Chapter One

The flight back home was, for the most part, uneventful. Instead of having one captive that I was not looking forward to having in the first place, I had picked up two more ponies who were now mine by their own free will. It was different, but not a bad thing necessarily. I could skip the part of their training that involved keeping them restrained until they would submit themselves to my will.

Sarabeth, Nathan, Gael and Daniel, my original four ponies, had all been taken by me. I had stalked and taken them and broke them to my will, using psychology and a unique system of punishment and reward until they gave themselves to me body and soul.

It was my way.

We had all gone to the Gathering expecting to end up taking the daughter of another owner who needed to disappear before she was arrested. I had intended for her to become another of my pets, willingly or not. The owner in question had paid me a large sum of money to take his troubled daughter off of his hands. When she found out about her fathers plans for her future, she, along with an unscrupulous ex-employee of the late Lord IX, emptied her fathers safe and escaped to South America.

Now her father was spending all of his time and effort to make sure that neither his daughter nor her would-be boyfriend and partner in crime ever make it back to this country in one piece.

After all, you can only push a man so far.

So, after purchasing one more pony at the auction and being given another, I decided it was time for us to head back home. I, for one, had more than enough excitement for the time being. My quota was filled. I had no more empty cages in my stables.

And frankly, I was tired and wanted to be home in my own bed again. I wanted to be back among familiar surroundings and familiar faces. Besides, I had a broken pony to tend for as well. Gael, my little redheaded vixen, had broken her leg in the steeplechase and I wanted to get her home so she could heal up and start training again.

Being aboard a luxury aircraft helped. The opposing seats were made to recline far enough that they met in the middle and made into a bed for longer flights. I made sure Gael took a pain pill right before we boarded. She was now laying right next to me by the window, covered with a light blanket and fast asleep.

Gad. It was such a dichotomy. I was, by profession, a kidnapper and a sexual deviate. If you went by society's terms, anyway. I took young attractive people by stealth and force and made them become my sexual playthings. All of my captives became not only my bed partners, but exhibition human ponies as well. I rewarded them when they behaved and performed well for me and punished them when they did not.

Sometimes I punished them emotionally and sometimes I punished them physically. I had quite a collection of whips and canes and crops and paddles and had no reservations about leaving a red stripe or six across a tender backside to drive home a point. I had even used electric shocks a few times to keep my pets in line.

On the other hand, I loved all of my pets dearly and worked long and hard to keep them healthy and safe from harm. Accidental harm ,anyway. I felt horribly guilty about Gael breaking her leg. We all knew the risks of entering into these physical events. But I had never had a pony get seriously hurt before and it gnawed at my conscience worse than the act of kidnapping her in the first place did.

It was almost enough to make me want to quit the whole business of training for competitions.

But, it was what we did.

Sarabeth and Nathan were both champions in the dressage and sulky events. Gael had come in a quite respectable fifth in the dressage and even though it was Daniels first chariot race, he and Nathan had managed to pull off a second place. A mere half second behind the reigning champs. Hell, that chariot race was a first for all of us. I was proud of that second place. And I had no doubt that we would win the event next year.

David, I had purchased at the pony auction a few days ago. It was the first time in years I had acquired a pony that way. He was young and pretty and athletic looking and I just had to have him. It was funny. He looked nothing like either Nathan or Daniel but he looked so much like both of them it was almost scary. The three of them together looked like brothers. Which is what they were all going to become very soon.

Wendy was the youngest grand daughter of the late Lord IX. He had originally thought to raise her to be a trainer or even a Mistress, possibly even an heir to take the reins, so to speak, of his human pony empire. But it was found that she was too submissive to be either a trainer or a Mistress. Wendy had a soft and tender heart and, when Lord IX passed away, she was given a choice of being sent out into the normal world or being owned as a pony. She chose, willingly, to be owned as some else's pony. IX's will had left her to Lord Krazny, one of her grandfather's closest friends. But, as he had pressing business elsewhere, he in turn deeded her to me.

