Robin's troubled thoughts of his boyfriend evaporated when, in the early evening, he entered Bared, a small underwear store in the local gayborhood, and saw the hot, bearded man behind the counter. Robin, who was 24, guessed that the man was about ten years his senior, and a lot taller than Robin's 5'8". Dark-haired and heavily muscled, the man was at least 6'1". Alone in the store, he was wearing a tight black t-shirt that hugged the curves of his bulging biceps and giant chest, tapering down with his thick back muscles into what looked like a tight waist—but Robin's view was blocked by the counter.

The man's hair-swirled forearms were bunched up as he held his phone up to his face. Muscular forearms always made Robin wonder if a guy jerked off a lot. He felt embarrassed by the thought and looked away, his eyes falling instead on the lube and condoms for sale at the edge of the counter.

"Hey," the man said in a deep voice, and Robin looked back to see the man was smiling at him—a full grin, friendly but also a little predatory. The man lowered his phone and Robin got a glimpse of an instant message, with a photo of what looked like a young boy's naked, well-shaped ass. The man thumbed the off-switch and the phone went dark.

"Uh, hi," Robin said, trying to calm his suddenly churning stomach, a nervous condition he usually only felt when arranging a hookup. Despite his boyfriend Bruce's permission (never hard to procure), hooking up with other guys always felt a little wrong—and sexier because of that. But I'm not going to hook up with this guy, Robin told himself. For one thing, he is definitely out of my league. I've been working out lately, but not THAT much.

Robin nodded at the man and walked past him to look at the racks of underwear, perfect models on all the boxes. The array was confusing, and Robin was distracted by thoughts of the man behind the counter. Is he still looking at me? He probably flirts with every guy who walks in here, trying to get them to buy more stuff.

Feeling uncomfortable and eager to leave, Robin grabbed a box of blue briefs from a brand he'd worn before and kept his eyes down as he went back to the counter.

Finally raising his eyes as he handed the box over, he saw the man frowning at his selection.

"Is this pair for you?" the man asked.

"Yes," Robin said.

The man looked Robin up and down with a serious expression. "I don't think these are right for you."

Robin felt annoyed. "They're fine."

The man raised an eyebrow. "Don't you want a pair that will... show you off?"

Robin wasn't sure what to say. Is he making fun of me?

"Stand back," the man said. "Let me see you."

Robin hesitated, but then he stepped back, figuring it was the least awkward way to end the conversation quickly. He felt exposed as the man looked him up and down closely. Robin was wearing an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that had gotten a little tight due to his recent workouts.

"Looks like you've got a nice body there," the man said. "Although it's hard to tell on the lower half, with those jeans falling off you."

"They're not falling off," Robin said, irritated. "They're just... a little loose around the waist. I've lost some weight."

The man smirked. "Been on a diet?"

"A lot of cardio," Robin said.

The man gestured with a finger. "Twirl for me."

Robin almost said no, but then—again thinking cooperating would be the quickest way out of this encounter—he rolled his eyes and spun around slowly. When he was facing the wall, the man said, "Stop."

Robin surprised himself by obeying. There was a pause, and he could feel the man's eyes washing over his back, through his clothes.

"A buck like you," the man said, "should have jeans that hug your young ass tight. And underwear that shows it off even better."

Robin had never been called a "buck." It sounded like something out of a 70s porno. A hot 70s porno, he couldn't help thinking, and his dick twitched.

Feeling uncomfortable, he turned back around and found the man had stepped away from the counter to reach up to a rack of underwear on hangers. The man was wearing tight jeans that hugged his large, muscular butt, and also hung low, showing off the white band of his underwear. He turned and Robin was suddenly staring at the full, tight crotch of the man's jeans. Is that all cock? Robin wondered.

"Hey," the man said, smiling his friendly but predatory grin. He held up a set of black briefs on a hanger. "This is the pair for you."

Hesitantly, Robin took the underwear.

"I'll break the rules and let you try them on," the man said. "The stockroom's right here."

Putting his warm hand on Robin's back, he steered the younger man to the rear of the store and opened a door that led to a carpeted walk-in closet, mostly empty save for some boxes in the corner and a stool. It was very warmly lit for such a small room.

Robin felt unsure. This is weird, he thought. And this man is a stranger.

As if on cue, the man said, "I'm Derek," and held out a large hand.

As Robin shook it, he was surprised by how hot the man's grip felt—almost burning.

