My lift pulled into a small truck stop. "This is as far as I can take you boy you need to get a lift off someone going in your direction." I jumped out the truck and headed around the corner of a small service building close to where some cars and trucks were parked, I needed to get something to eat and drink.

I sat at a table where I could observe people and decide which I would ask for a lift. I was looking for a single guy trucker if possible. Most of my lifts so far had been lone truckers.

I'm 5'6" (168cm) 130lbs (59kg) 18 years old and a male whore, live for sex. Looking for lone drivers.

My eyes snapped open when I noticed a guy sitting by himself, he sat apart from the truckers. He looked like a red neck cowboy the way he dressed with his cowboy hat resting on the table.

He was a handsome looking guy, about 35-40ish. Stubble covered his rugged face, he had broad shoulders, long unkempt black hair that kept falling over his green eyes. He wore a blue open neck shirt exposing part of his hairy chest, long sleeves rolled up to his elbows revealing his black hairy covered forearms. His shirt was tight fitting showing off the contours of his biceps and his muscular shoulders; well formed pecs and sexually protruding nipples. My dick was semi hard just looking at him. I kept stealing a look at him always feeling nervous that he would catch me looking.

Some more truckers came in laughing and joking; one of them accidentally caught the elbow of the cowboy. The cowboy was soon up on his feet. Wow he was a tall guy well over 6' and about 250 lbs. He towered over the trucker as he looked down at him with glaring eyes. "S-or-ry....sorry man! I apologize, I do any damage," asked the trucker. "Nah be more careful in future," replied the cowboy. When he was standing I had more time to check him out he had a massive bulge between his legs.

As he sat down he glanced over towards me. Did I detect a smile in his eyes? I must have looked scared at the prospects of a fight breaking out.

Some truckers were on the move, time for me to try and get a lift. I asked if anyone was going to Dallas, no one was going in that direction. It was starting to get dark, hope of getting a lift fading. I was standing there still hoping to get a lift and do some sex when I heard someone behind me say. "Where you making for pretty boy?" I turned in the direction the voice came from to see the cowboy step out from the shadows, he then leaned back on the wall looking me up and down. "Dallas," I said. "Boy you have some distance to go." "I know sir," I said.

"I don't live far from here and I got space in my bed and I need company", he said. Was he serious or was he playing with me? I was both excited but nervous at the same time. I had that adrenaline high I get when I think a guy is interested in me. "A pretty boy like you cadging lifts off truckers must be gay. I know you were checking me out back there," he said. "That's my jeep over there its not locked, I'll be leaving in 5 minutes after I've been to the washroom," he said.

It was a Cherokee with tinted windows, I went and sat in it and waited for him. I sat there fantasizing about him; while I rubbed my semi hard dick through my shorts, thinking of all the raunchy stuff I'd love him to do to me. I just couldn't help thinking about that bulge in the crotch of his worn denims. He sure could be packing a lot of meat down there. I could see him walking towards the Jeep he was all cowboy, hat, leather jacket, denim jeans and cowboy boots.

He climbed into the jeep, turned his head and smiled at me. He ran his hand over my naked thighs, sending an intense feeling through the whole of my body and making my legs tremble. "Mmmmmm nice smooth legs," he said as he moved his hand higher under my shorts, his hand stroked over my now hard dick making me jump. "You sure is pretty and horny, bet you get a lot of guys telling you that. They use you as a dirty whore boy? I like fucking whores" he said. He sure had the touch, making me feel horny and submissive.

He drove away from the truck stop onto the highway. He asked me how long I had been hitchhiking I told him 5 days. "You been fucked plenty of times on the way by truckers uh?" Yeah I said. "I ain't fucked anything for 6 weeks, I need a well creamed wet warm hole to fuck. When you last get fucked?" he asked. "Couple of hours ago," I replied. "That hairy trucker that dropped you off, you full of his juice?" "Yeah he fuck me a few times," I replied.

"So your ass been well fucked over the past few days, you into dirty stuff?" "Anything you want man," I said. I saw his eyes light up, the dirty talk was making him excited. He took my hand and placed it on his hard dick. "Wow man you have an enormous cock," I said. He laughed, "bigger than any trucker you had in the past few days? He asked". "Could be" I replied. He was big.

"Fuck we gotta way to go yet, I'm feeling so fucking horny, I need to park somewhere, I wanna fuck your face boy, see if you can take me deep." He knew the area well it didn't take him long to find an isolated spot to park.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper arched his ass up and tugged his pants and briefs down to his ankles. "Get between my legs boy." I knelt between his legs. He got his cellphone out to film me sucking on his massive dick. When he turned it on it illuminated the interior of the jeep. Suddenly I could see his immense dick. "Wow!" was all I could say. As I gazed at his rigid length of hard steel.

I grabbed it only to realize I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. it was so thick. I wrapped my lips around the huge mushroom head of his erect penis, stretching my lips to the limit to get that immense mushroom head in my mouth. I cupped his big hairy balls in my hand

I pulled my mouth away to have another look. Then I lowered my tongue to his balls, licking them, slowly dragging my tongue up the length of his shaft to the tip. Then running my tongue along the underside of his rigid muscle. It was a good 8" plus. Yeah it was bigger than any trucker was so far.

I was hungry to take his dick all the way to the hilt. I snaked his thick shaft inch by inch down my throat, working my slippery tongue all over the thick inches between my lips.

