'What do you think, Jack?' one of my barracks buddies asked.

'About what?' I wondered aloud. I didn't look up from my letter writing. I had not been listening to the constant talk of these sexy soldiers. I was more interested in the hot letter I was writing to a horny pen pal on a nearby Air Force base.

'Do you think getting your cock sucked by a man makes you a queer?' a second voice asked.

'No.' I answered simply, not really thinking about it,

'It doesn't?!' three of them asked in unison, sounding surprised.

I looked over at the nearly naked six of them, sitting together on Brad's and Rob's bunks, wearing only their undershorts. The seven of us hung out together, forming a strong clique, even though I had only recently been assigned to their post. I thought the six of them were the best looking guys in the barracks, even the best looking guys I had ever met. I was glad to be a part of the group, even if I do humbly admit I fitted in well. They were all looking at me expectantly, a surprisingly intense expression of interest on each face.

'No,' I repeated, 'it doesn't.'

'How can you say that,' one of them demanded. They all shifted positions, moving to sit side by side on Brad's bunk, all facing me, only a couple of feet from me, really.

'Getting a blowjob from a man is, basically, jacking off without using your hands,' I explained with a smile.

'Huh?' Kurt exclaimed. They all looked puzzled.

'Where do most guys get blowjobs from guys?' I asked.

They just looked at me.

'Through glory holes in men's rooms,' I told them, answering my own question.

'Oh, yeah,' a couple of them agreed. A couple others continued to appear puzzled.

'Well, think about it. You're in a stall. As usual, you're horny, thinking you'd like to jack off if there's any privacy. Then, you spot a glory hole and a sign above it that says 'SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB.' A finger beckons, or you see lips at the glory hole. The lips make sucking sounds. At our age, cocks get hard real fast and balls need lots of relief. You realize the quick relief you were hoping for is available from a different source than your dry fist for a change. You figure what's the harm and who'll know, so you slip your cock through the glory hole. It feels real good in a talented mouth. Much better than jacking off! You shoot quick, heavy load. Nice needed relief! It's no big deal,' I explain.

'Yeah, but it's a man!' Pete says, sounding disgusted. He was the best looking of the group and the only one, beside myself, to wear jockey shorts, which right now looked more fully packed than usual. Talking about sex was getting him aroused. It was a little more difficult to see arousal in the boxer shorts the others wore.

'Is it a man?' I asked. 'Once you slip your meat through the glory hole, you can imagine it's anyone you'd like to slip it to. Fantasy is the greatest part of quick, impersonal sex, whether it's a jack-off, a quickie with a prostitute, or a blowjob from, well, whoever.' I let that sink in for a moment. Then I went on. 'Think about it. Does playing with your own cock make you a queer? I don't think so. We all jack off. Oh, don't look so surprised. We all jack off. But what are we thinking about? Not our cocks, I'll bet. We're fantasizing about getting laid.'

Heads nodded in agreement.

'And a quickie with a pro?' I asked. 'It's the same thing. We're in our own fantasy world, thinking about getting laid with the right person.'

More nodded agreement.

'And that pro might even give you a blowjob. So what's the difference if it's a blowjob from that pro or from someone on the other side of a wall through a glory hole? In both cases you're in your own fantasy world. It's not that you're, like, kissing the guy, is it?' I asked.

I see a few grimaces of seeming disgust flitter across some faces.

'Hell, you never really even see the guy,' I told them, adding, 'If it even is a guy.'

'That's right!' Pete agreed, and then looked embarrassed. Quick agreement seemed to indicate that he had had his fair share of blowjobs though glory holes. And the bulge in his shorts looked even more impressive.

Several of the guys grinned at Pete's response. Some knowingly!

'Geez,' Andy exclaimed, 'it sounds like you approve of blowjobs from men, Jack.' Andy was the cutest guy in the barracks. It was hard for me to imagine that he had not been approached by men for some quick sex. Harder still to imagine he had not agreed.

