Nope, not fiction. All adults. All consenting. All pigs. If you are not an open minded consenting adult pig-stop reading now.

I was complaining to a friend that NYC just doesn't have the fun places it once had. The places to go after work or after the bar and pig out. He mentioned a couple that he had "heard" of and, they were not too far from me. Hmmm, a new mission.

Well a few days later, on a lazy Sunday evening, I headed to the East Village in quest of sucking off a few guys. I even cleaned well, just in case a hard cock found it's way up my ass.

There were two places on my list. The first, an adult book store with an arcade in the back and a "theater" in the basement. The book store was empty as was the arcade in back. I debated going directly to my second location, but paid the fee and went down to the basement theater.

As far as a theater, well it was a big dark room with random folding chairs and a big screen tv. There was a back room with a table next to a bathroom and a side room with six video booths.

There was a 25 year old thuggish looking guy at the table near the bathroom. Another 40 y.o. Asian guy hanging by the booths and one booth occupied. I was there to suck cock so I walked to a booth and the Asian followed. I got down on my knees and he opened his fly. Good looking average size cock. I went down. About five minutes later I got a small load out of him. He was panting and happy. I was happy.

My appetite was whet!

We walked out of the booth, he left. There were two guys standing in the video room. One was a bigger guy with beard and workman pants. The other, a Latin guy, was in chinos and a sweater around his neck. I cruised the bigger dude. He looked down at his crotch. I walked over to him and groped it. He motioned for me to follow and we were back in the booth.

He started to work my nips and I his. He had huge nips like me. He was being more gentle then needed so I told him there was no such thing as too hard. He said, "For a preppy pretty-boy you are a real pig aren't you?" I just smiled. I took a deep breath. He stunk. Piss, maybe more, but definitely fresh piss. During the intense nip play we both ended up naked. Another average cock. I wanted to get him off bad.

He beat me to it though and went down on me. He was working my cock for a while then came up for air. "Big fucking cock. You gonna cum for me?" I smiled. "You gonna cum for me?"

We trade places, "You want my load pretty-boy?" I was getting annoyed at the pretty boy comments, but my mouth was full. I nodded. I bobbed off his cock, "Damn you stink." I said, "Fucking fresh piss isn't it?"

He laughed, "Yea, you like, piss pig?"

I came off his cock again, "Yea, smells fucking awesome."

With that, he squirted out just a little taste. I slurped it up and continued my blow job. He was squirming and moaning and pulled me off. I fucking hate that, I am there to do a job and I wanted to finish! He did not want me to get him off. While he was trying to calm down to avoid cumming, I unlocked the door. He smiled.

We were both naked with the door mostly open. I went back to gently sucking him. My back to the hall-well my ass to the hall. The Latin guy came up behind staring at us. The big guy motioned him in. He dropped his pants and I alternated between the big guy and the Latin guy's cocks. The Latin guy had a smaller cock. I enjoyed sucking it as it felt good in my mouth. As I sucked he was feeling up my ass. I made sure he knew I liked that!

As I went back to work on the big guy, the Latin guy moved behind me and really started to play with my butt. The two guys started talking. "Yea that pig has a great ass doesn't he?"

"Nice hole, looks big though, he doesn't look like such a slut but this hole is used."

"Yea, smells and looks different than he acts. This one's a pig. Wants my cum and piss."

The Latin, who was dressed way more conservative than me said, "Then fill him with your piss and cum." I really did not like the idea of drinking this smelly pigs piss, but I also did not want them to think I wouldn't. It didn't matter, the big guy just kept me sucking.

The Latin had gotten out a rubber. I was glad. He had a nice small cock that would feel good in my ass while I sucked. He was really working my hole with his fingers to open me up. I love that. I love being stretched and worked in prep. I moaned and gobbled cock.

"Man what a slut. He sucks good. And look at him, he wants that hole stuffed so fucking bad."

The Latin was getting intense. "Okay bitch, hit the poppers good." I did, thank goodness, he was going to finally pop that little dick in me. Just as I was capping the popper he told me to take another hit. As I did he pushed his hand into my ass. If I didn't have a cock in my mouth I would have screamed. The big guy held my head tight onto his dick. My brain was freaking out!

Then I suddenly realized. This did not hurt. The Latin guy was laughing. "Good thing I have small hands isn't it? Not much bigger than a big cock. I can tell, you have had plenty of big cocks in this ass, probably some huge toys too? Something wrecked this hole. Such a nice hole!"

"This aint the first fist in that ass, look at him, he hasn't even stopped sucking. Probably can't even feel you."

