Mike sat in my office next to my desk. I've never understood why students always choose to come to see me five minutes before my office hours end. I glanced at the sandwich sitting behind my computer. I was hungry, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend my lunch break explaining to an athlete why he was going to fail my class.

The conversation was always the same. First, they'd try to explain that, in fact, they weren't failing. I'd made some sort of mistake. Then, they'd explain that they really needed to pass this class and would do anything to make up the points they missed. Extra credit, redoing assignments, and so on. Then they would accuse me of being a jerk and an arrogant professor who hated the athletics programs and was taking it out on them. I always liked to see their face when I told them that the last part wasn't true. I was a huge supporter of the athletics programs and had the plaques and pictures to prove it. When they figured out that I was friends with the coaches and athletics director, they usually let up and walked out.

I looked up from my computer screen at Mike. He was 6 foot 3 with cropped, messy brown hair and Wedgewood blue eyes. I'd seen him on the court before and knew that under his clothes was a lean, muscular body that most of his teammates wished they had. Today, he was wearing the official uniform of all college athletes - basketball shorts and a college sweatshirt. "Fuck," I thought, "this guy is hot." I took a second to regain my composure, then said, "Mike, you're pulling a D, maybe a D+"

"I need to pass this class. My coach is gonna blow his top if I fail another gen ed. Fuck man . . . sorry . . . Professor . . . my mom is gonna kill me."

I liked that he apologized for swearing. A little bit of respect goes a long way and he gets that. Right now, I hold all the cards and pissing me off is not a good way to raise his grade. If he treats me right, I might go easy on him. Now, I just had to wait for his speech.

"I'll do anything to pass this class. Give me extra credit or something . . .

My mind drifted as he made his pitch. I looked down, trying to glance at his legs without him noticing. He had muscular calves with a nice coat of brown fur. As I innocently moved up, I glanced at his crotch. The best thing about the shorts these guys all wear is that they show everything. He wasn't wearing any underwear, or if he was they were crazy thin. I could make out the head of his dick and a few bumps that were probably his balls. I got back to his face just as he was finishing. He was, as they always are, staring off into space.

Now it was time for my speech. As I started, Mike leaned back in the office chair, lifted his shirt a little, and scratched his belly. His abs were toned. He didn't have a six pack, but his belly was flat and firm. Again there was a nice dusting of fur. I tried to maintain eye contact, but his hand kept moving south. He was pushing his waistband down now, and he has scratching way below his belly button. I was staring now, and I think I saw the base of his dick on one of the lower passes. I was talking on autopilot and suddenly realized that I didn't know what I was saying. I stumbled over my words and turned back to my desk, blushing. What the hell was going on? I turned back to him and said, "So . . . uh . . . like I was saying, there's nothing I can do. Even if you ace the final, you're not going to pass the class. "

"I get it," he said as he started to get up. "Yes," I thought. "Get out of here." I wasn't thinking about my sandwich any more. I had a raging hard-on that needed attention. I could feel the precum freely flowing into my boxer briefs.

But instead of leaving, Mike walked over and shut the door. He turned around, and I could see that the bulge in his shorts was growing. Instead of sitting back down, he walked over to me. He stood a foot in front of me, with his basket right in front of my face. His dick was getting hard, and he was close enough that I could feel the heat coming from his crotch.

"I get it," Mike said, "You want to work this out some other way."

"Mike, I can't . . ."

"Sure you can. I know you want it. Your dick is hard as a rock. C'mon, prof. A hot guy like you and a stud like me can have some fun and settle our differences at the same time."

Shit, he just called me hot. My cynical side told me that he was playing to my ego, but part of me really wanted to believe that this super stud thought I was hot. I was only 29, in my second year as a professor. My body was toned and I'm pretty good looking. I had a permanent five o'clock shadow, almost black hair and grayish-blue eyes. Maybe this guy really does find me hot. "Mike . . " I stammered.

He slipped his shorts down. Yep, he was free-balling it. His cock sprung up and hung right in front of my face. He had to be eight inches long at least with huge low hanging balls. His cock was uncut and there was a little drop of precum at the tip. I was totally fucking mesmerized by his dick. I could smell his body - clean, like he'd just showered. I could almost taste and feel his cock in my mouth. It was the nicest, sexiest, most beautiful dick I had ever seen in real life. I wanted to get down on my knees and worship it.

As Mike's big hand came down on my shoulder, I snapped out of my trance. I stood up quickly. "Mike, I can't do this. I'll lose my job man. I need you out of here now."

"You sure? How often do you get a chance to suck a dick like this?" He wagged his cock at me. He had a killer smile and he was using it. "You really want me to go?" I nodded. "All right, its your loss." He yanked up his pants and walked out of my office.