Derek nodded at the underwear. "I get those might be out of your comfort zone, so take your time. But I know I'm right about them on you."

Robin felt like he couldn't back out now, so he slowly walked into the storeroom.

"I'll leave the door ajar a little," Derek said, "so you know I'm not locking you in there."

Robin nodded, although the thought of being locked in hadn't occurred to him until Derek mentioned it. Now he felt alarmed. Uneasily, he kicked his shoes off.

"Are these for a special occasion?" Derek asked from the other side of the door.

"I hope so," Robin said. "Uh, I mean, they're for my boyfriend." He unbuckled his jeans.

"You're trying to get his attention?" Derek asked.

"I guess, yeah," Robin said as he pulled his jeans off, thinking of how long it had been since Bruce had fucked him. Way too long. Now in just his t-shirt and white briefs, Robin looked up and saw Derek staring at him through the crack at the door. "Sorry," the muscular man said, and he walked off.

Robin's dick jerked up at the thought that Derek had been watching him, but he also felt exposed and creeped out. And his stomach was still fluttering.

He heard Derek shuffling around at the front of the store. Wanting whatever was going on to end soon, Robin quickly pulled off his underwear so he was just in his t-shirt. He took the strange black briefs off the hanger and noticed what seemed like weird straps on them—and not quite enough fabric. Is this a thong?

As he pulled the briefs over his feet, he realized what they really were.

"Hey!" he said. "This underwear is backless!" The briefs had a large, round hole right over where his ass would go. "I can't wear these. I'm not..."

Derek's voice came from just beyond the door. "They're for your boyfriend, right?"

"Yeah," Robin said reluctantly.

"He's turned on by sexy underwear?"

"He used to be."

Derek laughed. "Sounds to me like it's time to get creative. And trust me, those are perfect for showing off your body and exposing your best asset."

"I don't know," Robin said, but he was beginning to feel foolish bottomless, with the underwear around his ankles.

"Try them," Derek said, with a low tone of command.

Robin leaned down and pulled the briefs up. He shifted around, surprised at how easily they fit around his ass—and how he felt almost more naked in them than out of them, with the fabric tight on his hardening dick, but the air cold on his exposed butt cheeks. Uncertainly, he said, "They feel—"

"You have them on?" Derek interrupted.

"Yeah, but—"

"Let's see." Derek slipped into the small closet and shut the door behind him.

Robin held up his hands as if to fend off the older man. "Wait, I—"

"There's no mirror," Derek said. "All you've got here is my opinion. I promise to be honest."

"Uh... OK," Robin said, wondering how he'd gotten into this. He lowered his hands.

Derek crossed his arms, making his biceps bulge. "You'll need to take your shirt off for me to really see them."

Robin felt very conscious of his sped-up breathing as he considered his options. It seemed like his only choice was to do what Derek said, even though that meant he'd be almost naked with this stranger. This hot, muscular stranger, he couldn't help thinking. Slowly, Robin lifted his t-shirt up and off, feeling the cool air over his thin body. He was aware that his dick was obviously stiffening.

Derek smiled. "Very nice." He gestured. "Now twirl."

Thinking, I'm just going to do what he says, Robin turned around so that his bare ass was facing the older man. He stood there nervously, his dick hardening further as he realized he wanted Derek to like what he was seeing. Robin felt like what he was doing was wrong, like he'd somehow been tricked into this compromising situation. And where is this going? The older man said nothing, making Robin feel exposed and confused.

Finally, Derek asked, "How will you show these off to your boyfriend?"

Robin forced himself to think about Bruce. "He'll probably be on the phone with work, pacing, because he's always doing that. So when I want to go to bed, I'll put these on and walk out and see if he notices."

"He'd have to look at you from behind to really see what I'm seeing," Derek said. "How would you want him to react?"

I doubt he will react, Robin thought. Bruce doesn't seem to care about me much at all lately...

Derek said, right behind Robin, "You'd want him to do this, wouldn't you?" And Robin felt the muscular man's hand, hot against his skin, sliding over the hole in his underwear, across his exposed ass.

Robin jumped. "Hey!"

"You want to be sexy in these, don't you?" Derek whispered, his mouth right up to Robin's ear. His hand tightened, squeezing Robin's cheeks. "You really are. Your ass looks perfect. It makes me want to..." Instead of finishing the sentence, Derek slid his other arm around Robin, holding the younger man in place, rubbing his hand from Robin's stomach up to his chest, pinching one of his nipples. Derek pressed his warm, clothed body against Robin's side.

