I was very horny on a Tuesday afternoon. An old fuck buddy of mine used to go to that bath house on six mile Rd in Detroit. I always wanted to go there, but I thought weekend would make the best. Nevertheless, I drove by the place located near a major interstate and decided to take a chance. It was a Tuesday evening on a crispy March day.

I parked in the parking lot and noticed the security guard on site. I went inside the place

that looked like a large warehouse from the outside. I knocked at the window and a man answered me. He asked for my identification and if I was from out of State. Otherwise I would have to be a member. I was out of State and so I paid a fee for ten dollars and another small fee for a locker. He gave me towel, lube, and condoms.

I went inside the locker room and started to strip down. I noticed a well-dressed black guy closing his locker next to mine nervously and carrying his bag away. I stared at him and he did the same. We both smiled and it was very natural and instant smile. The man changed his mind and sat down. He asked me what am I going to do and noticed bulge in my underwear. I got attracted to the man and so did he. Without any more words we both stripped and put our towels and walked to a closed dark area where we could make out without being noticed.

I kissed him passionately and made out for few minutes. I kissed his neck, armpits and nipples and he did the same to me. He told me that he was a bottom and that he wanted me to fuck him. He asked me to rim him first. I continued to lick his body until I arrived to his ass crack and opened it. I licked his crack and moved my tongue around his rose bud. I became extremely horny with the manly clean smell of his ass hole. I then put a condom on and started to penetrate him. He opened his legs wide and allowed me full penetration. I moved in and out slowly until he adjusted and asked me to go fast. I then plunged inside him and started to fuck him hard and deep. He moaned in pleasure. While

I fucked him; I licked his neck and nibbled on his ears. He was standing at the wall and I was behind him. I came inside with the condom on but continued to have a hard on. He asked me if I can finger his asshole. I inserted a finger with my dick inside his ass and moved my finger inside his asshole. He moaned with pleasure and kissed me passionately. I raised his arms and started licking on his arm pit, then moved my tongue and French kissed him while my dick and finger are inside. He came and exploded at the wall. I came again and at the same time.

We went to shower together. No body was there and so we made out and fucked in the shower. He gave me his contact information and left the place. I still was horny and was looking for another hot guy. I went back to the locker room and sat on the chair and started watching the porn flick. I noticed a gorgeous black man entering the room. He was wearing only the white towel. I am very attracted to black men and so I gazed at him and asked him if I can be of service. He answered with confidence: I want my dick sucked and my ass eaten.

I did not hesitate for a second and I removed his towel inside the TV room. I plunged my head between the legs of my man and started sucking him. Then I turned him over and started to lick his ass. His asshole was clean but smelled very hot manly aroma. I asked him to sit on me. He did. He spread his legs wide open and let his asshole rest on my tongue and nasal area. Then he started to move his asshole on my face and turned around like he was dancing or an acrobat. He drove me crazy and I came without touching myself. He came shortly after I inserted my tongue in his ass and tongue fucked him. There was another guy there and he liked what he saw. He started to finger his ass and jerk off. Soon we joined. I fucked the guy and my man sat on his face in the same manner he did to me. I came for the fifth time.

This Tuesday afternoon was a very success to me and I decided to visit the club on a regular basis. It was never a bad idea!


R Joe

[email protected]


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