When I was growing up, I always idolized my Uncle Rusty. Rusty was Mom's 'baby' brother, but even as a teenager he was by far the biggest and most powerful man on either side of my family. He was only a few years older than me, so he was more like a big brother than an uncle. Uncle Rusty was a good athlete, and his best sport was wrestling. I got Mom to take me to his high school matches, and he always wrestled last: in the heavyweight category. He was 6' 2' tall and 215 pounds of solid muscle, with far more hair on his chest than any of his team mates or opponents. The skimpy wrestling uniform showed off both the muscles and the bulge in his crotch to the maximum degree, and gazing at him induced my first stirring of budding male lust. Uncle Rusty was almost unbeatable in his junior and senior years, and I was his biggest fan.

When he came around to my house, I would always play-wrestle with him, wrapping my arms around his strong body and inhaling his manly smell. He would let me climb all over him, but he always ended up pinning me (like so many of his opponents) with a 'half-nelson': me flat on my back with his left arm wrapped around my head and his right arm between my legs so his hand reached up to my lower back. Although I always struggled when he had me pinned, I loved the way it made me feel; his chest against mine, my face pulled against his musty armpit, and his solid right bicep pressing against my hard dick.

One night at the end of the summer, just before he went away to college, he was babysitting me (my parents were over-protective, and I was an only child). 'Time for bed, Sport; get your pajamas on,' he said, as the TV show we were watching came to an end.

'No way, Uncle Rusty. I wanna stay up to watch the next show,' I said with mock defiance.

'Well,' he said, 'I'll just have to carry you upstairs and put them on you myself.' He plucked me off the couch and slung me over his broad shoulder; I wiggled to escape, but my heart pounded with excitement as I thought about Uncle Rusty stripping me nude as I struggled.

He threw me down on my bed and started pulling off my tee shirt as I laughed and twisted around just enough to play the game, but not enough to keep him from removing my clothes. In a minute, I was down to my white briefs and he said 'well, are you going to get in your pajamas now or do I need to keep going?'

'Betcha can't!' was my playful reply.

As I rolled onto my stomach, holding tight to the waistband of my underpants, he picked me up with one of his strong arms around my stomach and yanked down my jockey shorts with a quick jerk, revealing my squirming skinny butt. Then he laid me down across his muscular thighs as he sat down on the edge of my bed. 'You've been so naughty,' he said with a grin 'you need to be spanked'. He started swatting his hand (not very hard) on my bare ass, and I was twisting my body around to get away. Suddenly I rolled over on his lap and there was my cock, as stiff and long as I had ever seen it. Uncle Rusty's face turned a little red, but his eyes stayed focused on my boner. I was breathing heavily, excited from the strenuous playing, aroused by the feelings in my deliciously-stiff boner, and loving the way Rusty was staring at it.

'Hey,' he said finally; 'time for those pajamas!' and rolled me off his lap. As he got up, I saw him reach down to adjust his pants to try and conceal the bulge that was there. 'Goodnight, Sport' he called as he quickly left the room, leaving me to fantasize about things I didn't yet fully understand.

With college and summer jobs out-of-town, Uncle Rusty wasn't around as much for the next few years. I still loved to rough-house with him whenever he came to visit on vacations, though. One time he came over around Thanksgiving and rolled up his sleeve to show me his massive right bicep; a Greek letter ('lambda', he said), three inches high, had been branded onto his arm with a hot iron. Uncle Rusty explained that the ancient Greeks were the greatest civilization the world had ever known and wrestling was their favorite sport. Lambda, he explained, was the ancient symbol for the warriors of Sparta, who were the best fighters and best wrestlers. Several other members of the wrestling team at the university had also gotten the brand at the same time. I ran my finger over the raised scar and thought it was the coolest, most manly thing I had ever seem; it made guys with tattoos on their arms look like wimps.

I was a 'late bloomer' sexually, and hit puberty several years after a lot of the guys I observed in the showers at school. One night in bed I was stroking my cock and fantasizing, as usual, about Uncle Rusty. My mind kept going back and forth between images of him on the wrestling mat dominating an opponent (whose identity my mind quickly transformed into me), of him spanking my squirming bare ass, of displaying my hard cock to him, and having fantasies about him doing things to it that drove me crazy with lust. I kept stroking myself faster and faster, my mind racing with fantasy images, and my body riding a wave of pure pleasure. My first-ever orgasm exploded with an intensity I could hardly believe, and drops of cum sprayed up onto my chest. God, I wished Uncle Rusty could have been there for real!

