left the windows open at night. The covers were still flipped aside from where I had gotten out of bed this morning, so I laid Michael down in my place. As I laid him on the bed, Michael grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down for a kiss. The crutches hit the floor with a clatter, but I barely noticed. His warm lips and hands took up my whole world at the moment.

An eternity later as I finally pulled my mouth away from his, Michael said 'I'm sorry, Dex. Do you have any tylenol or something? That damn leg is just throbbing and it's distracting me.' Then his voice softened. 'I don't want anything to distract me right now.' I nodded and headed down to the kitchen for a couple of painkillers and to refill our glasses of water. While I was at it, I made sure the front door was locked and set about turning off the lights. I was about to turn off the kitchen light when my eyes lit on the top of the fridge. One of the things of my mothers that I had kept was an elaborate glass candelabra with four candles. For the most part I had kept it because I didn't want to try taking it anywhere for fear of breaking it. I had never really thought about using it for anything before. But this seemed like a perfect time.

Juggling the stupid candelabra and two glasses of water down the hall made me feel just a little ridiculous. But there are just some urges that tend to supersede rational thought. I made it into the bedroom and set the glass doodad down on the dresser just as I was about to drop something. I lit the candles and turned to flip off the light. Two glasses of ice water in hand, I turned to walk towards the bed and nearly dropped them on the floor. While I was down in the kitchen, Michael had stripped out of his clothes and was now laying in my bed completely naked.

Oh..... my.....

Through the flickering candle light, the young man looked like a statue of a greek god laying there. Except for the cast, of course. I doubt that Hermes or Apollo ever had their legs broken. Not that they ever told in the stories, anyhow. He lay there with his hands behind his head, the one bad leg propped up on the folded over comforter, his legs slightly spread. Like I said, he was smoothly muscled like a swimmer. Not one of those over inflated muscle boys. He had a small patch of hair in the center of his chest shaped like a little vee that pointed down to his crotch like a directional sign. My eyes followed it down to his curly patch of dark pubic hair where a plump semi-erect prick lay across his hip. Not ever having been an aficionado of mens cocks before I'm not sure how he would have measured up but it looked like a nice size and it fit him perfectly. I wondered what it would be like to touch it. And other things. My own prick twitched in my pants and I felt a little sticky spot where some pre-come had leaked onto my leg. I could tell that he had posed that way on purpose and it was having the desired effect.

Almost in a daze, I slowly walked over to the side of the bed, unable to tear my eyes away from his nude body. I think I said 'Oh my...' aloud, but I'm not sure. After a few moments the light came on in my head and I fumbled the bottle of tylenol out of my pocket and handed it to Michael and set the two glasses of ice water on the nightstand. While he swallowed the pills and got a long drink, I sat down on the edge of the bed and started unlacing my boots. I always wore my old Army boots to work, whether with the agency or at the factory. I had grown accustomed to their support and excellent traction. Tonight I would have traded them for a pair of tennis shoes that I could just kick off. I fumbled with the laces and got a bit frustrated and threw the first boot across the room. Michaels arms came up around my waist and I felt him lay his cheek against my shoulder. 'Take it easy, Dex.' he murmured and squeezed me gently. 'Slow down. I'm not going anywhere.' I took a deep breath and relaxed and the second boot came off much easier. The socks followed them to the floor. Michaels hands were on the hem of my shirt, tugging it up. I put my hands over his and looked down at his perfect little body. A twinge of self consciousness hit me and I said, somewhat sadly 'I hope you aren't too disappointed.'

With that I stood up and tugged my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side. A quick motion sent my pants and boxers to the floor and I kicked them away and stood there naked in front of him. I hadn't spent a whole lot of time in front of a mirror since I had left the hospital, but I knew that I wasn't centerfold material by a long shot. As I had told Michael in the bar, I wasn't all that pretty before I got chewed up by a Czech-made mortar. Not in my opinion, anyway. The smallest scar on me was on the right side of my rib cage, about the size of a silver dollar. The longest was almost two feet from my right hip almost to my left nipple where they opened me up to remove the deeper fragments. When the blast came it caught me as I was turning and it spun me around and just peppered my whole body with holes. My back and legs were criss-crossed with lines of scar tissue. I was just damn lucky I didn't lose anything important other than skin and a few inches of intestine. I had been in pretty good physical shape when I was in, and I tried to get back into shape when I got out of the hospital. The physical therapists had shown me exercises to do and when I worked at the factory nights I mapped out a two mile path through the building that I walked every night I was there.

