'Hi Ben' I said

'Sup luke' he said in his thugish voice

As we were gettin ready 4 gym I couldent stop lookin at him he is a latino muscular and has a super buble ass he looked at me and said

'you like what you see'

I said 'dude you know I'm not gay'

'Sure you're not' the way he said it was kinda uneasy like he knew I was gay

'So uh.......'

'What' I said

' do you want to uh...... watch the game at my house'

I wasn't interested in foot ball at all

'Sure' I said he smiled that sexy smile

After skool I went home and put on my tighest basket ball shorts I could I put them on because I noticed he would run to the bath room every time I put them on I walked to his house I rang the door bell

'come in'

He said I walked to his couch he looked at me in my shorts and said

'I gotta go to the bath room k '

'sure' I said

he came back with a realeved look on his face he said

'can you get some chips'

'ok' I said then he said

'what are you some kinda fag'

I said 'what no' then he said

'luke what teams are playin'

I searched the t.v for answers

'um.........' I couldent find the team he said

'its fine your a cute fag'

'what' I said confused

'you heared me' he said with that sexy smile


I said their was a weired silence I got the chips he pated the seat next to him letting me sit by him he put his arm around me touching my pecs

'You've been workin out'

he said he gently squezed my pec

'uh...... yeah' I said he reached over and kissed my cheek

'what are you doing' I said he said

'just relax' as he kised me on the the mouth he got on my lap as he kissed me

'you like that' he said

'um...... yeah' I said he put my hands on his butt and made me squeze his ass he kinda moaned he took off his shirt and he took off mine he kissed me and shubed his tongue down my throat I moaned he said

'oh luke I want you sooo bad' I said

'me to ben oh god' he kissed me and wraped his arms around my neck he took off my shorts I took of his jeans and slid down his under ware as he slid off mine he said

'are you sure you want to do this you know every thing is gonna be different after this' I said

'yeah I know' he sucked my cock

'oh god ben ohhh' then I sucked his cock while he moaned

'oh shit luke you've been holding out on me ohhh god'

he cumed in my mouth and I came in his he stood the night at my house I wore his shirt and underware and he wore mine and shirt I got up and told my mom about him and I and we told his mom over the phone we went to skool holding hands all the skool just looked at us I went to my class and he turned me around and kissed me he wraped his hands around me and squzed my ass and said

'I love you luke' I said

'I love you to ben' he gave me a nick name he would call me i. l. l. Meaning I love luke I called him b or I. l. b. Meaning I love ben




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