It wasn't too many months later that my wish came true. One afternoon when I came home from school, Mom said to me 'your Uncle Rusty called today and offered to take you backpacking for a couple days over Spring Vacation. If you want to go, it's ok with your Dad and me.' 'Do I?!' I almost shouted. 'That'll be so cool!'

Rusty was a senior in college then, and he'd just finished up his college wrestling career at a big university in North Carolina with a first place in the conference tournament. He was even more of a solid block of muscle than in high school, while I was a skinny 18-year-old kid who looked several years younger... not yet to my full height, and with very little in the way of muscles. When Mom kissed me goodbye and I hopped in Uncle Rusty's car, I was bubbling over with excitement.

'Tell me all about the backpacking trip, Uncle Rusty,' I begged. He said we'd be camping in a national forest in western North Carolina, and the weather looked to be warm in the daytime and cool at night. On the second day, we would be joined at the campsite by Brian, Rusty's best friend from college, and Brian's young buddy Todd, who was about my age. I'd never met either of them before, but Rusty assured me that we'd all get along great. He had borrowed a backpack for me and already had the tent, an extra sleeping bag, and all the other gear.

At the head of the trail where we parked the car, Uncle Rusty loaded almost all of the equipment in his own backpack. I was just carrying my sleeping bag and extra clothes. Still, he lifted up his heavy pack as if it were empty and swung it onto his back. 'Let's go, Sport,' he said as he started walking down the trail. He'd hiked these mountains lots of times and knew some good places that weren't on any trail map. Walking behind him, I watched the muscles in his muscular legs flex with each stride, and my mind wandered to sexual thoughts (as it often did anyway). I soon popped a boner and rubbed my hand gently along the front of my shorts. I was so distracted by sensual thoughts and feelings that I walked right into Uncle Rusty when he stopped to take a rest beside a wide creek running through the thick woods.

Pulling off our packs, hiking boots, and socks, we sat on the bank and dangled our feet in the water. 'Let's really cool off,' said Rusty; 'this part of the creek is deep enough to swim in.' He peeled off his tee shirt, quickly dropped his shorts and underwear, and waded out to the middle of the cool stream.

Despite my sexual fantasies about Uncle Rusty, I didn't want him to see that I had a boner; he might think I was a queer (a matter that was a toss-up in my own mind). So I said 'no, I'll just sit here.'

Rusty waded back over with a smile on his face and said 'don't be a wuss; remember that time you didn't want to get in your pajamas? Do I need to help you get out of your clothes again?' In a moment he was standing in front of me in the water, and in a scene right out of my jack-off fantasies he began to pull off my pants. This time I didn't resist, raising my hips as the pants and white briefs slid down my thighs. Even if I didn't already have a boner, I'm sure this erotic deja vu would have instantly produced one.

Spying my hard-on, Uncle Rusty remarked 'Hmmm..., just like that other time; but you've grown since then, Sport. How about if I get mine hard too?'

'Sure!' I replied, a little too enthusiastically, and watched as he began to stroke on his dangling hose of a dick.

Quickly, his rod began to lengthen, thicken, and rise up under the urging of his fingers. No longer embarrassed by my arousal, I proudly showed off my slender 5 inch erection as Uncle Rusty climbed up on the stream bank, water dripping from his body, his 9-inch cock rising powerfully from the dense mat of reddish pubic hair, and his walnut-size balls pulled up tight from the cold water. Like me, he was circumcised, but his thick pole made my dick look puny. He sat down next to me and said 'you've got a really nice cock there, Sport. How about we feel each other up?' I said nothing, but reached over and wrapped my hand around Uncle Rusty's impressive rod, feeling the heat coming from it even though it still dripped with cool water.