But I wouldn't have blamed Michael a bit if he had gotten up and left. I just wasn't pretty to look at by any stretch of the imagination.

Michael turned and sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at me. I could see him looking up and down, his mouth slightly open. I closed my eyes and hung my head, slightly. All of the sudden I didn't want to see the look on his face. Didn't want to see the look of revulsion or even worse, pity, that I was sure must be there. I sighed deeply and waited for him to say he was leaving. I heard a noise and suddenly there were warm arms closing around my ribs and I felt his hands caressing my back as he laid his head against my chest and held me tight. I let my breath out slowly as I put my arms around his back and held him to me. Eyes still closed, I lowered my head and kissed the top of his head as it lay against my chest.

Then he said the nicest thing anybody ever said to me in my entire life.

'You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen.' I think I loved him from that moment on.

He stepped back and took me by the hand and pulled me onto the bed with him. Michael shifted us around until I lay on my back and he curled up next to me. The cast kept whacking me in the leg until I took a pillow and set it down between my knees. He rested the bad leg on the pillow and we got comfortable. Michael laid his head on my chest, his soft hands slowly stroking my scarred flesh and he said softly 'Tell me what happened.'

We lay there on the bed, my arm around his back and his head on my chest, his small warm hand making circles across my belly and ribs while I told him the tale. I didn't hold anything back. I told him about the waste and the poverty and the cruelty I had seen over there. The dead in the streets and the mass graves we had found and the friends that I had lost. And I told him about that last patrol and what I remembered of it. And I told him about the hospital and the letters and coming here and becoming a private detective and my short fling with Olivia and working at the factory.

I finished it up with 'And then I met you.'

Michael turned his head up and placed a hand on my cheek gently. He said 'And here I am, in your bed.' He stroked my cheek again and kissed me quickly. 'I want to make some happy memories for you, Dex. I want to see you smile again.'

I kissed him back and smiled at him. It was the first genuine smile I could remember for a real long time. I said 'You have already done that, Michael Bernstein. Even if you got up and left right now this night would be a happy memory for me that would last the rest of my life.'

Michael laughed and shook his head. 'I'm not going anywhere, Dexter Ford.' He laid his head back down on my chest and his small warm hand reached down and wrapped around my cock which rapidly started getting hard in his grasp. 'I'm not going anywhere until you fuck me.'

That kind of forthrightness startled me. My mind was in a muddle and I hadn't been really thinking things through. His blunt statement and the thought of actually fucking this hot bodied man in bed with me turned me on like crazy. I groaned aloud at his touch on my prick as his warm hand stroked me up and down. 'Oh shit, Michael.' I groaned. 'That feels so good.' He shifted his weight and pushed the pillow between my knees further down and said 'Then maybe this will feel even better.' He lowered his head to my crotch and ran his soft warm lips up and down the shaft of my prick. I could feel his tongue darting out against the shaft and it felt like a candle flame on my skin. One of my hands went to the back of his head and the other wandered down his smooth muscled back as he stroked and licked me. I felt him pull back the foreskin of my prick and I saw him raise his head. He licked the head of my cock and smacked his lips and murmured 'Mmmmm..' as he opened his mouth and took me inside him.

Can I accurately describe in words what it was like? Probably not. That first time Michael took my cock in his mouth was like heaven. Sure, he was a little clumsy at it, being his first time and all. But what he lacked in technique he more than made up for with passion. I'd had a few lovers in my life. Not a whole lot, but a few. And I had had my share of blowjobs before. But that first time with Michael was like the first time ever all over again. I groaned aloud and my hips rose up of their own accord. He couldn't get more than the head and the first few inches into his mouth, but those were the ones that counted the most. His hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock and moved up and down as he began to bob his head in my lap. I groaned and my hips rolled and my fingers clutched at his hair.

It seemed like no time at all before I could feel an orgasm rapidly building. I was so wound up physically and emotionally that I was ready to pop at any moment. Even though I didn't want to say it, I groaned 'Michael. You better stop.' His mouth came off my prick with a little pop and he said 'Why?' I replied 'If you don't stop I'm going to come. Like, any second now.' He shrugged and said 'Okay' and lowered his head back to my prick and started sucking away again.

Who am I to argue?

