The stadium was packed, people all over the place. Fans screamed as 'You Make Me Wanna...' fades from the speakers. After a long performance Usher heads to his dressing room. It has been tiring days, working with the Puff Daddy and the Family Tour. Long days and hot nights is how it has been for Usher. With female groupies coming back and forth, Usher has no time. He also has no care for them. He prefers to watch Mase or Puff Daddy pull off their shirts in a performance then to see Foxy Brown walking around in a blue bikini top with small shorts. He walked to his dressing room, passing screaming fans, stage hands and technicians. As he got to his dressing room, he unbuttoned his pants before he went in. He thought if he couldn't get Puff Daddy or even Mase, he couldn't at least jack off while dreaming of them.

When he got in, the whole room was dark. He was about to turn on the lights when he heard someone say, 'don't bother.'

'Who the fuck is in here?' he said.

'Who do you think?' a voice came from nearby. Usher was shocked. He was trying to figure out who was taking to him. 'Close the door' the person said. He could definitely tell it was a man. Usher slowly closed the door, praying it wasn't a robber or an obsessed fan. 'Sit down' the man said. Usher stumbled over a few clothes before finding a chair. 'Would you like to know who I am? the man said. Usher could tell that he was closer to him then he was a few minutes ago.

'Yeah' Usher whispered.

'If I let you know, you have to promise to stay here and do what I say,' the man said.

'Are you fucking crazy!' Usher said trying to keep the man from knowing his interests. What do you know? he thought. His first chance to sleep with a man but he was afraid it would get out to others.

'Then I guess you just won't know' the man said.

'Alright, alright' Usher said. He was becoming impatient with the man. All of the sudden the lights in the room turned on. Usher turned around slowly. When he saw his mystery man, he was shocked. He couldn't believe it. It was Mase! Usher's mouth hung open for five minutes.

'What, wha what are you doing here' he said. Usher quickly stood from his chair.

'Well sport, I've seen you looking at me and I thought that you would like to get a closer look' Mase said.

'I uh I uh' is all Usher could say.

Mase was standing there, only wearing his Nikes and his red Calvin Klein boxers. He was also sporting an acceptable sized hard on. Usher glanced up and down Mase's body. He admired the well developed chest, not a hair on it. He then looked at Mase's six pack abs. He glanced down to the boxers, that had a huge bulge in them. 'Well what do you think' Mase said as he approached Usher.

'I'm impressed' Usher said, loosing his ambitions.

'Well then let's get down to business' Mase said softly. They both walked over to each other and kissed. It was a hot and passionate kiss. Their hands slid over each others bodies. Usher moan as Mase grabbed his crotch area. 'Uh yeah Mase, please me' he whispered.

'Oh you're right about that!' Mase said as he grabbed Usher's large balls. 'Let's get more comfortable' Mase said. He kicked off his Nike's and left his socks on. Usher dropped his pants shyly, not the way he does on stage. He pulled off his shirt and threw it to the floor. He removed his shoes and then took his pants off all the way. All he remained in was his white boxers and his white socks with his 'U' dangling from his neck. They kissed again.

Mase took Usher's hand and led him to the bed in Usher's room. It was covered in white linen. Mase laid down on the bed and Usher got on top of him. They kissed passionately and hard. Usher ran his hands up and down Mase's chest. Mase ran his hands over Usher's ass. Mase gripped Usher's ass and grinned his cock against Usher's. Usher moan in the heat of passion. Sweat trickled down his body. Mase kissed slowly on the luscious lips. He put his tongue into Usher's mouth. He began exploring the young man's mouth. He could feel Usher's member, pressing hard against his inner thigh. It was a real turn on to him. Mase slipped his hands up Usher's back and then back down to his ass. Usher put his hands around Mase's neck and kissed even more. Mase pulled his lips off of Usher's.

'It's time we took this a little further' Mase said while panting. Usher shook his head in agreement. Mase slid his fingers to Usher's boxers and tugged them off. He awed at the sight of the well developed 10 inch piece of meat. Mase grabbed hold of the dick and began jacking it. He then pulled off his own boxers, revealing a foot long dick. Usher was shocked by the length and definitely the thickness. He though he was big but this was the Mother of all dicks.

Mase quickly sucked Usher's dick. He stuck the whole thing, to the surprise of Usher. It was his first blow job and he was moaning loudly. He cried out Mase's name. Mase sucked hard on the cock head while jacking on the shaft. he soon took in the balls and gave those a good licking. Usher couldn't hold it log and was soon cumming in Mase's mouth. Mase swallowed some of it but let the rest drip down his chin. Mase placed his hands of Usher's head and lead him to his dick. Usher placed the head of the cock in his mouth and sucked on it. He began licking the huge piss slit. Mase moaned furiously. 'Yeah Usher! Come on nigga, give it to me! Yeah you like this mother fuckin' big ass black cock don'tcha!' Mase moaned. Usher took six inches in his mouth and jacked the rest.

He finally got to ten inches and was practically joking himself. Mase loved every minute of it. This went on for a half an hour. Finally Mase came in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 hot spurts of cum. Usher swallowed what he could and enjoyed it. It was his first taste of dick and he loved it! He loved the smell of Mase's dick and his baseball shaped balls.

'It's time for a little more play' Mase said. He got on top of Usher and began licking his ass. Usher moaned and pulled his legs up so Mase would have better access. Mase stuck a finger in Usher and he grunted from pain. 'This is what's gonna happen. I am going to lay down and you are going to get on my dick. I'll fuck you real good but it's gonna hurt at first since you're a virgin' Mase said.

Usher was scared. He had hard enough time getting that thing in his mouth but now his ass. Mase laid back down and Usher got on top of him. He slowly let Mase's dick in his ass. He got two inches in and started grunting from pain. 'Come on pretty boy, you can do it' Mase said. Mase reached up and pinched Usher's nipples. Usher moan from pleasure and went down two more inches. He let it get six inches in before he started to let tears roll from his eyes.

Mase grabbed Usher's hips and moved them up and down, fucking just six inches in him. Usher soon began to moan from pleasure. He loved it!

'Oh yeah yeah yeah! Uhhh I love it Mase baby! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!' Usher screamed. Mase began to buck and let two more inches go in Usher. He fucked harder and harder.

'Yeah, you like this big black dick huh? Say it baby, say my name! Let me know who's it is!' Mase yelled. He got another two inches in Usher, but Usher didn't notice.

He was too busy moaning and screaming, 'Uh it's yours baby. Yeah Mase, Mase Mase! Uh it's Mase big ass dick! Yes you have the best black cock in town! Oh Yeah Mase I love it, harder!' Usher yelled.

Mase got all twelve inches inside of Usher. Usher was straining but loving it. Mase reached up and began jerking Usher's hard 10 inches. It flopped in his hands and he jerked it. 'Yeah, jerk my dick baby!' he moaned. Soon Usher came in spurts on Mase's chest and his own. Not too much later Mase was cumming hard in Usher's ass. Mase went soft and withdrew from him.

They laid in each other's arms. 'Where did you learn all this stuff?' Usher said.

'I learned it from Puff Daddy. One day he decided to fool around and he taught me all of this. His dick is only 9 inches and he loves my 12 inches to be in his mouth.' Mase said. They kissed passionately.

'Do you think he might join us sometime?' Usher said.

'Maybe!' Mase said.



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