Back in the Game

by Bill Drake

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"Damn, bro... you got magic hands." 

Kent Green said it as a joke, but it was true. His best friend Bryan knew how to give a fucking neck message. And after going hard on shoulders at the gym, his buddy's strong fingers were working out the knot just right. 

"I must be doing something right, bro. You're getting a fucking boner."

Kent blushed. He was close with Bry, but over the last half a year had gotten closer. He still had a lot of hang ups, though. "Sorry, man."

"Don't be sorry," Bryan said. His voice was crazy deep, deeper than Kent's still frat-bro affect. That baritone also fed his boner. "I like getting you hard, man." Those fingers were working deeper into Kent's traps now. "When was the last time you got laid?"

"You mean besides us fooling around?"

"Yeah, bro. Besides that."

Kent let out a sigh. "Fuck, Bryan. Too long. Ten, maybe eleven months?" He turned his head to look back. Bryan had a great body but was more regular looking, not a pretty boy. But the 25-year-old had a gruff handsomeness that grew on you. Kent tried not to crush out on his workout buddy and just enjoy the sex that happened when it happened. "I guess I'm a little messed up."

Bryan gave him a wry smile and removed his hands, patting the platelike pecs of Kent's chest. Kent had a leaner, taller build than Bryan but the dude's muscle was harder, more compact even. Bry sometimes teased his bud for being the golden boy - blond, college educated, from a well-off background. They were polar opposites in a lot of ways but had bonded at the serious bro gym they went to. Working out together, even cycling together.

"Not messed up, dude," Bryan assured him. "I just hate to see a dude like you blue balled."

Kent laughed. He leaned into Bryan's warm, muscular body. He had a good feeling sex was gonna happen. Post-workout sex, which was the best kind. But neither man was rushing it. "What about you, bro? You getting laid?"

"Yup," came that deep voice. Then with hesitation, Bryan added, "I gotta boyfriend, actually."

That made Kent's body tense. They'd never talked about being gay. Kent, for the record, wasn't or at least didn't think of himself that way. He'd compartmentalized the fucking around with Bryan, too. Now his friend was putting it all out there.

"That's cool," he said softly. 

"Am I weirding you out, bro?" Bryan asked. That baritone almost scratchy soft in its question. 

"A little. But not really," Kent said. The spell had been broken, though, he scooted up away from Bryan, turning to face forward on the couch. He still had the erection his buddy's hands had given him, but that wouldn't be going down fast. "Sorry, man," he started. "I'm a little messed up in the head."

Bryan grimaced and nodded. "I guess I'm not the best at respecting the bro code," he said with a self-deprecating laugh. He settled back into his previous seating position, from before he offered the neck massage. But Kent could see that telltale thick rod poking up Bry's workout shorts, too. 

Kent wished he didn't feel the sexual attraction he did. "So... who is this guy?"

"His name's Chris," Bryan said. Bashful as he spoke, but it was weird for Kent to see an almost kidlike glee in that gruff dude face as Bryan described his love interest. "He's kind of a normal dude, not a muscle guy like us... we've been going out for a couple months now."

That surprised Kent. "What the fuck? For real?" Then, "does he know about... you know..." he gestured between him and Bry.

Bryan nodded. "Not specifically, but he knows I play around. He does too when he travels."

"That's cool," Kent said. He felt dumb, and wondered if gay dudes were always easygoing like that. 

The two sat on the sofa, a little awkward, but that sexual chemistry not yet gone as their eye contact grew heavier. 

"Bro..." Bryan started. "You wanna fool around? Like I say, Chris is cool with it. He's probably nailing some dude in a hotel room in Miami right now," he added with a chuckle.

Kent thought for a second. The gay thing added a layer of doubt to all of this, but at the end of the day this was still Bryan. He knew they could have fun and still be buds after. He gave a nod and shot Bryan a grin. "If you're up for it, bro... yeah, I'm pretty hard up right now."

"Hell yeah you are," Bryan grinned as he stood up off the couch, his boner pretty hard. He peeled off his workout shirt and involuntarily flexed a little as he tossed it aside. He was on a gaining cycle, as was Kent, but his beefy genes made the bulk that much bigger and more vascular looking. 

