Synopsis: Previously Zack was turned out by a gang of surfers, arranged by Beverly, his conniving wife, and her personal trainer, Bruce.

'Darling' aren't you going to clean Zackie up? I'm begging you' at least give him some more drugs or something to keep him dossal and manageable for the trip home.' Beverly had switched tactics, reaching back to her roots, as a helpless southern woman.

'I can do that, but all that dried cum on his body is a big no-can-do!' Juan snipped his fingers and two young surfers jumped up and ran to Zack.

The boys were part of the ever-growing entourage that gravitated around Juan. Most were expatriates, with a past they wanted to distance themselves from. As recent converts to the gangbang lifestyle, a cum covered Zack had stirring up painful memories of their own blanket party.

'Hey Juan, what ya want to string him out on 'GHB, Ecstasy, Ketamine or the old stand by Rohtpnol?' Sean grinned at his buddy Shep, it hadn't been that long ago they had their own coming out party, while strung out on Roofies.

Juan looked over at Bev and Bruce; they were entangled in a hot make out session with Zack's abused body at their feet. 'Look, any of those drugs will keep him sedated and pliable' the easiest to score is Roofies. Just about anywhere you find college students, Rohtpnol want be far behind.'

Juan wondered if they were strong enough for the job of extortion. 'On his first few play dates Zack should be on something; after that you should have the blackmail element up and running. I suggest you have a private screening for Zack, maybe threaten to send the stuff to his teem buddies' or you can do what most pimps do to control there bitches, string them out on something.'

The watermelon vendor walked up so stealth like no one had notice him squatting over Zack until he spoke. 'How much ya gimmie to clean this gringo stud up for ya?

All eyes were on Hector, the watermelon man. He was in his late fifties, thin and he had darkly tanned skin.

Bev and Bruce couldn't believe their luck. They looked at each other and grinned. Bruce stuck out his hand to Hector. 'Hi, I'm Bruce and this is my girlfriend Beverly' she's also the wife of our blanket boy here. So tell me Hector, how much would you charge to clean our boy up?'

Juan and the surfers were listing to Hector sucker the gringos. He took off his hat and slicked back his grey and black hair. 'Well I'll tell ya' getting that much dried dick juice off is a lot of work, especially when it's caked on' I'll do it for $100' clean ya boy up inside and out'

Bev looked at Bruce and they both giggled. Bruce slapped Hector on the back. 'Okay my friend, you got yourself a deal' where you want him.' Hector pointed to the small thatched roof building about 200 feet away. 'That old restroom has a water hook up and a bench we can stretch him out on.'

While Bruce was dragging Zack to the shed, Juan and the surfers were doubling over with laughter. They decided not to tell the gringos that Hector would have paid them for the privilege of cleaning the handsome stud.

Bruce draped Zack's body on the small wood bench, his arms and legs hung over the sides and rested on the concrete floor; he watched Hector attach the garden hose and fill a bucket with a soapy mixture.

'You need me for anything else before I split?' Bruce shifted his weight from foot to foot; the small room had no circulation and Zack's sex garnishment had begun give off a ripe odor.

Hector had an obsessed look on his face. 'Nope, got everything I need right here' Now Juan and the boys know that I always work alone' don't ya be coming around after I start. I'll hunt ya down when I'm finished.'

Bruce suspected the old man world have raunchy sex with Zack, and for a brief moment he had misgivings about leaving Zack alone with the seedy beach bum. Suddenly Bruce had a flash, a vision of the kinky sex Zack would be facing later as an escort. The decadent session with the watermelon vendor didn't seemed so bad now that new light had been shed on issue. He found Bev holding court at the beach bar and went over and stood next to her, all thoughts diabolical sex acts were quickly flushed from his mind.

Hector stripped his ragged clothing and threw on the floor; he straddled the bench Zack was stretched out on; he fisted his hard cock and pointed it in Zack's face. A stream of yellow piss splashed on Zack's swollen red lips; he coughed and tried to shield his face with his hand. It was then that Hector began bitch slapping Zack's face.

