This is my first story, there may be spelling errors, if there are, my bad... Hope you like it!

It was the first day of band camp. After a long introduction day everyone was eager to get back to their rooms and relax. Each room had 2 beds and 2 occupants. Some rooms were air-conditioned and those were reserved for the college seniors, instructors, etc. Unfortunately everyone else was forced into the hot and stuffy rooms.

Upon entering one of the hot rooms, Zach, a junior, was already complaining. The window he had opened earlier that day clearly had not helped the situation. His roommate, Matt, a sophomore, was following right behind. He also exclaimed that the room was hot. The 2 sat on there beds and took a few deep breaths as they slowly adjusted to the temperature.

'God, I think they're trying to kill us', said Zach.

'Perhaps. I doubt any sane person would make people live in these conditions,' said Matt, after which they began to laugh a little. 'I think they'll be wanting us to go to bed soon. I remember last year how strict they were with our schedule.'

'Yeah, probably.' said Zach.

Within a few seconds of his agreement, Matt's prediction became truth. They both looked up as they heard the trumpet sound meaning it was time to go to bed.

'I told you', said Matt.

'Wow, only a sophomore and you have this whole schedule thing figured out better then I do.' After saying this, Zach got up and closed the door. He left the lights on, however. Before moving back to his bed he took of his clothes, all except his underwear. 'This is much better!'

'Really?' Matt said, 'Well, far be it from me to argue with that.' He then got off his bed and started removing his clothes.

Zach watched while Matt did this. He never realized how handsome Matt was before. Comparatively Zach was a little less defined muscularly. But he was just gorgeous to behold. Zach had a smooth stomach, there weren't visible ab muscles but there wasn't noticeably bulging fat. He did have tight pecks with gorgeous and sensitive nipples. He wasn't very hairy, a small blonde patch on his chest and a darker patch around his belly button leading to his pubes. His neck looked very strong and it held his beautiful head so elegantly. A chiseled jaw and cheekbones to match. The purist blue eyes and a cute nose. He had blonde hair and a little stubble because he hadn't shaved in a while. His legs were strong and anyone who saw them knew he was definitely in track. It was hard to believe someone like this would want to be in band.

Matt, as said before, did have more muscle, and he definitely had it in all the right places. As Zach watched Matt's abs ripple as he removed his shirt he became a little light headed. Matt's biceps, pecks, abs, everything, simply brilliant. Even Matt's hair, as it ruffled from the shirt being pulled over it, made Zach weak. Then, when Matt started taking off his pants, Zach's jaw literally dropped. Matt was wearing a pair of very tight briefs showing a huge bulge. He tried to look away, noticing Matt's muscular legs as he did so, but he was drawn right back to his crotch.

Matt looked up and saw Zach gawking and said, 'Like what you see?'

Zach, obviously startled, said 'hm? Sorry, I just had a... a thought and started staring off. I do that from time to time.'

'A thought, huh? Ok.' Matt said inquisitively.

'So, what do you want to do?' said Zach.

'I don't know. There's not much to do.' as Matt said this he looked up with a screwed up face, obviously trying to think. After a moment he grasped a thought and said, 'We could play chicken!'

'Chicken? How? We can't be loud or we'll get yelled at.'

'Not the kind you're thinking of. I remember, in High school, wrestlers used to play 'sexy chicken' on the bus. They put their hands on each other's knees and would ask each other 'Chicken?' and if they weren't they'd move their hand up and they'd keep going back and forth until they touched each others crotches. No one ever finished though.'

'Ok... Sure, why not.' Said Zach, trying not to sound too eager. Over the past year Zach had had feelings for Matt. He was always afraid to admit it. No one knows he's gay. He keeps very closeted. But he always tries to find way to seduce people into sexual situations. They usually worked, but they never went to far. Something always went wrong. Perhaps this time, he thought, things will become more interesting.

'Ok, lets get started!' said Matt as he sat down on his bed. He then patted a spot next to him signaling Zach to sit there. They placed their hands on each others knee's and Matt said, 'I'll go first. Chicken?'

