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by BillyBoy

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He said his name was Larry. He has money and likes to be sucked off and he likes to fuck submissive bitches like me. He showed me some videos of other guys blowing him. He has a big, hairy cock. The other guys are mid ages and regular looking guys like me. He says he likes his subs to wear panties for him. I'm shy to admit it, but I wear some every now and then. He said he likes that. 

He picked me up outside the bar. Before I knew what was happening he was pulling my head into his lap. His cock was out and ready. I tried to explain that I didn't feel comfortable doing this sort of thing in public. But he didn't care. "Suck it, bitch!"

Before I could complain again, his hard cock was in my mouth, silencing me. I tried to resist but he had the back of my head securely pressed down. I gave in and started sucking like a good boy. "That's better. Now get me off, you cunt."

I'd only sucked one other cock before. And it wasn't very satisfying. This was much more erotic. Out in broad daylight. His hands holding my head down like I was being forced. Ordering to complete the task quickly. I worked it as hard as I could.

Once I was into it, I felt his hand on my ass, under my jeans. He was pulling at the panties I'd worn, following his instructions. He had one hand under the panties and pushed a slippery  finger right up into my ass. I tried to cry out, but he was ready, pushing my head down again. "Don't stop, you fuck. Suck!"

Pretty soon as I was sucking best i could, he had two fingers all the way up my ass hole, working them hard. In and out, all around. Fuck! I tried to concentrate, but I couldn't.

Then everything happened at the same time. He moaned, his cock pulsed, my mouth filled up, and I came. 

After I cleared my mouth by swallowing everything, he kissed me on the cheek. "You're a good boy."

He left me there in the middle of the parking lot, my jeans half off, wet from my cum, in my shame. I struggled to pull my pants back on, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. When I got to my car I had a text from him. 

'You were a good cock whore. Next time I might fuck you too. Let me know when you are ready, bitch. Larry.'

I thought of deleting his number. but should I?


by BillyBoy

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