Kent took in the vision and decided if he was gonna be gay for a dude, this was the kind of man he was into. A muscle guy like him. Even bigger than him. He stood up and followed suit, and by the time his shirt cleared his head, Bryan's hands were on his chest, lightly dusted with blond fur. 

"You decided to stop shaving," Bryan observed, his fingers exploring the striated muscle be beneath the soft hair. 

"Yeah," Kent chuckled. "Too much fucking work."

Bryan looked up from the chest and into Kent's eyes. His own brown eyes playful and a smile forming on that gruff face. "You think you could help me out this weekend? Chris likes me smooth."

This was weird as fuck, Kent thought, but he was strangely turned on. "Yeah, bro," he said. And like that the two buddies were lip locked. And Kent was now openly feeling up that magnificent bulking bod. Indeed he could feel the bristle short chest hairs starting to come in, and he imagined all that Bryan Walker beef shaved baby smooth...

"Let's take it to the bedroom, bro," Bryan hissed, reaching down to cup his buddy's erection for a second before stepping back and leading the way.

It had been a couple of months since they'd done this. Usually it was a quick BJ swap. But Kent felt a thrill as he watched that bulked up back and that meaty ass, evident beneath the gym shorts even. And fuck, even Bry's hamstrings and calved were off the charts. An inspiration. 

The two twenty-something men were horny but they took their time. Getting naked, embracing on Bryan's queen sized bed, rolling around, making out. For all of Kent's hang ups, he'd never balked at the kissing part. Maybe because it was hard wired to his dick. Or maybe because he liked the way it just felt different kissing a man than a woman. Even when Bryan shaved, the dude had a lot of stubble.

Bryan Walker had fucked Kent, twice. It was OK, Kent guessed, but decided he liked it better the other way, and once Bry had made it clear he wasn't keeping score, that it wasn't tit for tat, it became a regular thing that Kent would do the plowing, and Bryan would give up his muscle ass for his buddy. 

This was how it was gonna play out tonight. Bryan leaning back, relaxed, legs spread wide as he let Kent lube and finger him good. Nice and slow, both men enjoying the foreplay. 

"I'm glad you told me, bro," Kent said as three fingers were now buried inside his friend's snug ass. "About Chris."

"I shoulda before," he said. "Was too fucking chicken." He gave Kent a nod that he was good to go. This is how buddy sex often was. Two dudes free to talk while they boned each other. 

Kent wiped the excess lube on his hard cock, a nice 7-incher that seemed just big enough to make Bryan know he was getting fucked good, without being too much a challenge. He scooted into the saddle and whacked his hardon against that wide-spread crack. Bryan fucking shaved down there, too, though his manscaping had been neglected long enough for the dark hairs to grow back. 

"Hope you don't think I'm ass about things." He watched the connecting point of that puckered hole and his dick. Kent didn't realize before, maybe was too dumb, but Bryan Walker got fucked a decent bit. He was tight, but the ring was crinkled in a way that showed regular use. Rather than be a turn off, it excited Kent and he nudged his wet cut cock against the folds. He looked up at Bry. "I guess I should ask... you completely gay, bro?"

Bryan nodded. God his buddy's dick felt good, right in that spot. "Yeah, bro. I guess I lied when it came to chicks."

"I didn't," Kent said. Not judgmental, but clearing the air. "I just don't know how to put in the work anymore when it comes to women."

Bryan looked up at Kent with brotherly concern. He never knew how this golden boy could have a problem on the dating market. Kent was a total stud, a cute fucker, and he didn't act like a douche. "You just got off your game, bro," he said, reaching up with one hand to caress the bare chest and ab muscle. "We'll get you back."

Kent nodded in thanks. He contracted his core and let his hips move forward. And like that he was sinking into Bryan's warm body. 

"Aw fuck yeah..." Bryan hissed. That deep voice was excited, and Kent wondered how much Bryan played up liking a cock inside him. Just hearing that thrill in Bry's voice was driving Kent to push in further... another inch, then another, and all the fucking way in.

"Oh God, you're fucking big, bro!" Bryan gasped.

"Too much?" Kent asked, checking in. 

"Fuck no. Fuck me, man."

Kent did. He leaned forward and started a slow, steady fuck, then increased his pace. His cock was boning Bry deep and good soon. 

Bryan's mouth was slack, halfway between a smile and a leer. His brown eyes met Kent's green one in a hungry gaze. "Fuck yeah... go for it buddy."

