Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was standing near the third base coaching box, talking with Bill, the coach-manager of our winning Army baseball team, during practice. I heard the loud smack of a bat, turned to see the play, saw the ball, hit foul, bounce in the dirt several yards in front of me, and, before I had any time to react, watched it hit me – in the groin. It knocked the wind out of me and I fell over backwards into the dirt.

The next thing I knew, Bill was kneeling over me looking very concerned and upset. He had grabbed onto my waistband and belt, and was pulling, raising and lowering my hips, "to relieve the pain," he later explained. I was much more surprised that I'd been knocked down than I was hurt. Oh, it was painful all right, don't get me wrong, but you know how a teenager tries to preserve his dignity, which is pretty hard to do when you're lying on your back in the dirt with someone pulling at you.

Everyone thought I'd been hit right in the balls. It sure looked like that to them. In reality, the ball had hit the upper edge of the protective cup I was wearing. I knew immediately that my balls were okay. No one else knew that, though.

Very quickly the whole team had encircled Bill and me. Everyone was talking at once, with Tom, the batter, almost in tears while apologizing for hitting the ball at me, and Stuart, the pitcher, trying to take some of the blame, himself. Mel, another pitcher, who'd been covering third base during the practice, was trying to apologize for not intercepting the ball before it hit me. And the others also expressing their concern verbally. The one overwhelming thing that came out of this cacophony, and came across loudest and clearest, was that they all wanted to know how my balls were.

When you see a fellow get hit in the balls, you understand immediately how painful it must be. Ballplayers, baseball or softball, know how damaging a well-hit ball can be to a pair of unprotected testicles. At its worst, it can mean the end of your sex life. It's too gruesome to contemplate. And we all remembered how often we didn't bother to put on a protective cup because, well, "It's just practice; it's not a real game."

But, as I said, I knew my balls were fine.

"Jesus, Jack," Bill whispered, "feel your balls. See if they're all right. They must be crushed, man." He pulled my pants harder, widening the gap at the waist, even raising my ass off the ground. He wanted me to slide my hand into my pants and feel my balls. He looked like he was ready to do it for me if I wouldn't do it myself. I found it sort of arousing.

Doing as he asked, I slipped my hand down into my pants and felt around. The area at and above the upper lip of the cup was sore. I felt I was lucky the impact of the ball had been lessened by its contact first with the ground before it struck me. At nineteen, my abs were in such terrific shape that the blow would cause no real damage. I knew that. I felt around, anyway, just to be sure, while also satisfying everyone's desire to be reassured that my balls were intact. The cup had done its job. Neither my cock nor my balls had been affected in any way by the blow.

"My cup's in place," I told Bill huskily.

"He's wearing a cup!" someone shouted. "Thank God!" a couple guys said in unison. Everyone's relief was clear.

"Think you can get up, Jack, or should we carry you into my office?" Bill asked, concern still written all over his face despite my assurances. He was a staff sergeant, a couple years order than me. He had always seemed very aloof and distant, except when chewing us out. Even the suggestion of going into his office was a surprise because, to the best of my recollection, no one had ever been allowed to enter that office. It was strictly off-limits.

"No. I think I can get up. Nothing's broke, Sarge." I told him.

"Well, let's make sure," he said in an officious way that allowed for no argument. "We'd better check you over, completely, and be certain everything's okay. Com'on." With that, he used his grip on my pants to help me to my feet. I felt a little wobbly so he grabbed my wrist, slipped his head under my arm, and supported me as we walked away from the now silent crowd. Everyone was stunned that Bill was actually escorting someone into his office.

Now, I was in the right place at the right time! I was lying on a large massage table in front of a floor-length, ten-foot-wide mirror in Bill's large office, which was equipped more like an exercise room, or a big playroom, than an office, although I did spot a desk over in one corner. There was a big-screen TV with a VCR; a pool-table; a Ping-Pong table; a couple of pin-ball machines; some weight-lifting gear; and a large whirlpool-bath in a large, open, tile-lined shower area in one corner of the room, which made it clear, finally, why I'd never seen Bill in the showers with us.

"Now, lie still and just relax, Jack," Bill said putting a damp, cool washcloth over my forehead and eyes. "The best thing you can do now is rest. I'll just get you out of these..." His voice trailed off as he began undressing me. It felt strange having this distant, but handsome, man removing my clothes.

