Like everyone else in the health club, the guy I was watching had a wire basket. He had taken his freshly laundered gym clothes out of the basket and he was now flipping his T-shirt and socks into it as he undressed. The gym clothes sat on the bench next to the basket.

My own workout had gone well, but now I was just relaxing, catching my breath before showering, sitting on the long bench between two rows of lockers. I was idly watching this tall, well-built athlete as he went about getting ready for his workout. He looked to be about my age, mid-twenties, and was standing a few feet from me in front of a locker on the row across from mine with his back to me. He was so well proportioned that I found watching him strip down to his jockey shorts very erotically appealing. The mounds of his ass were hypnotically stimulating as he removed his clothing.

I admired the way he moved as he slipped off the white shorts. His ass was even more magnificent in the buff. Then, he casually flipped the shorts into the basket without really looking at it. The shorts caught the rim of the basket and, rather than falling into it, fell quietly onto the carpeted floor. He didn't notice what had happened and, in fact, wouldn't see the shorts on the floor as they were hidden from his view by the bench.

'Here, you dropped these,' I announced, and as he turned his head towards my voice he saw me lean down to reach for something.

My hand slid into the pouch of the still body-warm jockeys and my fingers immediately felt that unmistakable slippery wetness of lubricating precum. There was a lot of it! 'Oh!' I exclaimed involuntarily as I sat up and raised the shorts to eye level. Strong masculine odors wafted into my nostrils as I held them up, making me feel lightheaded.

He turned his nude body to face me. My experienced eye told me he was horny. My assumption that the liquid was precum, rather than post-orgasmic remnants, was bolstered by the puffiness of his hefty, impressive meat, and by the tightness of his ballsac. He reached out and tugged at the shorts. They slid off my fingers and we both could clearly see the shiny, slippery, thick coating that remained behind on my fingers.

In what I've always found to be an arousing gesture from a modest man, he blushed.

'Sorry,' he whispered.

'No problem,' I whispered right back, adding to a conspiratorial tone developing quickly between us, 'it comes right off.' Then, theatrically, with a flourish as he watched with widening eyes, I licked my fingers!

It was his turn to blurt out, 'Oh!' His cock seemed to jut out in response to what he had just seen. It wasn't a sign of indifference or annoyance. I liked what he was showing. I smiled. God, he was handsome.

'Jeez,' he sighed all serious, still whispering, 'I've been leakin' for the past hour or two.'

'Looks to me like you're real horny,' I whispered back, staring right at his elongating dick and big balls. 'Better do something about it or you'll get a bad case of blue balls.'

'Yeah, you're right,' he agreed with a frown. 'Today, I didn't have time to... uh... you know...' his voice trailed off. His expression told me he wanted some understanding and compassion, here.

'Yeah, me neither. I've been horny all afternoon, too,' I affirmed, still whispering. 'I was sitting here wondering if I'd throw a boner and embarrass myself when I go into the showers. Know what I mean?'

He grinned, looking relieved, and nodded. Someone understood him. He seemed to understand me.

'I'd like to help you out with your problem,' I added in a husky whisper.

'Yeah, I figured that,' he replied quietly. 'We both know what you licked off your fingers.'

I grinned. I'm shameless.

'I've... uh... I've never...' he stammered, trying to explain.

Ignoring his hesitant protestation, since men frequently are reluctant to admit to prior sexual experience, I suggested, 'Why don't you wrap a towel around your waist and go into the last booth in the men's room. I'll join you there in a moment.' I held my breath.

'Well...' he whispered, hesitantly. His cock got even puffier.

'No one will notice us. Once in the booth, it's completely enclosed floor to ceiling. No one will know what's going on.'

'Hmmm,' he hummed, thinking about it. His cock kept getting larger.

I grinned and whispered, 'Com'on, we'll both enjoy it and you'll get some quick, needed relief.'

Without replying, he reached for his towel and wrapped it around his waist while watching for my reaction.

I stood up and slipped out of my T-shirt and gym shorts. The pouch-bulge in my jockstrap was very obvious. He ogled it and then looked up into my face.