'It's not a question of approval,' I told him. 'It's a question of relief. You've probable heard it said as often as I have that men know how to give the best blowjobs. I don't know about you, but I'm always real horny. If I'm at a train station, or a bus station, or the like, and go into a stall to find a nice private place to jack off but there's a glory hole on the wall, I'm a little reluctant to jack off with someone watching me. But if that guy beckons to me and wants to help a fellow out, well...' I paused to let them think about it.

''Help a fellow out,'' Rob repeated emphatically. 'So you're saying it doesn't make you gay to get a blowjob from anyone,' he confirmed.

'Exactly,' I said, smiling at him. He had a finely chiseled chest and abdomen with a line of dark hair running down from his navel into his low slung boxer shorts. A tubular shape had formed down one leg. This talk was getting to him, too.

'I saw a glory hole, once,' Andy admitted quietly. 'I got nervous and left,' he added.

'Before or after?' Pete wanted to know with a laugh. Several others joined in the laughter, me included.

'After!' Andy said with a squeal of delight. We all laughed. I was surprised and looked at Andy to see if he was joking or telling the truth. He winked at me. That did nothing to clarify the matter, but did cause my shorts to bulge even more dramatically.

Everyone seemed to start talking at once. I wanted to go back to my letter-writing but seeing this row of masculine splendor sitting in front of me, all showing obvious arousal by now, kept me attentive.

Brad, who had a very appealing, very sexy look, and who was the kind of guy you meet in a bar and get that strong urge to make out with, wanted to know how many blowjobs I had had. I just smiled.

Finally, Don joined the conversation. He was the most muscular of the group, with a football linebacker's build, a bull neck, and a square jaw. In his deep voice, he asked, 'But sucking cock does make you queer, right?' He was looking right at me as he asked, making me feel like he was able to read my thoughts.

All conversation stopped.

'Hmm,' I said with a pause. 'Not necessarily,' I answered quietly and calmly.

'What?' Kurt exclaimed. He had an excellent, lithe build, like a gymnast and was exceptionally handsome. By now, I could actually see the head of his expanding dick peeking out from the right leg of his boxers, looking red and enlarged. Since they were all facing me, I doubt others noticed his arousal.

'You can't mean that,' Rob demanded in a half-whisper of intense interest.

'I believe there are conditions when it wouldn't make you gay.'

'When?' three of them asked together. It seemed to me that some of their tongues were hanging out. I had struck a chord of deep fascination for them.

'Well, for one, if you're in prison and get to know someone who will do it for you, it might be right to be obliged to return the favor,' I explained. 'Maybe,' I added.

'Oh,' Kurt said quietly.

'Or if you're at sea for a long time without women, the same thing may be true,' I told them. 'It helps keep blue balls to a minimum.'

'Yeah, I heard about them sailors,' Pete said with a toothy grin. 'Someone told me some of them do it so good they could suck the chrome right off a trailer hitch.'

We all joined him in laughter, but as I watched them bumping each other as they sat close together, legs touching and rubbing, it seemed to me they were all getting aroused, every one of them. And, of course, so was I! I tried to think of something erotic to say quickly to keep this conversation going, but only one thing popped into my mind since I was so fascinated by seeing the six of them getting aroused. So I said it.

'Or like now,' I said quietly.

Someone sucked in his breath. Everyone else stopped breathing.

'You mean someone should do it right here, in the barracks?' Kurt asked in apparent amazement. I saw that his cock had stretched out to impressive length, rose to stand tall, and his bulbous, red cockhead was now fully exposed to view.

'If he wants to...' I said, pausing, '...if there's fair play,' I added.

'Oh! Yeah, right,' Pete said sarcastically. 'You mean you'll suck mine if I'll suck yours.'

'Exactly,' I replied with enthusiasm.

'Well, that seems only fair,' Don said with a smirk. I couldn't tell if he was joking or serious, but the huge pole, pushing up against the waistband of his boxers, proved he was turned on.

'You mean you'd be willing to give a blowjob in return for a blowjob?' Rob asked Don, apparently so amazed he was barely able to speak.