I lay back and surrendered to the pleasure of this wonderful young man sucking my cock. And like I thought, it didn't take very long. My eyes squeezed shut and little lights started bursting behind my eyelids. My hands grabbed the bedclothes and I pulled at them like I was going to tear the sheets off. I groaned loudly and began shooting come into Michaels hot sucking mouth. He twitched a little and then I could feel him rapidly swallowing as I shot off into his mouth. The extra suction that created made me groan even louder and it felt like he was going to suck my whole body down his throat. Stream after stream of come spewed out of my prick. I didn't think I had ever come that much before and he swallowed down every drop.

Michael kept me in his mouth gently sucking on me until the flow of come stopped and my body began to relax a little. Every little movement of his lips and tongue make little electric sparks run up and down my nervous system. I was still twitching and moaning like my finger was stuck in a light socket. Finally, with one last kiss on the head, he took my prick out of his mouth and crawled back up to lay his head on my chest. I was panting like a long distance runner and the pounding of my heart was making his head bounce up and down. He rose up on one elbow and laid a hand on my chest as he looked at me.

'Dex, are you okay?' he almost sounded worried.

My hand came up behind his head and gently stroked the back of his neck. I tried to speak but my mouth didn't seem to be working correctly. All I could do was wave my other hand in what I hoped was a reassuring gesture.

Finally I managed to croak 'If I'm dead, then this must be heaven.' and after a second or two I managed to say 'Holy shit.'

Michael laughed and reached across me for a glass of water. He took a drink and then held it up to my lips so I could wet my parched mouth. I took the glass from him and swallowed about half of it down and set the glass back on the night stand.

I looked at him and said 'I thought you said you'd never done this before.'

He shook his head and said 'My first time. Cross my heart.' And he did. I leaned over and pushed him over on his back and rolled towards him, my face inches away from his. I looked him in the eyes and said 'Then you are a natural genius. A prodigy. That was the..... I have never...... You made me......' I couldn't think of the right words so I just leaned down and mashed my lips into his and kissed him long and hard, my tongue snaking past his lips into his mouth. I could taste the slightly salty aftertaste of my come in his mouth and it didn't bother me a bit. The contrast just made him taste that much sweeter. Michaels arms came up around my back and he pulled me on top of him, my legs going in between his. The casted leg bumped against my calf and the other one came up around my lower back, pulling me to his body hard. I could feel his hard cock trapped between us and twitching against my hip. It felt huge, like a boa constrictor trapped between our bodies.

I kissed my way down from his lips and across his throat, biting gently at the skin of his neck. I could feel his pulse hammering against my lips and I suddenly understood why the vampire thing was so sexy. His life and desire were spelled out there against my mouth and I wanted to taste it so very badly. I ran my tongue down into the hollow of his throat and the notch of his collar bone. I slid further down across his chest and sucked one of his nipples into my mouth and nipped at the hard little bud with my teeth. Michael groaned and clutched at my hair with his fingers. I traced my way across and gave the other one the same treatment. As my teeth nipped at his nipple, my hand slid down and wrapped round his hard cock and squeezed it. Michael arched his back off of the bed and moaned, his hands twining in my hair and clutching at my back. I slid further down, my lips and tongue working their way down his hard taut belly. Michael tugged weakly at my hair, trying to pull me back up.

As I neared his prick Michael said 'Dex, wait...' But I just opened my mouth and sucked the head of his prick in past my lips. He said 'Ooohhhh... wait' again but I wasn't really listening. His prick felt huge in my mouth but it wasn't a bad thing. In truth it was maybe a little smaller than mine, but having it in my mouth for the first time made him feel like he was hung like a horse. Kneeling between his legs, I tried my best to give Michael as good as he had given me. He'd been circumcised, which didn't matter to me either way and his cock was big and clean and smooth and hard in my mouth. I used my lips and tongue and hollowed out my cheeks for suction as my hand stroked up and down his shaft. Like Michael, I couldn't get too much of him into my mouth so I used what I could to make it feel good. My other hand slid down beneath him to cup his balls in my palm and tug and squeeze them gently.

I watched him toss his head from side to side and roll his hips back and forth as he muttered inarticulately and moaned. Michaels legs thrashed on either side of me and his face and chest went bright red as he alternately held his breath and panted. His breathing got harder and harder and suddenly he arched his back and cried out and started shooting his come into my mouth. Even though I was pretty much ready for it, the force of his orgasm and the volume caught me a little by surprise. I had just a split second to savor the salty slick taste before I had to start swallowing it down. He came what seemed like gallons into my mouth and I was desperately sucking air in through my nose to keep up with the flow as I swallowed him down.