I had no problem with that. Wendy was small, like all of my pets, with long curly brown hair and large soft brown eyes that almost made me melt every time I looked at her. I had yet to see her naked, but from what I had seen so far, the rest of her was luscious indeed. She was also an eighteen year old virgin. A rare enough creature in this day and age. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy introducing her to the world of adult sensuality.

Nathan, Sarabeth, Daniel, David and Wendy sat in a group of seats towards the front of the airplane, chatting and getting acquainted with each other. Wendy had only joined our little group the night before and David two nights previously. I left them together to talk and enjoy the flight while I sat in the back with Gael and watched over her while she slept.

Once we had taken off and reached our cruising altitude, Natasha and Natalia, the twin flight attendants, came out of the galley to offer drinks and snacks. I got thick, rich Brazilian coffee and a large glass of ice water for Gael, should she awake. As usual, I directed that my pets were allowed only one coffee or one soda apiece, being careful of their sugar and caffeine intake. But I made sure that everyone got something to eat, as it was a long flight home.

And, as they had done on the flight in, once the snacks were served both girls came and knelt by my seat with their eyes on the floor. But instead of the usual 'How may we serve you, Master Max?', they both looked up at Gael and Natasha asked 'How is Miss Gael doing, Master Max? Is there anything we can do for her?' I smiled and leaned down and patted a cheek in each hand.

'Thank you, ladies. But she's sound asleep at the moment. Resting comfortably, anyway. Thank you for asking.'

Natalia said 'We watched her in the steeplechase. If that other girl hadn't fallen, I think she would have won. I could tell by the look on her face. I don't think anybody wanted to win more than she did.'

That gave me another twinge of guilt. Lovely little Gael had been an art student when I took her. At the gathering I had asked her if she wanted to paint again and told her I wanted to see how badly she wanted that. And she did. She showed me the fire in her spirit. And got a broken leg out of the deal. I sighed. Well, she would have about six weeks to rest up and paint while her leg healed. We would see what happened after that.

As if they could see into my heart, two soft hands lay on my leg and two soft voices chorused 'Is there anything we can do for you, Master Max?'

I looked down at them and smiled again. It was only what, three nights ago? I came in and found them both bound and naked in my bed. Compliments of their Master. They didn't stay bound all night, but they did stay naked all night long. And they had done their very best to try and wear me out during that time. It was a good thing that I only slept for a couple of hours a night. That was all I got.

I smiled again. 'I'm barely recovered from the last time, girls. And I need to stay with Gael for the time being, I think.' They both looked a bit disappointed so I asked 'Isn't there a separate small bedroom just aft of the galley?' The girls nodded in unison. I leaned even closer and whispered to them and they smiled.

After the two had left, I waved at Daniel and had him come back to my seat. He trotted down the aisle and knelt on the floor beside me.

'Yes, Master?'

'Daniel, did I tell you how proud I was of you after the chariot race?'

'Yes, Master. You did.' He smiled. I slipped a hand under his chin and tilted it up and kissed him warmly. Then I whispered into his ear 'I have a special reward for you. Both since you accepted your punishment so willingly and showed what a fierce competitor you are, I've arranged for something that you will really like.' I turned and pointed through the curtains covering the galley door. 'Just go through there and enjoy yourself.'

He had a slightly confused look on his face as he went. And we didn't see him for the rest of the flight home. Every half an hour or so one of the girls would come back through the curtain looking just a little flustered and somewhat hastily dressed to see if we needed any assistance before disappearing into the back again.

When we landed Daniel was walking funny and as soon as we had the van and our gear loaded, he belted himself into his seat and fell immediately asleep. Natasha and Natalia looked like they could use a nap themselves. Daniel had a way of making me proud of him.