We lay side-by-side, with Uncle Rusty's right arm around my shoulder. I nestled my head against his heavily-muscled upper chest as we slowly jacked each other's hard dicks. I marveled at how the circumference of my uncle's massive rod was too great for my hand to fit around. Uncle Rusty said 'let me give you a treat'. He turned his body around so his head was just above my quivering cock. I watched as his tongue gently bathed my cock, all along the shaft and especially on the cock-head. Then he took me in his mouth, and all 5 inches disappeared. Each time his head bobbed up and down, his lips and tongue stimulated the nerve endings along my teenage erection until I moaned loudly from the intense sensations. Uncle Rusty then took my balls in his mouth and teased them with his tongue. Then he pulled up my legs and brought his tongue into contact with my puckered virgin asshole. I just about jumped out of my skin from the blast of erotic stimulation it caused when he licked all around and then pushed the tip of his tongue against the clenched muscle.

Switching back to suck my dick, he slid a spit-slick finger all around my twitching asshole as I squirmed with erotic delight at the feeling and pulled my legs up to give him better access. He slowly inserted his finger deep into my ass and massaged a spot that produced an electric shock of pure erotic pleasure throughout my body. As Uncle Rusty's finger wiggled around deep inside my gyrating butt, his mouth was bringing me to a new level of ecstasy.

The only thing that pulled me out of my erotic dream world was the nearness of Uncle Rusty's rigid pole to my face and my desire to give this man pleasure. As I held Uncle Rusty's straining cock in both hands, I breathed in the aroma of raw male sex and of the clean mountain stream water that clung in beads to his dense pubic hair.

Uncle Rusty pulled his mouth off my cock long enough to say 'lick it all over and then concentrate on the head; be careful you don't scrape me with your teeth.' I was glad to know what to do and went at it with a hunger to give pleasure that nearly matched my hunger to receive it. Even so, our 69 session was pretty one-sided; Uncle Rusty slowed his pace, but kept sucking me deep into his mouth as I licked his rod like a lollipop. I felt like I was on the edge of cumming for a very long time and my mind and body were awash with intense stimulation. I licked roughly at the piss-slit and then opened my mouth wide to take in his cock, licking all around the sensitive skin of his cock-head. My lips glided up and down over the first two inches of Uncle Rusty's delicious boner, concentrating on the sensitive ridge . I felt Uncle Rusty's body tense with the sensations I was causing, and his mouth worked harder and faster on my teenage dick. That sent me over the edge, and I shouted as my cock started pumping cum into my uncle's greedy mouth, my hips thrusting wildly to push deeper into his throat, and my asshole clenching hard around his finger every time my dick pulsed another shot of cum.

Uncle Rusty must have known that my virgin mouth couldn't suck on his thick cock for too long, so he pulled out after he had sucked me dry. 'I'll finish myself off,' he said, 'but there's something I want you to do.'

'Sure, Uncle Rusty' I replied breathlessly; 'I'll do anything you ask.'

'Stick your finger in your bottom like I was doing to you and move it in and out.' I lay on my back with my legs pulled up and slid a finger in; it gave me an immediate erotic rush that caused my penis to twitch. Uncle Rusty positioned himself on his knees between my legs and stroked his beautiful big erection with one hand, while the other hand cupped and squeezed his balls. The vision made me start to get hard again, only minutes after I had shot a load. 'Now use two fingers' instructed Uncle Rusty, and I was pleased to discover that two felt even better than one. I continued to finger-fuck my hole and began jacking off with my other hand, watching my ruggedly handsome uncle pleasure himself in long strokes on his 9-inch pole.

We both picked up the pace at the same time, as I felt my second orgasm welling up inside me. Uncle Rusty's hand raced up and down on the top third of his cock, his right bicep flexing with the building tension. Then cum exploded from my uncle's rod, the first spurt hitting my face, and the rest spattering all over my cock, balls, asshole, and hands. As he grunted with lust, I finished myself off using his slippery cum to lube my dick and my ass-fucking fingers. In a few seconds, I too was overtaken by a crashing orgasm. I lay back, exhausted, watching Uncle Rusty's erection slowly subside as he smiled down on me.

'You like the way it feels when you have something in your ass, don't you,' stated Uncle Rusty with a grin.

'Yeah' I replied, a little embarrassed at just how much I liked it.

'You know, tonight I could put my cock in your ass, and it would feel really good for both of us. It's the way men have sex with each other,' he said in a soothing voice.

I was startled at the thought of his thick rod inside my body, but I said 'I'll do it if you want me to, Uncle Rusty.'