As Michael had done to me, I held him in my mouth and kept stroking him and swallowing as his orgasm ebbed and slowed and finally stopped. Every time I moved my hands or lips he would say 'Ohhh....' and I kept going until he finally grabbed me by the hair and pulled my lips away from his cock. 'Ohhhhh... god damn it.... stop.' he moaned. I lay my cheek on his hip and looked up at him as he panted and gasped for breath. I leaned over and planted another kiss on the shaft of his cock, just below the head and he jerked and said 'Oh shit' and pulled me up his body. He pushed me back over onto my back and curled up next to me again, laying his head on my chest. That seemed to be his favorite position. I didn't argue. It was nice. I helped him rearrange his leg back on the pillow and wrapped my arm around his shoulders and held him tight. He lay there and panted and finally said 'I wanted you to fuck me.' I chuckled and tousled his hair.

'We'll get there.' I said. 'I wanted to check out that fantastic cock of yours first, though. Besides, ' I added 'I still need a little time to recover. You about wore me out!' Michael nodded slowly against my chest and murmured 'That was wonderful....' and a few seconds later he was asleep. I lay there and looked at the back of his head for a few minutes as it rose and fell on my chest. Then I reached over and pulled the covers over us both. Not long after that, with this beautiful man blissfully asleep in my arms, I drifted off myself.

I awoke the next morning feeling a warm body pressed against my side. Michael had turned over in his sleep and was curled up with his back to me, snoring gently, with his head still laying on my right arm. I carefully extracted myself from beneath his head and slipped him back down on the pillow. He muttered sleepily and curled back up and started snoring again. I slid out of the bed quietly and started trying to shake the pins and needles out of my arm. Pulling my old sweat pants from the dresser, I stepped out and shut the bedroom door softly behind me.

Fortunately, my coffee pot shut itself off after two hours. I shook my head at myself, remembering the nervous mess I was when we first got home last night. What a dope! I dumped out the old coffee and started another pot brewing. I really needed a shower, but all of my soap and stuff was in the master bathroom and I didn't want to wake Michael just yet. I went and looked in the hall bathroom and sure enough, there wasn't even a roll of toilet paper in there. I had never once used it, so I never put any supplies in there. I resolved to remedy that situation first chance I got.

In the meantime, I had to take a good look at this situation I had gotten myself into. What was I doing? Before last night I had never even really had a sexual thought about another man yet two hours after I had met Michael I had let him come in my mouth. Granted, I came in his first..... But still. Then I looked down at the front of my sweats as I stood there in my kitchen. Just thinking about him made my prick get hard as a rock. Okay. I was sexually attracted to him. There just wasn't any doubt about that.

So now what?

Hell, I had no idea.

I picked up my watch from the kitchen counter and looked at the date. It was Saturday morning. Nine o'clock. Nobody was expecting me anywhere until Monday morning. I still had to type up my report for that guys wife, but it could wait. I'm just glad it wasn't the other guys wife who had hired us. I wouldn't want to be the one to give her that kind of news.

I had nothing better to do and couldn't think of anything better to do, so I filled two cups with coffee and headed back down to the bedroom. As I neared the door I heard the toilet flush and the soft thumping of crutches across my bedroom carpet. I opened the door carefully and Michael stood there in only his boxers. I smiled and said 'Good morning.' He smiled back and leaned over to kiss me. I held the coffee cups away from us so as not to spill anything on skin if we got carried away. After that wakeup kiss we decided to go back down and sit on the couch for awhile.

We sat there for a few minutes in silence, just sipping our coffee. I could tell that we both wanted to talk about last night, but neither one of us could breach the subject. Michael would just look at me and blush and look down into his coffee cup. Although we had pretty much the same amount of experience when it came to the subject (which was little to none except for last night), I decided that since I was the older one, I should take charge of the situation.

'Do you need to be anywhere today?' I asked.

Michael started. 'What? Uh..... saturday..... no. No, I don't have anywhere I need to be. Why?'

'We need to go to town. Or at least one of us does.'


'Lubricant.' I said. Michael furrowed up his brow.

I said 'You said you wanted me to fuck you. It would be a nicer for both of us if we had some lubricant and I don't have any here. I have to go get some.'

He blushed so easily. But he also very nearly ran down the hall to get dressed so we could go to town.

There was actually an 'Adult Toy Store' in Bay City. I don't remember the name of it, but it was something sleazy. Tucked away off the main highway back where anybody who might be offended wouldn't see it except by accident. A little place adjoining our one strip club. I had been to the club once on a tailing job and the place was pretty pathetic. You know the type. It was the only way I knew the store was there and I remembered that the place boasted it was open 24 hours. I couldn't see them making enough money at 9 am on a Saturday morning to justify staying open, but then I wasn't running their books.

