This is a fictional fantasy depicting erotic activity, and it is intended for ADULT readers only. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE IN YOUR LOCALITY TO READ THIS STORY OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE. - - - - - The Beginning I was working as a salesperson in the men's clothing and accessories department of John Wanamaker's when I met Barte Thornton. He was the type that had an almost hypnotic charisma that filled a room when he walked in. He moved with a confidence and grace, his obviously well-built body at the peak of athletic perfection. It had been a pretty slow day for a Friday and I was up for the next customer that might walk in when I saw him coming up the steps to the mezzanine floor where men's apparel was. I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he reached the top step and stood for a moment before walking down the short three-step flight toward the aisle to where I was standing. A feeling of giddy anticipation flowed over me, as the fires of desire surged in my loins. He stood about six foot tall, and maybe weighed one hundred sixty five pounds or so. His hair was a brilliant black and closely trimmed. He was extremely well groomed, and appeared to be in his mid twenties. He had a square jaw with full succulent red lips and ice blue eyes. He was dressed in light tan slacks and a pale green chiffon shirt with a rust colored suede jacket. Tasseled cordovan loafers finished his ensemble, and it was impeccably matched and fit as if tailored for him. There was a feline grace in his stride as he moved smoothly across the marble floor. His eyes had held mine since he had reached the top step, and I could feel my heart beat increase as he drew nearer, increasing warmth in my groin spreading upwards throughout my body. The other sales clerks whom I had been talking with looked at me after glancing at him, and one of them said, 'your up Josh' but my legs wouldn't respond as he approached, and stopped just in front of me. 'Would one of you care too help me?' He asked in a tone that seemed to caress the ear. 'I'm looking for a calf skin jacket in black with a red or dark blue interior lining in silk.' 'We have some over here, Sir if you will come with me.' I managed to croak. 'What size and style would you be looking for Mr...errrr. I'm sorry sir, I didn't catch your name.' 'I didn't give it but it's Thornton, Barte Thornton.' He said quietly, his eyes laughing as he spoke. 'I'm looking for an Eisenhower style in calfskin with a black silk or nylon lining in a size forty-four'. I searched through the various racks while I tried with difficulty to keep my eyes off of him. There were no jackets in the size he had asked for that I could find, and I was racking my brain for a suitable substitute when he spoke excitedly. I think this is just what I may be looking for.' He said holding up, and inspecting a jacket of the description that he had asked for. 'I am sorry, Mr. Thornton, I must have over looked it but it does look like you may have found what you're looking for.' I said. 'I hope so,' He answered, looking at me, and flashing a brilliant smile, his even white teeth gleaming. 'I couldn't find one in New York last week and was hoping you might have what I wanted. Macy's or Strawbridge's neither one had my size or the lining I wanted. Hold my jacket for me will you please while I try it on.' He said. He removed his suede jacket and the thick deltoid muscles of his wide shoulder, and the lateral muscles of his back rippled under the beautifully tailored chiffon shirt. He had a very small waist, and the thin fabric of his shirt highlighted the thick muscles of his chest and hard ripped abdominal muscles. Slipping the calfskin jacket on, he zipped it up halfway smiling at me as he did, and turned to look into a full-length mirror. The jacket and tan slacks matched perfectly, and he was stunning. When I looked into the mirror at his reflection, his eyes locked with mine, and I shivered at the intensity of his gaze. 'I'll take it Mr....' He said as he turned away from the mirror, and started removing the jacket. 'Morrison, Mr. Thornton. Josh Morrison. The jacket looks as if it was made for you, Sir, it really looks great.' 'Just want I have been wanting, Josh.' He replied jauntily. 'Charge it to my account and deliver it to the Palmer House off Rittenhouse Square?' 'I'm afraid it won't be delivered until Monday, Sir. If you want it any earlier, perhaps you should take it with you.' 'That's a little inconvenient Josh, I'm on my way to an engagement, and I'm late now. I won't be in until later this evening and I did want the jacket for a private party later tonight.' 'I'm usually off by nine-thirty after the store closes Mr. Thornton, and my apartment is on Spruce St. I could drop it by for you on my way home since the Palmer House is only a block over from Spruce.' 'I can't ask you to do that Josh, but I appreciate the offer. I'll take it with me as inconvenient as it will be since I do want it for later.' He looked at me with his ice blue eyes, and I knew I was going to deliver it for him. 