'Move those fucking hands down to your side' you gringo cocksuckker!'

Zack moved like a robot, obeying Hectors every command. 'Open ya mother fucking mouth' yea, swallow that piss!' Hector put the head of his cock in Zack's mouth. 'You know what to do after all those dicks you juiced last night.'

Hector forced his long cock down Zack throat and held it buried to the hilt for what seemed an eternity to Zack. He pulled out almost entirely after Zack begins pounding on Hector's back. 'Alright bitch when I pull out you better suck that head like your life depends on it.'

Hector started a slow piston action forcing the entire dick down Zack's throat then pulling out leaving only the head for Zack to concentrate on.

Finally Hector buried his cock deep in Zack's throat and pivoted his body around so that his face was next to Zack's cock. He fisted the cock and pumped it until it was rock hard, then he swallowed it entirely. Zack moaned from intense pleasure and proceeded to double his efforts at sucking.

'Suck that cock you gorgeous gringo puta!' Hector started varying his dick sucking techniques and Zack quickly adapted to them. He knew that the jock had climaxed many times during last nights session, but they were forced from over stimulation of his prostate, never once was his cock sucked until he climaxed.

Hector felt Zack's balls draw up signaling he was near, he twisted his bag. Zack yelled as his dick began to deflate.

'Oh no ya don't' you don't get to cum 'til I fill your belly with my baby makers' I'm just 'bout ready' so suck hard and don't stop swallowing 'til I pull my dick out of your mouth.'

Zack was an old hand at juicing a tube, after all the expatiate surfer-dick he swallowed last night he could be certified as a first-class cocksucker. He felt Hector's cock throb and swell in his mouth, moments later the first blast of cum flooded his mouth and dribbled down his cheek. Zack continued sucking the head and jacking his dick for several minutes until Hector pull his dick from his mouth and wiped clean in his red hair.

During the ordeal of sucking Hector off Zack had begun to jack his own dick; he was just at the point of climax when Hector hauled off and slapped his face.

'I told ya about this' He slapped him again. 'I'll tell ya when to cum! I got to get off two more times and if it feels like it's supposed to, I'll let ya cum.'

Hector dug in his pile of things and produced a small diagonal camera and began snapping pictures of Zack. 'I got a buddy that will pay big bucks for your picture' big name baseball player and hot as hell.' He put his dick to Zack's lips and snaps a picture. 'Now get to jacking that big dick of yours' make it get big boy.'

While Hector snapped a few more shorts, he licked his lips thinking what decadence awaited the young man. 'Okay boy you've beat that big cock long enough' Stop now!'

Zack dropped his arms to his side and moaned with disappointment; he was so close to climax that it actually hurt stopping. 'Please let finish'

Hector pushed Zack's muscular legs up as far as they would go. 'Punta, wrap your arms around those legs and hold them down on your chest.'

Hector started snapping close up pictures of Zack's bruised ass hole. It was purple and red with dark blue streaks. He removed a suppository from tinfoil and held it in Zack's face. 'Gringo, after I cram this little bullet up your pussy you going get dick crazy' no matter how much cock you took last night, after this baby kicks in you'll be begging for cock!'

Hector crammed the suppository far into Zack's anus; he followed with his thick cock. Zack's entire body trembled as the massive cock pile drive into Zack's abused ass. The suppository had begun to relax Zack; he reached for his cock and began to jack it. Hector pulled Zack's hands off and pinned them to sides as he went down on the pulsating cock. He sucked with such force Zack began to shoot his load; sucking the cum out of Zack. Finally as Hector began to blast into the stud's ass, Zack shot another big load which was eagerly taken.

Hector collapsed on Zack and the two embraced in a tangle of flesh. 'Damn gringo! I could eat you all night if you was mine' But ya aunt and I got to get ya ready for them other gringos.'

Zack cringed as the cold water splashed over his body, washing away the traces of his marathon of sex and his introduction into what would become his new lifestyle.



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