With a slight falter in his voice, from nerves, Zach said 'No' and move his had up a little ways. Then he echoed 'Chicken?' back at Matt.

Matt said 'No' and moved his had up Zach's. He then gave a light squeeze and said, 'Oh man, your legs feel fuckin' strong!'

'Thanks' said Zach as he began to blush a little.

The game continued and they were both about three fourths up each others leg when Zach noticed that Matt was a getting a little excited. 'Looks like someone is enjoying this game' Zach said gesturing towards Matt's growing bulge.

'I could say the same for you' Matt said noticing Zach was getting excited also. 'Carefully, you could poke an eye out with that thing.'

'Doubtful,' Zach said, looking down at himself.

Zach's penis was about 6 in. long at full length, nothing to impressive. However it was rather thick which compensated for it's shortness. Matt's penis, however, was about 8in. an also rather thick. He was rather promiscuous in the sexual department, doing it with anyone who would, could, take him. He was very experienced with both sex's.

'Come on Zach, don't be hard on yourself. It looks very nice from what I can see through your underwear.'

'Well, yours is much bigger. Anyone would love to have a cock like that.'

'Perhaps, but lots of people would be happy with yours also. So, are we going to get on with this game or...'

Just then his words were cut off by a knocking on their door. 'Come on guys, time for bed.'

'Ay ay, Captain!' yelled Matt.

Then all was quiet again as the knocker left.

'Who do you suppose that was?' asked Zach

'I think that was the drum line instructor. He's always put on guard duty. Making sure everyone follows the rules'

'Sounds fun... I'd better get the light before he comes back,' said Zach.

So he got up and turned of the lights and carefully made his way back to his bed, and lay down. Meanwhile Matt sat on the edge of his bed and looked at Zach.



'So, out of all the years I've known you, not once have you brought up your sex life.'

Zach, startled, replied 'What? My sex life?'

'Well, yeah. Your always really elusive whenever we start talking about sex. You try and find ways to start a new conversation. Is there something your not telling me?'

Zach, getting a little nervous, said 'Well, I don't know. There's not much to talk about.'

'Come on, there has to be something,' replied Matt, inquisitively.

'Nope nothing.'

'Oh my god. You haven't ever had sex, have you?'

Zach, shocked by his friend saying this and shocked by how he found out so fast lost all thought processes.

'Come on, Zach. You can tell me. I'm your friend. Have you ever had sex?'

Still lost for words, Zach managed to mumble 'mh-m'


'I, um... I haven't had sex before.' Still very nervous, having admitted this to Matt made him feel a little closer to him somehow. Feeling a little more comfortable with himself, he said, 'Not that I haven't tried. I don't really know what I want.'

Matt managed to make out what he said. Zach was still slightly mumbling, but, just incase Zach tried to talk more, Matt decided to go down and kneel on the floor by Zach's bed.

'Well, you should try harder. Sex is the best, it's just amazing,' said Matt who, afterwards had a flashback to a previous sexual experience.

'Believe Matt, I, like all other guys, want to have sex, but, when your me, it's hard to find.'

'Hard to find, what are you talking about, there are girls everywhere.'

'Well, yeah, there are girls everywhere. But there's just... just...' Zach sighed. 'Matt there's something I think you should know.' Zach said this, still laying on his back, eye's beginning to sting with tears as they glistened in the moon light.

'What is it?' Matt asked.

'Um, for a long time I've had these, these feelings. I didn't know what they were or how to express them, but... but...' Zach was at a loss for words. His emotions were getting high as he tried to talk to Matt.

Matt, who was sitting there, watching Zach, knew, somehow, what Zach was going to say. And, instead of letting Zach finish, he reached over an whipped a tear from Zach's cheek with his thumb. Then he grabbed Zach's chin with the same hand, leaned in, paused for a moment to look into Zach's watery eyes, and gently gave Zach an opened mouthed kiss. He held there, only for a moment then pulled back an looked into Zach's eyes again.