'It's no inconvenience Mr. Thornton.' I replied softly. 'In fact, it would be a pleasure.' 'I really do appreciate your help, Josh, if it is no trouble. I'm staying in suite four-hundred and with any luck, I might be home before you get there, and we can have a drink together.' - - - - - The remainder of the afternoon and evening crawled by. I had my dinner break in the employee's lunchroom but Barite's lilting Irish brogue was running through my head like an Irish melody. I couldn't keep my cock from swelling every time I remembered what he looked like. I kept fantasizing about what it would be like if he and I could spend the rest of the weekend together. After what seemed like an eternity, the closing bells rang and we put things away. Customers knew we closed at nine in the evening, and many had already left the store except for the usual hangers on that seem to always take their time regardless of the fact that it was yours they were wasting. Fortunately, my department closed quickly and we turned the lights out pulling the extension gates across the top of the steps. I had the shopping bag that contained Bartes jacket with the sales slip that I showed telling the guard I was going to drop it off for a customer on my way home. I punched the clock, leaving through the employee's entrance on 13th St. The night was cool but I still intended on going to the Westbury Bar after I got home, showered, shaved and changed clothes into something more suitable for the evening. Instead of taking Spruce St. to where my apartment was I walked on Chestnut St. That would bring me a little closer and I wouldn't have to double back but could drop off the jacket and be in my place in just a few minutes. Rittenhouse Square was one of the hottest cruising spots in Philadelphia but it was a little cool for sitting on the benches waiting for people walking their dogs. Dogs were always the best icebreaker if someone caught your eye and vice versa. The Palmer House sat right on the square and I had heard that the suites that faced the square were always rented. Guests could almost cruise the square from their rooms by using field glasses. I had never been in the place, too expensive for me but I didn't even question why Barte was staying there. It seemed natural that he would and I had noticed that his account at the store had no limit on it when I charged his purchase. I went inside and told the clerk at the rather ornate check-in desk that I had a delivery for Mr. Thornton in suite four hundred. He dialed a number and I could see his lips moving as he was talking with someone. Replacing the receiver he turned saying, 'Go right up sir, Mr. Thornton is expecting you. The elevators are over to your right.' From what I could see, the lobby was decorated in a burnished gold with dark red damask drapes and potted plants placed at various locations throughout the lobby. The carpet was a plush, very deep burgundy color with golden fleur de leis. There was no sound as the elevator moved up its shaft opening at the 4th floor. A small brass plate opposite the elevator doors indicated the direction of Barite's and other suites. Reaching the entrance, I started to knock when the door opened silently. Barte stood inside holding the door in one hand and a cigarette in the other with what appeared to be a crystal goblet containing an amber liquid. He was wearing a dark blue brocaded dressing gown loosely tied at the waist and was barefooted. His blue-black hair glistened under the overhead lights as if it was damp, and his eyes flashed as the door swung back. 'Come on in Josh, I really appreciate you doing this for me. May I still offer you that drink we spoke of?' He said softly as his eyes traveled over me. 'Just a light scotch and soda Mr. Thornton, I can't stay very long.' 'Please Josh, call me Barte. Are you sure you can't stay for a few minutes?' He said as he handed me the drink in a heavy cut crystal goblet. The robe belt slipped and the folds of his gown fell open slightly showing his nakedness. He didn't attempt to close it; and, I had a good look at his magnificently muscled body. Silky black hair surrounded the base of his thick uncut cock, resting on full large balls. He saw me gaping at him and grinning almost impishly, he said, 'Sorry about that, Josh,' as he nonchalantly closed the gown and picked up his drink. Barte's ice blue eyes bore into mine as he glanced down at my full crotch and whispered, 'Are you sure you can't stay for at least one more drink Josh?' 'I really should be getting on home Barte. It's been a long day and I need a good hot shower before, I meet with some friends at the Westbury a little later. Maybe you would like to join us for a drink?' I said trying not to show the excitement that seeing his nakedness had created in my groin. It was as if a light dimmed in his eyes for a second. Breathing in deeply, his eyes searched mine as he slowly exhaled before saying 'Maybe I can make it Josh, it might be fun. How late will you be there?' 'We usually close it at two in the morning, and then get breakfast at one of the all night restaurants.' 