He took off my shoes and socks, first. Then he unbuttoned my shirt. I thought I'd have to sit up to help him, but he stood at the head of the table and leaned over to grab my T-shirt and uniform shirt at my waist and pulled them up and over my head as I just sort of raised my arms and lifted my upper body slightly to help. The washcloth came off with the clothes, and I saw that the sergeant had taken his shirt off, too. He had a strong, muscular upper body with interesting patches of body hair in all the right places. Without saying anything, he replaced the washcloth over my eyes. It occurred to me that maybe he didn't want me to see exactly what he was up to. That thought triggered erotic reactions in my groin. Then, he unbuckled my belt and opened my pants and removed them, as I raised my hips to help. A long moment passed. I wondered, idly, if he had removed his own pants, too. And I began to wonder what he was doing.

"Geez," he hissed slowly, "you really have a terrific body."

"Thanks, Sarge," I said offhandedly, feeling self-conscious.

"No, no. I mean you really do have a terrific body. I didn't notice before. You are much better developed than I had imagined. Somehow your clothes disguise your naturally muscular frame. Now, let's get rid of this..." and I felt his hands grab the waistband of my jockstrap.

It was an especially memorable moment for me. When being uncovered, for whatever reason, I like my dick to look good and my cockhair to be fluffed up and presentable. With my eyes covered and my arms at my sides, I didn't know what I should do about it, exactly, so I did nothing.

The jock and cup were removed, again with my raised-hip help. I was naked, except for the washcloth over my eyes.

"Wheezzzu!" he whistled through his teeth emotionally. "You look great!" He put a warm hand on my stomach, palm over my navel, and began to slide the hand over my flesh, lightly, in slowly descending circles. His touch was very gentle yet very exciting. The hair from my navel to my bush tingled at the touch. When his hand reached the area reddened by the upper lip of the cup, he paused, pressing slightly.

"Does this hurt, Jack?" he asked quietly, his voice coming from so near my crotch that I imagined he was leaning down, very close to my body, to study the area carefully, and I thought I could even feel his breath on my body. I found that thought to be very arousing, too, and, suddenly, I realized that I had to fight for control or I'd poke a boner right into his ear.

"Umm... er... It feels..." I said hesitantly, "...sore. But it's not too bad. I think I'll be okay..." I stopped, as his hand continued downwards slowly, lightly, skimming through my pubic hair and then touching the base of my cock, which was flopped over onto my thigh. My cock twitched perceptibly, continuing to fill out despite my efforts to control it. The hand slid over the fleshy tube, ignoring it, and onto my scrotum. The contact was wonderful. A groan of pleasure escaped my lips before I could stop it.

"You've got big balls, man," he whispered softly, his sexy voice seeming to come from my crotch, "damn, I'm relieved that they weren't hurt. They weren't, were they?"

His question came to me in a haze of lust as his hand enwrapped my tight sac and cupped my balls, tugging gently. The major response I made was with my cock - it went rampantly erect without further delay, paying no attention to my futile attempts to control it.

"Wow!" was all Bill said as he watched the rapid engorgement. But he said it with such feeling that I relaxed, knowing I was in good hands. When erection was complete, when my cock was throbbing above my belly, rigid with passion, he sighed and whispered, answering his own question, "No, everything's working just fine, down here. Isn't it?" But it was more to himself than to me, because before I could respond, he wrapped his other hand around the center of my cockshaft and gave the big cock a few experimental tugs.

"This is a great cock!" he sighed longingly. "I really only wanted to check you out, to be certain your balls weren't busted, but, shit, man, your reaction to my touch is telling me you want me to do this." He continued pumping my cock, now more skillfully. After a moment, he said, "You want me to suck your cock." It wasn't a question.

My response was to groan and to tighten my ass muscles, jabbing my hips up into his hand. It was clear, unmistakable agreement.

With my balls in one hand, and my cock in the other, he suddenly licked my cockhead and then sucked it into his hot mouth. It felt fantastic. As he sucked, he kept pumping the easily drawn cockskin, and from time to time I could feel his fist hit his mouth exotically (I've heard this called the "beat-an'-eat" method of cocksucking.) We both felt my balls climb up tight against the big cockbase, and we both realized I'd be shooting my load quickly. I was primed and ready.

With my eyes covered, I wondered what he was doing exactly, but I knew he wasn't jacking off because both his hands were on me. He was doing what he wanted to do, and I was enjoying it, so I just let it happen. Very quickly, I reached climax, feeling every muscle in my body fire off. Right then I knew no real damage had been done to my groin because the whole area felt perfect in orgasm. The waves of carnal pleasure built until an explosion in my groin sent spurt after spurt of hot cream into the demanding mouth on my cock. He was good, taking every spurt without difficulty, keeping up with the substantial flow. Draining my balls dry. Sucking it all up.