'Tell you what, Sport; I've got something in my backpack that will stretch you out a little, and we can have real sex tonight.' He pulled out a plastic butt-plug and a small bottle of lubricant. Lubing the toy up well, he spread my legs and eased it into my hole. It gave me a strange, but not unpleasant sensation, and I asked 'what now?'

'Just keep it in there while we hike the rest of the way if you can. If it gets uncomfortable, we can take it out anytime.'

As I walked along, I quickly got accustomed to the feeling of fullness created by the plug. In fact, my mind kept wandering to fantasies of Uncle Rusty fucking me in the ass, and my dick was frequently hard for the whole rest of the hike.

We hiked deep into the forest, sometimes in areas that didn't even have a trail. It was almost dusk when we got to the spot that Uncle Rusty said 'belonged' to him and his friend Brian. There was a good-sized flat clearing with a fire ring of stones from the nearby creek. He set up camp while I collected firewood in the forest. When I got back with an armload of sticks, Uncle Rusty had already started a small fire and had spread the two sleeping bags out on the ground and zipped them together to make one large bed. 'Come over here, Sport,' he instructed, and I dropped the wood and ran over to him. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and I drank in the sight of his bulging, hairy pectoral muscles.

'Strip nude for me, Sport; I want to see that good-looking cock again,' he said, and stood there with his hands resting on his hips. I was a little embarrassed, but the primary emotion was excitement as I pulled the tee shirt off my skinny, hairless chest and then slowly lowered my pants and undershorts. I looked down and watched my dick rise in a graceful arc as it instantly pumped to a full erection. Uncle Rusty stood in front of me and ran his hands through my hair, over my shoulders and chest, and then gently fondled my cock and balls. 'Undo my pants, Sport. Get down on your knees and pull them down,' he instructed.

I knelt before him, unbuttoning, unzipping, and slowly peeling the cut-off jeans down over his muscular thighs. To my delight, Uncle Rusty wasn't wearing underpants, and his hose-like penis dangled invitingly right in front of my face.

'Use your mouth; get me hard,' he said, putting his hand behind my head to draw me closer.

Cupping his loose-hanging ball-sack with one hand, I grasped my uncle's large, soft penis with the other, feeling it pulse with lustful vitality. My lips encircled the cock-head and my tongue danced over smooth, hot skin. With a sense of wonder and exhilaration I felt the magnificent tool begin to pump full of hot blood. Wanting to please Uncle Rusty, I took his thick cock as deep as I could in my overstuffed mouth, moving up and down on the upper shaft with my lips as I stroked the lower shaft vigorously with both hands, one above the other.

Uncle Rusty suddenly pulled my head off his throbbing meat. 'Whoa, Sport. You're getting me so hot I might shoot my load right now if you don't let up. You sure know how to make your Uncle Rusty feel good!'

I glowed with pride and excitement, waiting for what would come next. I stayed on my knees on the sleeping bag while Uncle Rusty backed off and threw some more wood on the fire. It was getting dark, and the air was getting chilly, so the light and warmth of the flames made the environment perfect.

'Lie down and pull your legs back, Sport. Time to pull the plug.' I had grown so used to having the butt plug over the past several hours that I had almost forgotten that it was there, stretching my asshole and bowels. I looped my arms around the backs of my knees, exposing my pink asshole. Uncle Rusty gently eased the plug past the circle of muscle, causing a jolt of sexual sensation that made my stiff penis pulse with pleasure. The emptiness in my rectum produced a strong desire to be filled again -- and I knew I wanted it to be filled by Uncle Rusty's 9-inch rod.

After tossing the plug aside, Uncle Rusty knelt down between my legs and placed his hands on my slender ass cheeks, pulling them apart. His mouth dipped down, and I felt the incredible sensation of the tip of his tongue sliding into my stretched hole, probing in and out and licking at the nerve endings that lay just beneath the puckered skin of my asshole. Then, sitting back on his heels, Uncle Rusty reached for a small bottle of lubricant, applied it generously to his cock and my ass, and positioned himself at the gate of my virgin hole.

'You'll need to relax the muscle as I slide in, Sport. Kinda push out while I ease in, and it'll be fine.' I nodded my understanding, and he began to push slowly but firmly, pausing every half-inch or so. I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt some, but the pain was mixed with a warm glow of pleasure that built as more and more of the thick 9 inches entered me. I closed my eyes and let my head swirl with these new and exciting sensations.

