“I waited for you for 30 minutes! Where were you? I gave up and went home!” Stu was really pissed at me. And this is how the story begins.

Saturday's are when I jog. Every time I run through the gay district I get whistles. I'm usually wearing runners, no socks, navy shorts, and a white t-shirt. I'm not a big guy, but I've got nicely defined legs, chiseled pecs and smooth abs to go with my blond hair and blue eyes. Today I wasn't just running through the village but was planning to meet my friend Stu at Boned, a gay bar, and later go shopping.

“Have I got a story for you.” I grinned at Stu's handsome face.

“This better be good.” He said gravely.

I began to explain…

“I got to the bar at 4:00 pm and we weren't supposed to meet until 4:30. So I ordered a beer and thought I'd wait. The bar was pretty empty except for 3 guys at one table, and you know how dark is in there.”

Stu nodded.

“Well, I sat in the booth with the high seats and the narrow tables by myself with my beer. I glanced over to the 3 guys and was surprised that they were glancing over at me. They would glance at me and then seemed to talk quickly amongst themselves. I looked down at my beer.

One guy was around 35, wearing jeans and a tank top so you could see his thick muscular arms. The dark haired guy was kinda hidden from view. But he had a leather vest with a white t-shirt under it. He looked like a real brute. Guy number three must have been 40 but looked real athletic, like a coach or something. He had a mustache I could see his calf muscles bulging in his jeans.

I heard their chairs slide out and it sounded like all three got up. I wasn't going to look up. Just let them go past.

When as I thought they were going to go past, they suddenly all slid into my booth. Tank top guy slid right into me, pushing me to the back of the booth saying “Mind if we join ya?” The other men slid in across from me with our legs becoming intertwined under the narrow table.

I said, “Sure” kinda taken by surprise.

The men across from me were both good looking in a rugged daddy sort of way. They were looking at me with a sort of sexy sneer. Looking at my chest, up and down, then into my eyes. Mustache guy across from me kinda smiled, his hand under the table, feeling my left calf. Leather guy had his vest open and his pecs were mountainous under his white t-shirt and I could tell he was hairy underneath.

They made some chit chat, the bar tender came by they ordered beers, another one for me. They found out I didn't have a boyfriend, that I was meeting a friend here, and that I jog, swim and go to the gym.

Mustache guy's hand all the while was on my leg lower leg, rubbing it up and down. He kept looking at me to see how I was taking it. My dick was real hard by now and I guess I was taking it well. He was resting his head on his left elbow across from me. His right arm was under the table sliding up my inner thigh. He went up my shorts and his thumb penetrated under the elastic band of my briefs and began touching my balls.

I gave a bit of a jump and they all laughed. It suddenly dawned on me that they all knew what he was doing under the table. Tank-top guy next to me was looking down at my lap and could see the hand sliding up my shorts. He winked at mustache guy and took something out of his pocket. It was money for, for the bartender. I was thinking that they would leave and mustache guy would stay and play.

There was a bit more chitchat, this time about more sexual things like dick sizes. Mustache guy had pulled my crotch aside and was fondling both of my balls in one hand. Tank top guy suddenly dropped the money on the seat saying “shit!”

“Hey buddy, can you lift your ass up for a minute.” He turned to me and said.

I lifted my ass off the bench and tank-top guy slid his hand along the seat looking for the money. He then quickly grabbed my shorts and briefs on both sides of my waist and yanked them down to my knees. Mustache guy across from me then sprang into action. He reached under the table and pulled my shorts and briefs right down to my ankles.

Still holding onto my shorts, Mustache guy pulled my feet up off the ground and yanked my shorts and underwear off. He gave them to leather guy who grinned and dangled them in front of me from across the table. I made a grab for them, but he pulled them out of reach.

So I said, “What the fuck are you doing?” I was embarrassed and apart from my t-shirt and runners, naked where it counts.

Just then, the bartender came by. He was probably attracted by the commotion.