'Sounds like it may be fun,' He said as he took a sip from his goblet. 'I have an appointment but let me see what I can work out and I might just be able to join you.' I finished my drink in one gulp and set the glass on the bar as he opened the door. He stood with his back against the open door smiling as I passed. In the elevator I kicked myself for not taking him up on his very obvious overture for sex with him but I was really just a little shaken by how quick he came on. That was unusual in the circles I lived in. I wondered, for a moment, what type of an appointment he had so late in the evening when, I suggested his meeting us at the Westbury. Shrugging it off, I hurried out of the hotel for the short walk to my apartment just off Rittenhouse Square. The temperature seemed to have dropped another degree or two and there was dampness in the air that, I didn't recall as I went into the Palmer House. September could be funny that way in Philadelphia. There weren't very many people out in the Square but, it was late and the weather wasn't the best for cruising or keeping a previously arranged rendezvous. - - - - - My apartment is a second floor walkup and I had had digital combination locks installed after renting it. People moved in and out of apartments and there was always the chance someone could have a duplicate key. The apartment was warm when I entered and felt good. The place wasn't very large as apartments go, only a single bedroom with living room, kitchen and bath. The rooms were big except for the bedroom and ran from front to rear of the building. The living room was the width of the building with a small hallway to the back, bedroom and bath off of the hallway and the kitchen again the full width of the building. I was lucky finding something so close in too center city with most stores and restaurants within walking distance. Trying to have a car in center city Philadelphia was an exercise in futility what with a total lack of parking space other then on the streets. I made myself a quick mug of herb tea and took it into my bedroom sipping as I walked. I hadn't made the bed and it looked a bit sloppy but I thought, 'what the hell its just me here'. I stripped, laying my clothes across the unmade bed and taking another swig of the tea started for the bath and a hot shower. Glancing in the full-length dressing mirror I had on one wall of the bedroom, I stopped. I saw the reflection of a good-looking, well-built, virile twenty-four old young man. Light sandy hair with hazel eyes and a smooth well proportioned body. I worked out to maintain the finely toned and nicely defined unblemished muscles stretched over a six-foot frame. Thick chest muscles with dark nipples, and hard ripped abdominal muscles with dark silky hair surrounding the thick base of my cock. A better than average endowment of seven plus, uncut inches rested on large full balls. A small waist with hard ass cheeks and thighs muscular from swimming ended in smooth well-turned calves and average size feet. I ran my hands over what I considered a really nice body, and I worked to keep it that way in the gym. Barte was smooth, ripped and sculpted from what I had seen but I didn't have anything to be ashamed of. It was getting late and I showered quickly. Since I had been working in the men's department, I had acquired a pretty nice wardrobe and selected washed out Bugle Boy jeans with a white Greg Parry pullover. White Nikes and my dark blue lined Munsingwear windbreaker finished it off. Tossing the clothes I had taken off into the clothes hamper and straightened, I straightened the bed linens out before leaving. - - - - - The walk to the bar seemed a little short and I found myself wondering if Barte would be there or maybe come in later. 'Damn' I thought as, I opened the door leading into the bar, 'Why in hell did I run like some scared schoolboy instead of staying with him when I had the chance?' The Westbury is not a large bar as gay bars go but it was cozy and had an air of intimacy. The music was not so loud that you couldn't talk normally and usually you could find a seat at either the bar or at one of the several tables and booths. An opaque glass door to the gay friendly hotel of the same name connected it. I liked it over the larger noisy bars. There did not seem to be that many people as I entered, and I looked around to see if I recognized anyone before, I sat on a stool at the far end of the oval bar. I usually did if one was available. I could see the door and check who came in without turning and craning my neck. 'You're a little late tonight Josh, what will it be, the usual?' Ray, the bartender asked as he wiped the surface area in front of me. 'You got it Ray, nice and cold.' I answered, looking around the bar and seeing many of the same faces that were always there. 