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Every day of training, someone was left back to look after the barracks. Some guys looked forward to being chosen as barracks orderly but I hated it. I didn't want to miss a day's training and have to make up those classes with another company. I especially hated missing PT. But it was inevitable that I was eventually picked for the duty. There were fifty guys in the barracks, ninety days of basic the math. The duty of a barracks orderly usually didn't amount to much; it was mostly to just hang around and see that nobody wandered in to steal stuff, and sometimes do a few odd jobs that might be assigned. That didn't usually happen unless you were a real fuckup or one of the sergeants had a hardon for you. I wasn't a fuckup. I was a good soldier and I never got any guff from the cadre.

A little about me; I was an eighteen year old recruit, a farm boy from Illinois who wouldn't hurt anybody on a bet except in self defense and never even thought about killing anything except for going hunting, or killing rats or mice. And now I was being trained to kill other men. I was pretty starting out from working on a farm; or thought I was till the Army got hold of me. They toughened me up beyond anything I ever expected.

It was going to be a long, boring day. Or so I thought. I figured I would make good use of the time and get caught up on writing some letters and straighten out my foot locker and spit shine my boots, a head start on getting ready for Saturday morning inspection, which was the next day. It was about an hour after the company had marched off to PT when Sgt. Adams came into the barracks. I laid my writing stuff aside on my bunk and stood up. I didn't come to attention, because he wasn't an officer, but I stood out of respect for his rank as we were required to do.

"As you were, Conner," he said as he strode back to my bunk, which was the last one. "I don't intend to be an asshole, but I've gotta assign you something in the way of duty, just so we can say I did," he said.

"I understand, Sergeant. Whatever you want me to do," I said.

"Ohhhhhhh, don't say that unless you mean it," he said, laughing.

I didn't know what he meant, or why he laughed. I would have to do whatever he told me, no matter what it was.

"How about you wash the windows on this side of the barracks, inside and out, just the first floor. The guys will love you for it, getting a head start on getting us ready for inspection tomorrow. When you finish, you're back on your own time. You'll need to go over to the supply room and get a ladder to reach the outside."

"Okay, Sergeant," I said.

"Oh, and it's hot as hell out there. You can take off your shirt if you want. Anybody says anything, tell 'em you've got my permission."

"Thank you, Sergeant, that'll be great."

He smiled. "Anyway, you need to get those muscles all nice and tan, for when you get that weekend pass for being the best soldier."

It was my turn to laugh. "I'm not really counting on that," I said.

"You've got as good a chance as any. Better than most," he said. "Tell you what, just put on your PT shorts if you want, get those legs tanned, too."

"Thanks, I will." I thought it was odd that he was letting me do that, and that he'd commented about my muscles. I wasn't the best built guy in the barracks, maybe second or third best, but I never figured Sgt. Adams noticed anybody one way or another, let alone that he would mention it.

He left and I went over to the supply room and checked out a stepladder. Might as well get the outside done first. I brought the ladder back and went back in the barracks to change into my PT shorts and get the rags and bucket. I had just showered that morning and put on clean clothes so I stripped down completely naked and pulled my PT shorts on; no sense sweating up a clean pair of underwear. It would feel good to go commando. I ran my hand down the front of the shorts and felt my cock was hanging pretty low, very near the leg opening. Not that I was a giant, but I was pretty well hung, and the shorts were really short in the legs. What the hell, it was just me. I went into the latrine and drew a bucket of hot water and got some cleaning rags from the storage closet.

Walking out of the barracks, I checked myself out in the big mirror at the door, as I was prone to do when I got the chance. There wasn't much chance to do that with all the guys around and I took a moment. I liked what I saw. Yeah, the farm work and the hours in the gym back in high school had paid off, and now the rigorous basic training and especially PT was only helping. I eyed the bulge my cock made in my shorts. It was pretty revealing, not like if I had on a jockstrap. I could see the rim of the head through the material, and yeah, it was awfully close to the leg opening, but the shorts fit my thighs so snug that nothing would fall out.

Outside, the warm sun felt good on my bare skin. I set up the stepladder then stuffed the rags into the pockets and waist of my shorts and climbed up the ladder. I didn't mind doing it. Sgt. Adams was nice about it, and when I was done I would be on my own time again. I could get caught up on letter writing, and there was a training manual I wanted to have a look at if it was still in the orderly room. I'd done three of the windows when Lt. Jacobs came up to me. I didn't see him at first, till he spoke.

"PT shorts are not considered proper uniform, soldier, except on the PT field," he said in his best gruff voice.

I quickly stuffed the rag in my pocket. "Sir, I....should I come down off the ladder, Sir?"


"Well, sir, Sgt. Adams told me this is what I should wear," I said, looking down at him.

Lt. Jacobs was a sharp looking guy, lean and tight, young, fresh out of college. He seemed to scowl at me, yet there was a hint of a smile on his lips.

"Well, if Sgt. Adams said so....carry on."

"Yes, sir." I jerked the rag out of my pocket.

"You're doing a good job, soldier. Those windows are sparkling."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

I didn't know why I lingered idle for a moment to watch Lt. Jacobs walk away, or why my eyes fell to his butt. I watched the twin mounds of muscle flex and bulge inside his pants till his broad shoulders disappeared into the orderly room.

I finished the job in good time, well before noon chow time. It would give me plenty of time to shower again and get dressed before chow. I took the ladder back to the supply room then grabbed the buckets and rags and went back to the barracks. I paused at the mirror again. I liked what I saw even better with my muscles gleaming with sweat.

"Sorry I had to make you have to shower again."

I snapped my head around at the sound of Sgt. Adams' voice. I hadn't heard him come into the barracks and I felt a little embarrassed that he'd caught me standing in front of the mirror. Maybe he hadn't noticed me admiring myself.


"You like what you see there?" he said with a soft chuckle.

I could feel my face turning red. "Just checking to see if I've put on any excess weight," I said as an excuse.

"I don't see anything excess," he said. "You're in better shape than most of the guys in the company."

"Thanks, Sarge."