I pulled away to inhale and look up at him, I could see the lustful glare in his eyes as he looked down at me.

He grabbed my hair at the back of my head and force-fed me his cock. I liked his aggressive style. What you would expect from a cowboy out in the wild, I want him to be rough and horny. As I ate his cock I reached under his balls and penetrated his asshole with my finger, he did not object as I massaged his prostate. I could hear him moaning in delight. Looking up, I could see his face grimacing in pleasure

He was breathing faster and faster as he gripped firmly on to the back of my neck and pressed me hard down on his dick making me gag. I sensed his body below me rising to my mouth. My saliva was pouring down the shaft of his dick. I was taking the whole of his dick down my throat. I took my time with him, savoring every inch of that oversized dick. I had 2 fingers up his ass massaging his prostate making him howl. I knew he could not take it much longer. The base of his cock started throbbing signaling to me that he was not far away from squirting.

Pulling back, I wrapped my free hand as far as I could around his hard shaft, thinking I'd bring him to the brink by massaging him with my hand too. A moment later spurt after spurt of milky sperm juice began erupting from his raging massive penis. He was moaning out loud and his body was contorting. His dick kept throbbing and throbbing as the juice kept spurting into my mouth. I could not swallow it quick enough. It was spilling down over my shirt, some spilled down my chin then onto his thighs. This cowboy delivered a very heavy load of sperm juice, thick and creamy. His dick kept throbbing as more and more juice kept spurting out his pee slit. I kept sucking on it until I was sure I had every last drop drained out his balls.

My shirt, shorts, face and hair were covered in his juice. I was still feeling horny my cock was hard and aching and sticking straight up, when he saw it he sniggered then reached down and grabbed it making me shudder and shake. "Let me take care of that for ya," he said as he slowly jacked me off. I shot my load into the palm of his hand; he then reached inside my shirt and wiped his hand over my naked chest.

"Ok boy get out the jeep and get on your knees." I got out the jeep and got on my knees. He got out with his pants and briefs still round his ankles. He still had his cellphone on filming all the action. He was holding his big semi hard dick in his hand. "Lick ya fingers that you had up my ass boy," he said. When I had licked my fingers a strong jet of piss hit my face, his piss was dripping down off my face onto my shirt and shorts. The coolness of the evening caused the hot piss to give off vapors of steam.. When he got control of his piss he told me to open my mouth. He pissed straight into my mouth, each time my mouth was full he told me to swallow. I swallowed several mouthfuls until he had emptied his bladder. "I want you smelling good when I fuck you later," he said.

We got back in the jeep and we finished the journey back to his place. Once we were inside his place he took me to his bedroom. We started to kiss and cuddle as he slowly stripped off my clothes, which were drenched in his piss and cum juice. It had soaked through to my body soaking my skin. "Mmmm you smell good," he said as he bit and sucked my nipples.

He then stripped off his clothes revealing his muscle toned body. Then he flipped me over onto all fours hunched down over the small of my back with his thick long dick oozing precum rubbing up and down between my shoulder blades, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, with the other hand he slapped my buttocks.

I felt his hard dick rubbing along my spine down towards my ass crack until it dropped down into the crack. Then it was at my asshole. I arched my ass up and my back down ready to take his big dick. "Fuck your dripping juice out ya ass and I've not fucked you yet," he said. I was so excited I could not hold it in any longer, It was the juice from the fucking I had taken from the truckers I got lifts from. "I always wanted to fuck a queer whore full of other guys sperm juice," he said.

He took hold of my hips with his big hands, I howled out loud as he stretched my anus with his thick mushroom head. "You can make as much noise as you feel you have to, no one can hear you," he said. Even though my hole had been well used his mushroom head caused me to feel pain. He slowly worked his cock inch by thick inch into me, until every inch of his thick shaft was buried in my ass, his big balls slapping against my buttocks.

As it slid in sperm juice gushed out my hole making him more and more excited, as truckers juice dripped off his balls. He took his time riding me long and gentle, until the mood took him to fuck me more vigorously. When he thrust into me I pushed back to meet every one of his thrusts. I could feel his hairy chest rubbing on my back. His hard nipples sliding along my piss and cum soaked back. He held me tighter as he thrust harder into me making me scream out. "I like it when you scream out you fucking whore," he said. He had one arm around my neck and the other around my waist, thrusting into me and holding several times until his body convulsed. I could feel his dick squirting powerful jets of warm sperm juice deep into my gut. He kept thrusting making sure his sperm went deep into me.

He lay on me resting until he was ready to do something else with me. He eventually rolled off me and got down on his elbows and knees and raised his ass up. "Lick my hole boy I wanna feel your tongue deep in my ass," he commanded. I got down on my knees behind him and spread apart his smooth, muscular buttocks exposing his tight anus. I licked around his hole then using the tip of my tongue I attempted to penetrate his hole. Gradually he relaxed and my tongue dug deep as he moaned and eagerly pushed his ass back against my probing tongue. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he pressed it hard trying to force my tongue deeper. "Come on boy get that tongue deeper," he said.

My tongue went in deeper till I could not get it any deeper. I licked the inside of his hole making him moan even more. I could see his dick getting hard. I reached down and caressed his dick and balls. "That's to fuck you later boy. "I'm gonna keep you for a few days, I sure do like fucking a dirty whore like you," I'm all for that I was thinking ;=).

He kept me for a few days using me to live out his fantasies, filming it all on his cellphone.



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