'Where's everyone at?' Ray had been the bartender for as long as I had been coming into the bar. He was in his mid thirties with the beginnings of salt & pepper at the temples. Nice smooth facial lines and brown eyes with wide shoulders, and a well-muscled chest. He was a man in his prime and very confident of himself. I had been to bed with him, and he was more then adequate as a lover. He knew what buttons to push and was not in a hurry to push any of them. He didn't talk much in bed, or anytime for that matter, he let his hands and lips do that for him. Unlike some guys, Ray will let you know he appreciated being with you and you both were going to enjoy the time spent together. Ray set my Miller Lite on the bar with a glass and looked at me with both hands resting against the inner lip of the bar. 'People have been drifting in and out ever since I came on Josh. You looking for anyone in particular?' He said grinning, his eyes twinkling. 'I'm not sure Ray, I met him this afternoon at the store. He said me might see me here but he didn't sound sure.' 'If he stands you up, he'll never know what he's missing,' Ray said as moved away to serve another customer. 'Holler when you need another one.' He called over his shoulder. I couple of guys I knew came up and said hello with a little chit chat about the weather and all the tricks staying in where it was warm instead of coming out. The usual bar talk with nothing serious. One of the guys had a really nice body and the right equipment and all but, he was like a fucking rabbit in bed. He gave me the eye like he wanted a rematch and hung behind me. Every now and then I felt him pushing his crotch against my ass. When I turned sideways, he shrugged and moved away. I asked Ray for another Miller and as he was sitting it on the bar, the outside door opened. Barte stepped inside dressed completely in black. He was wearing the new jacket with brushed black leather pants and boots. The jacket was snapped shut but not zipped showing the black pullover he was wearing. I'm not into leather but I felt a surge in my groin as he stood there his eyes surveying the bar. Ray turned his head in the direction I was looking and then looked back at me. Barte spotted me and smiled as he walked to here I was sitting. He exuded sex and every eye was on him as he glided across the floor too where I was. 'I was hoping you would be here, Josh.' He said as he maneuvered to sit on the stool next to mine. 'May I join you?' 'I told you I would be here Barte, and no, I don't mind. What would you like to drink?' 'I'll have brandy if they have it.' He replied, glancing around the bar, and then looking at Ray as he walked up. I could see his eyes scanning Barte; but they showed no emotion or indication of recognition. I bet he was filing everything he saw away. 'Ray, Barte.' I said, introducing them quickly. 'Barte would like a brandy.' I noticed that, Ray didn't extend his hand like he usually did when introduced or meeting someone. Almost bluntly, he asked, 'Any particular brand in mind?' 'I doubt you carry Napoleon. What other brands would you have?' Ray stiffened briefly, and glanced at me before replying, 'We do have Napoleon at ten bucks a snifter.' There was a slight edge in Ray's voice and, that was not at all like him. It bothered me just a little and, if Barte noticed it, he didn't show it. 'I'll have a snifter then please,' Barte said smoothly. Ray walked away without saying anything, and Barte pulled his stool closer to mine before sitting down. I could smell the aroma of unknown but probably expensive cologne as he sat there his blue eyes flashed brilliantly as he watched Ray walk away. 'Not a very pleasant fellow is he Josh?' 'You know bartenders Barte, they have good and bad days. This might be one of Ray's bad ones. What is that cologne you're wearing? I've never smelled anything like it.' 'It's not sold in the states Josh. I pick it up whenever I'm in Europe. It's Turkish Musk, very subtle and not overpowering like so many of the American colognes made be Calvin Klein and others. I'll let you have a bottle of it if you would like it.' Barte was sitting facing me and his hand was moving very slowly up and down the inside of my thigh his eyes looking into mine as he spoke. 'I was disappointed you couldn't stay earlier Josh but seeing you now is exciting. You look so much better dressed like this and not in a stodgy business suit.' I could feel my guts melting as his hand moved closer and closer to where my hard cock was stretched down the inside of my leg. I was breathing heavier as the excitement inside of me increased, and he didn't take his eyes from. Barte moved his hand when Ray returned with his brandy. He picked it up and ran the glass beneath his nose inhaling before taking a sip and sitting the glass down on the bar. 'That's ten bucks.' Ray said bluntly with hard edge to his tone. Barte reached inside of the leather jacket and drew out a fifty-dollar bill. 'I'm sorry but, I don't have anything smaller with me.' 'No problem bud.' Ray said as he took the bill and returned with two twenty-dollar bills, glancing at me with a faint grin as he put them in front of Barte. I saw a faint questioning flicker in his eyes before he turned and went to other customers at the bar. 'Have you known the bartender very long Josh? He does seem a little surly for dealing with the public.' 