His eyes seemed to linger on me for several seconds before he spoke. "Good job on the windows. The lieutenant said so too," he said.

"Thanks. Hey, Sarge, I would like to borrow a training manual out of the orderly room after I shower, the one on flame throwers."

He frowned. "You're not going to be training on flame throwers," he said.

"I know, but I would like to know how they work."

"Well, I'm sure the manual is still there. Nobody ever checks those manuals out. I'll go get it for you."

"You don't have to, I can get it," I said.

"I'll get it. You go ahead and shower."

When Sgt. Adams was gone I quickly stripped down, grabbed a towel and headed for the showers. I made it a quick one; I was on my own time now. I was just turning the water off when Adams came into the latrine with the manual. He rested his butt on one of the sinks as he flipped through the manual, glancing up now and then to watch me dry off.

"These things are wicked," he said. "Shouldn't even be allowed. But they did the trick on those islands where the enemy was dug in so deep. It was the only way to get to them."

"A lot of weapons of war should be banned, but I guess they can't be as long as there are wars to be fought. Like my grandpa says, if there hadn't been a Pearl Harbor, there wouldn't have been a Hiroshima, and we wouldn't have had to use flame throwers." I was dried off and I started to go back to my bunk. I noticed again how Sgt. Adams eyes followed me; and he followed me.

At the end of the barracks, he tossed the manual on my bunk and leaned back against the double bunks next to mine. My bunk was located in the corner, with no window that far back to let in light, so it was darker. I bent over to get my briefs that I'd tossed on my bunk.

"Oh, fuck, Private Conner, don't do that."

I turned as I straightened up, holding my shorts in one hand. "Don't do what?" I asked, bewildered.

"Bend over like that. Damn, this has been a long week, not getting off base, and you bend over and spread those tight ass cheeks....that's downright dangerous."

I smiled, then guffawed, then laughed. "Sorry I got you turned on, Sarge," I joked.

"No you're not." His tone startled me, and he wasn't smiling.

"I...yeah,, Sarge. I mean, all I did was get my shorts off my bunk," I said as I lifted one foot to put them on.

"Don't......" He grabbed my shorts out of my hand. "Don't put 'em on just yet."

"Why not.....Sarge.....?" What the hell was going on?

"You've got no idea, have you?" he said, his voice lower now.

"No idea about....what?" I asked. What the hell was he talking about?

He laughed softly. "Fuck, I can't believe anybody who looks like you do can be so naïve and innocent."

"I never...thought I was...naïve....." I stammered. I was starting to really wonder now, about the way Sgt. Adams was looking at me, naked, and the way he was talking, and the funny tone of his voice. Okay, maybe I was a little naïve about things, but I wasn't stupid.

"I bet you're still a virgin," he said.

"No, I'm not. I fucked my girl the night before I left," I said.

"Got in under the wire," he joked. "So you fucked one time in your life. Shit, how'd you manage to do that, just one time? I would think the girls would've been all over you, with a body like that, and...." He nodded at my manhood. ".....that swinging between your legs."

"Well, girls didn't get to see this swinging between my legs, just the guys in the locker room. I did have girls giving me a lot of attention, though, but I wanted to save it for one special girl."

He laughed, and I felt more embarrassed. I must have sounded like the world's biggest hick. I heard him swallow and I noticed he hadn't lifted his eyes; he was still gazing at my manhood. He was acting weird.

"Sarge, can I have my shorts back? I should get dressed," I said, holding out my hand.

He didn't give them to me. Instead, he put them up to his face, covering his nose, and then he took in a slow, deep breath. Geezuss, what the fuck was he doing?

"I can smell you in your shorts," he said in a husky whisper. Suddenly he reached out and put the shorts in my face. "Here, can you smell yourself?"

My voice was muffled. "Sarge...." I brushed his hand away. I was so nervous I didn't know what to say. Then I said the stupidest thing. "That's okay, I'll get another pair." I started to go to my footlocker, which was sitting at the end of my bunk, but Sgt. Adams grabbed my arm when I moved past him. I tensed, my muscles tight and bulging, at the ready. He just smiled.

"Yeah, flex those muscles for me," he said as he gently pulled me back toward him.

"Sarge....Sarge, listen, I don't know what you're thinking, exactly, but I need to get dressed, before....."

"No you don't," he cut in. "You and me and LT are the only ones in the company area."

"And Lt. Jacobs was over here just a little while ago," I said.

"Oh? What'd he want?"

"He told me I was out of uniform. I told him I was dressed the way you told me. He said it was okay then. He told me I was doing a good job."

"Lt. Jacobs is an all right guy. He's a little young--hell, right out of college--but he's okay." Then he muttered, "Fuck!" and suddenly pulled me tight against him, locking his powerful arms around me. I smelled his sweet breath, breath-mint fresh, then felt his lips pressing against my mouth.

I groaned and tried to pull away from him, but he held me too tight, one hand clasped around the back of my head. I was wide-eyed with shock. I never expected anything like this, never a day in my life. He smashed his mouth harder against mine and his tongue raked back and forth across my lips that I kept tightly closed. But then he reached up and grabbed my nose and cut off my air. I held my breath for as long as I could. When I opened my mouth to try to suck in air, he let go of my nose and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I groaned again, or maybe it was a whimper. I was being French kissed by a guy! I tried to wrench free but despite my strength, Sgt. Adams out-muscled me, and I was helpless. I was also bewildered, and terrified at the stirring in my loins.

Suddenly I heard boots on the steps of the barracks. I managed to pull my head back. "Someone's coming!!" I hissed into the sergeant's mouth. I heard the door close, and heard a click.

It was Lt. Jacobs!

Lt. Jacobs had interrupted the kiss but I didn't think he'd seen us; we were hidden by the double bunks on the other side of mine. Sgt. Adams clamped his hand tightly over my mouth.

"If I move my hand, you don't make a sound above a whisper," he said in a stern, almost threatening tone.

I nodded, and he moved his hand. I rubbed my lips where he had kissed me so hard, and felt the irritation from the stubble of his beard. The footsteps were coming toward us

"It's all right, it's just me," Jacobs said.