When Uncle Rusty stopped moving altogether, I opened my eyes to see him staring down at my face. 'I'm all the way in you, Sport. You doing ok?'

'Yeah; I'm doing fine,' I gasped.

Then he leaned down and licked my ear lightly and whispered 'you're fantastic; ready for a good fuck?'

'I'd do anything with you, Uncle Rusty.'

'Alright; let's go!' he said, and proceeded to pull his cock slowly out about half way, then sank it back in until his thick pubic hair tickled my asshole. He took it slow for the first several minutes, but gradually picked up speed. The stinging sensation soon subsided as my fuck-hole became accustomed to the length and thickness of my uncle's stiff rod. Before long, he was plowing my ass with long strokes, his face and hairy chest glistening with beads of sweat that caught the light of the campfire. Uncle Rusty's heavy balls slapped against my ass with each in-stroke, the sound mingling with the grunts and moans coming from our mouths.

I was mesmerized by the overwhelming physical sensation of having my body completely taken over by my powerful uncle. My own cock pulsed with lust as I jacked myself to the edge of orgasm, holding myself at the brink with a few quick strokes, pausing, then a few more jerks. All the while, this bull of a man was driving his slippery cock again and again deep into my virgin ass, vocalizing his lust and dripping sweat onto my hairless chest.

I cried out with pleasure at every fast, hard stroke of his thick cock 'Oh!... Yeah!... Oh!... God!...Yes!... Fuck!!' Several times it popped out, only to thrust back in to the hilt.

Suddenly he stopped, with his cock deep inside me. Breathing hard, he said 'grab me around the neck and wrap your legs around my waist.' When I did as he had instructed, he rose up off the ground, holding me with a hand on each ass cheek, and stood before the campfire, his powerful cock buried within me. Uncle Rusty held my 125-pound body as if it were a feather pillow and began once again to fuck his massive cock in and out of my tight, slippery hole. I held on tight to his thick muscular neck and flexed my legs to raise my ass up with each of Uncle Rusty's out-strokes, then lowered back down as he thrust his meat back in. Uncle Rusty's mouth found mine, and our lips pressed together, then our tongues swirled and probed against each other. I was delirious with passion, sucking my uncle's tongue and feeling him dominate my body totally. My own cock brushed back and forth against the thick, sweaty hair on his belly, keeping me close to orgasm.

'Oh yeah... here it cums!' he shouted as he pumped savagely inside my ass, and his cock spewed pulse after pulse of hot cum deep into my body. This put me over the edge too, and my teenage dick pumped a spray of cum onto his thick chest hair. He sank to his knees, his cock still spearing my ass, and lay me down on my back. Using his finger to wipe a glop of my cum off his chest, he licked it off, swirled it on his tongue, and then brought his mouth to mine to share the fluid. With his meat still inside me, he rolled both of us over so that I was on top of him, still kissing, clenching my ass muscle rhythmically on his softening penis.

I dozed off lying there on top of him, and when I awoke I was in the tent and it was morning. I had been so exhausted that Uncle Rusty had moved me without my waking up. He knelt beside me with a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast, all cooked over the campfire. Getting out of the sleeping bag, I looked around for my clothes.

'I want you to stay naked, Sport,' said Rusty. 'Do it as a favor to me, ok?'

I thought for a minute and asked 'what about when Brian and Todd get here?'

Uncle Rusty just said 'it'll be ok; just wait and see.'

Fortunately the day warmed up quickly, because I didn't wear anything but my socks and hiking boots. Also, it was too early in the year for mosquitos - another lucky break. I was like a puppy dog following Uncle Rusty around, eager to do whatever he suggested, and (also like a puppy) being frequently petted when I pleased him. Of course the petting included caressing strokes to my cock and ass, as well as hugs against his solid body and sloppy tongue-to-tongue kisses.

To my disappointment, there was no fucking, sucking, or jerking off all morning and into the afternoon. I gloried in the freedom from clothing, however, feeling proud that Uncle Rusty admired my body and enjoying the sensuous feeling of my dick bouncing around in the warm air as I walked and ran. We explored the woods, climbed to the tops of rocky hills, and fished in the stream. It seemed like we were the only two people in the whole world, and that my nudity was totally natural.