'Only from coming in here.' I lied. There was no reason he should know Ray and I had been in bed before. My cock was still throbbing as I looked at his profile, it was classic. There was a faint hint of Michelangelo's statue of David in the smooth lines of his face. The body I already knew matched the statue except David's endowment was much smaller then what I had seen earlier. Every time he spoke with that Irish brogue, his words dripped sex. I had met good-looking men before but Barte had a charisma that reached out and pulled you too him. He had an arrogance that came from knowing who he was and what he wanted but he did not seem to push himself on you, and the erotic feelings that rushed through me told me I wanted him, and from the look in his eyes, he knew it. I was trying to be nonchalant but not succeeding. I drained the last of my beer and looked for Ray to order another when I felt his hand squeezing my thigh. 'Why don't we get out of here and go back to the Palmer?' He whispered with a twinkle in his eyes. 'I know we would be a lot more comfortable.' Ray had seen me finish my beer and started to pull another from the cold case. I nodded my head negatively as Barte and I stood up. Barte left most of his brandy on the bar and turned toward the door. Ray nodded his head and beckoned for me. Barte stopped with his hand on the door crash bar as I leaned over the bar to listen to what he had to say. 'Be careful Josh.' He said, glancing at Barte standing and waiting for me. 'He's dangerous.' His comment surprised me but, before I could ask what he meant, he had turned away. I shrugged and left with Barte. 'What did Ray say as we were leaving Josh?' Barte asked as we were walking up Spruce St toward the Palmer house. 'He told me to have a good time.' I lied but not sure why I felt I needed to. The walk to the Palmer House was quick and we were in Bartes suite before I realized it. He took his jacket off casually throwing it in one of the chairs as he went to the bar. 'I believe you were drinking Miller Lite, Josh, so if you don't mind, I think I'll join you in one.' The black pullover and brushed black leather pants seemed to enhance the perfection of his body. Smooth muscles rippled as he moved and his biceps hardened as he removed the twist-off bottle caps. I could see a pronounced bulge in his crotch and wondered if he was wearing jockey or boxer shorts. I hadn't seen it before but he had a tribal bracelet tattooed in black around the thick bicep of his left arm just below the tight short sleeve of his shirt. I didn't object to tattoo's but didn't have any myself. This one on Barte only made him more masculine as it seemed to interlock the symbols as his bicep flexed. 'Josh, will you excuse me for a moment?' He asked as he handed me my beer. 'I'll be back in a minute.' Barte disappeared into the bedroom carrying his beer with him. I looked around the sitting room. It had more space than my entire apartment and I wondered what the rent was. The room was furnished in masculine browns and tans with several Corinthian leather chairs and couches. The carpet was a thick dark brown with what looked like a Chinese puzzle design in the center in contrasting hues of gold, black, and dark red. There was a huge mirror where the built in wet bar had been strategically placed so that it reflected the entire room. I was looking in the mirror when Barte came back in the room, and my breathing stopped for a moment when I saw him. He had changed and was dressed in a sheer white linen robe that had black Romanesque borders. Every curve, every line of his magnificent body was clearly visible, and his cock swung like a clock pendulum from side as he moved toward me. The soft room lights seemed to create a golden aura about him as he moved to where I was standing, his icy blue eyes boring into mine. The only muscle in my body that responded was my cock thickening as it hardened. I was so entranced that my beer started slipping from my hand and I grabbed it. I know my mouth must have been hanging open but I managed to gasp, 'My God Barte, you are fantastic God you're gorgeous.' I stood fixed in one spot as my eyes devoured the absolutely fantastic vision that stood like statue only inches in front of me. I had never seen a man as magnificent in my short gay life. Barte removed the beer from my fingers and sitting it on the bar with his he turned toward me smiling. 'Why don't you get comfortable Josh? I know you would feel better in this other robe.' He asked as he extended his left arm displaying another robe. I didn't notice he had been carrying another robe over his arm when he appeared from the bedroom. It looked like a duplicate of the one he was wearing draped over his broad shoulders with the belt loosely tied around his narrow waist. The sheerness of the cloth made Barte appear even more perfect and desirable. 'Sit over there, Josh.' He said softly, sexily, indicating one of the huge leather chairs. 