I should've been scared, but there was something in his tone. I could see that he was carrying what looked like a camera case. I came to attention as the lieutenant strode to my end of the barracks. Sgt. Adams didn't.

"As you were, Private Conner," the lieutenant said as he laid the case on the top bunk beside mine. Then he started taking off his shirt. "I need to shower and I don't want to go all the way back to my quarters. Is it all right if I use your shower, Private?" He laid his shirt on the top bunk beside the case.

"Yes, of course, sir, it's the Army's shower, not mine." I said.

"But you are in charge of this barracks, Private, so everything that goes on the barracks has to be with your permission."

"Oh. All right, you have my permission to use the shower, sir."

"Looks like you were just about to shower yourself. You can join me," he said as he removed his T-shirt.

"I just....." Sgt. Adams nudged me. "Yes, sir. All right, sir," I finished quickly. I didn't understand why Adams thought I should shower again with the lieutenant....or why I was half mesmerized by Lt. Jacobs. Maybe because he was an officer. His upper body was chiseled, and smooth, his muscles rippling with the slightest move. He was tall and lean, but he didn't give the appearance of being that built under his uniform. His pecs and triceps bulged as he undid his belt, and I found myself anticipating seeing his butt that I'd found myself admiring when he walked away from me outside. Don't ask me why. I just remembered watching him walk away from me on the ladder earlier and eyeing his butt, and now I was going to see it bare and it excited me somehow.

I was completely baffled. Even Sgt. Adams made it a point to shower very early in the morning before he awakened the rest of the barracks, and the idea of the lieutenant getting naked in front of his enlisted men was, well, just unthinkable. And why had he brought a camera? I was nervous about seeing an officer naked. Officers were like God. I tried not to look because I didn't think I should but if he was stripping down right there in front of me I guess it didn't matter to him if I watched him.

Suddenly there he was, our CO, naked, and looking awesome, at least from the back, and I was curious as hell about how he was built between his legs. I had to fight to keep my eyes from raking over his naked body, but when he turned around, in my peripheral vision I could see that he was well hung.

"I don't have a towel, Private. Do you happen to have an extra one?" he asked.

"Y-yes, sir," I said as I stepped past him to get a clean towel from my locker. I brushed against him but he didn't say anything. "Here you go, sir." I said, nearly choking, as I handed him the towel. I had to gulp down the excess spit that suddenly flooded my mouth.

"Thank you. And you don't mind if I use your soap," he said.

"No, sir."

He opened the case and took out a camera and handed it to St. Adams, then said to me, "Let's hit the showers, Conner."

I wondered about the camera but I didn't have time to dwell on it. I followed him to the latrine, purposely lingering behind him a little so I could watch his naked butt. I still didn't know why, but I found his ass to be so incredibly awesome. Sgt. Adams came along behind us.

"I hope you don't mind, Conner, I've asked Sgt. Adams to take some pictures. This is my first command and I'm keeping a scrapbook. I want it to be candid and true to life, and showers are a part of barracks life. I've picked you to be the featured soldier. If that's all right. If you would rather not......"

"No, it's fine, sir," I said quickly. I wasn't about to say no to my commanding officer. "I would consider it an honor," I added for good measure. Even though I thought it was a bit quirky that he intended to include pictures of guys-us-showering, I figured it could mean one more mark toward me being selected best soldier. And I was secretly proud that I'd been selected for his project.

It was a community shower. Sgt. Adams took our towels and hung them on the pegs just outside the shower. Lt. Jacobs preceded me into the shower and turned on a showerhead, then turned on the one next to it and made a motion for me to take it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see St. Adams aiming the camera. I handed the lieutenant my bar of soap. I thought it was the respectful thing to do.

"After you," he said.

I quickly soaped up, working up a good lather in the hair around my cock, then handed the soap off to him.

"You're from Illinois," he said casually.

"Yes, sir."

"I think we can dispense with the rank, Conner. Without the uniform and the bars, you can see we're just two men in the shower."

"All right, sir....I mean....I....I guess I don't know what to call you," I stammered.

"Well, I've been calling you Conner. I don't think we should be on first name basis; you call me Jacobs."

"All right....Jacobs." It sounded weird as hell, calling the lieutenant by his last name.

"Where at in Illinois? Tell me about your hometown."

"It's like any other small town, about eight thousand people, a place where everybody knows everybody else's business. You know, if you got in trouble, by morning everybody in town knew about it."

"Well, I guess that meant you had to keep your nose clean," he said.

"Not necessarily, sir," Sgt. Adams put in. "He fucked his girl just before he left for basic."

Surprisingly, I hadn't been paying that much attention to Sgt. Adams. He was in the shower now but standing back from the water spray with the camera.

"Oh, really," Jacobs said. "Well, I'm sure she enjoyed that."

"Well, she didn't complain," I said proudly.

"I bet not. You certainly have plenty to offer any girl."

I was bursting with pride, to have my commanding officer making remarks like that about me, and how he looked at me when he said it.

"Was that it?" he asked. "I mean, is she still your girl, or was it just a parting piece of ass?"

"I guess it was both," I said. "She is still my girl, I get letters from her, but guys tell me not to expect her to wait for me."

"That is an all too common occurrence, and it can be bad for morale," he said with a concerned look. "I want you to promise me something, Conner. If you do get a Dear John letter, I want you to come talk to me about it."

"I hope I don't get one, but all right, I will, sir. Thanks."

I was feeling more at ease with the lieutenant. Without his bars, he was just like one of the guys, and I was enjoying talking to him and watching him. He had a great physique and I was able to ogle his ass, for whatever reason, and his cock seemed to be fluffed up from the warm shower and the attention of being washed. But then, so was mine.

"You have a very good build, Conner," he said. "I know the Army isn't responsible for all of that. You must have been an athlete and worked out when you were in high school."

"Yes, sir, I was, and I did. The recruiter told me it would be a lot easier if I was in good shape when I arrived for basic, so I hit the weights pretty hard for a couple of months before I signed up."

"He advised you well," he said. "And you obviously took his advice to heart," he added, eyeing me up and down.

