Fuck I was horny, I hadn't had a fuck in at least two weeks and my balls could hardly take the strain any more. Of course I had jerked off but it wasn't the same as getting off when having hot man sex and that's what I really needed.

My problem was that I had to be discreet with my sex life, being gay and being a major league baseball player just didn't go together, and I wasn't prepared to let my secret out just yet. I had always known I was gay and my first experience was with the assistant coach on my high school team. This was when I was 18 and I have been enjoying man sex ever since, but not wanting to ruin my career I had never let anyone know.

We had just arrived in San Francisco, our next game was against the Giants but we had arrived a few days early to relax in the Californian sun. I knew this was my chance to have some fun, I couldn't miss the chance to visit a bathhouse in the sex mad city but I would have to be careful.

I showered and got ready for the night ahead, I put on a pair of jeans and a tee, knowing they wouldn't be staying on long and put the cash I would need in my pockets. I was hoping that I wouldn't be recognised, I had only been in the major league for a year and wasn't that famous yet however, to be extra careful, I decided to wear a baseball hat to cover my face a little. It was still a risk but I needed to fuck and I couldn't miss the opportunity of being in San Francisco.

I found out the hotel was pretty close to a bathhouse and so I just walked to it, making sure none of the guys drinking at the hotel bar could see me leave, I didn't want any awkward questions. It took me about 5 minutes to walk there, as I walked in I could see lots of hot guys entering and I knew I had picked a good night. I paid the fee at the desk and got a locker and a room, deciding I might as well get one, I hoped to stay for a while as I didn't know when I would next get to fuck.

'Have a great time sir, you picked a good night, we're real busy' The hot guy at the desk told me and showed me where the lockers were so I could get out my clothes.

I stripped and locked away my belongings and decided not to wear a towel, I wasn't here to mess around, I wanted to fuck. My cock was already rock hard as I walked around, damn, there was a lot of hot dudes here I scanned the rooms, looking for someone who was interested. I was enjoying walking past all these men, showing off my erection and my body, which I had worked hard to get and lots of hands were reaching out to grope my cock and ass.

I felt a guy began to jerk my cock and I stopped to look at him, and fuck, he was hot. He must have been some kind of body builder he was so built and I could see a wedding band on the hand he was jerking my cock with. He quickly dropped to his knees and took my whole dick straight down his throat, playing with my balls as I moaned loudly.

'Fuck yeah' I heard some guy in the crowd say. They were enjoying our show and I was enjoying them watching.

Man, this guy on my dick was good, he knew how to suck, and he could easily take me all the way but he also loved to play with the head and piss slit; hungrily lapping up my pre-cum. I think he could sense I was getting close as he slowed down and pulled off.

'Don't cum yet man, I want that in my ass' He said as he stood up and pushed his ass out, revealing a beautiful pink hole.

I couldn't resist hungrily sticking my face between his buns, his tight muscle butt looked so good and I was hungry for same ass. There sounds of appreciation from the crowd as I tongue fucked this dude, I knew it was risk doing this in front of all these guys but this ass was too good to leave. I eagerly ate his ass, and he moaned loudly around my tongue until I could take it no longer and lined my dick up with his hole.

'Yeah man, fuck me, give it to me all the way' He shouted as I rubbed my cock head around his hole.

I pushed hard against his sphincter and plunged in all the way until I my balls slapped against his bubble butt and he shouted loudly in a mix of pain and pleasure.

'Yeah fuck his hole' Someone shouted.

I didn't need any more encouragement as I fucked his tight ass hard, fuck it felt good, he knew how to milk a dick and it had been so long since I had my dick in an ass, I knew I was going to blow soon. The dude pushed back onto my dick, begging for more and I fucked him hard and deep, banging my balls on his ass and I felt my orgasm travel up my cock.

'Fuck yeah, come in his ass' another voice from the crowd shouted as I moaned loudly, as my load erupted deep inside him.