Kent really had hoped to make this about Bryan. He felt he owed it to his friend. But this all felt too good. The tight sensations around his cock, the feeling of all that bulking muscle beneath him, that connection and love he had for his best bud. And maybe this is why Kent didn't have a steady girlfriend. No matter what head games he tried he could never last more than a minute.

He wasn't gonne break the minute mark now, either. "Shit!" he hissed. Orgasm was hitting quick and hard. Like lightning.

"Get it bro!" Bryan urged. "Get that fucking nut, man."

Did Kent get it, all right. The sweet goofy ex-frat boy tossed his head back and let out a loud and surprisingly loud cry. "Fuck! FUCK FUCK!" Kent yelled as he came deep in Bryan's hole, his thrusts nearly stopping to lock his hips in place to deliver his seed, with just small mini pumps of his dick along the inner walls of Bryan's ass. 

Once he finished cumming he let his body relax and his forehead come down to rest on Bry's "God, man, that was incredible." Kent gave Bryan a soft kiss then pulled back. "Sorry I couldn't last longer," he said.

Bryan grinned but was mostly horny as fuck now. "It's all good man.... I like seeing you turned on." He looked down between their bodies at his own hardon. "You ready to suck me off, buddy?"

This was their arrangement. Kent fucked. And after, he serviced Bry orally. Kent slowly pulled out and then got in place, kneeling between Bryan's spread legs. One hand caressing Bryan's shaved ballsac while the other went to the ass to prod that cummy hole with a finger or two while Kent sucked. 

Kent Green wasn't an expert cocksucker but he was pretty good for a mostly straight dude. He knew what would get his bud off and he went for it. Steady, quick bobs focusing on the top three or four inches. Pretty quick he felt the warmth and tasted the brininess of Bryan's hot seed. Unlike Kent, Bryan was a quiet cummer, but the soft caresses of Bryan's fingers in Kent's blond hair was the guy's way of showing appreciation. 

The two men lay in silence next to one another for a minute. Between the gym and the sex Kent was tired and relaxed. He could almost fall asleep right there in Bryan's bed. But that was a line he didn't feel like crossing at this point. 

He looked over at Bryan. Happy he could have the experience he just had and still be friends. "So... tell me about this Chris guy."

Bryan got a coy smile on his face. "You sure, man?" he asked.

"Dude... he's your fucking boyfriend. Of course I wanna know," Kent replied. 

"Well, he's older, divorced... an airline pilot, actually."


Bryan grinned. "Yeah. It's definitely fucking hot... kind of a bucket list thing for me actually... to bang a pilot. It just turned out to be more than a one-time thing."

"That's cool, bro," Kent said, turning on his side to face Bryan. They'd done this before, talking man to man in bed after sex, only it had been Kent filling Bryan in about some hot date he had. "Um, how much older is he?"

Bryan paused. "A lot older. You might thing I'm weird, bro. But we kinda do the daddy-son thing."

Kent laughed. He'd been a connoisseur of "stepmom" porn and had enjoyed a few encounters with cougars, so the idea didn't seem so far fetched. But it was wild to hear it from the other side. "For real, bro?"

Bryan laughed nervously. "For real. Dude's 51 and pushes my buttons big time. Gray hair, dad bod the whole works."

"You're a man of surprises, Walker," Kent said, plopping back on the mattress and resting his head on the pillow. 

"I guess," came the deep voiced reply. 

Kent felt his eyes get heavy. 

"Bro..." Bryan said. "If you wanna crash here, that's cool."

Already Kent's eyes were closing. "Yeah?" He could feel the bed shift beside him. Bryan was getting up. To shower off, or maybe just to brush his teeth. Kent should probably get up the energy to get back home himself. But it had been a long day. Just another minute....

Bryan got back in beneath the sheets and looked over Kent. He used to resent how fucking good looking his buddy was. Roman nose, rosy cheeks, blond hair, not thinning like Bryan's. Kent was tall, athletic, and cute in an easygoing masculine way, and Bryan had spent a solid year being jealous of a lot of things about Kent Green until he decided it was better just to be happy for the friendship. Everthing else... the sex, the intimate time like this, was just a bonus. 

"We'll get you back in the game, buddy," Bryan said aloud. 

But Kent didn't hear. He was already sleep. 

by Bill Drake

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