It was weird the way we were chatting like two old friends, when a few minutes before, I would've been scared to speak to the man except to reply to answer a question or reply to orders. He totally surprised me when he handed me my soap and asked me to wash his back. I hesitated for a brief second, wondering if it was a trick, if maybe he was testing me to see if I would do it, and if I did, would he accuse me of being gay? But in that brief second when he asked me I saw in his eyes that he was serious. Still reluctant, I took the soap and he turned his back to me. I began rubbing the soap and both hands across his broad shoulders, working up a lather that ran down his spine and over his tight, bubble butt. I rubbed the lather downward to the small of his back, wondering how far he expected me to go. I surmised, the wise thing would be to wash only where he couldn't reach.

It was the first time I'd ever had my hands on another guy's body like this and his muscles felt good. As my hands moved across the small of his back I noticed his butt muscles flexing, one then the other, then both at the same time. Fuck, his butt was awesome! I wanted to touch it so bad! The thing was, I didn't know why I was even noticing.

I liked my hands on his bare muscles but I was afraid to go any lower, so I worked my way upward and spread the lather over his upper back and shoulders again. He didn't seem to mind, didn't question why I was doing that or anything. He clinched his butt a couple more times and I wondered if it was like a nervous twitch thing, or if he was trying to send me a signal. He did it again, and that did it. Without hesitation, but with my heart in my throat, I worked up more lather and moved my hands down over his butt, casual as you please. He tightened his butt muscles and they felt like warm stone.

I had all but jumped from the frying pan into the I didn't know if I should wash just the twin globes or if he expected me to wash between them as he would do. Again, he guided the way; he reached back and pulled the muscles apart. I took my cue just as he murmured, "Better get in between them" and so I washed the crack of his ass. I washed deep into the crack, touching his asshole. I couldn't explain the feeling that came over me from being in such an intimate situation. Then, just as abruptly as he'd initiated it, he stepped away from me and turned his back to the shower to rinse off. He was so casual, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Then much to my surprise he reached out and took the soap from me.

"Turn around," he said.

I turned around with my back to him, facing the camera now. I closed my eyes, scared to death of what might happen when the lieutenant started washing my back. I stifled a little gasp when he touched me. His hands felt good on my bare skin and he rubbed them across my shoulders and back vigorously. I was already feeling activity down between my legs from washing his butt, still not understanding why. He didn't stop when he reached the small of my back, or even hesitate. He went right on to wash my butt like I'd done his. He wasn't bashful about washing between my butt muscles either, and when I instinctively tightened them he told me to relax.

"Pull 'em apart," he said.

I pulled my butt apart like he had and he washed even more vigorously, scrubbing my asshole. I let out a little gasp; I hadn't expected it to feel so good. My eyes flew open when I felt his long, thick finger push through my hole. When I opened my eyes I saw that Sgt. Adams had moved around to film the CO washing my asshole inside and out. I was glad he was behind me because the 'activity' I'd felt going on between my legs had begun to manifest itself and I was getting a full blown hardon! Oh, Godd, how was I going to explain that! If this was any kind of a don't-ask-don't-tell test, I was going to be in trouble.

Sgt. Adams moved back around in front of me. He smiled when he saw my cock, and focused his camera on it.

"I think he likes you washing your back, Lt. Jacobs," he said with a grin.

The lieutenant put his hand on my shoulder to turn me around. He did a double take, but smiled. "Well, what do we have here?"

"I c-couldn't help it, s-sir," I said. I thought the situation suddenly called for more formality.

"It's not anything you should help," he said as he moved around in front of me so he had his back to the camera.

I was quite relieved that he was hiding me. And quite surprised when put both arms around me and pulled me in tightly against him. What is he doing, I wondered! I had heard guys joke about stuff like this, but I didn't think anybody believed it ever really happened, and nobody ever joked about one of the officers. His hard body felt good; especially good the way my hard cock was pressed tightly between our bellies, and I could feel his cock growing hard against my thighs.

"You know, you're the hottest solider in the company," he said in a hoarse voice as he rubbed his body against mine. His face was close to mine and I could see right into his dark eyes.

"Thank you, sir," I choked.

The whole time,--it wasn't more than a couple of minutes but it seemed longer--I kept looking away to avoid his eyes but was instantly drawn back to his penetrating look, and his face seemed to be closer. Next thing I knew he was brushing his lips across mine.

"Mmmmnn!" I moaned with surprise and I instinctively stiffened but I quickly relaxed; I didn't want him to think I was fighting him.

That quickly turned into a hard, passionate kiss that took my breath away. I'd never even imagined kissing another guy, and this was making my knees weak. What's happening, I wondered. What does he want from me? What are they going to do to me? And why was Sgt. Adams filming it all? I could feel his cock harder now, and it felt huge throbbing against my legs. He pulled his hips back so his cock could stand up like mine, then he pressed back against me so his cock was between us too. Holy Shit, I thought. I could only feel it against my stomach, but I'd never imagined a man being as big as he felt.

"Sir....," I gasped when our mouths parted.

"You're doing fine, Conner, let's go in to your bunk," he said huskily as he was turning off the shower. He reached over to turn mine off, still with his other arm around my waist, as if he was afraid I might try to get away from him.

I had forgotten Sgt, Adams again and the camera till we were leaving the shower, and he was still taking pictures and videoing everything. I still didn't know why, except for the lieutenant's private use. He was an officer, he wouldn't show it to anyone. I was frightened but I couldn't find the courage to say or do anything. I knew this should not be happening, but felt powerless to stop whatever they had in mind. This was an officer, after all, and a sergeant. So we went through the barracks to my bunk, Adams filming our every step, from front and sometimes from behind.

"How do you wanta do this?" Sgt. Adams asked the lieutenant when we were at my bunk.

"You assigned him barracks duty, it's your call," Lt. Jacobs replied.

"You ever done anything with a guy?" Adams asked me.

"No," I said softly. "And I don't....."

"Nobody asked you what you do or don't want," he cut in sharply. Then he said to Lt. Jacobs. "If you fuck him, sir, he's gonna need something in his mouth to keep him quiet."