'Jeez...' he sighed, but trailed off again before saying what was on his mind. The protuberance at the front of his towel was becoming astonishing! As I slid down my jock, he suddenly turned away, whispering, 'See you in a minute,' and left. I got the clear impression that he was willing to let me give him a blowjob - I'd made that offer obvious - but reciprocal arrangements were unlikely. That didn't bother me in the least - I knew what I was after. So did he! I shucked my jock, gym shoes and socks, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went off to find him.

As I pushed lightly on the booth door, he suddenly pulled it open. I hurried in and he closed and locked it quickly and quietly. We didn't speak. The booth was large enough for two men so we weren't exactly bumping into each other, but we were keeping in physical contact - a shoulder, a thigh - that kind of shy dance as we were each reluctant to do anything to alarm the other. But then I reached out and tugged gently at his towel! It was tightly wrapped. He delighted me by grabbing it firmly with both hands and stripping it off. He put it on a hook behind me, leaning against me erotically to do so.

WOW! I thought as his truly massive, completely engorged, fully erected cock was displayed. The idea of a quickie had him hard in a hurry! I wanted to tell him how exceptionally handsome he was, how terrific his cock looked, how hot for him I was, but I realized that he wanted silence, not drama, and a quick blowjob, not leisurely lovemaking. I stripped off my towel and bent to the task!

The smell of him was intoxicating! The sight of the flaring cockhead, engorged to absolutely maximum dimensions, all shiny in arousal, made my mouth water. The size of the big organ told me I was in for a treat, and heft of his big balls as I slipped my fist around them told me he was about to reward me with a sizeable flow of sizzling hot cum.

I licked the hot cockhead. He moaned very softly. I sucked in the entire glans, which filled my mouth completely. It was huge! It felt marvelous! I sucked, hard! He moaned somewhat louder. I sucked and pushed my head down over the giant cock, forcing it to my throat, backed up and forced more into me, getting the big cock into my throat. I backed up and did it again. And again! And again! Getting more and more of the long shaft into me. Driving that enormous cockhead down my gullet. Feeling it plunge into me. Delighting me! I love sucking cock!

He grabbed the back of my head with both hands and began humping rhythmically, joining in the fun. Before long, my fist holding his balls was pressed, tightly, against my chin! He was in all the way! I love sucking cock!

'Oh!' he exclaimed in an amusingly quiet whisper, 'I'm in down to my balls! This is fantastic! Astounding!' Yet, he kept humping, counter-punching my efforts, helping to make this a memorable sexual experience for both of us.

'Oh! This is great!' he whispered down at me. 'You are great!' he exclaimed somewhat more loudly. He kept one hand on the back of my head, encouragingly, but was now rubbing my shoulder and back with the other. He was enjoying himself, really getting into the spirit of things, I could tell. He had shifted his strong legs apart somewhat and was humping diligently, really fucking my mouth.

'Never knew it could be this good,' he whispered huskily, adding, 'never knew I could get all the way in to my balls!' He humped some more and then said, 'I'm not going to be able to hold back much longer. I'm having such a good time I don't want it to end, but, damn, man, you're suckin' the cum right out of me! Here... it... is!' Each of these three final words was accented by a hearty thrust of his hips as he fucked every millimeter of cock into me.

Suddenly, he stiffened completely, head to toe, driving me upwards as he straightened his back and inhaled deeply. A huge wad of cum jetted into me so deeply that I could only know from experience that it happened! His cockhead was buried so deeply, acting like a cork in my throat, that I couldn't taste the cum. But I backed up after the second deep spurt, and caught the rest of his ejaculate in my mouth. Jet after jet filled me, forcing me to swallow often. I had been right - he produced an enormous quantity of hot, first-quality man-juice. I drank it all down eagerly! I love sucking cock, but I adore swallowing fresh, hot, rich cum!

With what I figured was a final oozing of his jism, I enveloped the entire organ, downing it right back to the balls, again. Then I waited, not sucking, as he wound down from such a dizzying height. It's a great feeling! His hands relaxed their grip and rubbing; his breathing slowly returned to normal; his body relaxed.