Michael and I were the only customers in the place that time of the morning. The clerk looked bored and almost comatose behind the counter as he sipped his double mocha latte something or another and watched CNN on the teevee. We wandered through the place looking at the books and magazines and movies. None of them looked very appealing. We goggled at the assortment of toys and vibrators. I had no idea there were so many available. Plastic and silicone and.... glass? Who ever thought a glass dildo was a good idea? No thanks. And look at the size of some of those things! They made me feel quite inadequate.

Michael had discovered something called the 'Romantic Evening' kit wit an assortment of scented candles and massage oils and other things. He squeaked at the price but I told him not to worry about it. I had nothing better to spend my money on at the moment, anyway.

When we got to their selection of lubes, we were both a bit startled and put off. There were so many different kinds! Sensitizing and desensitizing and warming and cooling and... good grief. I finally found one that was just a plain lubricant. Claimed it was clean and washed up with water and came in a pump bottle like hand lotion. I figured that might come in handy, not having to fumble with a tube and cap in the middle of the action. When I picked up the biggest bottle they had on hand, Michaels eyes went wide. 'Do we need that much?' he asked. I leaned over and whispered 'How often do you want to get fucked?' He flushed a deep red and said 'Maybe we should get two!' I laughed and piled our finds on the counter.

It was an expensive little trip. Set me back well over a hundred bucks just for the few things we had bought. I guess I paid the clerks salary for the morning after all. But, I thought, it was worth it. We had fun in the store and it got us both pretty excited just thinking about having sex. Even if nothing happened, the trip would have been worth it just for the fun we had. In the car Michael opened up the box of stuff he had bought and was reading aloud some of their 'romance tips' in a little pamphlet included in the kit. Some of their ideas weren't half bad.

We stopped at a little diner that I knew on the way home and had breakfast. Most of the morning crowd had already come and gone so we got pretty good service. The food was good and the portions large but sitting across from Michael and thinking about fucking him I barely noticed what I was eating at all. It could have been horrible and I wouldn't have noticed. I left the waitress a five dollar tip without even thinking as we left.

We also stopped by Michaels dorm so he could pick up some clean clothes. In the elevator on the way up to the third floor I leaned over and ran my lips over the back of his neck and squeezed one asscheek in my hand. He squeaked and shivered and almost fell over. Chuckling, I had to hold him up until the elevator stopped.

Michaels room-mate was still asleep on the other side of the room when we got there. All I could see of him was a mop of tousled blond hair and one arm hanging off the side of the bed. Michael put one finger to his lips and slipped quietly into the room. He grabbed up a gym bag and began stuffing clothes into it. When the bag was full he handed it to me and grabbed a backpack off of the floor and slipped a few books and a laptop computer into it and slung it over his shoulder. When I raised an eyebrow he whispered 'I have homework to do. But I'm not coming back here until Monday morning!' It was good thinking. Then I realized with dismay that sometime this weekend I was going to have to keep my hands off of him long enough to get his homework done. That was probably going to be difficult.

When we got back to the house, Michael carried his backpack and I carried the gym bag and our purchases inside and dumped the stuff on the couch. As he was lowering his backpack onto the couch, I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him from behind, my crotch pressing into his backside. I ran one hand up his chest and pulled him into me until I buried my nose in his hair and kissed the back of his neck. Michael put one hand over mine, shivered, and pressed his ass back into my crotch. We could both feel my prick getting hard and twitching between us. Even though he smelled good and tasted good to me, I could tell that he needed a shower just as bad as I did. I figured it would be a fun and relaxing way to get into the mood and I said so.

Michael said 'I can't get my cast wet.'

I raised an eyebrow. 'I guess you've never done that before either, eh? We just tape a trash bag over the cast. Then we hop in the shower and get clean. Simple.'

Michael just stared at me. Then he cried 'How come I never thought of that? I've been taking bird baths in the sink for a week!'

Hey, it's a learning process.

So I taped a trash bag over his cast and we had our first shower together. Luckily Mom had paid for the deluxe shower kit. It had a little seat molded into one side and a big grab bar down the back wall and the shower head was removable on a hose for those hard to reach places. Before that day, I'd always just used it as a shower and never even considered the other amenities. We made use of all of them. It was slippery and fun and we got clean and extremely horny. Hell, even toweling off was fun. I just couldn't get enough of touching and exploring his hot little body. And he seemed to be having trouble keeping his hands off of me as well. When we were clean and dry I flipped the lid down on the toilet so he could sit and I carefully removed the tape and the plastic bag. It only cost him a little hair and he said it was well worth the price.