"He's gonna need that no matter which one of us fucks him."

I was suddenly wide-eyed terrified. They intended to fuck me! Fuck my ass! They were going to rape me! Oh, Godd, this can't be happening.

"Maybe you ought to have first crack at him," the lieutenant said as he stroked his cock. "I'll feed him my cock to keep him quiet."

I gaped at the lieutenant's manhood. It was swollen to the size of an average forearm, with a head the size of a small orange. Precum glistened in the wide piss slit, oozed out and dripped to the floor. My asshole tightened and quivered inside and I began to have wild thoughts of how I could get out of the situation. Thoughts like jerking free and running down the company street naked. Surely someone would surely see me. But where would that get me? Thrown in the stockade, no doubt, because nobody would believe me, a private, over the company commander and an NCO. I decided to try to talk my way out of it; plead with them. "Please, sir...sergeant...don't do this. Don't fuck me. You'll rip me a new asshole. I'll do anything. I'll give you both head....good head....I just don't want my butt ripped open." But the words were all in my head; I couldn't speak them out loud. It was as if I were rehearsing what I wanted to say.

Jacobs drew me against him again. Our bodies were still damp, and it felt as good as before, despite my fears.

"I think you want this as much as I do," he said in a hoarse whisper as he ground his loins against me.

I drew on the words I'd rehearsed but only part of them came out. "I w-would like try giving you head, sir. I think I could do that pretty good," I said. Rehearsed or not I couldn't believe the words came out of my mouth. But I was desperate to try to get out of being fucked.

"You said you've never done anything with a guy."

"No, I haven't."

"Then how do you know you can give head?"

"I'll do my best," I said.

The two men looked at each other, then I saw Lt. Jacobs eyeing my butt. He looked back at Sgt. Adams.

"I think we oughta convince him he wants it in the ass," Adams said.

"I think you would like it, Private Conner, and I think I can make you want it," Jacobs said.

I noticed the informality was gone; he was calling me Private Conner, which in my mind placed him squarely and unequivocally as my superior. He nodded to Sgt. Adams.

Sgt. Adams took me by the arm to turn me around so I was facing away from them. Then he told me to bend over my bunk. I was afraid to. I didn't trust him. If I bent over, my butt would be spread open and offered to them like a sacrificial lamb.

"Bend over, soldier, and grab the other side of your bunk," Lt. Jacobs said in a firm but gentle tone. Still, he made it sound like an order.

I bent over the bunk with a wary look over my shoulder, to see Sgt. Adams getting something out of his pocket. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was meant for me. What I didn't see was Lt. Jacobs squatting down behind me. Then I got the surprise of my life. I felt his hot breath seconds before I felt his tongue sliding up the crack of my ass, right over my asshole.

"Aaawhhhh!" I moaned with surprise, tossing my head back. "Ohh, Sir, w-what're you d-doing!"

I heard them both laugh.

"He's making you want what you think you don't want," Sgt. Adams said.

"Let me show you," Jacobs said, and went back to rimming me.

"Ohh...oh, my Godd!" I moaned. "Oh, Geezuss, Sir...Ooohhhhh!" I couldn't help it; I started twisting and moving my ass up and down to the tune of his tongue. I never felt anything like it. I didn't even know I had feelings in my ass, and it scared me that I did. Scared me because maybe they were right; I might want what I said I didn't want if they kept doing things like this to me.

I didn't know but I guessed Sgt. Adams was taking pictures. I got my second surprise when he came around to the other side of my bunk. He was naked from the waist down and he had his cock in his hand, waving it in my face.

"Here, put this in your mouth so you don't make so much noise," he said.

I looked up at him with a 'you're-not-serious' look, but I could tell from the look on his face that he was dead serious.

"Come on, you said you give good head. Show me."

It didn't sound like an order, but I knew I had to do it. I had not made any attempt to get away; I was in too deep to back out. More than that, suddenly I didn't not want to do it. It wasn't a conscious decision that I wanted to, it was more a sudden urge. I felt a sudden, new sensation in my ass and it made me reach out and take hold of the sergeant's cock and he brought it to my mouth. I took about half of it before it pressed against my throat and I realized I could choke on it. Then what I was feeling in my ass made me start moving my mouth, like what I figured giving head was all about. And that's when I realized that the wonderful sensations in my ass weren't being caused from the lieutenant's tongue any longer. He was licking and kissing my butt, but my asshole was quivering and squeezing around his finger!

"MMMmnnnn!!....Ooohhmmm!" I moaned around the sergeant's thick cock as I sucked harder.

"I think he likes what you're doing, or he likes giving head an awful lot," the sergeant said.

"He's gonna like getting fucked too," the lieutenant said. "Aren't you, private?"

He caused my answer to be a sudden loud groan around Sgt. Adams' cock when he shoved another finger up inside me, maybe two more.

"UUhnnnn!..MMmmnnnhhh....Awwnngghh!" I groaned as he probed and twisted his finger around. He was touching something in there that was driving me crazy, and I was twisting my butt and thrashing around his hand to keep the contact going.

"You wanta get fucked, don't you, private?"

I didn't answer because I had my mouth full and the sergeant's hands were locked around my head and he was more or less fucking my face. But then he shoved my head back.

"The lieutenant asked you a question, soldier!" he barked.

"Sir! Yess, Sir!" I blurted out the standard, expected reply to an officer's question.

"Yes Sir, what?" Adams snapped as he smacked my face with his wet cock.

"Whatever the lieutenant wants," I said.

"What was the question, private?" Adams demanded.

"The lieutenant asked if I....if I w-wanted.....Ohhhh!....Awwhhh, Godd!" He was rubbing that spot again. "H-He asked if I wanted to get fucked!" I blurted out.

"And your answer?"

"Sir, Yes, Sir! I wanta get fucked! I want you to fuck me, Sir!"

What was I saying!! It was an out and out unlawful question; I didn't need to answer in the affirmative. But my answer was out there, and he hadn't forced it out of me, I couldn't take it back.