Normally, at this point, men gently tug back and pull out. Post-orgasmic cocks can become extremely oversensitive to where they are even painful for many men. And as often, at this point, cocks simply deflate - it's the rule rather than the exception. But this guy was the exception!

Nothing about the cock in my throat gave me an indication of over-sensitivity. Nothing about the cock gave me an indication of deflation. Nothing about the man gave me an indication that he was about to, or wanted to, pull out. I still had his big balls in my fist and they were still up tight against the base of the big cock acting as if nothing had happened. It dawned on me that I was in for an even bigger treat - a double orgasm! I love sucking cock and the idea of a second load from this sexy guy was especially thrilling!

Slowly, I began applying suction while moving up and down on the long cock. My hand relaxed its grip on his ass-cheek and began rubbing the back of his thighs and his ass. My other hand improved its fondling of his big balls. Then, by way of an interestingly long time of it, we were coming back to full play - him fucking my mouth with energetic thrusts and me riding the length of that huge cock with all the flare and enjoyment I could develop. I love sucking cock!

'Oh! God! This is so good!' he began repeating over and over. 'Oh! God! This is so good!' It wasn't really all that loud, but I was confident that, well into pre-orgasmic bliss, we were both less aware of actual sound levels. And when I felt his entire body stiffening, again, I knew he was ready! This time, so was I!

Just as he had done the first time, he grunted out, 'Here... it... is!' as he humped forcefully into me accentuating each word. Then, he came, again.

I missed the first spurt down deep, but I caught the rest of his cum in my mouth. The sheer volume of this second ejaculate surprised me! And it seemed to taste even better this second time, too. And I was more conscious of the heat, thickly syrupy texture, and overwhelmingly masculine taste of this cum load. Everything about this orgasm lifted me to my own orgasmic plane, so I grabbed my stiff cock as he came, and with only a stroke or two, fired off a terrific load of my own, spraying the wall and the floor. Coming while drinking hot cock-juice is the very best!

This time, after deep-throating the cock back down, I sensed all the normal post-orgasmic reactions. He relaxed, his cock began to deflate, he tugged gently, and I release him. He took a step back as I straightened up and he looked at me.

'You came!' he whispered in surprise, seeing sperm dangling from my spent weapon.

'Sorry,' I whispered right back. 'It was so good, doing it with you, that I came almost without touching myself. You're the best!' I complimented sincerely.

'That's great! I'm glad you came. This was terrific!' he said with a smile.

I nodded, smiling.

He reached behind me, grabbed his towel, and re-wrapped his frame. 'I'd better go,' he whispered.

'Till next time?' I whispered back.

He grinned and nodded. 'I'll go first,' he whispered.

'So long,' I whispered. Then he was gone. I didn't even know his name. I waited a few moments, heard nothing, so I left the booth.

Two towel-clad athletes were waiting, facing the booth. Both were handsome and well built. One was leaning against a sink. When I looked over at him, he grinned, blatantly grabbed his bulging crotch and sort of shook it, flaunting it at me. I glanced over at the other guy. He took a thumb and index finger and outlined a long tube down his leg under the towel. Their meaning was obvious. They had heard what had gone on in the end booth – as quiet as we might have liked to think we were - and they wanted in on the action. What could I do?!

I slowly backed back into the booth! The guy at the sink whipped off his towel, walked naked towards me, his long erecting cock displaying obvious growth as it swayed hypnotically, pendulum-like with his movements. He entered the booth with me. He reached out and slowly closed the door behind him. I saw the other guy grin at me knowingly as the door closed. I did not protest. I told you, I love sucking cock!

Later, I found a note in my own wire basket. I figured I knew who sent it. It read simply, 'Thanks!' Happily, there was one more word: 'Monday?' 

We repeated our performance step by step on Monday and, amazingly, on every Monday for the next year and a half, when, reluctantly, I had to return to New York.  Our actions never varied, he came twice each time for the most part, and I shot off with his second load filling my mouth.  On the infrequent times he came only once, he liked to step back and watch me jack off for him.  It was completely thrilling.  I've thought of him often, and I jack off to spurting orgasm every time I read this story about him.


Jack Sofelot


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