It felt good to be home again. Nathan took David and the sleepy Daniel in tow and started getting our carts and things unloaded and put back into the arena where they belonged. Sarabeth and Wendy took care of getting my luggage taken into the house and unpacking all of the harnesses and personal things we had brought with us.

I had a small argument with Gael.

'You don't have to babysit me, Master.' She looked up into my eyes. 'And you don't have to feel guilty. I'm a big girl. I knew what I was doing.' She reached out and poked me in the chest. 'And next year I'm going to win that steeplechase, you just wait!' Her temper was starting to show again just a little. Under normal circumstances I would have spanked her for such an outburst. And then taken her to bed for an hour or two of lively sex. Getting spanked always got her juices flowing. But, I had to make allowances.

Raising my hands, I just shook my head. 'If you want to sleep in your own bed, that's fine Gael. I just want to make sure that you are comfortable.' Her eyes softened and she leaned her head up against my chest with the crutches under her arms. My hands went around her back and I patted her and kissed the top of her head. After a moment she turned her face up and I kissed her gently.

'I always feel so sexy when I'm in your bed, Master. Like I'm the most beautiful girl in the world. And I always want it to be like that.' She shook her head. 'I just don't feel so sexy right now. I'm just tired and achy and grouchy and I'm sorry I snapped at you. I'm so out of sorts I wouldn't even enjoy it much if you spanked me for snapping at you.' I smiled and kissed her again.

'Then let's get you comfy back in your own bed in your own little cage and get you some rest. Maybe you'll feel better in the morning.' I helped her in and got her settled down and made sure she had her pain pills handy in case she needed them. I closed the curtain around her cage as she settled down to sleep.

In the meantime Wendy and Sarabeth had come back in from the house and Sarabeth was showing the new girl where her cage was. Wendy was wide eyed. 'I really will be living in a cage!' Her fingers stroked the bars. 'I wasn't sure if he really meant that. My.... Lord IX's ponies all stayed in large bunk rooms, like at the gathering. Sometimes six or eight of them to a room. It was like a dormitory. But this....' She looked around at the stables and the other cages. 'This is nice.'

'I'm glad you approve.'

Both girls started at the sound of my voice and turned, then dropped to their knees, eyes on the floor.

'Do you like your new cage, Wendy?'

'Y-yes, Master. It's very nice.'

'I'm so glad you like it, as it is going to be your home for the rest of your life. Has Sarabeth shown you how everything works?'

'Yes, Master. Sarabeth has been very nice to me and very helpful.'

'Sarabeth is one of the nicest people in the world, Wendy. Think of her as your big sister. If you need anything or need to know anything, ask Sarabeth. She will never steer you wrong. She is smart and beautiful and a joy to be around.' Sarabeth blushed a little at my compliments.

'But there is one thing that is missing.' I added. 'Sarabeth! Is this how we are normally dressed when we are at home?' Both girls were still wearing the black sweats that were considered our 'outside' clothes. I think Gael went to sleep in her set, though the sweat pants on hers had been cut off above the knee to accommodate her cast.

'No, Master. It isn't.'

'How are all of my pets usually dressed at home in the cages, Sarabeth?'

'We are naked, Master.'

'Then let's get Wendy comfortable in her new home, shall we? Show her how you present yourselves to me, if you would.'

'Of course, Master.' Sarabeth rose and stripped out of her clothes, folding each piece as she removed them and putting them in a little stack with her shoes on top of the pile. Then she stepped forward to just inside the open cage door and knelt again, eyes on the floor, with her hands laid on her thighs. Perfectly naked and perfectly beautiful and always ever so submissive. Sarabeth was always so startlingly beautiful it made my breath catch in my throat a little. I wanted to take her right there in front of the new girl. It was an effort to restrain myself. I could feel my prick hardening and sliding down the leg of my pants.

'Wendy? Now it is your turn. Let me see you, girl.'

