As Luck would have it, there just happened to be a cheap room available. I booked it and then Louis and i went back to tell our roommates we would be gone for the night. I grabbed my bottle of brandy, some 7 up and some condoms. David grinned and said he hoped my date was hot. I just smiled and waved goodnight as I spun out the door.

Louis was waiting for me outside our room and held up a six pack of beer. I nodded and keyed open the door. I put my burden down and turned to face Louis. I took him by the hand and pulled him in close, my eyes roving over his handsome face just taking it all in. He turned his mouth up to mine and I devoured it in a hard long kiss.

I could feel his heart pounding against my chest as I slid my hands down his arms and around to rest on his bubble butt. Letting him know what I wanted and giving him the chance to back off, if he didn't. He just sort of moaned into my neck and moved his ass under my hands. Satisfied that we both wanted the same thing I led him over to the bed and lying him down, slowly undressed him. I started laying kisses on his neck, his hard hairy chest and his erect brown nipples. When I came up for air, he tugged off my shirt and treated me to the same. He seemed facinated with my pink nipples in their nest of reddish hair. My hand snuck into the waist of his pants to touch the tip of his dick in his underwear. I could feel the wetness of precum staining his shorts. Pulling my hand out I slowly ran it over his hairy belly, reveling in the hard planes of his six pack. I moved up to his nipples and toyed with them for a while listening to him moan. Louis looked at me with glazed eyes, and took my hand a began to lick and suck on my fingers. It was so hot watching them disappear into his pretty mouth and to feel his tongue swirling around them. Although I'd already seen almost all of his beautiful body, I needed to see it again. I got up, peeled off his pants and just took a moment to stare at what lay before me. All of that black hair and hard muscle. His fat dick strained upward, tenting his whte breifs,precum wetting their whole front.

He gave me a lazy sexy smile, then hooked his fingers in his shorts. Slowly, maddeningly he inched them down, showing his hairy pubes til the shorts caught on his stiff cock. Slowly he lifted his legs in to his chest showing me his mounds straining the white material. It was almost enough to have me shoot right then and there.

Then slowly he worked the shorts up his legs, and his hairy ass slid into view. I went to my knees, watching that dark crevice until I was rewarded with the sight of his tight little hole.

Surprisingly pink, it nestled in a swirl of black hair. As he flung his underwear away and started to lower his legs, I caught them and pushed them back. I brought my face down and inhaled the aroma of his sweaty crack. I was so hard, I could feel each throb of my dick. I lowered my tongue into his crack and swirled around the hairs to his opening. He gasped and arched his back, then grabbed my head and jammed it into his butt cheeks. I plundered his hole, jamming my tongue in as far as I could. Then I licked my way up to his fat, round, hairy balls, laving each one and rolling them around in his sack. His fat dick drooled precum against my face, rock hard and pulsing. I let his legs down and began working my way from his balls to the head of his cock. When I reached the pink mushroom tip, I cleaned the precum with a quick swirl, then sucked it in my mouth with a quick pop. I savored the feel of his dick in my mouth, then began to work my way to the base. His dick was so thick I almost choked when it was all in. Then I pulled back and started sucking, slow and easy.

After a few slow bobs, Louis gently pulled me away. He didn't want to come yet, and I had him on the brink. I finished pullng off my clothes, then he pulled me on top of him. Our naked hairy bodies pressed together we explored each other with lips and hands. Finally he pushed me over. He wasted no time in going for my fat uncut dick.

He slowly stroked it, watching the purple head pop out of the skin hood. Then he lowered his lips to it and began blowing me to the moon. After a few strokes, he came up for air, then turned around, straddling my chest. As he bent over to resume blowing, his beautiful ass pulled open. His pink whole invited me in, so I went back to licking and tongue fucking it. This went on for a while and I felt my balls begin to boil.

Louis had other plans and stopped sucking my dick. He straightend up, burying my face betwen his hairy cheeks. He grabbed a condom and gently eased it over my cock. Then lifting himself off my face he went into a crouch over my cock. The sight of my dick, hard against the crevice of his ass, looked so hot. Then he wriggled around until the tip was against his spit soaked pucker. Slowly I watched the head ease into his pink hole. The sight was so hot, I thought I would come then and there. Slowly his ring stretched over the head until it popped through. He paused for a moment then, adjusting to my fat intruder.

Suddenly he let out a big sigh and slammed his ass all the way down the shaft. His warm insides surrounding my dick, he leaned forward, so I could see my pole stretching his hole. What a showman. Then he started riding my cock. His gasps, moans and groans, made me feel like my dick was huge. Slow and easy, he impaled himself, over and over. He rode my dick like a championship cowboy. His groans got louder, his rythym faster, til all at once with a yelp, he straightend, arched his back and slammed himself down hard. As his cum flew out of his dick, so did mine. We stayed in that position for a long while, gasping, sweat sheening our bodies, my dick still hard and buried in his hole. When finally he pulled himself off me, I pulled him into my arms. Soon we both fell into a contented sleep. After all, we had the room for the whole night and nowwhere else we wanted to be.




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