This story depicts homosexual acts between young men, and it is intended for ADULT readers only. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY IF OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE. - - - - - And the End?? The light drizzle had changed into a steady cold rain as Ray & I left the bar. He was wearing a London Fog raincoat but my jacket would not keep me dry for very long & I was thankful my apartment was not that far from the Westbury. We didn't run but walked briskly staying close too the buildings until we reached the front stoop of my building. Opening the outer door, we stood in the vestibule and I felt Ray squeeze my left ass cheek while I searched for the door key. I had been in bed with Ray only once before but that made it even more exciting, remembering the hard muscles that were hidden under his wet clothes. He was shedding his raincoat as we walked down the hallway and as soon as I closed the door, he spun me around covering my lips with his. I could feel the passion building between us as we kissed tongues twisting & again exploring, tasting each other. Holding me tight against him, Ray looked at me with lust filled eyes. He was wearing a white open throat shirt with buttons and I started undoing each one as he held me. His chest was heaving as he breathed and he gasped when I slipped my still cold hand inside of his shirt cupping his thick lightly hair covered breast. Looking into his dark brown eyes, I started stripping my wet clothes off and watched as Ray's tight muscled body replaced my memory of him. He had not changed from what I remembered. Dark silky hair lightly covering his thick cut pectoral muscles leading down in a dark trail between classic ripped stomach muscles into a thick dark pubic bush surrounding his thick six inch uncut cock. Full hair covered balls, muscular thighs again lightly covered with hair. He stood about an inch taller then me and we both weighed about the same. He was built like a wedge with wide muscular shoulders & narrow hips. The hair on his chest, stomach and pelvis did not dominate his body. It was soft and silky. I could feel his eyes devouring me as he had done once before, and I felt a thrill of excitement washing over me. I was trembling as we went into the bedroom my steel hard seven-inch cock throbbing. Clicking on a small night-light we fell into bed with Ray on top of me. Our lips crushed together in a passionate kiss. 'Mmmmmm' was all I heard as he bit my tits, sending a lightning bolt rushing into my groin. My cock surged feeling like it was on fire and, I groaned, my muscles tightening. He was as hungry as I was. 'Eat me Ray, swallow it all.' I groaned my fingers tangled in the hair on his head. The fire in my groin intensified as his mouth swallowed all of my cock. I could feel his throat muscles massaging the drooling head as he pulled on my balls. Wave after wave of intense heat rushed through me at the feeling of my cream churning in my balls. He reversed his body position and pushed his pre-cum dripping cock at my face. I opened my mouth wide letting him push his hot meat down my throat. We both groaned from deep inside sending electric shocks surging through us. Ray was sucking as I thrust my cock deep and he was fucking my mouth with a ferocity that could only mean we both were not going to be very long in reaching a cataclysmic eruption. We both sucked and gripped each other tight and I could feel the juice rising as my nuts tightened. I could feel my cock thickening, getting harder and I felt his filling my mouth as our muscles tightened and we both arched at the waist driving hardened cocks deep as we sent thick gushing streams of hot molten sperm down our throats, filling our mouths as we gulped, sucked and swallowed. Ray and I held each other tight as spasm after spasm we emptied ourselves until our cocks started slowly softening. I gripped Ray's cock tight with my lips as he did mine and we stripped the last remnants of our juices from soft cocks letting them slip from our lips. We both lay quiet for a few minutes our chests heaving as we sucked air deep inside of us. Ray turned around and lying beside me, we kissed softly, relaxing in the warm soft afterglow that always followed a mutually satisfying session of love making. 'You were just as hot as me Josh. I was thinking about you ever since you left with that guy. I was surprised when you came back in the bar, who was he?' 'Some guy I met at the store Ray, his name is Barte Thornton.' 'Didn't work out I guess.' 'No, not after I found out he has sex shows for men that pay him to have sex with someone while they watch and he makes a video of it.' 'You didn't go for that huh?' 'No dammit. He could have asked me about it rather then seducing me, getting me all hot and bothered. That pissed me off and I smacked the crap out of him.' 'What would you have said if he asked you first, would you have gone along with it then?' 'I don't know, maybe. He said something about making a lot of money doing it. Have you ever done it?' 'Once but not with that guy, I've never seen him before. Couple of other guys and I did a three-way for some guys and they paid us five hundred dollars each. It was kind of kinky but exciting after we got into it. The older guys like watching young guys getting it on while they jerk off and suck each other. None of 'em touched us though, that wasn't part of the deal.' 'Would you do it again if you had the chance?' 'Well, that is not likely to happen now. I'm thirty-three, and they pay for the young guys like you that are in their teens and twenties, not us old geezers.' He said, grinning broadly and chuckling softly. 'I don't know about that Ray. With your body and a little 'Just for Men' to touch up the gray, you'd look as good as a lot of younger guys. Hell, I like the gray myself so you probably wouldn't even have to cover it up. Barte was saying I could make six or seven thousand dollars for one nights work. That's pretty good for doing something you like.' 'That might be so but, from what you said, it's not likely he will be looking you up again. Are you working tomorrow?' He asked as he pressed his hardening cock against the silky thick hair covering my pelvis. 'I don't go in until six o'clock tomorrow evening.' 'No, I'm off for the weekend, what's on your mind.' I replied, my hips automatically responding to his movements. 'Just cuddling here with you.' He said, his beautifully expressive eyes glowing softly. 'It's nasty outside and you feel good.' 'So do you Ray, so do you.' I whispered, breathing in deeply in anticipation as he rolled over on top of me. He covered me with his body, and we made love again. Thoughts of Barte Thornton diminishing as we succumbed to the after glow of pleasure and satisfaction before slipping off into a deep sleep his hard body pressed spoon fashion against me. Copyright 2002 - Lee Mariner


Lee Mariner

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