It was late-afternoon when we heard someone calling Rusty's name. Uncle Rusty wrapped his strong arm around my shoulder and said 'looks like our camping buddies are here.'

My nakedness suddenly felt very awkward and embarrassing, and as the two hikers walked up to us, I hid my crotch with both hands. There before me stood Brian: a herculean specimen of muscular development, every bit as impressive as Uncle Rusty. He was a ruggedly handsome dark-haired college senior who was Rusty's wrestling teammate and best friend. And beside him was Todd, a slender teenager with delicate features, a healthy tan, and an unruly mop of bond hair. He had a sort of half-smile on his face as he saw my embarrassment.

Uncle Rusty looked down at me, saw that I was covering myself, and said in a low but firm voice 'hands to your sides, Sport; now!' I removed the shield and felt my cock rising to attention as Brian and Todd stared down at it.

'So this must be Billy,' Brian said in a friendly voice. 'I guess it's not fair for you to be the only bare-ass camper here. Todd, strip down.' The slender 18-year-old boy gave a little shrug and immediately pulled off his shirt, pants, and underwear, putting his hiking boots back on. He had a beautiful circumcised dick and a modest growth of dark blond pubic hair, but his slender frame was otherwise devoid of body hair. I also noticed that his tan extended to the area of his body normally covered by a bathing suit; obviously he had also discovered the pleasures of running around outside without a stitch of clothing. Now he was the one being stared at and he too popped a boner that he made no effort to hide. His erection was slender and rose up just a little taller than mine -- maybe 5-1/2 inches.

'Me and Brian are going into the tent to relax,' said Rusty, giving Brian a wink. 'Why don't you boys take off and play around the woods till it starts getting dark in an hour or so. We'll call you, so don't go too far.'

Todd and I ran off together and I showed him some of the places I'd explored earlier. I raced him to the top of a steep hill, and we both flopped down on our backs on the moss-covered ground, out of breath and exhilarated. After a long pause, Todd asked 'so how long have you been Rusty's boy?'

I didn't know what he meant and said something intelligent, like 'huh?'

Todd said 'you know; how long's he been fucking you?'

I was flustered and muttered that yesterday was the first time I'd ever been fucked, by anybody. In fact, I told him, before yesterday the most I ever did was beat off by myself in my bedroom.

Todd said 'I've been Brian's boy for almost a year. I met him when I joined this program that matches athletes at the college with high school kids who don't have dads, and we really hit it off.' I asked him to tell me what it was like being somebody's 'boy'.

'It's really cool!' Todd said. 'He takes me to the beach on weekends and we go to movies, basketball games, and arcades and stuff. And of course there's the sex. He has the hardest body and the nicest cock of anyone I've ever been with, and just thinking about him makes my asshole hungry for another fuck. Even before I got together with Brian, I was a real boy-slut. I kinda had a reputation at my high school for being willing to suck or fuck with any guy who asked me. The first day Brian and I were together, I thought I would need to seduce him to get him to have sex. Turned out that he was already hot for guys, so we were a perfect match.'

Listening to Todd, and sneaking looks at his beautiful body was making me really horny, and wondered how to ask Todd if we could play around. We lay on our sides there on the hilltop, without speaking but feeling a growing erotic charge. As I thought of how to frame my question, he read my mind and said 'Looks like we both have boners, Billy. Wanna do some stuff?'

A warm rush went through my body, and without a word I reached over and ran my hand over his smooth, hairless chest. He grinned and scooted over so that our naked bodies nestled together and we held each other in a tender embrace. Our cocks touched, and I pressed my hips forward with an urgency to be close to this boy I had just met. We kissed hungrily, our tongues diving deep into each other's mouth, and our hands eagerly explored each other's bodies. Todd was so different from Uncle Rusty - his body so slender, small-boned, and smooth. His cock felt a lot like my own, and I stroked and squeezed it lovingly.

'Let's suck each other!' Todd said after an extended make-out session, and he flipped his body so we lay on our sides in opposite directions. I licked all around the head of his perfect erection and brought my lips slowly down on his shaft, then pulling back to the top, and then sliding down a little farther along his tasty meat. I marveled at how good his dick felt in my mouth. My tongue bathed Todd's teenage erection all over as I experimented with taking him deeper, into my throat. Meanwhile, Todd was busy working his experienced lips and tongue over my cock, drawing forth surges of sexual pleasure with an intensity I had never before felt.