I had picked him up again and was going to carry him to bed when he suddenly squirmed around in my arms and said 'Wait, Dex! Our stuff!'

'What stuff?'

He had me set him down and he picked up his crutches and stuck them under his arms and headed for the hallway. 'The stuff we bought this morning! The toys and things!' He stopped and waggled his eyebrows at me and added 'The lubricant, remember?'

How could I have forgotten?

If you have never seen a well built guy naked on crutches from the back, I'll have to say it's quite a sight. I just stopped and watched for a second. I was entranced by the way the muscles of his arms and back rippled and the way his cute tight ass wiggled every time he took a step. All I could do watch watch until he turned the corner. By the time I caught up, Michael had all of our purchases from the morning in one bag and had turned to head back to the bedroom.

When I got down to the bedroom Michael was stumping around on his crutches setting out the scented candles. There weren't many places to put them. Pretty much just on the night stands and the dresser. I suggested setting one in the bathroom and leaving the door open. Of course it was bright daylight outside. Sunlight was streaming in through the bedroom window. Of all the days not to be dark and gloomy..... Oh well. I twisted the handle on the shades and closed the curtains as tight as I could get them. It helped.

I put the big pump bottle of lube handy on the night stand as Michael dumped out the box he had bought and was looking at the rest of the stuff that came with it. There was a feather (a feather?), a black satin blindfold on a little elastic string (Hmmm...), two small bottles of massage oil, a CD that said 'Romantic Music' on it and a little heart shaped thing that claimed it was a self warming massager. He looked like a kid in front of the christmas tree, checking out his toys. Even though the candles had the room pretty bright, he sprawled across the bed to the nearest candle and was reading the label on one of the bottles of massage oil.

'Hey, it says here we should warm this stuff up by sticking it in some hot water before use.' He looked at me and waggled his eyebrows again. 'Whaddaya say, big guy? Could you use a long slow back rub?'

How the hell could I say no to that? I trotted down to the kitchen and got the big plastic measuring cup and filled it with hot water and brought it back to the bedroom. While I was gone, Michael had stripped the comforter and the top sheet off the bed, leaving it bare. They were folded neatly in the corner. Soft music was playing on my portable CD player sitting on the floor by the dresser. As I walked in he was spreading a big fluffy beach towel on the center of the bed. 'I figure between the massage oil and... other things, we're going to make a mess.' He stopped and shivered a little. 'At least I sure hope we do...' Then he shook it off and continued 'This way we don't have a big sticky wet spot.'

Smart thinking. He never ceased to amaze me.

Sitting up on his knees on the mattress, Michael pointed to the towel in the middle of the bed and said 'I want you face down, mister. Right there!'

'That's my line!' I protested.

He shivered again and blushed a little. I could see his nipples harden and his cock twitched. His voice a little husky, Michael said 'You can use it next. Right now I have work to do. Get up here.'

I lay on the towel in the middle of the bed and Michael pulled a bottle of oil out of the warm water and poured a generous portion into his hands. He started at the top of my back between my shoulder blades and worked his way out and down. I don't think he had ever gotten a real good look at my back before. Every time he came across another line of scar tissue he said 'Oh....' and worked his fingers into it. There were many places on my back where the nerves didn't connect anymore, but between the warm oil and his strong warm hands my lover made everything loosen up and sent little tingles of sensation even into the mostly dead places. Nothing had felt that good in quite some time. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

After awhile I felt the bed shift. Michael threw his good leg over my back and straddled my waist, facing down towards my feet. I felt his warm cock laying in the small of my back, just above the crack of my ass. His warm strong hands worked their way down my hips and over the cheeks of my ass and down my thighs. He rocked up and down, going from my ass to my knees and the feel of his prick rubbing against me was driving me crazy. I was getting relaxed and excited at the same time. If I wasn't so horny I'd probably have dropped off to sleep by now.

At last, Michael rolled off of my back and knelt beside me. I rolled up on my side and grabbed his hand, pulling him down on the bed with me. We lay face to face and looked at each other.

'How was it?'

I ran a finger down his cheek and said 'Maddening.' His eyes opened wide with concern.

I said 'You were making me relaxed and horny at the same time. Thought I might shatter like a hot glass in cold water.'