'I didn't really mean me,' Don quickly replied defensively, 'but I could really go for a good blowjob right about now, I'll tell you. I'm horny as hell from all this talk about blowjobs. Sex talk always gets me hot! And since we're the only ones in the barracks right now, we'd be the only ones to know. I've always heard that a little experimentation never hurt anyone. I've got a hardon. I can see that Rob has one, too. And look at the big cock poking out of Kurt's skivvies. We're all horny! I'll bet Jack's cock will pop up above his shorts any moment now, if it gets any harder.'

My bunk was at the end of the row of bunks, against a wall, so I made a suggestion. 'Why don't five of us stand as a screen, just in case someone does come into the barracks, while one of us gives someone a blowjob? If it works out okay, if we take turns, we might all bust a nut. Get some of the relief we'd all like. Help each other out.'

Immediately, all six stood, pushing Brad's bunk back somewhat, to make extra room.

'I'm first,' Don announced, then pulled out his bull-cock, unsnapped his shorts and let them slide to the floor. He took a step forward. The other five closed ranks behind him. He looked spectacular. Big balls! Huge cock, rigid with lust! A drop of liquid already shining at the top of the fat crown! His whole muscular body, rigid with anticipation, looking breathtakingly masculine, was especially sexual!

He took another half step towards me. His cock and balls were in my face, inches from my mouth. The masculine odors of his body enflamed my desire. It was all I could do to hold myself back from such a splendid opportunity!

'Do it!' Don demanded.

'Yeah, suck his cock, man,' someone urged quietly but urgently.

'I think someone else should be first,' I announced, rather unconvincingly.

'Com'on,' Andy urged.' 'It was your idea!' He gave me a sexy smile.

'Yeah, do it! Do it! Do it!' several of them chanted in unison.

Don grabbed his cock and aimed it at me. The fat cockhead hit my nose and painted it with a line of warm, sticky pre-cum. He humped forward and pressed the big, hot thing against my lips, urging me to open up!

What could I do? I did what I really wanted to do in the first place. I sucked the huge cockhead into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth! It tasted like a great cock should taste and caused a wave of euphoria to course through my body.

'Keerist! Lookit that! He's sucking Don's cock!' Rob marveled.

They all crowded in to see the big cock clearly poking deeply into my mouth. The idea of a screen was forgotten in the excitement of watching two of their barracks buddies going at it. We both put on a great show for them! Don humped and I swallowed, humped and swallowed, as more and more of his big cock entered me. The large cock entered my throat and thrilled me to the core.

'Man, oh, Man, he's actually going down on that long tool,' someone said with a sigh of longing.

'Geez,' Don sighed, 'he sucks so good! He's got my meat almost down to the bone!'

'The bone!' someone repeated with obvious envy and lust-filled expressiveness.

'He's suckin' the cum right out of me!' Don announced. 'He sucks better than I hoped. This is so good that I can't hold back. Here... it... comes!' Each word was accented by strong thrusts into me as he started to hose a man-sized load of jism down my throat. I swallowed quickly and often, rising up to savor the taste of prime soldier hot cum on my tongue! I loved it! I love sucking cock! It was so wonderful I thought I'd explode into orgasm, and, since my cockhead had popped up above my waistband, I thought I'd spray my chest with jism. But I struggled to hold back to see what would happen next.

Now came the tricky part. Don stayed in my mouth as I continued to suck until his slightly deflating cock became too sensitive. He pulled back and the spent cock, shiny with sperm and saliva, slipped out. He took a step back as the five separated to give him room. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, a classic cocksucker's move, and grinned up at them.

'I'm next!' I announced standing up, pulling out my waistband to reveal all of my cock, and lowering my shorts till they dropped to the floor.

'What a cock!' Andy said with amazed sincerity.

'Well, I don't know...' Don said nervously. Reciprocation after orgasm is always questionable.

'Well, I do!' Brad announced, surprising me. He moved around me and sat down on my bunk expectantly. As I turned, he grabbed my cock, aiming it at his mouth. I stepped forward and he guided the long tube right into his mouth as though he'd been doing it all his life. I was amazed and delighted. I punched it home. He sucked. He was good!