"You heard the private's answer, sergeant."

"Yes I did, sir, loud and clear. The private wants you to fuck him. He made that perfectly clear."

It was going to happen! I had never thought of my ass as anything even remotely related to virginity but that was about to change; I was going to have another man's cock shoved in my ass!

A moment passed then I felt the heat of the officer's cock between my butt and the blunt head pressing against my hole. I was scared senseless, and for some dumb reason I grabbed hold of Sgt. Adams' cock again, like a life preserver, and with a soft chuckle he shoved it in my mouth. And just in time, for my ass was suddenly being stretched unmercifully by the oversized head of Lt. Jacob's cock. I didn't even have time to brace myself, and he didn't give me a moment to get used to it. He penetrated my hole and shoved right in to the hilt. I think I screamed but I was the only one who heard the sound as it reverberated in my head.

"Ohh, Shit! You oughta feel this," the lieutenant said as he lodged his cock deep inside me, causing it to throb and buck.

"I'm hoping you will allow me to do just that, sir," Adams said.

"Oh, yeah, you'll get your chance," Jacobs told him. "Just as soon as I drill out his virginity for you."

"That is much appreciated, Sir."

"Godd, it's been a long time since I nailed a virgin," Jacobs said as he began fucking me. "Hell, not since back in high school. We had this guy who decided to join the cheerleading squad instead of going out for sports. Well, you know what jocks do to cheerleaders."

"Yes, sir, I do vaguely remember," Adams said.

I was able to work through the pain--I had no choice--and once it was gone I thought it wasn't so bad, at least bearable. Then gradually it became more than bearable, intensely pleasurable feelings began overtaking me. I didn't understand the feelings--I wasn't built to be fucked like a cheerleader--but I couldn't deny they were there, and it just kept getting better and better. I tried not to enjoy it. I tried not to respond. But it was hard to stay bent over my bunk as an inanimate object to be used for the dual pleasure, and I found myself responding, twisting my hips around and shoving back onto the lieutenant's thrusting cock.

"I think he's starting to get into it," Jacob's said with a soft chuckle.

"More like you're getting into him, Sir," Adams said.

"I hate to pull you away from that hungry mouth of his, sergeant, but how about getting the cameras and recording this event for my journal."

"Yes, sir, be glad to."

"You will be fully compensated and properly rewarded," Jacobs said.

I was at the point where I didn't give a fuck about the cameras; after all, the lieutenant would be in the pictures and the video too. I just wanted what he was doing to me. He pulled out at one point and told me to lie across my bunk on my back. I did, and brought my legs up and he ducked under the upper bunk and bent me in half and mounted me again. I wasn't scared now; I was ready and anxious for his cock. He fucked me across the bunk till my head and shoulders were hanging over the other side, and Sgt. Adams straddled my head with his back to the lieutenant, and held my head in his hands and fucked my mouth. I let out a whinnied groan and gobbled his cock like I was hungry for it. Quite honestly, I thought I was in heaven.

Sgt. Adams got his proper reward. Lt. Jacobs pulled out and told Adams that he would take over the cameras while he fucked me. "We need to get you in some of these action shots," he said as Adams came around to take the CO's place.

My ass felt like it was gaping open and I was anxious for it to be filled again. Adam was thick and he felled me properly. He felt good inside me and he had some nice moves different from Lt. Jacobs, and they made me whimper.

"You're right, sir, this is a pretty impressive ass," Jacobs said as he fucked me. "I only wish I could've been the first to fuck it. But I know rank has its privileges."

"Well, you can be the one to baptize his ass," Lt. Jacobs said. "I want you to dump your load inside him, sergeant. Private Conner, I want to you to hold off. I want to be the one to make you cum."

Sgt. Adams was making it good and I had to concentrate to hold off. Twice I reached up to press my hand against his stomach to stop him.

"Getting too good for you?" he asked with a chuckle.


"And you didn't want to get fucked; didn't think you would like it," he said.

He fucked me for quite a while and I wondered what time it was getting to be. It shouldn't matter, we would be able to hear the troops marching in from training.

"You ready to get baptized?" Adams asked.

"Yes, please, Sarge, I'm having trouble holding off," I said. I couldn't believe my voice was so calm and matter of fact, or what I was saying; telling another man I was ready for him to cum inside me. What was happening to me?

He laughed and continued fucking me.

I let out a little gasp and my eyes widened when I felt his warm cum shooting deep inside me.

"You like that don't you," he gasped between spurts.

"Yes, Sarge, I like how it feels," I told him.

"Let's see if you like how it tastes," he said.

He moved too quickly for me to be horrified. In matter of seconds, while I still wallowing in the wonderful sensations of being fucked and shot in, he was astraddle my chest with his thick cock gripped tightly in his fist. He told me to open up and I did, almost instinctively, and it struck me that I had opened my mouth not to obey a command from my superior, but because I wanted to. I wanted to feel and taste his cum!

Sgt. Adams aimed his cock at my open mouth and released his grip on it and cum shot out in powerful ropes. I got it in my mouth and all over my face. I couldn't believe anybody could shoot so much cum. It took a moment for the taste of him to permeate my taste buds and when it did I was instantly hooked. I whinnied and moaned and clasped my hands around his butt to pull his cock into my mouth so none of the precious nectar would be wasted. I sucked him dry. I sucked him till his cock was lurching from over sensitivity and he pulled back.

"Holy Fuck, LT, you woke up a sleeping giant," he exclaimed as he leaned back against the opposite bunks.

His cock was dripping cum and I almost rose up to get it but I didn't want to appear sluttish. Beside, the lieutenant was moving into position to fuck me again. He handed the camera to Adams.

"I don't know if I can hold the camera s till," Adams said, laughing.

Lt. shoved his cock through my gaping hole and sank in to the hilt.

"I want you to finish too, for the cameras, Private," he told me. "So you jack your cock real slow till I'm ready to cum, then you work yourself up, but I then want you to let go of your cock at the last second and let it cum on its own."

"Yes, sir, I'll try."

