I was 27-years-old when I decided to enter the military. I went to basic training six months after joining. I was shipped to Ft Sill, Oklahoma for basic training. I was one of the oldest in my platoon once we got over the tracks. There was very little time to think of sex during the first few weeks. The only time you had to masturbate was when you were on fire-guard a couple of times a week. Our drill sergeants were about my age. After a couple of weeks we began to have a little free time. I was a squad leader so it seemed to me that I got to know the drills a little bit.

After one of our high confidence courses, I was sent to sick-call by Drill Sergeant Rivers (name has been changed). I had no desire to go to sick-call, but DS Rivers had noticed that I was favoring my left side and when I removed my PT shirt to head to the shower he noticed that the left side of my chest was bruised and ordered me to sick-call the next day.

The next morning I got up and headed to sick-call. DS Rivers drove the van that day and as I got out, he said 'Go figure, one of my best soldiers has become a sick-call ranger.' I laughed and he drove away. A few hours later, I finally reported back into the CQ Office. I was told to head up to the bay that there were a couple of other soldiers that had returned and to clean the bay until we were told otherwise. When I got to the bay, no one was there. I put my sick-call slip on my bed and was heading back to the bathroom for some alone time when DS Rivers walked in the door.He was noticeably upset. He had tears in this eyes and was obviously crying. He saw me and began to wipe his eyes. I went to parade rest and waited to be acknowledged. He told me to carry on and went into his office. I walked through 'No-Man's-Land' and knocked on his door. He told me to 'Enter'.

I walked into this office and he was seated on the couch. This is unheard of for a recruit to be alone with a drill sergeant. We always had to have a battle buddy. I went to parade rest and said 'This recruit would like to ask the Drill Sergeant what is wrong?' He told me to be at ease and rest. We talked for a few minutes and he told me that he was releasing me from the status of a recruit for a little while. He walked over and got me a bottled water and I sat on the couch. He sat down too and told me that his wife had filed for divorce. He said that he knew it was coming, but wanted to get his promotion first. We talked for about thirty minutes when he broke down.

I slid over and placed my arm around him. I am not the most masculine person, but I am not effeminate either, but have been hit on by men a few times in my life. I always laughed it off and did not think anything of it. I am a good-looking guy and after 7 weeks in basic training, I had a nice body. I am 6'4' and weigh 185 pounds. There was no fat on me and my muscles were well defined from all the push-up and sit-ups along with all the other crap we had to do. I have brown hair and gray eyes and a fairly hairy body. DS Rivers was a very good looking man. He was an inch or two shorter than me but much more muscular. His legs were hairy and he could fucking run like the wind. When he ran, he was beautiful. Graceful.

DS Rivers stiffened for a minuted and I thought 'Oh Shit, he is about to smoke the shit out of me'. Little did I know. After a few seconds, he leaned his head over on my shoulder and I brought my other had around and held him close. He was crying and I was offering comfort. After a few minutes of this, DS Rivers ran his hand up my back and put one hand on the side of my face. He leaned slowly in and kissed me on the mouth. I did not know what to do. I just sat there. It had been so long since I had been intimate with a woman. He started to pull away when I finally opened my mouth and brought my hand to his head. I was hard as a rock and throbbing. DS Rivers ran his left hand down my torso and began to rub my fully engorged dick through my BDUs. He pulled away and stoop up. It was this time I noticed he had a large boner too. He took my hands and stood me up. He began to unbutton my blouse. I did not really know what to do or say. I told him that I have never done this before and he stopped a took a step back. He said that he was sorry. I took a step toward him and reached up and began to undo his blouse. I asked him to teach me this as he had taught me so much more with the Army. He smiled and said, 'Well, this should be more enjoyable.' He was out of his blouse by now and pulled his brown t-shirt over his head. I also was shedding my clothes, but he told me to stop that he wanted to do that. I stopped and watched him sit down and take off his boots.

He stood up and began to undo the buttons of his fly. I was as mesmerized as a rat just before the snake strikes. When he pulled his pants down, I saw that he was not wearing underwear. I was naive. I had always wore underwear. I also noticed immediately that he was huge and completely hairless. His entire torso was hairless. I was amazed. I wanted to touch his cock, feel it, and for the first time in my life, taste it.

He was completely naked. I was naked from the waist up and he walked over, he almost seemed to float toward me and began to undo my trousers. I reached up and ran my hands up his arms, down his pecks and over his well defined abdominal muscles. Just as I was reaching his cock, he went down on his knees. As he went down he pulled my trousers and underwear down. As he was pulling them down, it seemed he also wrapped his mouth around my cock. He began to suck my cock unlike anything I had ever had to that point. I knew that it was not going to take long. I tried to pull away and he stopped. He asked if I thought I could get hard again if I came. I assured him that I could. He said he wanted to taste me and began again to suck my cock. I have a 7 ½ inch cock that is about average thickness. DS Rivers buried his face in my cock hair and swallowed. That was all it took. I shot a huge load of cum down his throat.

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