As Brad sucked diligently, I looked around. Don's shorts were still at his feet, his cock in his hand. The other four were all holding their cocks in their own hands, too. Andy and Kurt had slipped their shorts off and seemed to be aiming cock at each other. Rob and Pete were both naked, too, and each jacked himself as they watched the action, stretching to see Andy and Kurt, and leaning in to watch Brad suck my cock. It was tremendously exciting. I had never expected all of them to join in the excitement. And it was truly exciting. I knew I would come instantly!

'Look at Jack's flexing ass,' Don pointed out. 'He'll come in a hurry, I'll bet.' I suddenly felt a strong hand grab my ass-cheek. I was sure it was Don's hand. But then, another hand grabbed the other cheek from the other side, and I knew it was Pete's hand. He massaged my ass with a knowing touch. Me? I blasted off into orgasm without warning Brad, pumping blast after blast of cum into him, but he handled my load like an expert. I had a terrific orgasm!

'Wow!' I said sincerely. 'This is the best blowjob I've ever had.'

I looked down at Brad. He gave me a smile of gratitude for announcing his talent to the others. I grinned back.

Suddenly, I heard slurping sounds at my side and looked to see that Andy had squatted down in front of Kurt and was now sucking his cock. Kurt was looking down at Andy with an expression of complete enjoyment as his fat cock was taken down to the hilt. Kurt saw I was looking, grinned at me, and sighed, 'Man, this is wild!'

Rob had seen Andy going down on Kurt and decided to go down on Pete. Pete did not protest as he continued to play with my ass. The slurping sounds caught my attention and I turned to look at them just as Pete's eyes seemed to roll back, his pelvis humped forward, and he spasmed an ejaculation into Rob! He humped and humped and humped and I knew he was sending a huge load into Rob, who was moaning with pleasure, as his one hand pinched and played with one of Pete's big, hard nipples, and the other tugged Pete's balls. Pete opened his eyes and saw I was watching him as he came. 'Man,' he sighed, stretching out the word, hips still humping. 'What have you started? This is fantastic!'

I guess I had to agree that I had started all of this, but I wasn't hearing the objections I thought I might have heard.

After Rob, Pete, and I had disconnected, I wondered if or how this would continue. Brad was the catalyst once more, saying huskily, 'I'm next!' He stood up and displayed a fiery red, hot-looking cock. He was ready and sucking cock had brought him to the boiling point.

I wanted to slip that big cock into my mouth, but before I could move, Don, apparently recovered from his first orgasm, suddenly announced, 'I'll try helping you out, man,' and pushed me aside to take Brad's place on my bunk. Before Brad had fully turned around, Don has his cock in his mouth and was slurping like an expert. The sight of Brad's cock sliding into Don's mouth was exceptionally erotic for me. Don was one of those super-masculine guys you'd never expect to take to cocksucking, especially in front of all these barracks buddies. And he was not only sucking, he was playing with Brad's ass and rubbing as much of his strong body as he could reach. It looked more like lovemaking than just quick sex. Even though Brad had looked like he'd explode into orgasm quickly, he was able to hold out and enjoy the mouth treatment longer that I thought possible.

I heard a, 'Yeah, man, suck it!' I turned to look and saw that Andy and Rob had changed places and Pete was poised to take Andy's hard cock into his mouth. He glanced up at me as he licked the fat crown of Andy's cock and he grinned at me, a special glint of pleasure in he eyes.

Then, I heard a groan of pure pleasure and turned to see that Rob's cock was being shoved into Kurt's mouth. Each one of us had now sucked cock! I was amazed! And completely turned on, again! I started jacking off to the tune of slurping noises and moans of pleasure. This was even more exciting than I had ever imagined!

'Lemme suck it, Jack!' a voice whispered huskily in my ear, tickling it. I turned and saw that it was Pete! He'd taken Andy's load while I looked to watch Kurt sucking Rob. Pete looked spectacular! His lips were wet from sucking Andy and his eyes looked wild with excitement! As I turned towards him, he dove frantically down onto my big erection, sucking as it entered his slippery, hot mouth. He wanted more cum! He seemed to need more cum! There was no way I could withhold it from him, even if I had wanted to, his suction was that stimulating! I think I blasted of into orgasmic bliss faster than my first orgasm of the afternoon.