He opened his mouth and managed to say 'I'm s..' before my mouth came down on his, muffling his words. I turned until his head was laying in the crook of my elbow and my other hand pulled his body tight against mine. I kissed him long and hard, our lips melding together like molten steel while my hand traced up and down his fine strong back and cupped his soft buttocks and pulled him into my body. He moaned against my mouth and I could feel both of our cocks were hard and straining in between our bodies.

Finally I pulled my lips away from him and cupped his chin in my hand, my fingers laying against his cheek. I looked down into his eyes and said 'I have two things to say to you right now, Michael Bernstein.'

He just said 'Okay.'

'The first thing is that I think I am falling in love with you. No, let me take that back. I am in love with you. I love you, Michael. And if that scares you or freaks you out then you need to let me know right now.'

He just shook his head. 'What's the second thing?'

'I want to fuck you so bad right now I could explode.'

A tremor ran through his body and once again he flushed a deep red. A little moan escaped his lips. I felt his hard cock press against my hip bone like a hot curling iron against my skin. His hand went to the back of my head and pulled me down to him in a hard savage kiss. Then he pulled away and turned his body so he was facing away from me and pressed his warm buttocks into my crotch. 'I want you to fuck me, Dex. I've wanted you inside me since we first met.' He looked over his shoulder at me and pressed his warm ass into me harder. 'Please fuck me, Dex. Please fuck me now.' His hand reached over and clutched at my hip, pulling me into him.

I took his hand off of my hip and kissed it. Then I folded his arm up to his chest and kissed the back of his neck. He shivered. 'Easy.... easy....' I said. 'We have to go about this slowly. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?' He shook his head and said 'No, never.' He looked over at me again. 'But I've dreamed about it. It's what I want. A strong man to fuck me hard over and over again.... Please, Dex.....'

Hoo. He was making me break out in a sweat. And if he didn't quit grinding his ass cheeks into my prick I was going to come all over his back without ever getting anywhere near the main attraction. I wanted to just climb on top of him and stick my dick up his ass and fuck him hard. But I knew that for his first time that would be too painful and neither one of us would enjoy it. So now we both gotta relax. I pushed him over until he was face down on the bed, my hand pressing into the small of his back and holding him still. I slowly started to rotate my palm against his back, feeling how tensed up he was.

'If you don't relax, we can't do this, Michael. Just relax...... let yourself loosen up. I want it to be nice for both of us.... just relax....' I kept running the heel of my hand against his back, pulling the muscles and loosening them. Michael took a deep breath and it came out in a long sigh. Some of the tension went out of him and I felt him relax a little against my hand. I kept rubbing his back and talking to him quietly until most of the tension leaked out of his body. At first I just went from the small of his back up to his neck and back down again. As soon as I thought he was ready I started slipping my hand lower; down across his buttocks to his upper thighs and back up. I'd stop and cup a cheek in my palm and move on. Just getting him used to me being there.

After an eternity (seemingly) or so, I thought he might be ready and I reached over and grabbed the bottle of lube and set it next to us on the bed. I pumped a bit of it onto my fingers. Yikes. The stuff was chilly. Next time I would put it in some warm water, too!

Like I said, a learning experience.

I held the stuff on my fingers, letting it warm up a bit. I laid my arm down his back until my wrist was resting right in between his smooth ass cheeks. When I thought it was warm enough, I brought my fingers up and pressed them between his cheeks, my fingers coming to rest on his asshole, not pressing, just sitting there. Michael took in a swift breath of air and I could feel him tighten up. I kept my fingers still and said 'relax... relax....' over and over again. Then I pressed one slippery finger to his opening and said 'Take a long slow deep breath.' As he drew in air through his mouth my finger slipped inside of him about halfway. He said 'Ooooooohhhh' and his sphincter clamped down on my finger. I had him take another deep breath and when he did my finger slipped all of the way in.

I waited a moment for the initial sensation to pass, then begen working my finger slowly in and out of his backside. Michael sighed and cooed and rolled his hips beneath my touch.

'Feel okay?' I asked.

'Feels wonderful!' he said. Then he looked at me and said 'More.'

I pulled my finger almost all of the way out and slid a second one along side of it and slowly pressed both of them into his ass, opening him up. Once again he said 'Oooohhh.....' as I slid inside his ass. He spread his legs open and lifted his hips up off of the bed, opening himself to me. I moved the fingers in and out, turning them back and forth, opening him up further. Michael moaned and groaned and pressed his hips back into my hand.