Lt. Jacobs had a more refined technique, smoother moves, and he slowly took us into a sexual orbit. I was lost to everything but the exquisite, unbelievable pleasure he was giving me. I still didn't know what time it was--and I was afraid to look at my watch--and I found myself listening for the sound of boots tromping into the company area. But even as I listened, it didn't matter; I didn't care of the entire company came bounding into the barracks and saw the LT fucking me. I didn't care if they all wanted to fuck me, and that thought that sneaked into my brain gave thought to how I might accomplish that!

"I'm glad you're okay with all of this," Lt. Jacobs was saying in a soft, husky voice as he fucked me with a hard, steady rhythm. "I was pretty sure you would be."

"How were you so sure, sir?" I asked.

"You don't know it yet, but you're a sex magnet. You have a sexual aura about you that attracts males and females alike."

"I don't understand that, sir," I said.

"It's not something you can or need to understand, Conner; just know you have it, and use it to your advantage. You like what we're doing, don't you?"

"Yes, sir, I do. I was scared at first, but I like it."

"Then that's all you need to understand," he said. "Now, are you getting close?"

"I can be; I've been concentrating on holding off till you're ready."

"And I've been working to hold off till you're close," he said. "What say we make an explosion."

"I would like that, sir; I would like to cum with you."

"Remember, let go of your cock," he said.

I gave him the finish he wanted. He was surprised and impressed with the load I shot off. So was I. I'd never shot off a load like it. I thought it must've been because of getting fucked that caused the terrific buildup. The stuff spewed everywhere. Sgt. Adams was standing on the other side of the bunk, at my shoulders, and I shot cum all over his camera.

Seconds later Lt. Jacobs began dumping his load in my ass. I couldn't actually feel his cum as much as his cock bucking and twitching and bouncing around inside me.

I was left exhausted, and very satisfied.

The two men sat on my bunk with me for few minutes then Lt. Jacobs said we all needed to shower and put everything in order before the troops came back from training. I was surprised when they joined together to wash me, Adams in front and Lt. Jacobs in back.

"How do you feel now?" Lt. Jacobs asked as he worked his soapy fingers into the crack of my ass and through my hole.

"I feel good, sir."

"Not sore or anything?"

"No, sir. I feel good all over, inside and out."

"Then you think you might want to do this again sometime."

"Yes, sir. anytime." I laughed. "I don't know if I gay or what, but I'm not ashamed to say you got me hooked, sir."

"You don't know and nobody's asking," he said.

I wasn't particularly surprised when I won best soldier and got a three day pass. If I was short a couple of points, I was confident that giving my virginity to the CO would make up for that. I was surprised when Sgt. Adams told me that Lt. Jacobs, as a personal reward, had gotten me a room at a certain motel right off base.

The way I was awarded the honor was neat. At formation just before inspection, I was announced and then excused from formation to go to the orderly room and pick up my pass. I was proud as hell.

"You lucky fuck," the clerk said as he handed me the pass.

"Hey, I earned it," I said.

"Yeah, and we both know how," he said.

I looked at him, probably a surprised look, because he smiled.

I took a cab to the main gate. I showed my pass to the guard and we were waved through. The cab driver dropped me off at the motel.

"This your first pass off base?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm just finishing up basic," I said.

"Then you're probably pretty boned up. Want me to send you a girl? She's young, about your age, guaranteed clean. She's not like the whores who're going to be all over you. She's young and pretty; hasn't been at it very long; sort of like you, still in training."

I hadn't given a lot of thought to what I would do with the pass; only that I would be away from the rigors and discipline of the military for a couple of nights. The idea of a girl excited me.

"Yeah, you could send her around," I said. I paid the driver and got my overnight bag out of the back. "Give me an hour or so to get settled in," I told him. "By the way, how much is this going to cost me?"

"That'll be between you and her, depending on how long you want her for?"

"Okay, we'll settle it between us," I said.

The excitement of having a prostitute brought on a sudden case of nerves. As I'd had sex with only one other girl in my life, this girl would have a lot more experience, and I didn't know how I would perform. Part of it was the thought that most of my sexual experience had been with two other guys. Maybe that part of it was me wanting to regain or test my manhood.

I went across the street for a six pack of cold beer to settle my nerves, and bought some condoms out of a machine in the rest room. I'd downed two of them by the time the girl arrived. I was steady on my feet when I answered the door but I could feel the buzz.

I opened the door to a sharp looking, petite thing with black hair and snappy black eyes, poured into a black sheath dress that made me want to grab her and pull her inside before she got arrested. My nervousness took on a different connotation, from how would I perform, to I couldn't wait to find out.

"I hope I have the right room number," she said.

"Well, if you don't, somebody's going to be disappointed when you don't show up," I said, stepping back to let her in. I closed the door, feeling the sweat in my palm on the doorknob.

"I'm Kathy."

"Conner," I said.

There was an awkward moment where I shifted my weight nervously from one foot to the other.

"I, uh....I'm glad you could make it; I know it's early in the day," I said.

"I'm like a doctor, on call," she tried to joke.

"Listen, I, uh....I'm going to come right out with it; I've only been with one other woman, one time, just before I left for basic a few weeks ago," I blurted.

She smiled. "I like your honesty. I've only been with three other men, soldiers."

"I hope they treated you right," I said.

"Yes. One was a little rough, but I think it was because he was so....anxious."

"I can understand why he would be," I said. "You wanta get comfortable?"

"If you do," she said.

"Yeah, I do....I'm going to....bur first I ought ask....I mean we ought to discuss how I know....."

"It's a hundred dollars," she said.

"That's for....what, an hour?....two hours?.....I've never done this before....paid, I mean."

"It's a hundred dollars till you're done," she said.

I hated how we were reducing it to a matter of paid sex and I wanted to get past it.

"Actually, it doesn't matter," I said. It was easier to say that, knowing what I was in for. I peeled my T-shirt off over my head to signal her to take off her clothes.

She didn't seem as nervous as I was. She was very casual about the way she stripped off her clothes, like she was undressing in her room at home. My undressing was intermittent as I paused to watch her. But my temperature was a steady climb; my cock the thermometer. When she was naked I was down to my shorts that were tented something awful.