I was embarrassed so I leaned into the table and tank-top guy next to me was real close. He smiled at the bartender. “We're fine for now, thanks.” Mustache guy was fondling my hard dick and balls by now under the table. I was trying control myself, sucking in air whenever he jerked my dick.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” I said in a hushed tone. “Give me back my clothes.”

Leather guy just held 'em up and said, “If you want 'em back you got to earn 'em!”

“You should feel how big this guy's dick is” Mustache guy said. At this, all three started groping my dick and balls. Tank top guy next to me placed his hand on my chest and pushed me back into the seat so he could view my dick under the table, which he then grabbed--squeezing and tugging on it.

Leather guy was bent over the table so he could reach under and he was being pretty rough on my balls. I was fending them off the whole time but when one hand was deflected, another found it way in.

“Give me back my fucking clothes!” I demanded.

Leather guy spoke up again. “If you want 'em you have to earn 'em. We're not keeping you here, you can leave whenever you want to.” At this tank top guy stood up as to let me out of the booth. I considered it, and then stayed put.

“Fuck! All right. What do I have to do?”

Tank top guy laughed and got back in. “What do you think guys? Should he pay us some respect?”

“Fucking right!” They both said in unison.

“Kiss my dick!” Tank top guy piped up.

I just stared at him for a moment. “You know where it is, go get it boy.” Mustache guy snickered.

Turning to my left I looked to see if anyone was around. It was still dark and pretty empty. I reached to tank top guy's crotch next to me and unzipped him. His dick was thick but not fully hard. He wasn't wearing any underwear either. I still had trouble getting it out. It was coiled like a snake. He seemed to like me feeling around and pulling on his dick.

It finally flopped out and ran along his thigh. It was BIG and hairy and hardening fast. I grabbed it with my left hand and held it up. Then I bent down and kissed his fat mushroom dick head.

“Can I have my clothes back now?” I said, sitting back up. Leather guy snickered again. “You've got a lot more earning to do boy, get under the table and lick my balls.”

I slid under the table, which was crowded with knees. I had to lie almost on top of Mustache guy's knees to get at leather guy. He had his dick and balls already out when I got there. Tank top guy and Mustache guy were feeling me all over, my back, chest, balls, ass, dick… I couldn't tell who was doing what. I smacked my head on the table when someone stuck a finger up my ass. I was secretly turned on by this of course, or I would have run out screaming by now--and they knew it.

Leather guy was looking down at his crotch. When he saw my head, he reached under and pulled it to his crotch. He smelled like a real man. Not disgusting, but just fucking hot.

I sniffed his dick and balls and then began licking them. Sucking and tugging on them while he was muttering, “Yea boy, that's that way.”

Leather guy suddenly leaned forward into the table, and I saw two pairs of legs walk by. He then pushed me away from his balls, and forced me over to Mustache guy.

Mustache guy lifted his ass off the bench and slid his jeans down to his knees, then to his ankles. He spread his knees wide under the table and slid his ass forward off the bench. “Lick my ass!” he commanded. I heard one of the other's say, “fucking hot”.

His had the best uncut meat I've ever seen. He had a long steel shaft, lots of foreskin and low hanging balls; under which was his ass crack. I moved in and from behind tank top guy pushed my head right into his ass hard. With the way he was sitting his crack was pretty tightly closed. He smelled of stud sweat and classic Irish Spring soap.

So I licked his crack, not able to get very deep. He seemed to like it though. With both hands behind my head he pulled my head hard into his ass and was working his ass up and down. I could hardly breathe with his balls hanging in my face.

This kept up for a while, Leather guy grabbed one of my hands and placed in on his dick and made me feel him. Mustache guy wouldn't let go of my head, he kept up the pressure saying, “Ohhh yeaaah” real softly over and over.

Tank top guy was getting board I think. “My turn” he interjected. Mustache guy let go and I turned around. Before I did, both Mustache guy and Leather guy grabbed my shirt and pulled if over my head. They were strong buggers so I let it go rather than get mangled under the table.

“Fuck!” I said, feeling really naked now.

Tank top guy slid to the back of the booth where I was sitting. “Suck it!” he commanded. As I turned, I saw that Mustache guy was still hard and stroking. Tank top guy's dick was still out and fuck was it hard!