I was so intent on getting him opened up and relaxed and I was kind of enjoying finger fucking him that I didn't notice at first that Michael was calling my name. Then I felt his hand on my knee and I looked down at him. He was flushed and his face shone with perspiration as he looked back at me and whispered 'Please fuck me, Dex. I want you inside me.'

Keeping my fingers still buried in his backside, I moved up on my knees behind his upturned rump. I got another gob of the lube on my other hand and smeared it all over my prick, starting with the head and working my way back, pulling back the foreskin as I went.

I paused with the head of my prick inches away from his waiting asshole. I said 'Are you sure this is what you want?'

Michael nodded and moaned. 'Please take my ass, Dex. I want to give it to you. Please fuck me.'

With that I slipped my fingers out of his clenching ass and quickly pressed the head of my cock to his opening before it could tighten back up. I said 'Take a deep breath.' and as he did I felt the tight ring of muscle loosen slightly and the head of my cock slipped inside of him. Michael gasped and he tightened up and he said 'Ohhhh.... owww... ohhhh..... ' I had him take another deep breath and when he relaxed a little I slid my hard prick into him all the way to the hilt. Michaels body froze beneath me, the only thing moving was his ribs as he panted and made little sounds of mixed pain and pleasure. I put my hands on his hips and just held him still, both to keep him from hurting and to slow my own reactions down a little. It felt so good having my cock in his ass I thought I would pop right then and there. That was the warmest tightest thing I had ever fucked in my life and it took all of my concentration not to come and fill his ass immediately.

We held still for long moments, unmoving. My breathing calmed a little and the need to explode inside of him ebbed back a little. Michael slowly stopped panting and began taking long deep breaths through his nose. Finally he took a deep breath and pressed back into me just a little. He sighed and said 'Oh my god. I thought you were going to split me in half.' He slid forward a fraction of an inch and then pressed back into me again. 'But it's starting to feel much better now. Much much better. Oh god. Better than I thought it would be.' He started rocking his hips back and forth, taking my cock a little more each time. I held on to him, moving with his actions, lengthening the stroke each time. Finally I got to the point where I was withdrawing almost all the way to the tip before sliding back inside him again.

God! That was the best thing I had ever felt. I couldn't think. I couldn't speak. All I could do was hang on and fuck him. And Michael was there, pressing his ass back into my thrusts, urging me on and on with his moans of pleasure. Our movements were getting shorter and faster as we went until I was only pulling out an inch or two at the most before slamming back into him. Michaels knees went out from under him and I came down on top on my hands as he lay face down on the bed. He was still bucking his hips back up into me and the rhythmic slap slap slap of our flesh together was an intoxicating sound. I could feel my own orgasm building again and I could feel the building tension in my lovers body as it lay underneath me. It was like a race to the finish line, both of us pushing as hard as we could, except in this race we both were helping the other to win. Suddenly Michael tensed and howled and his ass clamped down on my prick like a hand was inside of him. That sudden pressure took me over the edge and I howled too and emptied myself into his ass, filling him with my come. I could feel him bucking and shaking beneath my body and he ground his hips between the bed and my prick still buried deep inside him. Michael squealed and shook again and again. His hands were fists wrapped up in my sheet, nearly tearing it and I could feel his legs kicking beneath me. I shook and panted and dripped sweat all over his back.

We lay there together, panting and wheezing like we'd just run the hundred yard dash, until my cock finally softened enough to slip back out of his ass. Michael squeaked and shivered beneath me. I rolled to the side and lay down next to him. One hand stroked his side gently and I planted a kiss on his arm, which was the only thing I could reach without getting up.

'You okay?' I asked. Michael just nodded, his face still down on the bed.

'Did you like it?'

He looked up at me and smiled blearily. He rolled to the side and I could see that he was laying in a puddle of come on the towel. Not all of it was mine.

I took that as a yes.

Since that was his first time taking it in the ass, Michael was too sore to play again that day. So instead we talked and played a few games of cards and did some other things. I restocked the hall bathroom. Michael did his homework. That night instead of just going to sleep, Michael gave me another one of those spectacular blow jobs.

That Sunday morning was the first time I had woken up with a smile on my face in a long time. And that evening he declared he didn't want to go back to school until I had fucked him again. I told him he was being completely reasonable. This time we tried it with him on top, riding me.

That worked, too.

That was five years ago. Michael got his degree in Criminal Justice and together we opened up our own agency and are doing pretty well. We don't do divorce cases, tho. They might be lucky for me, but I don't want to press it.

I never intended to end up in Bay City. But I'm glad that I did.



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