Jett Picks Up Where the Story Left Off in Part 3

When Jorge caught Sergeant Levi pounding my ass and shooting his load deep inside me, Jorge grabbed Levi, threw him on the floor and jumped on top of him and began to hit him as they fought. I thought they were going to kill each other as I begged them to stop. They ignored me. Jorge's iPhone fell out of his pocket as they fought; I picked it up, and oh shit, there on the phone were photos of Jorge fucking a big hot rugby player. 

I yelled: "Jorge stop hitting Levi. I'm not the only one that has been cheating in our relationship. Look at these photos on your iPhone. You're fucking the hell out of that rugby jock's ass and who is that third dude?"

Jorge rolled off Levi and stared at me with a look of horror on his face. "Hey Jett, those are photos of my fucking one of my teammates before we became lovers."

"Jorge, you fucking bitch and liar. Look closely at the photo and you are wearing that expensive watch that I gave you last week at our joint birthday party. You're a fucking liar and are as much of a slut as me. Admit it to me now."

As Levi got off the floor and came up on the bed setting next to me, grabbed my cock and began to jack me off with a huge smile on his face knowing that Jorge had just been caught as he said: "Well Jorge, you not only got caught cheating with that rugby player but you lied about it. What do you have to say for yourself now?"

Jorge dropped his head, looked very dejected, took a long pause, stared at us and then with a sheeplish look said: "Oh Jett, I'm a damn liar and no good whore. I'm so sorry. In those photos, rugby Coach Leo and I are taking turns fucking my teammate Johnny that you met at our birthday party last week. Well, I confess I can't resist hot redheads like Johnny and Coach Leo. A redhead is very light skinned with hardly any body hair and their red pubic hair smells so different from blonde or dark haired pubic hair. The smell is awesome. I get the most incredible cum shot & orgasm fucking a redhead's white hairless pink ass."

I began to feel sorry for Jorge and realized that I had no room to complain as just a few minutes before I'd got caught having an awesome orgasm while getting fucked by Levi.

As tears welled up in my eyes and I looked into Jorge's sexy watering blue eyes, I said: "Jorge, I'm so sorry. How can I be mad at you, as I too have not been loyal? I cannot resist Levi or you. Although you two look very different, a blonde and a dark haired guy, you both are incredible fuckers that send me into almost a catatonic state of erotic bless. I now know I could never say no to either of you, as your mind blowing hard cocks drill my ass."

Joreg's face showed relief and a big smile as he got up and sat down on the bed on the other side of me from Levi. Jorge gave me a big bear hug. As Levi continued to jerk my stone hard growing cock, he said: "Hey Jorge, you know we three are great buddies and we love gay sex. It's OK if we are sluts. Why don't you start rimming Jett's hot ass while I began to suck his big cock? We both know what a fantastic fuck he is and how he uses those ass muscles to milk our cocks dry."

We were then three horny dudes. I laid down on the bed on my back; spread my sweaty legs far apart exposing my puckering eager ass for a cock; and got ready to to be dominated by my two favorite fuck buddies. Jorge got between my legs. He put a pillow under my ass, drove his sexy face deep into my crotch and began to use his thick tongue to fuck my ass. At the same time, Levi was on my left side as he took my throbbing blood filled hard cock deep in his throat. For the next ten minutes, my entire body shivered as Levi gave me an awesome blowjob and Jorge ate my pussy.

I felt Jorge's warm tongue and lips suck my ass and at times he sucked on my balls while I felt Levi's hot mouth use my cock as if it was a popsicle on a hot day. As I spewed lots of pre-cum, Levi gathered up my pe-cum and swallowed it. He used his tongue to massage my ccok shaft that made my toes curl with pleasure. Holy shit, Jorge sucked so hard on my ass that he managed to make me light headed. He began to use two fingers to invade my ass and he began to massage my wet prostate. I felt warm air blowing hard on my pubic hair as he used his nose to sniff my ass odors. The feel of my fuck buddies lips, tongues and hot breath on my ass and cock put me over the edge as I erupted with a huge load of white thick semen deep in Levi's throat. Shit, Levi held my warm thick ropey cum in his mouth, pulled Jorge's face off my ass and spit the huge load of my cum down Jorge's throat. They kissed as some of the cum ran down their chins.

I was still hungry for their big cocks inside me. I guess they sensed my desire when Jorge said: "Hey Levi Baby, I've got a great idea. Why don't we do a double penetration of the best man pussy to ever take a cock up that chute. Jett has the champion cock to milk a cock dry. Lets let him milk our pulsating cocks now. Lets give him our fresh meat."