Robin gasped, his dick now hardening all the way, his body reacting to all the different places Derek was touching him, but especially to the hand on his ass, where a finger was sliding in between his cheeks. "But," Robin said, thinking of where they were, of how quickly this was all happening, "but..."

Derek kissed Robin's neck, his beard a little rough against the skin there, and said, "Don't worry, I've closed up shop for the day. It's just us." He leaned away and pulled his shirt off. Then he pressed against Robin's side again, skin to skin, his hairy chest feeling so warm it made Robin gasp.

Derek's whole hand was now sliding into the crack of Robin's ass. Robin closed his eyes and tried to think of Bruce, but all he saw was Derek's incredibly hot body, the naked chest he'd just glimpsed, massive pecs covered in swirls of dark hair. He could feel it naked against him, the large, heavy muscles pressing against his upper arm and shoulder. He arched his back without meaning to, pressing his hole against Derek's large, searching hand.

"But..." he managed to say.

"What, you've never fucked around on your boyfriend?" Derek whispered in Robin's ear.

"Yes," Robin admitted. "But I'm supposed to ask permission..."

"You can't even get him to notice you," Derek said, and his finger found its target, his fingertip brushing against Robin's sensitive asshole. Robin gasped and quivered, his hips bucking slightly.

"It's been a long time," Derek said. "Hasn't it?"

"Yes," Robin whispered. It's been months, he thought.

Derek began to tap his finger against Robin's hole, off and on, off and on, pressing harder each time, while his other arm held Robin against him, and Robin felt, against his hips, something very large stirring in the older man's jeans.

"You need me to warm you up for him," Derek said. "We'll leave your new underwear on. This will just be about me loosening you up for your boyfriend. Doing him a favor."

Robin couldn't help bucking his hips harder against Derek's hand, wishing that he could take the underwear off so his cock wouldn't feel so tight. It was straining against the briefs. Even more than that, he wanted Derek to push his finger and then his cock deep into Robin's ass. But I shouldn't want that, he thought. We shouldn't do that.

"This is wrong," he said, and then he gasped as Derek's finger on his hole grew more insistent.

"You won't come," Derek said. "I'll just warm you up, get you nice and ready for your boyfriend. You'll be so in heat, he'll love it. We're doing him a favor."

Robin couldn't think straight. Without meaning to, he whispered, "Yes."

Derek suddenly pulled away from Robin, slapping the boy's ass as he stepped back.

Robin felt stung and suddenly jarred awake. He was still very turned on, but also alert and worried. What am I doing? He turned and watched Derek pull his jeans down along with his briefs, letting loose a hard dick that was as long and thick as any Robin had ever been fucked with. Derek's body was incredibly muscular, but even against the bulging muscles, his dick seemed oversized, with large round balls below it.

Robin thought, Is this really happening? Am I really going to let this happen? Frozen in indecision, he watched Derek pull a bottle of lube and a condom from a shelf. Then the older man noticed Robin staring at him. Grinning, he slapped Robin's ass again.

Robin jumped, irritated but also incredibly turned on. His ass felt bare and cold in the backless briefs, and he realized he needed to put a stop to this.

While Robin tried to figure out what to say, Derek popped open the lube bottle, poured some over his fingers, then reached out and slid them right into Robin's crack. They immediately felt so, so good. Surprising himself, Robin turned back to the wall and pushed his ass back against Derek's hand, helpless with his need for more. I'm like an animal, with no control, he thought as Derek's finger zeroed right in on his hole and began pushing inside. Robin opened his mouth to say, "Stop," but then Derek's finger was in him, and quickly pushing deeper.

Robin gasped and Derek paused, but only for a moment, his finger slowly rotating, steadily building up the pressure. Robin felt like he had to tell Derek to stop, but he didn't want it to stop, and then Derek's finger slipped fully inside him and it was like it belonged there. Robin bent over and felt himself open up to Derek, as the muscular man's finger curled down and found Robin's prostate, creating an incredible pressure that totally took over Robin's body. Involuntarily, he grinded back against Derek's hand, opening his ass to the older man, and he could feel his precum dampening the pouch of his backless underwear, which was holding tight on his hard and painfully curving cock.

Derek grabbed Robin's body with his free hand and felt him up, while pressing his rock-hard cock up and over Robin's quivering ass.