Blushing, she rose to her feet and removed her loose clothing the same way Sarabeth had done before, folding each item and putting them in a neat stack with the shoes on top. As I had predicted, she was also startlingly beautiful. She had small firm breasts, a little smaller than Sarabeths but bigger than Gaels. Large hard nipples that were crinkled in a combination of excitement and apprehension. Wide firm hips and strong legs and a soft neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair covering the junction of her thighs. Sarabeth turned and showed her how to lock the shackle around her ankle, which she did once the last of her clothing came off.

When she knelt next to Sarabeth in the cage door I was completely taken by the contrasts between the two. Sarabeth was blond and blue eyed and pale and the other girl was brown haired and olive skinned with dark brown eyes. They almost looked like photographic negatives of each other. I felt my cock finish getting hard with a twitch.

'Wow.' I hadn't heard the lads enter the stables, I was so engaged in looking at the two naked girls in the cage before me. Nathan, David and Daniel all stood behind, wide eyed at the sight. Even Daniel didn't look sleepy anymore. Wendy started and blushed even deeper and her hands came up, as if to cover her naked breasts, then went back down to her thighs with an effort. Sarabeth reached over and patted her thigh reassuringly.

I turned and looked at the boys, who stood there with their mouths hanging open. David whispered 'That's the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life!' Nathan and Daniel just nodded.

Hands on my hips, I said 'It's about time you lads got back into the normal routine as well. Into your cages, boys. Let's all get those things off and show me how we behave at home. Chop chop!' I clapped my hands and they scurried. I had to point out which cage was Davids and in a flash all three of them were naked and kneeling at the open doors of their cages with the shackles around their ankles. David had watched Daniel and Nathan out of the corner of his eye and mimicked what they did. Good. He learned quickly. Three very obvious erections pointed up between their thighs as they knelt. I just stepped back for a moment and admired the view. Very nice.

I hadn't really planned it, but it turned out with all of the boys in cages down one side of the room and the girls down the other. It just turned out that way. It worked.

'Daniel! Have you recovered sufficiently? Are you awake and with us for the duration?'

'Yes, Master!' I unlocked his shackle and said 'Then into Davids cage. Show him how everything works. Give him the rundown. A crash course into being owned by me. Understand?'

'Yes, Master!' He leapt up and stepped out, then turned to me. He looked briefly into my eyes then down at the floor. He whispered 'Thank you, Master. I promise I won't ever disappoint you again.' I gathered him into my arms and kissed him gently. 'I know you won't, Daniel. I trust you. Now git!' I turned him and swatted him playfully on the ass and he trotted into Davids cage and knelt down beside the other boy, grinning. I shut the cage behind him.

'Sarabeth, will you stay with Wendy for awhile? I'm sure she has questions. Girl talk and all of that.'

'Of course I will, Master. If you wish it.' I crouched down and kissed each of them soundly before shutting the cage door. Using my remote, I popped open the cabinets so they would have access to all of their things. The only things missing from Wendy and Davids cabinets were their tails. We would have to remedy that lack very soon.

Gaels cage was firmly shut and curtained and the only two left open were Sarabeth's empty cage and Nathans. He looked a little forlorn kneeling there all by himself.

'Nathan, Nathan, Nathan...' I said, hands on my hips. 'Do you know what time it is?'

'Nap time, Master?' He looked up hopefully.


Chapter Two

I awoke after having a pretty erotic dream, which wasn't unusual, considering how I lived. And the transition between waking and dreaming was even more muddled by the fact that Nathan had his head down on my belly and was softly and gently sucking my cock. I stirred and sighed and one hand went down to the top of his head and tousled his hair as his head moved up and down on my crotch.

'Mmmm... that feels so good, Nathan. I do love waking up with my prick in your mouth.' I stretched and sighed happily again. 'You are so much better than an alarm clock...' He made a noise halfway between a happy sigh and a chuckle around his mouthful of prick and started to move a little faster, his soft warm hand sliding up and down my shaft with the movement of his mouth.