'Do me!' he demanded after he slurped the dregs of my ejaculation and stood up, his erection pulsating with lust in front of me. What did I do? I simply leaned over and sucked the huge organ into my mouth, enjoying the pleasures of sucking yet another cock! We were all naked and having the time of our lives!

Just as he was filling my mouth with his hot juices, delighting me with a heavy, delicious flow, I heard booted footsteps on the barracks floor, coming closer.

'What the hell are you naked bastards up to?' I heard a voice ask. Something in the music of that voice caused me not to panic. Something in the way 'naked bastards' was massaged made me realize that the speaker was in no way angry or turned off by the sight of seven naked barracks buddies having their way with each other, but was actually turned on. Pete wanted to pull out before he was finished pumping cum into me, but I held him in close with both hands on his ass, tightly, and swallowed his entire hot load.

I rose, wiping my mouth like the true cocksucker I am, and saw that it was a sergeant from another outfit. I wondered what he was doing in our barracks in the middle of the afternoon. Everyone seemed frozen in place.

'We're just breaking the boredom with a little afternoon romp, Sarge,' I told him. When I saw him coming towards us I knew I had been right. Not only did he have a very big bulge in his fatigues, but he also had a wet spot at the top of that long bulge over by his hip near his belt. He had a very big hardon beneath the material!

'Yeah, well I've been watching you guys from over by the doorway, and I'd say that's some way of 'romping!'' He still sounded turned on. 'What do you really call it?' he wanted to know. He kept his voice down and by now I was sure the others guys knew he was a friend not a foe.

'We like to call it 'helping one another out,'' Pete said with a grin.

'Do you need a little help, Sarge?' Andy asked with a smirk. 'With that?' he added pointedly.

'You'd do me?' he asked Andy, sounding astounded. Andy was, as I said, exceptionally young and cute, and, naked, he looked dazzling. I couldn't blame the sergeant for being amazed that such a handsome guy would offer to help him out 'that way!'

'Haul it out!' Andy demanded. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to be the one to 'help him out,' but these barracks buddies had minds, and sex urges, of their own and didn't particularly need any assistance from me. It was an amazing turn of events and made me wonder if I had started something or if they had dragged me, delightedly, into their sphere of ongoing sexual games.

'Okay, Andy,' the young sergeant said.

I was astounded. I did not recall anyone calling Andy by name all afternoon. This guy knew Andy!

'You know him?' I asked in amazement.

The sergeant was too involved to pay attention to me, and Andy was already too busy to answer, having slurped in the huge cockhead of the sexy sergeant as soon as it appeared, but Don answered.

'Sure,' he replied. 'He's a swimming instructor at the post pool. We've been fuckin' around with him for a couple of weeks, now.'

'My God!' I exclaimed softly, watching as Andy smoothly slid his mouth down the long shaft of the sergeant's mighty weapon. The sergeant grinned at me as his pants dropped to the floor.

Don wrapped a powerful arm around my naked shoulder, hugged my naked body to his muscular, naked body and said, 'We planned this, Jack. We knew the barracks would be empty. We tempted you with our scanty dress and dirty talk in order to draw you out. Somehow we knew we wouldn't be disappointed, and, by god, we are not disappointed. You just seemed too sexy to be kept out of our little group. You are one sexy dude, man!'

'You really are, Jack!' two of them said together.

'You belong with us, Jack!' Brad insisted.

It all fell into place. The ease of getting these barracks buddies to suck cock; the talent they quickly displayed for cocksucking; the immediate pleasure they all took from watching their buddies lifted to orgasm; and especially their utter lack of revulsion or embarrassment seeing each other naked and sucking cock! I had not drawn them out! They had drawn me into their realm of heady male-to-male sex and I couldn't have been more completely elated!

I knew I was going to enjoy the remainder of my posting to this outfit! Especially as Don slipped his finger into my ass-crack and toyed with my tight little pucker! Sucking is great! But, then, it's not life's only pleasure!


Jack Sofelot


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