'Take your shoes off and let me undress you.' Barte stood close as I was removing my shoes and I could see his cock had lengthened considerably but it still looked huge, even in a semi flaccid state. Standing barefooted, he moved closer and put his arms around me pulling us together in a crushing embrace. His lips sought mine, and his is tongue flicked over my lips demanding entry into my mouth. I felt his hands exploring, squeezing the taut muscles of my back as I opened my mouth accepting his tongue in a battle with mine. The passion was building in both of us and I felt the hardness of his cock pressing against mine. As he pulled my shirt over my head, I unsnapped my jeans, and in one smooth movement, he pushed them down over my hips taking my jockeys with them. He had withdrawn his hips slightly as he pushed my clothes down and when my cock sprang free from it's confinement, his icy blue eyes blazed brightly, and he ground his groin into mine, his hands holding my ass cheeks tight as he crushed our cocks together. His eyes were filled with hot lust, and I could feel the immensity of his cock as he drove it into my crotch pressing his hard muscled body tighter against me his thick muscled arms holding us tightly together. My breathing had become ragged and it felt as if he had sucked the life out of me with his passionate kisses. Barte did not say a word during the time we were exploring each other's bodies, his eyes and hands were telling me what he wanted. Waves of lust and desire washed over me; and, I didn't resist as he guided me into the bedroom. I was so hot that I didn't pay any attention to the room except it had a large over King size bed that seemed to swallow us as we lay on it. He covered my body with his as his tongue and lips drove me crazy with desire and need. Twice he sucked my cock bringing me almost to the point of exploding, and then he would release me kissing me softly allowing the exciting, pleasant urgency slip away. The excruciating need to empty my nuts was driving me to distraction but I was in a euphoric stupor and let him do what he wanted. It didn't matter that he had not offered himself to me once during his sexual onslaught. I was engulfed in exciting, erotic clouds of ecstasy. Barte had touched and kissed all of the nerve numbing secret spots he had found as he explored every nook and cranny of my body, and I felt like I was on fire about ready to explode if I didn't cum soon. In the sex, lust filled recesses of my mind I heard a knocking sound, and I felt Barte leave the bed with a muffled curse. Through passion-hazed eyes, I saw him leave the room closing the door behind him. Breathing in deeply for a few minutes to clear the sex haze, I rose up my elbows and looking around the room, I saw four video cameras mounted on tripods with their lenses aimed at the bed. One camera was strategically located at each corner of the bed but there was no light indicating the cameras had been on while we had been in bed. There was another wet bar in the room, and several chairs sitting around. It was like a small theatre and that sudden realization made me sit bolt upright, Ray's warning of Barte being dangerous flashing through my head. I jumped out of the bed looking for my clothes before remembering that they were in the other room. I saw the blue robe that Barte had worn earlier when I had delivered his jacket draped over the back of a chair, and I put it on walking to the door barefooted with the robe around me. As I reached for the knob I heard muffled voices but I could make out what was being said. 'Is he ready Barte?' A deep husky voice asked overlapped by another equally husky voice saying, 'George and I had been waiting for you to get back from Europe, and from what you have said this kid must be exciting as hell.' 'Don't worry Gregory, he is as hot as a firecracker, and I guarantee you will get more then your money's worth.' Barte answered. 'At a thousand bucks for an invitation, he had better be, Barte.' The second voice said threateningly. 'That fee covers the cost of these rooms unless you would rather I set these sessions up in some dump over on South Street but, I don't think you will be disappointed.' Barte replied. 'Just as long as you don't forget that the copies of the video tapes are two thousand bucks for each copy you want. Josh is over eighteen so there is no problem with being a minor. Let me get his clothes and things in the bedroom for the visual effects and give me five minutes before you come in. Your chairs are set up, the cameras will be on automatic, and we will be in bed. Remember five minutes after I get back inside.' 'Will we get anything other then just a show Barte? I want my cock sucked as well as watching you and what's his name fucking and sucking each other. Do you think he'll let us fuck him for more money?' 'Jesus Christ. What in the hell have I gotten myself into?' I thought in a near panic as I listened to Barte and whomever else he was with. I was about to open the door but I hesitated when I heard Barte speaking again. 