"You're so tight," Derek said. "You sure you want me in there?"

Robin wanted to say no, but he felt like the finger in his ass was pushing a button that forced him to say something else. "Y-yes," Robin gasped.

"You want it?" Derek asked.

"Yes," Robin said, ashamed, whispering, hoping that Derek would just do it.

"Show me," Derek said.

Robin sighed, frustrated, but then his body moved as if on its own. He bucked his hips back, rotating them around Derek's finger deep in him, and then suddenly Derek slipped another finger in, making Robin gasp.

"Good," Derek said, grabbing Robin's upper back and pushing him down, so that his ass was pressed even more fully onto Derek's fingers. He started twisting them around each other as he pushed deeper into Robin, who shuddered from the sensation.

And then Derek slowly pulled his fingers out and Robin opened his eyes, seeing the wall of the storeroom in front of his face, and again he felt unsure. The heavy weight of Derek's dick slid across his butt cheek and then off of him as the older man stepped back, and Robin suddenly felt a little afraid of Derek and his size. What would even happen if I tried to say no?

Robin straightened and looked back to see Derek expertly ripping the condom out of its wrapper and sliding it over his large, rock-hard cock. He rubbed lube on it, and then fully turned towards Robin, grinning. "Time to fill you all the way up," he said.

Robin tried to clear his head, to come up with a plan to end this before it went further, but then Derek grabbed Robin's ass, slipping both hands under the backless briefs, down the side of Robin's cheeks, and using his thumbs to spread Robin wide as his dick slid toward the younger man's hole. Robin gasped from the sensation, suddenly needing Derek's cock to hit its destination. Almost hypnotized, he turned back to the wall, bracing himself with his hands, knowing there was nothing he could do now but wait for Derek to enter him. The lube on the older man's dick was wet and a little cool on the skin between Robin's ass-cheeks, and then he felt the large, round head of Derek's cock pressing against his hole, steadily harder, until it was pushing into him.

Derek slid his hands over Robin's ass, using his thumbs to point his dick down and into Robin. Robin arched his back as the incredibly large dickhead pushed, and pushed hard, and then popped into him. Robin moaned.

Derek stopped and held his cockhead just inside while the younger man shivered around it. Derek lifted one hand up to Robin's neck and tightened the other on Robin's waist, so that he could hold Robin straight as he slowly began sliding the rest of his shaft inside the boy.

Robin felt like he couldn't possibly hold it all as the dick pressed up against the sides of his hole, filling him with warmth and throbbing hardness. Derek's thick, muscular legs brush up against Robin's, and Derek's dick just kept pushing deeper, deeper into Robin, so that he felt he had to cry out in protest, but he didn't. Instead Robin kept breathing and holding it in, until Derek was so deep in him that he was sure no man had ever been so far inside.

"Oh, yes," Derek said, in control but with a heavy voice. "You really needed this. And it feels so good and tight."

Derek was slow at first, sliding in and out, getting Robin used to the sensation. He pulled Robin back by the shoulders, so that his back arched to make his ass perfectly positioned for Derek's driving cock. Then the older, muscular man put both of his large hands on Robin's hips, sliding them under the band of his briefs. The sensation of his warm, tight grip there, and his heavy body pressing against Robin's butt cheeks as Derek's massive dick piled into the boy, was almost too much. Robin opened his eyes, trying to find something to focus on, to anchor his churning mind and body, but all he saw was his hands against the wall of the storeroom, beginning to slip as Derek's fucking grew faster and harder.

With a feeling of unreality, Robin thought, This is really happening.

"You're so fucking tight," Derek said huskily, over the slapping of his hips against Robin's ass-cheeks. "It's making me so hard."

Robin, his insides starting to feel pummeled, slid down the wall, bracing himself on an elbow so he could reach down to clumsily adjust his hard-on in the tight briefs his cock was painfully straining against. He was getting shaken back and forth by Derek's rough pounding, but he finally managed to slip his dickhead out of his briefs' pouch and to the side. He moaned at the release of pressure, but then the tip of his cock started brushing up against Derek's hand on Robin's hip.

Each time Derek slammed his rock-hard dick deep into Robin, it was followed by the warmth of the man's hand brushing against Robin's cockhead, and Robin gasped out, "Wait, wait, I'm going to come!"