I had gotten more blowjobs from Nathan than anybody else I had ever slept with in my life up to that point. Even though he had never had any sexual experience with another man until I took him almost four years ago, he found that he had a natural talent for it and often lamented on the years he had wasted before his revelation. Of course the transition from staunch heterosexual to happily bisexual bottom boy hadn't been easy. He'd fought it tooth and nail, gathering an impressive collection of red stripes across his backside along the way. And I'd nearly driven him insane with sexual tension before he finally gave his body to me for the first time. But it was then that he discovered what he referred to as his 'true calling'.

The first time I fucked him Nathan came before my prick was even all the way up inside of him. And he came twice more before I was through. And he also discovered that he could slip off into a blissful little zone while sucking my prick that was akin to meditation or a blissful nirvana. During pillow talk in between Nathan groused about having 'wasted' his life before he had met me. He had found that serving another man was what he had wanted out of life all along. I was more than happy to oblige him. Nathan was my perfectly submissive little bottom boy and he was the one I tended to choose most often to take to bed with me. It was often a toss up between him and Sarabeth. Of course now that I had two more pets in my stables my time with them both was going to be fewer and farther between. I was going to have to think about increasing the play time my pets had with each other.

It was the second time that afternoon I had felt my prick in his mouth. We had barely even made it into my bedroom before Nathan dropped to his knees begging me to shoot my come down his throat. Afterwards I had reclined back on the bed while he straddled my hips and worked my prick up into his ass, my hand clenched around the shaft of his fine hard cock, jacking him while he fucked himself on top of me. He had come once that way and twice more after I flipped him face down on the bed and slid my prick back up inside his tight willing ass. We were both so satiated that we just showered and went to sleep. That was a rarity.

Looking down Nathans body as he sucked my cock I could see that his own prick was hard, lying against his thigh. Wrapping my fingers in his hair, I pulled his mouth away from my cock while he moaned in protest. I slid down the bed and brought my mouth down on his, kissing him deeply. The thought that my cock had just been in his mouth making it even more erotic. Pulling my lips away from his, I swung my body around until I was laying on my side, my prick once again in front of his face and his in front of mine. Nathan sucked my member back into his mouth with a happy sigh and I leaned forward and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his fine hard prick and took the head of it into my mouth, sucking on him gently.

It wasn't the first time I had Nathans prick in my mouth, nor would it be the last. Just like having him in my ass. I loved giving my pets pleasure while receiving my own. More than once I'd had him tied down to the bed while I sat atop his cock and rode him until he came inside of me. Of course I couldn't resist teasing him along the way, bringing him right to the brink and then stopping several times, listening to him groan in frustration before starting again. It was entertaining as well as exciting. Aside from giving him pleasure, I could take or leave having him in my ass. It didn't excite me the way it did him. My pleasure derived from feeling him come inside me rather than the physical sensations.

Just like having him in my mouth. Nathan would get extremely turned on sucking my cock. Just the act of serving me so selflessly excited him. Me, I just liked giving him pleasure now and then as a special reward. I wasn't as adept at sucking cock as Nathan was. I'd had a lot less practice at it. But like I said, having my prick in his mouth got Nathan really wound up and, no matter how poor my technique was, it didn't take him long before he groaned around his mouthful of my prick and came while I swallowed him down. And feeling him moaning and groaning with my cock in his mouth added just enough extra sensation that I followed mere seconds later. I shivered hard feeling his mouth contract around the head of my prick while he swallowed and I did my best to fill him to the brim with my come.