* * *

I shot my load into the cum rag I kept in my desk drawer about thirty seconds after I heard my door click. As I drove home, I realized that I was really proud of myself. Over the past two years, a lot of female students had insinuated that they would have sex with me to raise their grades, one had even flat out offered to suck my dick, but being that I'm 100% gay I was immune to their feminine wiles. I always wondered if I could resist a hot guy, and I had. It was the right choice, I thought. Having sex with a student was not a road I needed to go down. Not only would it cost me my job if things went badly, but I would never get another academic job again.

I live out in the country, and I as rolled down my driveway I noticed a car parked in front of my garage. As I got closer, I could see Mike sitting on my front stoop petting my Black Lab, Gunner. Some fucking guard dog.

As I got out of the car, Mike called out, "I was wondering when you'd get home."

"What the fuck are you doing here Mike? How do you know where I live?"

"Small town, Prof. Everyone knows where everyone lives. Look, I was thinking about this afternoon and, you know what, it got me all horned up again. So, I figured since you're the one that got me all worked up, you're the one who should get me off."

I walked up to the door and said, "Go home Mike."

Mike quickly stood in front of the door. As I walked toward him he grabbed my hand and shoved it down his shorts. My fingers went through his wiry pubes, then passed by his soft cock, before getting to his balls. "Massage them," he whispered in my ear. I caved and rolled his nuts around in my hand. They were huge, at least the size of extra-large eggs, and hot. I cupped them and lifted them up. They were heavy in my hands. His crotch was kind of sweaty, and I could feel the heat coming off his body. I started thinking about the big load his huge balls must contain. Mike sighed and I felt his hot breath on the side of my face. He let go of my hand and grabbed my chin. Mike turned my face out toward the yard. "You see that little spot next to the pine tree out there? I'm going to fuck you stupid right there."

"Lets go in the house and talk about this, Mike."

He jerked my hand out of his pants and dropped his shorts to the ground. He sat on the step in front of door and spread his legs wide. "First you have to pay the toll. Go to it, slut."

I knelt down and looked at his goods. His monster cock stood straight up against his sweatshirt and his balls were hanging at least halfway down the step. I moved my mouth toward his dick. He was rock hard and leaking like a faucet. I love precum, probably more than real cum, and it was oozing out of his slit and collecting in his foreskin. I wanted it bad, but Mike grabbed my face and moved it lower. "Balls first. I went for a run after I talked to you. They're good and sweaty now."

I started to lap at his shaved balls. I could taste the salty sweat left over from his run. I ran my tongue up over each of them, lifting his sac with my mouth. Mike put both of his hands on the sides of my head and started to direct my mouth around his crotch. He pushed my face into his groin and I licked around the base of his dick and scrotum - right in the crease where his junk met his body. My face was buried in his crotch, and I licked him like I was getting manna from heaven. He seemed to like it a lot and kept me there for a few minutes. Then he moved me back to his nuts. "Take em both in your mouth and suck on them." His balls were huge and I could hardly fit them in without them rubbing against my teeth. Mike didn't seem to care. He kept saying, "Suck on my balls, Prof. Suck on them." I was more than happy to oblige.

"Time to lick my asshole." He declared as he slid down the step to give me access to his asshole. I dove in. I ran my tongue between his asshole and his balls, stopping at each end for some extra attention. Mike was moaning loudly. I stuck my tongue into his ass and planted my nose in his nuts. I savored the clean but musky smell of his balls as I licked at his perineum.

Suddenly he pulled my face out of his crotch. He grabbed my chin again and looked into my eyes.

"You want my dick?"

I nodded.

"Tell me you want it."

"I want your dick, Mike."

"Take a taste of my precum."

I leaned in and licked the precum off the head of his dick. It was a little salty and sweet. I rubbed it around the inside of my mouth with my tongue. Then took another lick at his slit.

"You like?"

I nodded again.

"Good, now clean out my foreskin."

I moved in again as he pulled his hood away from the head of his dick. I stuck my tongue inside, and ran it around his glans, cleaning out the precum that had dripped in and whatever else had accumulated during the day. This time I tasted his precum along with something a little musky. His dick smelt like sex. This guy was worked up and ready to blow a load. My own dick was rock hard in my pants. I reached down and unzipped them.

"Good." Mike said, "Jerk yourself off while you suck me off."

I didn't need any encouragement. I started to pull on my dick while I sucked on Mike's cock. God, I wanted his cum bad. I worked the head good before starting to move deeper, taking him into my throat. I had only been sucking on his dick for a minute when Mike shouted, "Here it comes!" and pulled his dick out of my mouth.