"Yea, Jorge that sounds great. Lets drill that ass at the same time with two big cocks. Can he take both of them in his worn ass, the fucker he is?"

I was as nervous as a cat with its tail under a rocking chair as I had never experienced two cocks at the same time in my experienced ass. While I lay on my back, they lifted my legs up on my chest, lubed my ass and lubed their stiff cocks.I soon felt Jorge's big familiar cock pop open my ass as he thrust his tool all the way in my pussy. He began to fuck me hard. I braced myself for what was coming next as Levi got behind Jorge' naked body. Soon I felt Levi's cock go inside me just under Jorge's hot cock that already was stuffed with a monstrous dick.  At first, the pain was severe. My ass felt like two huge iron pipes had invaded me. I felt both cock heads hit deep in my ass channel. The lube and their spewing pre-cum had so lubricated my ass that their cocks moved with ease and speed up and down my ass channel.

As I yelled in both pain and pleasure, the studs began to get into a smooth rhythm as their cocks came almost all the way out and then back deep in my ass. Soon they sped up as they fucked my pussy harder and harder. We all were breathing rapidly, moaning and grunting like three wild uncivilized mountain men. We had become like wild beasts in heat. 

I realized lust had consumed them when Levi managed to whisper: "OMG, Holy Fuck Jorge, my cock rubbing hard against your hard cock has me getting really horny and ready to come. The hot feeling of our two cocks entangled and the best ass muscles ever beginning to squeeze our dicks is the ultimate ecstasy. I'm going to come."

That dirty talk and my ass muscles squeezing hard on those stone hard cocks set them off. I felt both cocks swell more and push my ass walls outward followed by a torrid of thick ropey cum that lined my ass walls. The feel of all that warm cum on their cocks caused them to keep their cocks in my ass for several minutes even after they were spent. Levi pulled out first followed by Jorge's still semi-hard dick that caused a flood of their huge cum load to pour out of my ass and onto the bed sheets. The smell of cum and body sweat were totally intoxicating for us.

After we showered and had a pizza, Jorge had an irresistible proposition: "Hey guys, since we are back to cruising for cock and ass as sluts, let me tell you more about my rugby buddy Johnny and Coach Leo. They are both redheads that are testosterone driven beefcakes that I promise can give you cataclysmic orgasms. Jett, Johnny that you met at our birthday party, is a 20-year-old ripped 6-foot; 160 pound stud; with a huge 9-inch big shaft smooth white cock; and the most clean, pale white, hairless, pink, big ass lips and powerful sucking ass muscles you will ever see. He is a true bottom just like you Jett. Coach Leo is a hot 35-year-old one heck of a perfect specimen as a former jock and now hot coach. He is over six-feet and 3-inches tall; weighs a solid muscled rugged 195 pounds; smooth hairless body with the most gorgeous fuzzy red pubic hair that smells like a man should smell. He has a monstrous 11-inch cock with a beer sized cock shaft. The Coach is a total top and knows how to use that cock on a man's pussy that is so awesome he can make his bitch come without ever touching his cock while the Coach fucks the hell out of that ass with a gusher of cum similar to the Yellow Stone national Park Old Faithful erupting."

"I've got a fucking great idea," said Levi. "How about Jett and I dropping by the gym tomorrow after rugby practice and maybe we can get lucky? Word around campus is that some "hanky panky" goes on after practice in the locker room with the rugby players and Coach Leo."

Jorge responded: "Shit yea, Levi that is a great idea. I know at least Coach Leo and Johnny would be up for at least a fiveway orgy. Jett, you know that all ten of us rugby players that were at the birthday party love to suck cock, fuck ass and eat ass. I have to tell you that among we ten rugby players and Coach Leo and including Levi that there are only two bottoms----Jett and Johnny. Jett do you think you and Johnny could service all those 11 cocks at one session? Also you would be sworn to a huge secret. Coach Leo is bi-sexual and is married to a woman and has three children. He sure loves using that big dick to fuck a man pussy that he even prefers over his wife's pussy. If his wife found out he was a fucking fag, there would be hell to pay. Can you agree to all that?"

"Hell yea Jorge, I'm so excited to think about getting fucked by all those hot jocks big cocks and I will never tell on the Coach and would love for him to fuck my man pussy," responded Jett.

Then Jorge assured Jett: "Hell yea Jett, that is so exciting and you should know that Johnny would be eager to join you in this orgy. I've been present when that slut has taken cocks up his ass for hours. He is a pure slut, bitch and whore. He is like you in that he knows how to use his ass muscles to milk cock after cock dry. I've seen him milk some of the guys cocks dry twice in one evening. You two will make a great  team."

Part 5 and the final chapter will describe the orgy in the locker room


Naughty Eric


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