He kept my cock in his mouth until I put a hand on the top of his head. I didn't have to say anything. He knew I'd reached that point of post-orgasmic sensitivity that makes a cock so excruciatingly touchy, so he let it drop onto my belly. We were both silent for a moment. I raised a hand towards my face to remove the washcloth. I wanted to look at him. But, he stopped me and put my arm back at my side.

"Don't," he commanded tenderly. "You stay right here and rest up for a while. Catch your breath. I'm gonna go tell the team you're all right. You know they'll be waiting around until they know you're okay. Just stay quiet. I'll be right back."

I heard him leave the room and, just then, the rapture of a good orgasm made me stretch, yawn, and fall fast asleep.

Was the room dark? Or was the washcloth still covering my eyes? As I went to put a hand up to my face, I realized that a soft cotton sheet covered me. I touched my face. No cloth. I glanced around and saw that the room was very dimly lit. Then I saw motion. From out of the shadows, a naked man was coming towards me. A big, naked man! I didn't recognize him.

"Ah, you're awake, now," he said in a soothing, deep, masculine voice. "That's good. How do you feel?"

"How long have I been asleep?" I wanted to know. I felt rather confused, wondering who the hell this naked guy was and why was he naked. I didn't feel threatened; I felt turned on.

"You slept a couple of hours. Bill told me you'd been hurt, and asked me not to wake you." He had moved to the side of the massage table and was looking down at me compassionately. He was Bill's age and size and looked like a serious weight lifter, he was so generously muscled.

"Okay, but who are you?" I asked.

"Oh," he said in surprise. "Of course, you don't know me. I'm Mike, Bill's masseur." He paused to let that sink in. He saw that I reacted with some surprise of my own. "Bill's the kind of guy who needs a good masseur, you know," Mike continued with what I felt were sexual overtones, "he's so well... uh..." he paused and I fully expected him to say "hung" but he went on, saying "...developed."

I nodded, agreeably, wondering where this was going, and still wondering why he was nude.

"You know what they call a guy, who gives himself his own massage, don't you?" he asked with a grin.

"No," I replied, puzzled.

"A masturbator." Then he laughed. It was infectious. I had to laugh, too. He seemed like a nice guy.

"I masturbate," he said, looking down at me, suddenly quite serious.

"I do, too," I admitted, reacting honestly, not knowing what else to say. He looked very pleased.

"I guess you don't have a masseur, either," he said with a grin.

"Oh, that's why you said you masturbate," I said, catching on.

"Yeah, but I am also a terrific masseur. Wanna test me out?"

"Well," I said hesitantly, "I've had a few pulled muscles worked on. I've never had a real massage, though. I couldn't compare."

He reached out and removed the soft covering, glancing quickly down my naked body and then back to my face. "Then, you'll just have to judge the massages you get during the rest of your life against this first real one." He laid a hand on my chest and then said, "Turn over on your stomach."

As I turned over, I asked him, as politely as I could make it sound, "How come you're undressed?"

"You noticed," he said with a laugh. "I worked out and then took a shower while you slept. I guess I was quiet enough not to wake you. I stretched out and was just starting to doze off myself when I saw that you were awake. So I haven't had time to dress, for one thing, but for another, I really prefer to give my massages in the nude."

"I see," I said. I had turned over on my stomach with my head towards the mirror. I could see most of Mike's body in the mirror as he moved about preparing for the massage, assembling bottles and cloths and things. He was very well built. His crotch was obscured by the table, but he exuded the kind of sportsmanlike masculine sexuality I've always found so appealing.

Suddenly, he slapped my ass playfully, noisily, with an open, cupped palm, and said, emotionally, "You've got a nice body, man, and a GREAT ass!"

The sting from the slap sent a wave of sexual pleasure throughout my whole being. "D'ya think so?" I asked dumbly.

"Ummm," he hummed agreeably, kneading a meaty cheek firmly with one hand, "a great ass - high, rounded, and muscular. And you'll find out how good a nice massage feels on it."

"Oh," I blurted out in surprise, "I thought you guys avoided 'that part.'" I used the phrase "that part" like an embarrassed schoolgirl.