My orgasm lasted for so long, and I gave the guy a huge creamy load and filled him up good, it took me a moment to get my breath back and kept my still hard cock inside of him.

'Hey man, it's my turn at the ass now' A guy came over and pushed me out of the way and started to fuck the dude I had just pulled out of.

That orgasm had been so intense and I needed a break, I headed to the room I had got and laid down on the bed. Fuck that was good, I knew I had come to the right place, there were so many hot, horny guys and I was going to be staying a lot longer. I had left my door open, hoping somebody would walk in, it didn't take long. A huge guy stood at the door, he had a beautiful layer of hair over his sculpted muscles and huge nipples that stuck right out.

'Great show out there' He smiled as he walked over to me, jerking one of the fattest cocks I had ever seen.

'Thanks man' I replied, my mouth watering.

He came up to the bed and knelt in front of me, his hard cock swinging out in front of me, he didn't need to say any more and I took the big dick in my mouth. He moaned as I took him all the way, until I felt his balls hit my chin, fuck he was wide, I was almost suffocating but I loved it.

'Aww fuck dude, you're a fucking pro' he moaned as I lapped at his balls. I laughed inside a little bit at his comment, I wonder what he would think if he new what kind of pro I was.

I hungrily sucked him, playing with piss slit and head, licking up and down when I felt something blunt probe my ass. I realised another guy had walked in and was about to fuck me so I spread legs a little to give him easier access, I didn't care that I couldn't see him I needed his cock.

He didn't waste any time pushing into me and didn't stop until he was all the way, damn he was big but I loved the way he was filling me up. He started to fuck me deep and I was in heaven, getting fucked in both ends, and I wanted both their loads inside of me. My own cock was ready to burst and I shot my load all over the bed my ass ring clamped down on the cock in me and it triggered him to blow deep inside me. The site of me getting filled up caused the cock in my mouth to erupt, rewarding me with sweet man juice and I made sure I swallowed it all before pulling out.

The guy who had fucked me had already pulled out was leaving the room, I tried to get a good look as he left but all I could see was that he had a great body and was wearing a red baseball hat. I guess he was trying to be discreet like I was not that I cared anyway, he gave me a nice big load.

'Holy fuck man, you are good, now I want to fuck that ass. Can I fuck you in the sling?' the guy who had just let off in my mouth asked.

'Fuck yeah' I replied.

We walked over to area with the slings, there was lots of kinky shit going on in this part; some guys were pissing on each other and there was a shelf which was full of butt plugs and dildos. I got in the sling and my legs were tied into the harness, giving open access to my hungry hole and the cum I had already been filled with began to leak out.

'mmm nice' the guy sighed and buried his face between my cheeks, tonguing and playing with my asshole, getting me primed for my next fuck. He stood up and pushed his dick straight into my ass and leaned forward towards my face, I opened my mouth ready for our embrace as our lips smashed together

He fucked me hard as we kissed, I could taste the cum in his mouth that he had just sucked out my ass and it made me even hornier. His thick cock felt so good in my ass and as we pulled away from our kiss I could see another guy standing watching, jerking his cock I could tell he was into leather as he was wearing a harness and chaps but he looked hot and had bulging muscles.

I could tell he was close as his pounding got faster and faster inside of me, making me moan loud until he slammed deep into me and let out a moan. I felt the ropes of cum cover my insides and he gave me a huge load deep inside of me, fuck it was good.

'Oh shit man, you got a fine piece of ass' He sighed as he pulled out and slapped me on the ass and walked away from me. I was breathing heavily and my ass was still clenching; still hungry to be filled.

'Fucking nice ass man, can I play with it?' asked the man who was in the leather.

'Hell yeah' I replied, horny to be filled again. He came over and plunged two fingers into me, teasing my hole and making me hungry for more.