We were just getting going really good when I heard a loud whistle off in the distance, and then our names being called.

'We better head back' I said reluctantly. As we approached the campsite, we could see the fire was blazing and all four sleeping bags were spread out in front of it. Brian and Uncle Rusty were also now naked, and their hairy muscular bodies glowed in the light of the fire.

'Well, Rusty; do you think these boys are ready for some wrestling?' asked Brian in a knowing tone.

'I do believe they are,' said Uncle Rusty, 'but we're going to do this the way the ancient Greeks liked to -- nude and oiled.' He reached into his backpack and removed a half-gallon jug of cooking oil as Brian removed a large sheet of clear plastic tarp from his pack. Spreading the tarp out on top of the sleeping bags created a 10' x 10' wrestling mat right next to the warm, glowing fire.

'Stand up men,' said Uncle Rusty in a hearty voice to Todd and me. 'Time to get oiled up.' He unscrewed the top and poured liberal amounts of the corn oil over Todd's and my bodies. Brian and Uncle Rusty helped us spread the oil so that it covered every inch of our torsos and upper legs. They paid particular attention to our dicks and asses, and we both quickly sprang boners.

'Time to wrestle!' said Brian in a loud, cheerful voice. 'The winner gets his asshole rimmed out by the loser.'

I had done some wrestling a few years back, in PE class at school, and had continued to watch the high school varsity at home, even after Uncle Rusty graduated. As Todd and I grabbed at each other's slippery bodies, I felt that I had the upper hand in terms of knowledge, but we were evenly matched in strength. I managed to get my arms around Todd's knees and brought him to the mat, and we squirmed and rolled all around on the tarp, which was now also slick with the oil. My hard cock kept sliding against Todd's body, and my competitive energy merged with an increasing amount of teenage lust. When I glanced up at Brian and Uncle Rusty, I saw that they too had oiled their bodies. As they watched me and Todd wrestle, the college men were groping each other's massive erections and rubbing their oiled bodies together.

I managed to turn Todd over on his back (more from his inexperience at wrestling than from my skill) and pinned his body down with my own, our oiled boners grinding against each other. Todd stopped struggling, and we both relaxed the fighting tension in our bodies, settling into each other's arms with me still on top, humping my straining hard prick against his.

'Good match, guys' said Uncle Rusty. 'Now it's time for Brian and me to hit the mat.'

Todd and I stepped off the plastic tarp and the two muscular, hairy college wrestlers crashed against each other like bighorn mountain sheep colliding. Only their good-natured challenges and boasts prevented the display of fiercely powerful competition from looking like gladiators fighting to the death. Both men were sporting erections -- Uncle Rusty's a thick 9 inches and Brian not far behind with an impressive 8 inches -- proving that their display of hyper-masculinity was as much sexual as athletic. Their flexing muscles glowed orange as the flickering campfire light reflected off the oil and sweat that covered them.

In a move that I recognized from his high school wrestling days, Uncle Rusty's hands grabbed Brian by the wrist and armpit, pulled down and to the side, and he spun around so that he was behind Brian's back. With an arm around Brian's upper abdomen, Uncle Rusty reached down with the other hand and grabbed his friend's cock. In another moment, he tripped the startled Brian off his feet, the two huge young men went crashing to the mat with such force that I could feel the ground shake under me.

The advantage clearly belonged to Uncle Rusty, and he pressed his shoulder roughly into the middle of Brian's back, rising on his toes to apply maximum pressure as he used both hands to pry Brian's left arm behind his back. Inching the captured arm up the big man's back quickly produced the expected result.

'I give!' shouted Brian in pain. He added 'I see you learned a trick or two since the last time we wrestled.'

Uncle Rusty replied 'damn straight, buddy; you were lucky that last time, but your ass is mine tonight. Now lift it up so I can get my payback.'

And as Todd and I watched, Brian raised his ass in submission. Uncle Rusty still held Brian in an arm-lock as he positioned his rock-hard meat at his best friend's fuck hole. Looking over at us boys, Uncle Rusty said 'now that wasn't wrestling by-the-rules, but it's a little game that Brian and I play. Sometime he wins, sometimes me; and this is what the winner gets....' At that moment Uncle Rusty plunged his oiled cock deep into Brian's upraised ass, then pulled back and thrust in again and again, fast and hard.