'We'll have to see about that George. We don't want to push him too far the first time. If he is as good as I think he is going to be, there might be repeat shows later, and who knows maybe in Europe as well? Don't forget, five minutes before coming in.' In the silence that followed, I felt like every ounce of my strength had left my body. I felt shamed and violated by what I had heard, and I couldn't believe Barte was selling himself and me. Where I had just felt drained, a rage filled me as I moved away from the door, and waited for him to come back into the bedroom. I took Barte's robe off and stood naked off to the side of the door waiting for him. When he came in carrying my clothes, and he didn't see me in the bed, he turned and I hit him as hard as I could. He dropped like a wet fish on the floor throwing my clothes left and right as he did. Grabbing my clothes I started dressing, and cursing him as I put them on. 'You lousy son of-a-bitch, you dirty cock-sucking bastard. I came here with you thinking you wanted to be with me but not you, you bastard. Your going to sell tickets for people to watch us having sex while making videos to sell.' I growled, standing over him, and breathing in deeply. 'But...but, Josh, I was going to tell you and split the money.' He whined, cowering almost at my feet. 'I don't care what you were going to do sucker not one fucking bit. But, if you get up from there before I get out of here, I'll bust your fucking head. Goddamn it Barte, you're nothing but a filthy money grubbing bastard. You didn't have the guts to ask me if I would do it. No, you thought if you got me all hot and horny, I would go along with you. Christ you must thing everyone falls for you like I almost did.' I said, breathing heavily, still filled with rage at his being so deceitful. 'Josh, please.' Listen to me.' Barte pleaded. 'A good looking hot stud like you can make yourself six or seven thousand dollars for just a few hours in bed. Together, you and me, we can clean up, and those men outside will pay almost anything to watch us having sex, and maybe suck them off. Christ Josh, what's wrong with that?' 'What's wrong Barte? You ask what's wrong? You didn't have the decency too ask me if I would do it. Maybe I would have if you had asked but you didn't trust me. God knows, I wanted you bad enough and I still do but if you had trusted me, I might have done it but I've never done anything like it and probably would have turned you down. If you want to sell yourself, that's your business. I can't condemn you for that but, playing with someone's emotions like you played me, that's wrong, Barte' The rage and shame in me had subsided some and Barte got up moving away from me and sat on the edge of the bed nursing his jaw where I had hit him. He would have a bruise there for a few days. I was fully dressed when the door opened. The five minutes that Barte had given them had elapsed and the two men whom he had been talking with entered the room. I recognized Gregory Manning and his eyes got so big I thought he was going too run. 'You and your friend come on in Mr. Manning.' I said grinning broadly at his surprise. 'Don't worry, no one is going to find out about this. Barte made a mistake by not telling me what we would be doing when he brought me here.' 'Damn Josh, I didn't connect the name when Barte mentioned it outside. I didn't know you were into this though.' 'I'm not Mr. Manning. If you were listening, I just said Barte made a mistake but I am surprised that you are.' 'Gregory, you and Josh know each other?' Barte said from where he was sitting on the bed his robe open revealing his magnificent body, and his very impressive although flaccid cock. 'Mr. Manning is a customer at the store and also the Vice-President where I bank, Barte.' I replied, answering for a still somewhat shocked Gregory. 'We've known each other for time haven't we?' 'Oh yes we know each other quite well on a business level.' Manning replied in a subdued tone. 'Josh is the main reason I visit Wanamaker's making if obvious that I'm there for more than a new suit or shirt. I keep hoping he will give me a tumble but, I doubt it will happen after this.' The situation had calmed down some and Barte got up closing his robe. The man named George hadn't said a word while we were talking, just stood listening before he spoke. 'I guess this means the deal is off then. No show, no sex right.' He said in an irritated tone. 'If you mean with me involved in it, you are right.' I answered. 