His first shot went straight up my nose. Then four more thick strings shot across my face and into my hair. As the hot cum hit my face, I lost it and shot my load on the sidewalk. As his orgasm subsided, I dove back onto his dick and ate the last few spurts. His cum was thick and delicious. I kept it in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. Mike said, "That's a good boy." and then rubbed his hand through the cum on my face. He made sure that every inch of my face was covered with his cum. Then he put his hand in front of my mouth and told me to lick him clean. I gladly obliged, sucking every finger and digging my tongue into every crease on his huge hand.

Mike stood up and said, "Now let's go inside."

We walked into my house. Mike looked at me and laughed, "Prof. your face is glistening. You look so hot and slutty right now."

"Yeah, well I need to go into the bathroom and clean up." I said. I also needed to figure out a way to get rid of Mike. The blowjob on the front steps was insanely hot, but I needed to end this before it got out of control. I washed my face and went into my living room. Mike was sitting on my couch watching ESPN. He had taken off his sweatshirt and was wearing a white wife-beater. His arms, easily the hottest part of him, were finally visible. He had the toned and thick arms of any basketball player. His arms weren't bulging or huge, just perfectly proportioned to the rest of his body. I sat down in a chair across from him, briefly staring at his basket before preparing to kick him out of my house.

Mike looked away from the screen. "I'm not a bad guy, you know. I don't really care about the grade. You don't have to worry about me flipping out and beating you up or anything. I just want to relax for a few minutes."

"I'll raise your grade to a C Mike. That was a lot of fun out there. You really took control, I loved it."

"Come over here," He said motioning to the spot on the couch next to him. I walked over and sat down. "I meant it when I said that you're hot, by the way."

I said "Thanks," and then we watched sports talk for a while, saying almost nothing to each other. The sun started to set. All sorts of fantasies about making Mike my boyfriend starting going through my mind, but I knew it would be bad for me. Dating a student, even after the class ended, would end my career.

Suddenly Mike stretched out on the couch. "Ok," he said, patting my leg. "You got any lube?"

"Lube, for what?"

"I told you before, I'm going fuck you stupid outside under that tree. I'm ready, but I figured we should grab some lube before we go out there."

"We're going to fuck outside?"

"You ate my ass on your front steps in broad daylight, and now you're getting modest?"

He had a good point. I lived in the middle of nowhere, and no one would be able to see us. I walked into my bedroom and grabbed the lube. When I got back to the living room, Mike was standing there with a big tent in his shorts. There was a dark spot on the front where his cock drool had seeped through.

"You should undress in here." He said. I didn't hesitate for a minute. I stripped off my white undershirt and dropped my jeans. "Like I said before, you're hot." He rubbed my chest hard. I was proud of my pecs. I worked out everyday and that was the part of my body where it showed the most. He grabbed my tit, then bent down and bit my nipple. He started humming the chorus from the NIne Inch Nails song 'Closer', "I wanna fuck you like an animal / I wanna feel you from the inside." As he sucked my nipple, I leaned into him and pushed my cock into his thigh. I started to rub into him, humping his leg slowly.

Mike moved his head upward and started to nibble on my ear lobe. I literally went weak in the knees and started to slump down. He grabbed my ass with both his hands and held me up. He kneaded my cheeks with his big hands for a few seconds before spreading them open. He toyed with my asshole with his fingers, rubbing it, pressing on it, getting it ready to open up for him. I stuck my ass out and groaned. "Let's go outside," he said. He put his arm around my shoulder and directed me to the door. We were like two buddies . . . going out to bang on the front lawn.

Night was setting in as we walked across the lawn over to the pine tree he liked. He got down on his knees and motioned for me to come over. As I got close, he reached out and grabbed my cock. I'm pretty average in the cock department, about six and a half inches, cut, with a decent set of balls. He sucked my dick into his mouth and went all the way down to the base in one fluid motion. He came back up and pulled off, letting out a guttural "Yes" He looked up at me and said, "You got a nice dick, Prof. Now turn around."

I turned my ass toward him, and he reached out and spread my cheeks. "Gonna fuck this ass." he kept saying as he played with my hole with his fingers. Then he went for it and started rimming me. His tongue felt amazing as he licked around my rosebud. He would swirl his tongue around my hole for a few seconds, then push his index finger in a little. "Man that's a hot hole, I can't wait to get my dick in there. I'm gonna ride you hard, Prof. You want that? You want my dick up inside you?"

"Yeah, fuck me Mike. You're so fucking hot. I want your dick inside me." I said.