"Some guys do," he said softly, starting the massage at my shoulders, "but I want you to have the best massage you can get so I'm not going to avoid any part. I want you to experience total pleasure. I want you to feel this massage inside and out. So just relax. You'll see how nice this can be for both of us."

"Both of us?" I repeated, quietly but sort of nervously. His hands were working down my spine and were not slowing at my waist but continuing down onto my buttocks. It really felt great!

"Um hmm," he hummed, hypnotically, "both of us. You want to enjoy yourself, don't you?" He was massaging my ass erotically, kneading the cheeks, spreading them, and sliding greasy fingers around my hole as if in passing in the normal scheme of things. Waiting for my reply, he focused more and more around my asshole. It was spectacular.

"Yes," I sighed, finally, "I do want to enjoy myself, and I am. This feels great!"

"It's only the start," he told me. "The best is yet to come. And I want to enjoy myself, too. You want me to enjoy this, too, don't you?"

Sensing he was looking for some sort of permission or agreement from me, some clear sign that I was in his hands completely, uncomplainingly, I said, "Of course I do, that's only fair. We should both enjoy this."

"Ah, good," he sighed, "I knew you'd feel that way. You look too sexy to be a prude." He had gone down my thighs to my ankles, but had now worked his way back to my butt. His strong hands played even more openly with my asshole and with my balls. The massage was turning into an obvious sexual encounter.

"Oh, 'sexy' is the key," I said softly, figuring Bill had told him about the blowjob. "Now I see. This isn't just one of your usual, run of the mill massages, is it? This is sexual." I guess I'm the kind who likes everything spelled out.

"Oh, yes. Sex! That's the best part for both of us, isn't it?" He knew what my verbal response would be just by the way my body was reacting to his touch. I was all but throwing my ass back at his gifted fingers, hoping one or two would slip in.

"Yes," I finally admitted honestly, "sex is the best part."

"Great! I can feel that your strong body needs a lot of attention. Roll over! That's it. Wow! Look at that big erection, man! You mean business!" He grabbed my cock with re-greased hands and massaged it, covering it with oil. It throbbed with pleasure. Then, he oiled the front of my body from head to toe, familiarizing himself with every pore and cavity, every hair and nail, every fiber and muscle, finally taking the longest time to study and oil my scrotum. "You've got great balls, man." he said earnestly.

By this time, I was on a cloud. The massage had relieved the numbness in the injured muscles of the abdomen, and had raised me to a vibrating mass of tingling nerve-ends. He could see that my prick was leaking like an open faucet. He knew I was ready for anything.

He moved to my chest and re-massaged my pecs. "Geez, these are meaty," he sighed. "To get at them from a better angle, let me just..." and with that he jumped up onto the table, one knee next to my hip. Immediately, he straddled me, settling his ass and balls down against my slippery dick. I was delighted to see his raging erection. A proud, stalwart, rigid, big erection! He massaged my tits and pecs erotically, staring me in the eye.

"You like what you see, don't you?" has said. I nodded. "Part of a complete massage is massaging the tonsils," he explained huskily, wary of my reaction.

I grinned. He grinned back and slid his body up my oily frame, aiming his big dick at my mouth. He held my head in both hands, supporting my effort, as his cock slid into my mouth. It was an excellent way to suck cock. As I got used to the dimensions and angles, really starting to enjoy myself, I slid a hand onto my greasy dick and began a slow masturbation.

"Jacking off while sucking cock feels great, doesn't it, man? I'm watching you in the mirror. You suck so good, I'm surprised. Usually you young guys don't know what to do. But don't get too excited and don't jack off all the way, there's other things to do before this massage is finished." He tugged his cock free, held it in his hand for my inspection, slapped it across my face playfully a couple of times, and said, excitedly, "For example, turn over."

We smiled at one another as I started to turn over and he started to slide back downwards. By the time my ass was exposed, he was at my thighs. He massaged my buttocks, pushing apart the cheeks and playing with my hole. Then he inserted a finger.

"This is nice," he sighed. "You don't yell out like a sissy when I do this," and he inserted another finger rather roughly. "Oooh, this is nice!"

I was watching him in the mirror as he played with my ass. His throbbing erection looked great. He caught my eye. "I'm gonna put this in ya, now," he said lewdly, wagging his cock in one hand defiantly.

"Yeah, do it," I begged quietly. I was so hot I wanted to grab that big thing and put it in me myself.

"You want it, don't you, man?"

" Yeah, give it to me!" I demanded. "Fuck me!"