"You're beautiful," I said. It didn't come out the way I intended it. I more or less blurted it out; I meant it to sound more like a compliment.

"You're very handsome, and you have a great body," she said as she reached out and smoothed one hand over my chest. Like a dumbass, I could only stand there and watch her hand move down my stomach. "Very nice," she said.

"Thanks." That came out okay, but how can you fuck up "thanks?"

As her hand brushed over the protrusion in my shorts my eyes were fixed on her shaved pussy. That smoothness gave her a look of flawlessness.

"I like that," I said hoarsely, nodding down to her pussy.

She smiled and brushed her other hand down over it.

I liked it a lot. It was making my mouth water; for the first time in my life--honestly, the first time I ever thought about it--I wanted to eat pussy. My legs cooperated by giving way under me and I found myself on my knees in front of her. I placed my hands on her hips, my eyes fixed.

"My Godd," I whispered. I don't know why I said it; maybe because she was so beautiful, maybe it was the idea that I was actually going to do what I'd heard so many guys talk about. I pressed my face against her stomach and she put her hands over mine. I let my mouth go slack and that became a kiss. She put her hands gently on my head. I kissed downward into the baby smooth area where her pubes once were, and felt her hands tighten around my head. I licked at the top of her pussy and brought my hands from her hips to spread the soft lips apart. I knew instinctively when I found her clit even though I had never seen or felt one before. I knew from reading and hearing about it as a girl's love nut, and I knew by the way she reacted, with a sudden, whimpering outcry. I remembered what an older boy had told me in the locker room; first, that he never fucked anything he didn't eat first, and second, that once you made contact with a girl's clit with your tongue, she was yours. The way Kathy pressed herself against my face, I believed him.

I went at her like a hungry puppy, eager and starving for this first adventure. I eased her back onto the bed and she lifted her legs for me. I spread her pussy open and buried my face in it, licking deep inside her while she rubbed her clit against my nose. She moaned and cried out and whinnied like a young mare in heat. I discovered I liked eating pussy. I liked the power I exerted over the girl; she was indeed putty in my hands.

I was glad I had lost my virginity with the girl back home, so I knew what I was doing with this one. Except back home I hadn't used a condom--she assured me it was safe--this time I did. I couldn't forget she was, after all, a prostitute who I was paying. With one hand I worked my shorts off while I used my other hand to massage the inside of her pussy. I had to pause to put the condom on, but she took over, rubbing her clit herself, and fingering herself. By the time I had the condom on, she was ready; she was writhing on the bed and moaning softly. Standing over her, I asked her if she was ready.

"Ohh, yess! Yess! I'm so ready for you to fuck me I want your big, beautiful cock deep inside me. I want you body pressing down on me. Fuck me, soldier.....fuck me hard."

I wasn't as impressed as I might have been because it sounded like canned remarks she'd rehearsed for the occasion no matter who was standing over her with a stiff, ready cock. Therefore, it wasn't as passionate as it might have been; no resemblance of love making. It was sex, and paid sex to boot. But I fucked her. I fucked the pussy that I ate first, just like the guy back in school. I fucked her for a long time, and I got back my confidence in my manhood.

I had thought I might blow most of my money and have her for the night and maybe even the next day and fuck our brains out. But as good as it was, when it was over, it was just what I'd paid for; sex. I didn't kick her out. She lingered and we lay together and talked like two old friends, but my desire had gone and it wasn't returning. I wasn't sad when she left with my hundred bucks. I wasn't sad about the hundred bucks either. I was sort of proud that I'd had my first prostitute.

I laid back and watched TV and had another beer then got up and showered. Later, I went across the street to the bar where a band was playing. I danced with a few girls and got the come on from a couple of prostitutes but it was easy to say no. I found myself eyeing the guys, wondering about the chances of getting one of them to go back to my room with me. I wondered how I would go about doing that; what approach I might use. I began rehearsing in my head. But I never worked up the nerve. I overheard some guys talking about another place where they thought there would be more action later on. I didn't want to have too much to drink if I was going there so I left and wandered around for a while. The town was typical of what I would learn all towns outside military bases would be like; bars, strip joints, pawn shops and loan companies, used car lots, military surplus and souvenir shops.

I found the place; Robbie's. I paid the cover charge and went inside. It was a bar and strip club with a band and a dance floor. It was loud, with a lot of very young soldiers being over exuberant, trying too hard to act like they were having a good time; trying to act like they thought soldiers should act. I hung around for a while, nursed a couple of beers and watched the strippers, but that got old pretty quick. It was the same moves by every girl, over and over again. It didn't do much for me. I saw several guys that I wished were up there stripping and showing off their bodies. Maybe it was the gradual accumulation of booze, but a sudden pall came over me; the excitement of being on pass was wearing off. I wished there could've been someone to come with me. I felt a little down as I headed back to my room.

I had barely closed the door when the phone rang. Who could be calling me?.....who knew I was there? I wondered if there was a problem back at the base.




"This is Lt. Jacobs."

"Sir! Is there something wrong, sir?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I've just been waiting for you to burn out and get your sorry ass back to your room."

"I just walked in the door."

"I know."

"How did you know, sir?"

"I'm in the bar across the street. Do you want company for the night, or do you have other plans? I didn't see anyone go in with you."

My heart raced. I could hardly breathe, let along speak.

"No, no plans, sir. Yes, sir, I would love to have company for the night."

"Great. Listen, I want you to unlock your door then I want you to strip naked. When I walk in I want to find you stretched out on the bed, ready and waiting."

"Yes, sir. Do you want me on lying my back or on my stomach, sir?"

"Doesn't matter how we start out, you're going to be in every position known to man before the night's over," he said.

"Ohh, Godd," I whispered. He heard me.

"What? What was that?"

"Nothing, sir. I just was nothing, sir."

"Listen, Conner......."

"Yes, sir?"

"I just want you to get it on the record.....before the night's over, you're going to have me in every position known to man."

"Ohh, Godd!" I gasped again.

"I heard you that time," he said, laughing.

The End

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