'What you work out with Barte is between the three of you. As for me, I'm going back to the Westbury: and if I'm lucky, a man that wants me for me will be there.' I didn't wait for anything else but, as I started to leave brushing past Gregory Manning and he took my arm, and squeezed my bicep as he whispered, 'Are you sure you won't change your mind Josh? I'd love just seeing you in bed making love too yourself.' Manning was not really that bad looking, and although he was an older man, I knew from having fitted his suits, he was still well built and not flabby like many older men. Grinning at him, I said quietly, 'Come by the store on Monday, Mr. Manning, I have a couple of suits that you might like.' I saw a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes and squeezing my arm, he winked. - - - - - Because of the hour, there was no one at the desk as I left the Palmer House. The main doors were locked but a smaller side door was used at night and pushing on the panic bar it opened. I stepped out of the door and stood under the burgundy canopy in the crisp night air for a minute breathing in deeply sucking the cold refreshing air into my lungs. I was still horny but I felt better. I checked my watch and there was still enough time left before the bar closed that maybe I would get lucky. The damp mist had changed into a very light drizzle. Turning the collar up on my jacket I headed back through the empty Rittenhouse Square to the Westbury at a brisk walk. The cold drizzle wouldn't help anyone cruising, and the streets almost empty except for a few cruising cars that would pull up beside the curb. The drivers old and young alike showed their hard cocks hoping you would get in. Most of the younger drivers were jailbait, and could even be plants by the police. I never did figure out how the cops could get away with that kind of entrapment but they did. - - - - - There were only a few hanger-ons that looked up briefly as I walked in. Ray was behind the bar washing glasses, and glancing up as I entered, he shook the water from his hands and with a quick dry on a towel, he pulled a Miller Lite from the case and carried it to the end of the bar where I always sat. I lifted my buns up on the stool, and accepting the beer I took a long pull before sitting it on the bar and emitting a long sigh. Ray didn't say anything; he stood in front of me with a soft look in his eyes. Taking another long pull at the beer and looking at him as I did, I sighed, 'It seems like there are leprechauns in Philly and Ireland Ray but, not all of them lead you to hidden treasures. At least not the kind you hope for.' With a twinkle in his eyes, he moved to the other end of the bar to care of the waning number of customers that were still in the bar hoping to score. The younger tricks had already left, and the older men that were left were probably waiting in vain or they might pair up with each other. The guy that Ray had served a beer too looked at me longingly but even as horny as I was, I averted my eyes. You could see he needed a place to flop, hopefully with a warm body. I felt a little sorry for him, the thought going through my mind that 'but for the grace of God, there go I.' Ray sat another beer before me replacing the almost empty bottle. I was thinking about what had happened, and realized that there had been some exciting moments when Barte was teasing me, lifting me to an almost cataclysmic climax and then allowing me to drop off. He made it feel as if my body was going to explode from the intensity of the desire and urge to blow my nuts. Barte was good, and he really had me turned on until I heard what he was planning. 'Maybe,' I mused softly, feeling my cock swelling as I thought about what had happened. If he had asked me before he got me so hot and bothered, I might have gone along with him and given those men a real trip into the voyeuristic world they enjoyed. There wasn't really anything vulgar about it, two older men probably jerking off as they watched two young healthy horny guys having sex. It was pretty much like looking at porn videos of muscle bound guys having sex and you jerking off as you watched them. The thought flashed in my mind that maybe Manning wouldn't be that bad in bed. He was nice looking with thick silver hair and blue eyes. I had seen him half stripped when he tried on trousers in the store, and he was well built and solid for someone probably in his early sixties, and I was hoping he would come into the store to check on the suits I had mentioned when I left. - - - - - I sat sucking on my beer bottle wishing I had something else to suck on, with all different thoughts running through my head and must have been off in a fog not seeing Ray standing in front of me. 'Getting ready to close Josh, you want one more beer before I close the cash register?' He asked. 'I can think of something I want more than another beer Ray but, it looks like another beer is all I'm gonna get.' I answered. 'I wouldn't be to sure, Josh.' He replied, his eyes twinkling as he looked at me. 'I don't know very much about leprechauns but, I know where one lives if you think you might be interested in what treasures he has to offer.' 'Do you think he might be interested in going to bed with a fairy?' 'Don't see why not Josh, from what I've heard fairies and leprechauns get along pretty well together.' He said grinning broadly. 'Let me get this place closed and maybe we can find out.' The intense urge in my groin increased as I watched Ray move back to the cash register with the same grace that Barte had. When he removed his apron and moved his hand over the huge bulge in his groin, I knew the night was not going to be wasted, and I stood up rubbing the hardness lying alongside of my thigh. Copyright - Lee Mariner


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