For a few months in my mid twenties I spent some time in a really hot 24/7 situation. I was between jobs, and so had really nothing going on in the way of obligations before the work I was doing would be available again. I had been into the leather scene for a while, so I had long fantasized about being made to live in someone's basement full time to experience the intensity of this kind of lifestyle. The totality of it appealed to me.

It so happened that I had some connections in a large eastern city, and it was there I went thinking that my chances would be best of finding what I was after. Having little baggage and obligations, I was able to go there without too much trouble. I stayed with friends while attending to the bars and other places where such a contact as I was after could be made.

After a couple of weeks, and uncounted dead ends and deadbeats, I was finally introduced to Alex, who was looking for a young man to fill a particular position in his house. It seemed he lived in the suburbs, and had a basement which was modified to be a dungeon/playroom.

Alex was a handsome looking guy in his late forties, with a beard of dark hair and long sideburns. He was tall and lanky, and I could tell right away that he had a big cock, and that we liked each other. We had a few drinks together, and got to talking. He invited me to his place to take a look at his set up, and so we drove over shortly after that.

His house seemed much like the others surrounding it at first, a two storey house about fifty years old, in fair condition. Nothing remarkable in the well kept yard either. We pulled into the drive and walked inside.

The inside of the house was tasteful and understated, but it was the basement which I was hot to see. Alex offered me a drink, and we made some small talk for a couple of minutes, but both our minds were not on this. I could feel myself trembling with excitement as we finally descended the stairs. The walls were painted black and there were no windows to be seen. It was warm there, and the walls were covered with a thick black rubber which deadened the sound oddly. The floor was bare cement.

The basement had three rooms, an open area with a wall covered with collars, chains and other paraphernalia, a small room which had bars on the front and no furnishings whatever, and then another room which had the door closed and locked. It was clear from the orientation of the lock that it was intended to keep someone inside the room and not to prevent entry.

In addition to these there was a small bathroom with a toilet and shower stall. All the walls of the rooms were painted the same black, and the lighting came from bare bulbs in the ceiling. I was quite impressed with all this, and silently stared around me as Alex gave me a quick tour.

We started talking again about what he was after, and he told me that he wanted to have someone living down here to be his dogslave. I would have to wear a collar around my neck all the time, and a 'tail', which I wasn't sure what Alex meant by. These would be my quarters, and I would have to stay there most of the time, unless I was doing the yard work.

I was to have no contact with the outside world but that which Alex directed as he saw fit, and my complete existence was to be at his command, and to provide service for his sexual satisfaction. My cock was throbbing hard as he told me these things. At length he asked me if I wanted to stay for a couple of days in order to see what it would be like.

I agreed, and we got right into things. I was directed to remove my clothes, which were taken away. I was to be on my hands and knees unless granted the privilege of standing, and I was to address him as 'Master' all the time. He put a leather collar on my neck, a thick black one with studs on it.

He then directed me to follow him as he showed me around. He gave me a drink from a shiny metal dog dish, which was pretty difficult to master. This was to be the only way I would be allowed to eat or drink, so he suggested that I 'get used to it'. I think I got more water up my nose than in my throat, but it was pretty hot just doing that. He told me that after a couple of weeks, I had better get the hang of using that dish, since anything that spilled would have to be licked up off the cement floor.

After this he brought me to the room with the locked door, and opening it up and turning the light on revealed that there was a bench shaped like a sawhorse in the center of the room. It was padded on top so that it would support the torso, and there were two ledges for the hands and legs to rest on. I was told to go over to it, and to relax my ass.

I did so, my hard cock slapping against my stomach as I did so. Precum was drooling out of it, and it felt good as my cock gently slipped back and forth on the black leather. I tried to relax my ass, but I was wanting to get fucked so badly that I couldn't help getting my ass farther in the air.

He walked over to me and stood in front of my face. In his hand he had a butt plug which had a tail attached to it. It was pretty big, and tapered in such a way as to stay firmly in my ass once he put it in. I was trembling as he brought it closer to my face so that I could see what was to go in my ass. He had a hard on in his pants that was outlined clearly, and his breath was rather short.

He inserted the butt plug in my mouth, and made me hold it there for a while. Then he took it out and walked around behind me. He lubricated it and then started to work it into my asshole. I tried not to resist it, but it took some getting used to and I grunted as he pushed it farther inside.

After a couple of minutes in which the universe had shrunk to just him and I there, he worked it all the way into my ass. I felt then that first acquaintance with having this tail up my ass which in future times I was to know so well. He secured it with a leather strap which went between my legs and around my waist.