With that the Latin guy made a move. I think he made his hand into a fist. I felt it. And, it felt good. I was panting and drooling all with a cock in my mouth. The fist n my ass started to move and explore. My head was in a cloud. Really was an intense, mind-blowing event. I kept sucking in the poppers. As the Latin started to pull out the big guy let out some piss. Now I wanted it. I gulped. It wasn't a lot, but enough to keep me busy. The fist was not all the way out but not in either. He pushed it back in. Whew. That was intense. He did that a couple times. Without warning I came. In my head I came. In my legs I came. My cock shot but nothing came out.

I jerked forward forcing his hand out of my hole. Yup, intense. As I gulped for air, his fist plunged back in. I didn't want it, but I did. Fucking intense. The big guy had scooped up some of my almost cum and precum and was feeding it to me. The Latin stood up and took the rubber off his hand. He hugged me. I pulled the big guy up and hugged him as well. I didn't want to hug, I just needed the bodies to support me. I was weak! My hole felt awesome. I was certain it should hurt, but it felt great. I might actually want more. The Latin read my mind and asked if I had another condom so he could do more. I smiled and told him later. I told both of them I needed a break.

I gathered my clothes from the filthy floor. And left, I dressed in the hall. A few new guys were there and watched. Okay, so they probably saw me take that fist. Well, at least they knew what they could get from me!

I went to the wash room and cleaned up. There was cock snot on my face. I decided to let it dry there. I did not want anyone else to make the mistake thinking I was too clean-cut. I took inventory. My nips were sore and feeling great. My cock was semi stiff and far from being done for the night. My ass was not at all sore-in fact, it was hungry!

Back in the big room, the big guy and the Latin were in a corner talking with a 40y.o. stud. They motioned me over. The stud sat down and the Latin guy ordered me to strip. Eh, okay I did. The stud opened his pants and the big guy pressed me to my knees. I went to work. Another avg. size cock with a tight foreskin. As I got under the hood I found a weeks worth of cheese. I almost gagged. Nope, I did gag a little. The stud chuckled. What kind of place did I find. These were serious pigs and I belonged!

The Latin forced my head forward. Now that I knew that the smeg was there I got a raging hardon. I grabbed the poppers and took a big hit. The stud took my head and forced my mouth back on his cock. I went to work eating the cock cheese. It was nasty and delicious. The Latin and big guy were jerking off and watching. I am sure they had no clue that I had found a pot of gold. The stud had his head back eyes closed and one paw tight on my neck to control my head. Once all the wonderful aged cheese was clear of the cock, I pulled the big guy down and kissed him sharing the mouthful of the foul prize. I quickly went back to the cock.

I worked stud until he came. Finally, a nice big load! I swallowed some and held some in my mouth. I kept him in my mouth until he pulled out. I stood, hard-on in front of me and shared the remaining load with the big guy. The Latin had worked a decent amount of precum from his cock and smeared it on my face and then used his hand to wipe the studs now limp dick and smeared that on me too.

The stud rapidly zipped up and exited. I went to pull on my pants. The Latin told me not to waste my time. Okay I was the only guy naked in this big, mostly empty room. I liked it. I felt like the biggest slut there and well...that is what I wanted to be that night.

The big guy motioned someone I hadn't noticed over. I stayed on my knees as the three stood around me. The new guy pulled his cock through his open fly. He must have been working this nice fat cock while he watched our little show. I went to suck him and he pushed me away and pulled the big guy to his knees then had us share the cock. I loved this cock. The guy was thuggish and cute, closer to my age. So far the best catch of the night! We sucked a little then the guy zipped up quick and pulled the big guy into a booth. That left the Latin and I.

I went to dress, but once again was told to stay naked by the Latin. I said, "For a conservative guy, you are way wilder than you look."

"Yea, well I don't get to New York much and the pigs in DC aren't as hot as you, you bring out the perv in me."

He said he wanted to fist me some more. I hesitated. He said I didn't get to make any decisions any more. I was to do everything he told me. Stay naked, suck who I was told to suck, get fucked by who he told me to, drink his piss when he was whatever I was told. Damn, this got me excited. I just really loved being treated like a whore. I like being a whore.

He took a chair in the middle of the room and told me to sit in a chair next to him. Instead I went to my knees next to him. He pulled my head to his cock. Okay, he was a grower. Earlier when I sucked him it wasn't that big, now it was getting much better. I liked his cock. He pulled my head back some and let out some pee. Damn, I gagged. It was foul, strong pee. When I caught my breath he just forced me back to suck more. There was piss dribbling down my chin. The Latin scooped it and wiped it on my chest and face.

As I was sucking him, the big guy came out of the booths and came over to me. He leaned over me and let a wad of cum run from his open mouth down to me. I gulped that load. Damn. Huge load. He pulled me up and scooped some cum from the side of his face and shoved his fingers into my mouth to lick it off. Delicious. Damn that thug had a lot of cum. The big guy went to the restroom and the Latin had me return to servicing his cock. I had a fresh load of cum on my tongue so I was inspired to earn the Latin's load. He watched the movie and I sucked. He finally came. Not a lot, but I was happy.