Nathan had gone to the kitchen to fetch us drinks while I reclined on the bed. I looked at the video monitor by the bed and pulled up a side by side view of cages 5 & 6. It seemed that while Nathan and I were engaged my other pets had decided to put on an impromptu fashion show. All four of them were wearing harnesses and showing them off to each other across the hallway that separated them. As Nathan returned and handed me a glass of ice water he said 'It looks like the kids are having fun.' as he sat on the side of the bed and watched with me. I nodded. Daniel was behind David, tugging on the straps of Davids sulky harness and snugging it up nice and tight. Daniel himself was strapped into a light training harness, barely more than a few rings and a pouch covering his prick. We used that one just for runs and light workouts.

Sarabeth was in a sulky harness with all of the extras including the blinders and bells, missing only her beautiful blond tail. I could hear the tinkling of the bells over the speaker of the monitor. Wendy was in the parade harness, all shiny patent leather and a big ostrich plume bobbing above her head. I couldn't hear their voices, but Wendy was wide eyed looking at Sarabeth while the blond held another set of bells in her hand and spoke to the smaller brunette.

Nathan said 'Do you think she's going to do it?'

'I sure hope so.'

While we watched silently Wendy took a deep breath and shivered a little, then nodded to Sarabeth a little uncertainly. Sarabeth moved behind her and reached around her body and cupped one of Wendy's firm breasts in her palm, her fingers closing on the nipple and teasingly pinching it hard. Wendy closed her eyes and took another deep breath. When her nipple was nice and firm, Sarabeth reached around with her other hand and attached the clip with the bell on it and slid the ring up snug. Wendy shivered hard and we could hear the tinkling. Sarabeth repeated the process on her other nipple and Wendy shivered again as the metal clip closed on her sensitive nipple. She was pink, an almost dusky rose color by the time Sarabeth finished putting the bells on her.

Daniel and David had stopped what they were doing to watch. Sarabeth walked around in front of the other woman and spoke to her again, then shook her breasts and we heard the merry tinkling of her bells. Wendy opened her eyes and then did the same. She was still a little flushed and I could see her hips churning around the strap running through her crotch. Both boys clapped their hands and cheered.


'You can say that again.'


I raised an eyebrow at Nathan and he subsided. I considered taking a strap to him just for being funny but that would have gotten him all worked up again and I was getting a bit tired and hungry. He never really came out and admitted it in so many words, but Nathan got as turned on as Gael did when I punished him. Just the thought or even a suggestion of me taking the strap or the crop or even my hand to his tender backside always got him hard as a rock.

Instead I thumbed my remote and unlocked the shackles, the cage doors and the cabinets in all of the cages at once. Speaking softly into the microphone I said 'Very nice. You all look very fetching and I'm glad we are having such a good time. But I believe it's time for dinner. Soft shoes, collars, tails for those that have them. Wait for each other and come as a group, but let's not dilly dally, ladies and gentlemen.' There was a general chorus of 'Yes, Master!' as they scurried to get out of their harnesses. I turned to Nathan and said 'Same for you. Wake Gael and see if she is hungry. Help her get dressed if she needs a hand. Hurry!' He hopped down from the bed, went to one knee quickly and said 'Yes, Master, of course!' before he leapt up and ran from the room at a quick trot.

We had been gone from the farm for a week, but I had left instructions with my man in town who did my grocery shopping. Years ago I had paid for an operation for his youngest son who was even now going to college on a football scholarship. Last year I had also paid for some expensive cancer treatments for his wife. But alas, there are some things that money can't buy, even if you have a lot of it. I had also paid for her funeral. He was in my debt and I was careful on what I asked him to do for me. I paid him a generous stipend to do my grocery shopping and pick up my mail and deliver it and nothing more. He always came and went by the back door and was very careful not to see anything he didn't want to. It was a good arrangement and we all got what we wanted out of the deal. For me, it meant never having to go grocery shopping or pick up my mail. Both were delivered every Saturday morning quietly and discretely.

We grilled steaks outside on the barbecue since it was a nice warm spring evening. Gael and Wendy had made salad and garlic bread and macaroni and cheese (a not so secret vice of mine) while Sarabeth and the boys set the picnic table. Nathan spelled me at the grill while I selected a bottle of wine. I poured us each a small glass, which was all I allowed at a meal. I, of course, could drink as much as I wished, but rarely did. Having human ponies was my drug of choice.