Derek kept driving deep into Robin as pressure, like a volcano, built along Robin's shaft, and he could feel the tip of his dick slipping in its precum along Derek's hand as it thrust, thrust, thrust forward with each pounding from the muscular, older man.

"You told me I wouldn't come," Robin whimpered, thinking, But I want to so badly.

He gasped as Derek suddenly pulled out of him. It was shocking and uncomfortable to have that giant dick yanked away.

"You're right, I'm sorry," Derek said as he stepped back. "I forgot this is just a warm-up."

Recovering his breath, Robin turned and was awed by how incredible Derek's body looked, shadows falling across slabs of muscle decorated with swirls of hair, all angled in tight lines down to a pulsing, massive cock pointing out like a missile.

Derek roughly grabbed Robin's crotch, and Robin could feel how wet with precum the underwear was. The older man grinned. "I'll have to give these to you as a free pair." Then he looked Robin up and down leeringly, his expression drunk with lust.

He grabbed the briefs with both hands and yanked them down. Robin thought, You told me you'd leave them on, but instead of protesting he stepped out of them. Derek pulled a stool from the wall and placed it in the center of the storeroom, and then he draped the wet underwear over it. Then he grabbed Robin by the waist, effortlessly picking him up and sitting him on the stool. Before Robin knew what was happening, Derek had grabbed Robin's thighs and was pushing his cock back between Robin's ass cheeks.

Robin rocked back on the stool and arched his ass up to meet Derek's searching cock. Hard and insistent, it found the younger man's hole and pushed inside.

Robin felt shocked all over again at Derek's giant size, sliding in and hitting him in places no man had ever reached. He wrapped his legs around Derek, pulling him farther in.

Derek was faster now, getting quickly up to speed at pounding into Robin, while his muscular body surrounded the boy, large hairy slabs of muscle hanging over Robin, Derek's bulging arms holding him in place as Derek's fucking shook his insides in a way that felt increasingly right, increasingly overwhelming.

Soon all Robin could see and feel and think about was Derek's massive body piling into him, and how his own body opened to meet the man's every thrust in the deepest, best fuck of Robin's life.

Derek grunted, beyond words, and his tight, sweaty abs rubbed across Robin's hard, leaking cock. I'm going to come, Robin wanted to say as the pressure built up, but he couldn't speak; he was too overwhelmed by the weight of Derek's heavy body pressing down against him.

Derek began to grunt with each thrust, sweating harder as he sped up his pace. He's going to come in me, Robin thought, and that put him close, too close. He cried out as the pressure in his cock grew and grew, pushed forward by the pile-driving from Derek's dick, so hard against and through his ass, and then pure, hot joy filled Robin's lower body and cum exploded out of him, bathing both men's stomachs and chests.

Derek straightened up and grinned down at Robin, slowing his thrusting. Robin luxuriated in the lengthening of his orgasm, moaning rhythmically as his cock jerked and more come spurted out, and each time he thought it was over he looked up at Derek's glistening, massive body, still pushing back and forth into him, and another wave of orgasm shot through him and out of his twitching cock.

Derek's eyes narrowed at the sight, and then he gripped Robin's hips tighter and sped up again, pushing Robin's ass hard onto his cock, going as deep as he'd gone yet, so hard it almost hurt. "So. Fucking. Tight," he gasped, and then he let out a low shout and arched his back, and Robin was shocked by how hard and thick the muscular, older man's dick felt inside of him. One last spurt of come slipped out of Robin's cock as Derek's shuddering body unloaded into Robin's ass.

Finally, Derek collapsed over Robin. "I fucking love it," he whispered, and then he began to kiss Robin's face. After a long moment of that, he slowly eased away.

After pulling out, he stripped off his condom and held it up, displaying the big pile of cum inside its tip. He grinned down at Robin. "That was... awesome."

Robin, who felt like he was slowly coming down from a religious experience, said without meaning to, "You're the best top who's ever fucked me."

Derek slapped Robin's ass. "Then go pick out some new pairs of underwear for me to fuck you in, and let's make a night of it. I live right around the corner."

Robin thought, Will Bruce even notice or care? And then he realized that the only thing he cared about was getting Derek back inside him.

Late, late that night in Derek's bed, after Robin had tried on everything from too-small briefs that didn't fully cover his crack to a tight yellow jock strap with "slutty bottom" written on the waistband, the muscular, older man was sliding his massive dick deep into Robin for the fourth fuck, and Robin was so glad he'd given in, again and again and again.


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