He then told me to get down off the bench and onto my knees on the floor. He asked me if I liked having a tail in my ass, and I answered him yes. It felt so good down there, and the feeling of humiliation was so deep and erotical that I could feel my penis throbbing hard underneath me.

Alex stood there towering over me, and I looked up at him in admiration. Not only was he a handsome man who was giving me precisely what I wanted, but he had that most fleeting of qualities in top guys, which was that he moved with absolute confidence in the way he dealt with me, and that turned both of us on. He reached down and touched my tail. I felt my ass tighten, and the sensation of having the butt plug inside me while looking into his eyes was pretty hot too.

He told me to follow him, and then walked across the hall to the open space, and then stood there. I was to come over to him and suck his cock. It was pretty hard to get used to moving with any degree of speed on my hands and knees, but then he picked up a strap and slapped it across my ass when I came over to him. It stung, and I started to realize what I had gotten myself into. He wanted me to understand what punishment was like, so he made me kneel there while he took a good half dozen swings at my ass. I had to stand it, and I would show no sign of pain or flinching if I could help it. By the last time he did it though, I was ready to move a bit, and this only earned me another.

He leaned down and grabbed me by the jaw. I was forced to look up into his eyes. He told me that he could grow quite attached to me, but that I would have to demonstrate the qualities that he wanted in order to do so. He told me that obedience was the prime thing he looked for, then loyalty and service. Sacrifice and devotion were the next, and then he told me that I would be committing to do all of those things, and more besides, all at his discretion. He was to be the focus of my life, and were I to allow my mind to wander, or to express desires beyond serving him, I would be punished for it.

He elaborated on the punishments I might receive at his hands. There was being strapped, as he had done just now. Then there was hot and cold douches, which he told me that we would be experimenting with later. Further to this, he might exert some measure of breath control to exercise his rights to ensure my total obedience.

As if this had spurred him on, he reached behind him and took down a mask from the wall. It had no features on the front, but only a hole where the mouth was to go. He put it over my head, and adjusted the straps and buckles so that it fit me more tightly. I felt a little claustrophobic in it, but accepted it after a minute or two. I was forced to breath through my mouth, and then he put a ball gag into my mouth, which itself was penetrated with a hole in the center. He blocked the hole, and I couldn't breath at all. I started to panic a bit, but managed to hold it together for what seemed an eternity before he released me and then I was breathing fast through the gag, my heart pounding away. There was only the two of us in the room at that moment, and my heart pounding in my ears was so loud I was sure he could hear it.

After this, he left the mask on, saying we would need to spend some time with that one later on, and then put a leash on me, by which means he led me to my cage. The tail butt plug was hard in my ass, but there was to be no relief from it. I was put into the cage, and told to lay down in the corner and not to move. I lay there and tried to catch my breath. I had no idea what time it was, nor would I for the next two days.

He was merciless to me, coming downstairs at any moment, with a series of aggressive demands and ready to make me do his bidding. I was into it, and we experimented with all kinds of things. I was never restrained physically from moving, since his demands always required that I submit to him of my own free will. I did so, and can say with some measure of pride that he could find but little fault with me.

He didn't really fuck me that often, but there was always something going on with my ass. It was either the tail, or a series of what he called 'bones', which were dildoes of varying sizes. My hole was stretched and fucked, and this was really hot to me. It was an exquisite agony to receive his attentions, and after the few days were over I couldn't remember his name, but he was only 'Master' to me.

When the trial period was over, he removed the tail, gave me back my clothes, and handed me a cigarette - my first since I had arrived in his home. I inhaled the smoke greedily and stood there in silence for a couple of moments. He looked at me, and then told me that I could address him as I pleased for the time being. How did I like it? He looked at me intently, and I knew that it wouldn't be possible to separate this urbane and civil character in front of me from the savage, passionate Master I had tried to serve these past few days. I bowed my head, and put it on his shoulder in a gesture of submission. Though I longed for the cigarette in my hand, I would stay there until released.

We stood in silence for a moment or two. Then he told me to finish my cigarette and go back downstairs. I nodded, and looked at him, he who was all that I desired. He moved his head forward and kissed me tenderly, the first time he had ever done so. Then he patted the back of my head in what was to become a familiar gesture. I enjoyed the smoke, my head reeling from not being used to having cigarettes around for a couple of days. Then I ground it out in an ashtray and turned wordlessly to go downstairs, to my destiny.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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