The big guy had returned from the bathroom and the Latin went to the bathroom. The big guy asked for my number. I entered it into his phone and he left. I went to the bathroom to clean up. The Latin was done washing and went to the foul toilet to piss. He pulled me over to watch. As he pissed he put his hand in it and smeared a good amount on me. I smiled.

We both went back to the big room. I sat down as I needed to give my jaw and ass a rest. I heard someone enter and turned to see a great looking guy. Tall, 25, dark hair, dark eyes, casually dressed but nice clothes. The hot guy went right to the booths. The Latin was there and the two went in a booth. I stood where I could watch the booths and the main movie. Another guy entered the big room. A fat guy in a suit. He cruised me. I would blow him, that was my mission, but in case the hot guy did not want what the Latin offered, I wanted to be there.

Lucky me, their booth door opened and the Latin came out. The hot guy followed with his cock sticking out of his pants. The Latin smiled at me. I joined them. The hot guy pushed me too my knees. His cock was quite large and had cum on the tip. I went to lick it off and he asked, "Tell me what you want bitch." He surprised me he had a very strong accent, my guess would be from Argentina. I smiled and tried to lick the pearl of cum. He slapped me. My cock got hard. "I told you to tell me what you want."

"Your cum. I want your cock and your cum." He grabbed the back of my head and forced my head onto his cock. He made me choke and tear. I loved it. Once again he held my head off his cock. "Tell me pig, what do you want me to do to you."

"Anything, you can do anything."

"You didn't say Sir." He zipped up and left. The guy in the business suit left too. The Latin guy laughed at my disappointment. He pulled me into a kiss. Ah, he had cum on his tongue. "He came, we were just playing with you.-Now get your clothes off so I can play with you some more."

What the hell. It was just the two of us again. I got naked in a booth. He took a condom and covered his small hand again. I told him I needed lube. He had a little pouch of lube. Ah. Poppers, lube and DAMN, that fist was in me again. He was not gentle this time. I was panting. He twisted and turned and tried to go further. I begged him to be as rough as he wanted but please no deeper. I kept the popper ready and just kept snorting it down and sucking up the fist.

The man who takes the money from upstairs appeared and was watching. He told the Latin to pull out and punch the hole so he could see the pucker. The Latin did. The guy from upstairs was furiously jacking. The Latin punched more cause he could see that it got this man hot. The Latin told him not to waste the load, "cum in his mouth when you are ready." The guy quickly pushed himself into the room and told the Latin, "Punch him harder." The sound of my ass hole taking a punch was loud and hot. I gasped and the guy shoved his long skinny dick in my mouth. I sucked. He came immediately. I big load! He pulled out and left quickly. I gulped for air. The Latin was being hard on my hole now and I begged him to slow for a minute. He did.

The tug had returned. And watched. "Damn that is sick. What a worthless piece of shit you got attached to your arm." He smiled and the light twinkled off his silver capped tooth. He left. I felt great. Sorry, but that shit turns me on-I could let a hot thug loser use me any time.

The Latin stepped out of the booth and motioned to a couple of guys that had come in to join. They came and watched from a distance and then went into a booth together. Time for more air.

I cleaned up and the Latin cleaned up. When we came out to the bathroom the Latin told me he was going. He wanted to hook up next time in town and all that. As he left a tall guy in a NYU sweatshirt came in followed moments later by a couple of older guys. The Latin came back thinking there was going to be fresh action.

The NYU guy and I were cruising each other by the booths. The older guys were ready to pounce. The Latin forced his way into the booth with NYU and got the kid to pull his pants down. Good cock and big ass. The Latin went down on the cock and pulled the kids cheeks apart. The guy loved it. The Latin was toying with his hole. The lain told me to eat his ass. I normally would not, but young guys with big asses are a huge turn on. I dove in. It was a nice clean hairy hole.

The Latin winked at me and left. The NYU boy said "fuck me". I stood up and dropped my pants. "Damn." He said, "That's huge. Biggest cock I ever saw here." He handed me a condom and I slipped it on and slipped into him. He was not tight. Thank god. I do have a big cock and I hate a too tight hole and I won't fuck a guy that whines about it hurting. There were no complaints. One of the older guys came over and NYU pushed him away. "Fuck me hard. I need a cock bad."

"Yea bitch, you like fat cock?"

"Oh yea, I been riding my fist dildo all weekend and I need the real thing so bad." I pounded harder and faster and came. What the fuck, I groaned loud as I came. The kid begged me to stay in him as he fisted himself off. I felt him clench my soft cock with his hole and knew he was coming. I reached in front and caught the cum in my hand. When he was finished I took his hand to my mouth and drank the load. He turned around and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He tasted fresh and I was rank.

"Thanks." "Thanks, hot." "You too." Mission accomplished.



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