'Wanna try this?' he asked pulling off a dildo from the shelf, it was pretty big (about 12 inches and wide) and shaped like a cock but I knew I could easily take it.

'Yeah man fill me up'

He pulled out a bottle of lube and prepped my ass and the toy for its penetration. The head of the fake cock pushed through and I moaned loudly as he slowly filled up me with the rest of the toy. I loved the feeling of being stretched wide and my dick stayed rock hard as I felt the base of the toy around my ass.

'Damn, you got a talented hole, you took that easily' He laughed and began to pull it out.

The next thing I knew, his hand was rubbing against my hole and four fingers started to probe at my hole. I was loving this serious ass play, I hadn't had a fist in my ass for a long time and I was going to make up for it now. He slowly sunk his hand into me until my sphincter was wrapped around his wrist, damn he filled me up good and began to plunge in and out. I knew I was going to lose control, it felt so good and my cock erupted all over my abs, without touching myself.

'Fuck, man that was awesome' He sighed and pulled his hand slowly out of me.

He let me out the sling and we went to the showers together (still keeping my hat on), he helped get me clean and gave extra attention to my ass as we showered. I got more interest from guys in there but I decided to go back to the hotel; I had already blown 3 loads tonight and it was getting late, we had practise tomorrow so I knew I should get some sleep.

I walked out into the cool night air and could still feel my ass was open as I walked into the hotel, this would take a while to close up. The hotel was pretty empty as I walked in apart from one guy who was on the team; Jack Evans (who is a fucking stud), was sat at the bar.

'Hey man' I said as I walked past.

'Hey' He replied as he looked up.

We had a short talk but all he could look at was my hat, which was kind of weird and as I went back to my room I had a sudden realisation. He was wearing a red hat, the guy who fucked me was wearing a red hat. Fuck. He recognised me. I couldn't sleep, worrying about that my secret would come out, I tried to reassure myself that he should be just as embarrassed, he was there as well but I was the on that got fucked.

The next day at practise I tried to avoid Jack completely, quickly turning away from me every time he tried to make eye contact. But I couldn't escape him in the locker room and he approached me as I was getting changed.

'Look, I know it was you' he told me.

'What was me?' I replied trying to sound surprised.

'Don't worry about it, but meet me in the dugout in 10 minutes'

I continued to put on my clothes, debating whether to go meet him or not, part of me was worried it was a set up but another part of me had the image of the hot stud in my mind. I decided to go and he was waiting for me when I got there.

'Hey man, first of all don't worry, I'll keep your secret' He said as I arrived

'Shit, i'm sorry man' was all I could say.

'Don't apologise, you're forgetting that I was there as well'

'Guess we all have something to hide'

'Well we don't have to hide from each other any more' He smiled at me and began to rub his crotch.

'You need help with that?' I asked, licking my lips.

'Hell yeah' He replied.

He didn't need to say anything else as I dropped to my knees and pulled put his already hard cock and began to lick the head. Pre-cum was pouring out the head as I hungrily sucked his big dick, forcing down my throat until I felt his trimmed pubes tickle my top lip. He started to to face fuck me; like most alpha studs do, he grabbed the back of my head and pushed me deep into his crotch.

'AWWW FUCK I'M COMING' he shouted and unloaded a huge load in my mouth. He filled me up good and cum was leaking out the corners of my mouth as he pulled away. I sat on the bench and begin to swallow his delicious load as I felt a pair of wet lips around my hard dick.

'What the fuck?' I looked down to see Jack sucking me off.

'I like cock just as much as you man, why do you think I was at the bathhouse?' he laughed as he jerked my cock.

'I don't know, I guess you just wanted an ass to fuck, I would never imagine a guy like you was gay' I replied, still shocked.

'Well you're a manly guy and you sure like dick in your ass. But shut up and let me have this tasty cock' He smiled and took me straight down his throat, fuck he knew what he was doing and I knew that we were gonna have fun the rest of the trip.


Chris Miller

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