"Oh, yes!" he cried and slowly sank the cock into me. Penetration wasn't too easy because he was so big, but I took all of it without complaint. Before long, he was inserted right to the hilt. He allowed a moment or two for tissues to readjust and accept the intrusion, and then he began a monumental fuck. It was no Uh-Grunt-Splat-Thanks kind of fuck. No, it was just the opposite. As his thrusts and parries got longer and easier, he rode me like the sexy, muscular rascal I realized he was. Watching him in the mirror was almost as erotic as feeling his cock in my ass. He had me rise up on all fours; turn over and take it from the front; and, finally, had me straddle him as he lay on the table and I squatted on that big dick. It was awesome!

He was pumping my cock tightly with both greased-up hands. "Man, your cock is getting stiff. Like iron," he said huskily,

"I'm gonna come," I said, barely able to talk I was so close to a sexual explosion. But I kept riding the big dick, squatting on it, slowly lowering and raising myself on the thick shaft. Every millimeter of movement was producing soaring responses in my body and I knew I couldn't hold back. Watching my body impaling itself on that big weapon was also bringing me to climax.

"I'm with you, man," Mike sighed. His whole body tensed and I felt his cock grow even harder. As I rose upward, clamping my sphincter to grab tightly behind his cockhead, I felt his initial ejaculation. A spurt of hot semen filled my rectum. The unexpected awareness of that spurt so stimulated me that I shot off. A blast of cum exploded out of my cockslit and splashed onto Mike's face, just below his right eye. As I sank down onto that erupting cock, another blast from me splattered onto his forehead. He was looking both startled by the cum and overwhelmed by his own orgasm, which was causing a twitching at my asshole as shot after shot filled me, while jet after jet of cum from me covered his neck, chest and belly with creamy, white jizz.

The mutual orgasm seemed to last a long time. After a while, I settled down on his belly, his dick implanted in my ass, and caught my breath. I watched Mike as he wound down from the great sexual peak. He looked extremely content. Finally, he said, "Com'on, I'll help you get all that oil off your body."

We helped each other off the table, and went over to the shower area and showered together, affectionately soaping and rubbing one another and playing around like kids.

"You must teach me how to give a good massage, Mike," I told him.

"Nothing has ever massaged my cock as well as your ass," he responded sincerely.

"Well, yes, but I can't use my ass on all body parts, now can I?" I asked with a laugh.

Okay," he agreed, "it'll be fun showing you how to massage, just so long as I get to fuck this ass some more." He grabbed a handful of my ass playfully.

"Anytime," I offered, not pulling away as he expected.

"D'ya mean it?" He looked surprised.

"Anytime," I repeated.

"Wow! This is great!" He grabbed me and gave me a big hug, which I returned enthusiastically.

"How's your abdomen?" he suddenly asked, concerned about my injury.

"I think it's okay, now."

"Well, let's give it some whirlpool treatment for a while, just to be sure we're doing the right thing for it."

"Oh, we're doing the right thing for it, all right," I pointed out. As he started up the whirlpool and made some adjustments to it, I slipped away to the toilet and freshened up.

Mike and I were sitting in the whirlpool water up to our nipples when Bill returned. Mike had adjusted several spouts to aim water jets directly at my abdomen and the effect was extremely soothing, yet stimulating.

"How's our patient?" Bill asked, running his hand through my crewcut with fond familiarity.

"I gave him a good massage," Mike volunteered.

"One of your specials?" Bill wanted to know. Mike grinned without replying. I could see the banter between these two was easy-going and friendly. They both knew the score.

I felt my face turn red. Bill laughed, pulling off his shirt. "You guys look comfortable in there. Think I'll join you." He stripped nude quickly. As he climbed over the high wall of the whirlpool and stepped into the swirling water, a surprisingly large, partial erection flopped around above large balls in a tight sac, easily catching my eye. I'd had two orgasms so far that afternoon, but didn't feel slowed down, and I didn't think that Bill had come yet. It looked like he was ready.

"Jack, here, says, he'd like for me to teach him HOW to give a good massage," Mike said to Bill.

"Is that so?" said Bill, grinning at me. "Do you mean a 'massage' or a 'special' that Mike calls 'massage?'" he wanted me to tell him.

"Well," I said, feeling my face turn red again, "it might as well be a 'special' since it feels so good, doesn't it?"

"I think I should loosen my rule about never letting team members into this room," Bill said. "What do you think, Mike?"

