I reeeeaaaaalllly needed to go! the line was pretty much backed up to the cafeteria!! Someone in line told me there was another bathroom in the park close to here. I thought,"Why not?" so I zoomed out of the school and into the bathroom in the park. I didn't pay attention to what it looked like because I reeeeaaaallllyyy had to go! So i zoomed into a stall, slammed and locked the door, pulled down the seat and began to pee like crazy!

"Ahhhhhhhh...Ahhhhh." I sighed in pleasure. i stood up turned my butt (still nude) to the left and bent over to get some toilet paper.

"What the...??!!!!" (At this time i have forbidden to use cuss words). There was something in my butt!!!! It was hard,slimy, and overall felt really good!! I tried whirling around but that didn't work since the thing inside me was attached to something. After a few hesitant seconds in which the thing was sliding in and out making me moan, I put my hand on the thing and gasped. It was somebody's dick!!! Since I was horny, I let the thing go in and out a few more times.

I then dislodged myself from the dickand started to give it a blowjob. the person nextdoor sighed and moaned and shouted cuss words: "Oooohhh fuck yeah!!", "Suck that dick!", "Ooohh yea your mouth is just as good as your ass!!". He then started moaning louder so I knew he was going to burst. I went to high speed!! Sucking, swirling, licking, until he busted inside of me. The river of cum was so tasty that I drank every last drop of it! My dick was hard as well, so I gave it over to the guy who was all to happy to return the favor. His mouth lodged on my swollen cock and I moaned and whimpered as he licked, swirled, and sucked me. He did it so well that I busted in about 4 minutes. Both of us tired from our workout, whispered that we both were in love and that we wanted to meet. so we both stepped out at the same time and I gasped.

It was Zach! Zach was a bit of a twink with his brown eyes an hair and great abs. Me, with my sandy hair and sea green eyes and also great abs. He looked shocked but most definetly, in his eyes, knew that I knew and that he knew that this was going to effect our relationships.



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