He spread his legs and held his dick straight out for me from the base. I grabbed the base from him and licked his cut mushroom head. “He moaned and I could feel Mustache guy's hairy legs rubbing my back and one hands were feeling out my exposed ass and balls as I squatted under the table.

“Go deep!” Tank top guy said. As if I had a choice. He grabbed my head and thrust his dick right down my throat. Grabbing my head he made me face fuck him.

Mustache guy slid his leg over top of me so he had me between his thighs. He then reached down and lifted my ass up. I couldn't do anything because Tank top had my head in his muscular grip. Filling my mouth with his hard fat manhood, riding me up and down his dick.

I felt something cold and slimy on my hole. I think I heard some plastic rip or crinkle. Then I felt Mustache guy's dick poking at my hole. He pushed and it forced its way in, deeper, deeper. I moaned into tank top guy's dick.

Suddenly, tank top guy pulled me down on his dick and held me there. I recognized the bartender's voice. “Can I get you boys anything?”

“Sure, another round.” Tank top guy said.

When he left I heard snickering and felt Mustache guy's dick start sliding in and out of my ass. Nice and slow and real quite. At the same time tank top guy began pumping my face up and down on his dick again.

“I'm gonna cum” Tank top guy moaned quietly. Then he rammed his dick in to the balls and shot load after load down my throat. His thighs were quivering and his dick jerking with each spurt.

I saw leather guy get up and move over beside tank top guy. He had to take out his dick again and then transferred my face over to his dick. Mustache guy was still slowly humping my ass.

“Hey switch places man!” Leather guy said.

They both put their dicks away, and got out. Tank top guy slid in next to Mustache guy, shielding him from view and Leather guy slid in right back where tank top guy had been.

He unzipped his jeans and pulled out that monster manhood and put it to my lips. It was dripping with precum, which he smeared on my face before sliding his dick down my throat.

“Oh yeah, fucking nice ass!” Mustache guy was saying.

“Ohhh yeah.” Tank top guy echoed from somewhere.

I hand only eyes for this big hairy dick going down my throat. He to grabbed my head and controlled my motions. It built to a rhythm where I slid my ass off Mustache guy's dick and my mouth onto Leather guy's dick. Back and forth, back and forth.

They all stopped and became quite.

“Here you go boys.” I heard the bartender say followed by 3 clunks of glass on the table.

I knew when he left immediately; they were playing tug of war with me under the table.

Mustache guy was yanking my ass onto his dick, and then Leather guy would yank my face onto his dick. Harder and harder. Both of their breathing was getting ragged.

Mustache guy moaned long but very low, holding my ass firmly impaled on his manhood. I could feel pulses deep in my ass. He as least seemed to be wearing a condom I though. Then Leather guy slid forward, his dick going deep down my throat. The zipper of his jeans cut my cheek a bit as he humped and bucked his load straight down my throat.

Leather guy and Mustache guy pulled out. Mustache guy quickly got his jeans back up before I could steal them from him. All three then said, “Thanks man, we'll be keeping these as a souvenir.” Referring to my clothes.

“Fuck! What am I supposed to do now?” I almost was to the point of crying.

As they left I heard them arguing over who got the underwear, who got the shorts, and who got the shirt.

Just then the bartender came by and kneeled down under the table. He didn't look at all surprised. “Take your clothes, eh? He asked.

“Don't worry; it's the third time this week. I have some old shorts and a t-shirt you can borrow.”

“Thanks man, I'll just wait under the table I guess.” I replied feeling like a total loser.

He went away and not a minute later was back with a faded t-shirt with some stupid corporate logo on it and a pair of old shorts. He threw them on one of the benches and said, “They paid for your beer, but don't forget your wallet.”

I had forgotten about my wallet, but there it was sitting on the bench.

“So Stu, you must have come in while I was under the table at some point.” I explained. “I got dressed and went straight home for a shower and to jerk off 3 times. I was so horny.”

By this point, my friend Stu was also horny. This is how the story ends.



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