'I think I figured out your problem' Matt said, quietly, but not whispering.

'But, how?'

Zach was quieted by another kissed from Matt. This time it lasted longer and had more feeling to it. Matt let up an said 'Don't worry, it's ok. Just trust me to take care of all your problems.'

After saying this Matt nudged Zach a little and Zach instinctively moved over giving Matt room to lay on the bed. Their two sweaty bodies glistened in the moon light. Zach licked his lips and Matt moved in on the again. This time his tongue started poking through. He licked around Zach's mouth and he tasted fantastic. Zach, getting the hint, started making out with Matt too. Matt sucked on Zack's tongue and Zach let out a little whine of pleasure. Matt put his string arms around Zach, and Zach did the same to Matt. The squeezed each other together, there sweat and spit mingling. As the held each their nipples touched and sent shocks through both of them. There cocks were both hard and thouching through their underwear damp with sweat and pre-cum. There muscle flexing and relaxing as they loosened and tightened heir grip on each other. The both felt great.

Then, Matt stopped kissing Zach's mouth and made his way to his ear lobe. He nibbled on it a little and Zach let out many small moans. He then kissed down to Zach's neck and began licking it, smelling it, taking in Zack's beautiful musky taste and smell. He the kissed and bit it being careful not to leave a hickey. Matt then moved down Zach's great chest an licked and kissed every inch of it. Then took Zach's right nipple into his wanting mouth and began sucking and nibbling. This was driving Zach crazy. He moaned and arched his back and writhing like crazy under Matt. Matt moved to Zach's other nipple which still drove Zach mad. He then licked from that nipple down to Zach's belly button and made out with it, just for a bit. He licked and used his tongues great strong to lick hard down Zach's treasure trail to his underwear. He rub his face over Zach's bulge and licked and nibbled the hardness through Zach's underwear. Zach was moaning even louder and writhing more. Matt knew that sine it was Zach's first time he wouldn't last very long. With that thought in mind he removed Zach's underwear. Like Zach said, it wasn't very big, but it sure was beautiful. It glistened with sweat and pre-cum an looked very tasty. Matt didn't go straight for Zach's cock though. He was careful not to touch it and blew his hot breath onto Zach's balls. Zach let out a loud moan, he was truly lost to ecstasy. Matt stuck his tongue out and began to lightly lick Zach's balls. They felt so good, hairless, surprisingly, and heavy with Zach's cum. He then decided that Zach would probably explode if he didn't relieve him soon, the way he was shuddering and shaking. Matt licked up, lightly flicking the shaft of Zach's cock with his tongue, he reached the top and licked all the pre-cum off. He then opened his mouth slightly and placed it on Zach's head and deliberately moved a slow as possible down Zach's shaft.

As he did this, Zach let out a long 'Yeeeeeesssss!' until Matt reached the base.

'Matt, this feels so fucking good! Please keeping going!'

Matt did as he was told. He began sucking and licking Zach's cock. Zach's head flew wild and his moans grew louder as his breathing grew deeper. Zach put his hands on Matt's hea and held it in place as he began face fucking him. His thrust were fast and Matt had no trouble taking his length all the way down to the base of Zach's cock.

'Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum!!!' yelled Zach.

And, sure enough, with three more thrust Zach's cock began to spirt come into Matt's mouth. Matt gladly excepted it as it kept flowing. It took Zach about five spirts to finish an Matt's mouth was completely full with the cum and Zach's cock both inside.

Matt let cum sit in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. He loved the taste of it. Zach's was a lot sweeter then he was used too. As he swallowed Zach moaned a little because his cock was still in Matt's mouth. It took Matt three swallows to get all the cum down.

He then crawled up by Zach, who was exhausted, and kissed him passionately, allowing Zach to taste his own cum. Their tongues thrashed around in each others mouths and they went backing to their hugging position again and remained like this for a very long while.

'This is going to be an awesome band camp' Both Matt and Zach thought has they held eah other in their arms..

To be continued...



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