"Hell, yes! If Jack, here, is any example of the current crop, we're missing out on something. What do you think, Jack? Are there other's out there like you, who like a good time."

"I know a few who'd fit right in," I offered.

"Really?" they asked in unison, looking very interested. "On the team?" Bill added in awe.

I smiled, raising and lowering my eyebrows suggestively. I felt like mentioning that the two pitchers, Stuart and Mel, were both real fun-loving batsmen, or that Tom, who was batting when I was hit, was the kind of guy who'd do anything for a good orgasm, but I just kept quiet.

"I'll be damned," Bill muttered. "There are a couple of 'em I'd like to..." he mused, trailing off.

"Maybe you can introduce us to some of 'em," Mike ventured.

"Sure," I agreed happily, "but, first, I'd like to be introduced to Bill's cock!" My hand fished through the swirling waters and clamped onto Bill's member. It was stiff!

"Ooh, you want some of this, do you," Bill said grinning. He stood up. The water was almost waist-high, but his erection poked up out of the swirl sufficiently to identify it as a big one. I dove onto it without hesitation.

It was strange. With just the cockhead in my mouth, I could suck with ease. But when I tried going down on the shaft, I had to splash my face into the water. The further down the shaft, the deeper into the water I went, until my head was almost completely submerged. It was erotic, yet I didn't want to drown myself for the sake of a good blowjob. I'll never forget the feeling, though, of rising from and sinking into the swirling whirlpool waters and of seeing Bill's cock and big balls in the distorting swirls of water.

"He's good!" I heard Bill tell Mike as I came up for a final time. I came off the big cock with a whoosh.

"It's great, I'll tell ya," I sputtered, "but I'm fuckin' drowning."

They laughed and helped me out of the whirlpool. We stood there in a tight circle. All three of us had powerful erections. These weren't just hard-ons; they were serious manifestations of lust-filled organs readying for release. Water dripped from them, but no one reached for a towel. I reached for Bill's cock.

"Yeah, suck it!" he ordered, as I bend down to take the thick weapon back into my mouth. It felt wonderful to take it in without diving underwater, and I realized how well formed and suckable his cock was. I really worked on it, pleasuring both of us. Suddenly, I felt Mike's hand playing with my ass.

"This is a fine ass, man," Mike was saying quietly to Bill. "One of the best."

"Go for it, man," Bill encouraged, "you can see he wants that giant dick of yours back up his ass."

My ass was wiggling against Mike's fondling hand and they both knew Bill was right. I was listening and was able to stop them, they knew, if I wanted to, but I wanted that cock back in me.

From the corner of my eye, I watched Mike walk over to his massage supplies, take some oil onto his palm, and walk back rubbing the oil onto his stiff dick. The sight of him filled me with an overwhelming sense of pleasure, anticipating the coming assault on my willing butt. As Mike readied himself, I felt Bill's cock swell in my mouth, and I knew Bill was enjoying the scene of his friend's mammoth cock beginning its penetration of my ass. It felt even better the second time!

Somehow, the shower and the whirlpool had completely reinvigorated me, as they must have Mike. His forceful entrance and exuberant plowing of my chute felt fresh and strong. This combination of cocksucking and getting ass-fucked was raising me to a pinnacle of lust I seldom had had an opportunity to reach. And, now, Mike reached around and began jacking me off with the skill of a true massaging masturbator. He knew just what to do and how and when to do it. I was in ecstasy!

Amid the grunts and sucking sounds, the sighs and groans of passion, Bill said, "Fuck! This is fantastic! Look at us. This has me so hot, he's such a good cocksucker, I'm going to shoot at any moment."

"Yeah, me too," Mike agreed. "Think Jack's ready?"

I moaned loudly, vibrating Bill's cock erotically.

"Yeah, he's ready, man," Bill instructed.

Suddenly, the three of us fired off together like one huge orgasmic monster. My cum hit Bill in the balls as he tried to drown me in a sea of semen spurting heavily from his spewing cock, while my ass was being refilled by Mike's abundant load. I had never realized that a pumping hand, other than my own, could so knowledgeably bring me off and so completely satisfy me. This was perfect. The three-way, mutual orgasm seemed unending.

Finally, after finishing, we stumbled to the showers and bathed together, satisfied with ourselves for now, enjoying the aftereffects of great sex. I was delighted with my good fortune, imagining the romps we could have with some of the other ballplayers. It dawned on me that, in fact, when I got hit by the ball, I had been in the wrong place at just exactly the right time.


Jack Sofelot


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