He grabbed the lube off the ground and started to lube me up. He was cooing at me the whole time, telling me how good he was going to make me feel. "I'm gonna take care of you, Prof. I'm gonna make you into my bitch and make you feel real good."

Mike stood up and dropped his shorts. His dick sprung up. His foreskin had retracted and his cock head was shiny. "Get it good and wet."

I crawled over and took dick in my mouth. He pushed my head all the way down to the base of his cock. My nose was deep in his pubes. I breathed in and smelled his scent. He smelt clean and manly. God, I could keep my face here for ever, I thought. I could live in this man's crotch. He held my head down until I gagged, "Yeah man," he said, "Choke on it. Get it covered in throat slime."

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and tossed me the lube. "Lube it up good. I don't want to hurt you."

"I want it raw." I said. "I want it to sting."

He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. "Suit yourself." I felt his dick pushing against my rosebud. "You ready?" he asked, "You ready?"

"God, Mike. Fuck me."

"Ok" he said as he pushed into me. His dick burned a little as it moved into me. Because of the lube-job Mike had given me earlier, the initial push was easy, but it got harder as he drove in deeper.

"I'm going all the way. No mercy." he said.

He kept pushing. I could feel my guts moving around to accomadate his eight inches. Finally I felt his body push against my ass. He leaned over me, wrapping his arms around me and rubbed my stomach. His face was right next to mine. "I'm all the way in you, Prof. You like my big dick inside you?"

"Yeah," I groaned. He was big, probably the biggest I'd every taken. I felt so full, and his body against mine was making me hot. My dick was bouncing up and down underneath me.

He moved his hand down my body and grabbed my hard cock. He pulled hard on it. "What do you want me to do with my dick now that I'm inside of you? Tell me what you want."

"Make me your bitch, Mike. Fuck me hard."

He pulled his dick out a few inches and then slid it back in me slowly. I almost shot my load as he pushed back in. "You sure you don't want it slow? I can be real sensitive and sexy."

"Fuck me hard, Mike. Take me."

"You're right. That's the way you should fuck when you're outside," he said and started to long dick me. He pulled his dick all the way out and then slammed it all the way back in. He did that at least ten times before he moved on to shorter strokes and a fast, steady rhythm. He was still milking my dick and talking in my ear. "You like being fucked doggy-style by a big stud like me? You like my cock in your pussy?" I could only stammer the occasional yes as he pounded my ass.

He grabbed my hair and directed my head skyward. "Look at the stars coming out, Prof. I love fucking a dude under the stars. Makes me feel like an animal."

"Oh Jesus, Mike." Was the best response I could muster. His dick was still pistoning in and out of my ass. I swear I could feel every vein on his dick. I could feel the grass rubbing into my knees. I could feel Mike's furry stomach against my lower back. His body was so powerful. He wrapped his arms around me and put all his weight on me. His rhythm changed to shorter, faster, staccato strokes. He turned my head to his and started to kiss me. His tongue slipped into my mouth and we kissed hard.

I broke away from the kiss and panted, "You're such a stud, Mike. You're a beast. Shoot your load into my ass. C'mon man. Fill me up."

"I'm gonna blow my load in your ass, Prof. You're my bitch and I'm gonna breed you."

He straightened up and pushed down on my back with both his hands. "Here it comes." He drove his dick all the way into me and then he howled as he came. Seriously, he howled like a coyote. I could feel the hot cum shooting into my ass as he howled like a wild animal.

I reached down and started to work my cock. I blew my load into the grass only seconds after he started to cum. I slumped down and fell into the grass. Mike's dick was still hard and buried in my ass when he collapsed on top of me. I loved the feeling of his heavy body laying on top of mine. Our breathing was in sink and we were both enjoying the pure relaxation that comes after an orgasm. I'm not sure how much time passed, maybe a minute or two, before Mike pulled his dick out of me and stood up.

"That was insane," he said as I stood up. "Really, that was the hottest fuck I've had in a while. You're a hot piece of ass, Prof."

I mumbled a thanks as I stared at his hot body in the twilight. He was easily the hottest guy I'd ever been with. I was in awe of his cut form, glistening with sweat.

"I've got to go." He pulled on his shorts and put his wife beater back on. He walked over to me and reached out to grab my cock, milking the last drop of cum out of it. He took it up to his mouth and licked it off his hand. "Mmm . . . next time I want a drink of this. See ya later, Professor." He walked away to his car.

I walked back into the house and watched Mike's car as he drove down my snaking driveway. I went into my living room and saw Mike's sweatshirt laying on the couch. Well, I guess I'm going to have to see him again to get that back to him.


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