Watching these powerful young men as they rutted with animal lust, I felt a vicarious thrill of victory and domination and suddenly remembered I hadn't claimed the 'prize' from my victory over Todd.

'Hey, you owe me a tongue-job, man!' I said, as I lay down on my back on the tarp next to the fuck-crazed college wrestlers and lifted my legs back to expose the puckered pleasure spot.

Todd obediently knelt down between my legs and proceeded to worship my sensitive asshole by licking all around the rim and then pushing the tip of his tongue into the opening. I thrashed around in sexual overload, flexing it open to receive his probing tongue as deeply as it could reach. After a few minutes of delirium, I grabbed handfuls of his flowing blond hair, lowered my legs, and pulled his face up to my raging hardon. 'Blow me, Todd!' I said in a demanding voice, and again he obeyed with an eagerness to serve my sexual needs.

Todd's mouth enveloped my hard dick, and his tongue and lips played the smooth, hot skin like a musical instrument, plunging down so my cockhead was squeezed by his throat, then pulling back up to nibble at my piss-slit, then sliding his cute mouth down my shaft again until his nose nuzzled my sparse bush of pubic hair. I looked up at Uncle Rusty as he fucked away at Brian's upraised ass; our eyes met and he gave me a wink and a smile.

Todd pressed two oil-slick fingers against my asshole and then snaked them inside. Like Uncle Rusty had, Todd knew the right spot to stimulate with his fingertips, and simultaneously he put his mouth into blow-job overdrive. I thrust my hips up with desperate urgency and felt the inevitable tide of orgasm begin to rush through my body. Letting out a shout of pure lust, I felt the floodgates open as cum pulsed deeply into Todd's slurping mouth and gulping throat.

Seeing my ecstasy sent Uncle Rusty over the edge too, and he roared out like a wild animal, his voice echoing into the deep forest. He collapsed onto Brian's back, only then releasing his friend from the immobilizing arm-lock.

When Uncle Rusty rolled off of Brian's back, Brian sat up and rubbed his sore left arm and said 'you got me good, buddy; but now I'm so horny I can't even see straight.'

Hearing these words, Todd released my softening cock from his mouth and knelt at his mentor's side.

'That's my boy!' said the big wrestler, tousling the slender 18-year-old's straw-colored hair. 'Climb on board.' And as Brian leaned back on his elbows, Todd straddled the man's body, held Brian's hard cock up straight, and lowered himself down until all 8 inches of oiled man-meat were buried in Todd's hungry asshole.

I went over to where Uncle Rusty sat, and he pulled me onto his lap, my back to his chest, so we could watch together. Todd's slender legs flexed rhythmically, raising and lowering his ass on Brian's long slippery rod. Brian reached up and grabbed the boy's stiff penis and began to jack up and down in firm strokes, bringing gasps of pleasure from Todd. Uncle Rusty's hands roamed over my lean body and his lips nuzzled my neck and ear as we watched the erotic show being acted out in front of us.

Brian's hand flew rapidly along the shaft of Todd's boner, and Todd leaned back, steadying himself with his hands on Brian's raised knees. Suddenly, shots of cum spurted from the teenager's pulsing dick, even as he continued to ride the cock like a rodeo cowboy. When the last drops of cum had been squeezed out by Brian's stroking hand, Todd fell forward onto the man's chest, their lips came together, and their tongues greedily probed each other's mouth. Grabbing Todd's tight, rounded ass cheeks with his powerful hands, Brian began to hump his own hips up to meet the boy's downward strokes. Both of them were consumed with passion, and I watched as a massive climax shook Brian's body. Todd bent his head back, feeling the pulsing cock fill his ass with hot cum.

I rotated myself on Uncle Rusty's lap so that I was facing him with my legs around his waist. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I whispered in his ear 'I love you, Uncle Rusty.' He hugged me tightly and we kissed. All four of us watched the fire burn down to glowing embers. Finally, we reluctantly rose up, grabbed our sleeping bags, and retreated to the two tents for the night. I nestled in the comfort of Uncle Rusty's powerful arms as I quickly drifted off into contented slumber.



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