My hair had grown now for two years without being cut. It had grown to a length of about 8 curly inches and the time had come to get rid of it again in a wonderful head shaving and masturbation session.

On a Sunday morning I then filled my bath with hot water and being on my knees in the water I took my penis in both hands and taking a deep breath I put my hairy head forward down under water. My penis got big and hard in my hands and coming up again with my head from the water my long hair covered my face completely and I shampooed and washed my hair for the last time. I rinsed my hair and got out of the bath. I emptied the bath and standing naked in front of the mirror I combed my wet hair backwards and dried it with a hair dryer.

I made sure that when my hair was finally dried that now hair was falling in front of my eyes as I later on wanted to see myself becoming bald in the mirror. The bath was empty now and I dried it carefully with a towel before I went in again. I put a mirror on the wall that I could see myself losing my hair and then I was on my knees again in the bath.

I had prepared my Wahl clipper and after turning it on I got exited already by the noise of the machine. I put the blade on the middle of my forehead and slowly moved the clipper across the middle of my head. In the mirror I saw the first street on my head shaved don to the skin. My hair fell down on my naked body and my penis got extremely big and hard again.

I took the penis in one hand and while masturbating I continued shaving the top of my head completely bare. In between I had to take the shaved hair from my head as it got stuck in the remaining hair on my head. I grabbed my hair with both hands and spread it all over my naked body.

To finish the shaving of my head with the clipper I left my penis alone and concentrated on shaving both sides of my head clean. I grabbed a handful of hair on my head and shaved it off with the clipper in my other hand. My penis did not get any smaller and thinner.

Now the top and sides of my head were shaved and only the back of my head was left. I bowed forward and combed my hair up from my neck over the already shaved top of my head. Then I started with the clipper at my neck going upwards. I had loads of hair in my hand which had come of and they also went over my naked body.

It was a wonderful feeling to see my shaved head in the mirror and I made sure that nothing was left on my head. When that was done I lay down on the bath on my back and I spread my hair all over my chest and my dick and balls.

My penis reacted immediately getting bigger and harder. I had really to search for it in the sea of hair I was swimming in. Masturbating and rubbing my long hair all across my body I finally had a real wonderful orgasm and my sperm shot all over my chest up to my chin. I massaged my body and shaved head with my sperm and my hair.

I then got out of the bath after putting all my hair in a big bowl. I was going to use that for the grand finale. But first my head had to be shaved clean with the razor. Standing again in front of the mirror I put lots of shaving cream on my head and took the razor in my hand. That was the sign for my penis again to get big and hard. Taking it in one hand I shaved my head completely clean moving penis and razor at the same speed.

It was a wonderful feeling to touch my clean shaved head then and I did that extensively for at least five minutes. Then I took the bowl with my shaved hair and went to my bed. I took a dildo and put it up my ass. Lying on my back I fucked myself with the dildo by moving my ass up and down. I spread my hair all over my body again and this time also over my face and my shaved head. Covered with my own hair and the dildo in my ass I started masturbating now with both hands.

With another exploding orgasm I was completely happy and fell asleep with my hair and my sperm holding my penis tight with both hands.

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