David and Wendy spent a lot of time eyeballing the tails that my other pets were sporting. They had seen, as they were getting 'dressed', the others lubing up the plugs that held the tails and inserting them into their backsides. And the obvious physical excitement that came with the act. Add that to the fact that there were now six extremely attractive and almost completely naked young people running around.... Well, you can imagine that there was lots of mutual looking going on and the hard pricks bobbing up and down and erect nipples pointing the way everywhere they went. And Gael was something to watch. She loved wearing her tail and watching her on her crutches made her pert little bottom flex and the fiery red pony tail wave around even more than usual. And from the slight flush and the look on her face it was giving her even more stimulation than just walking normally would have.

Sexual tension was a good tool to have in my kit. And I used it to it's full extent.

And as we sat on the benches and ate around the picnic table, David and Wendy mimicked the straight backs and erect postures of my other pets. Sitting down with a tail protruding from your backside was good for your posture and excellent ergonomics. If it were to get out, I'm sure it would catch on.

All six of them now sported the tattoo with my mark on the backs of their necks. I had given Wendy hers the evening that I accepted her from Sergei while the others watched. Sarabeth and Daniel had held her hands while I worked. She bore the ordeal calmly with only a shiver now and then. My topical anesthetic took away most of the pain involved. After dinner this evening I would draw blood from both her and David to send to my lab tech in town. He would run a full series of tests and let me know if there was anything I needed to address.

Mostly I sat in silence and mused about the future while my pets ate and chattered back and forth amongst each other. I now had six ponies. No more empty cages. I suspected that I would miss some of the excitement of the stalking and taking of new pets for my collection, but having six of them to play with would alleviate some of that, I was sure. It also meant more work for me, keeping them all happy and well fed and cared for physically and emotionally, keeping up with training schedules and reworking our playtime schedule was going to be a pain. I thought that instead of allowing one pair of pets to play together once a week, I might try two pairs and see how that worked out. And group play time was going to be problematic, as big as my bed was, I didn't see it holding all seven of us comfortably without somebody falling off....

I might just have to look into getting a bigger bed.

I started thinking in my mind about the rotation, trying to do the combinations in my head. Sixteen different initial pairings, if I wasn't mistaken. Sixty-some secondary combinations..... I started getting lost. Math was never my strong suit. Maybe Nathan could help come up with a computer program that would print out a calendar list with random pairings...

'Master?' My eyes blinked back open and I was somewhat glad of the interruption. It was starting to give me a headache.

'Yes, Gael?'

'Since David and Wendy are here of their own free will, does that mean they will get their tails sooner?'

I nodded, then shrugged. 'It should. But it is up to them, of course. They have to decide that they are ready.' I waved a hand. 'Even you four got to decide when it was time. I could have forced it on you, certainly. But that would destroy the process. Each of you had to decide willingly to give yourselves to me and accept your tail.'

I tried to sidestep her subtle hint, trying to open a debate. I could see by the mischievous twinkle in Gaels lovely little green eyes that she was trying to start just a little bit of trouble. It was her way. She was obviously feeling better after her nap.

Right on cue, as if they had planned it (which they may have, I don't know) David piped up and asked 'What do you mean, since we were here of our own free will? Aren't we all?'

Before I could reply Gael shook her head. 'Oh no. You two are the only free ponies here. Master kidnapped the rest of us.'

David and Wendy looked at me, wide eyed. Sarabeth sighed and looked down at her plate and Nathan groaned and slapped his forehead. Gael looked sideways at me and grinned around a mouthful of garlic bread. Daniel looked a little alarmed and shrunk down in his seat then squeaked and sat up as his tail pressed into the wood of the bench.

I rolled my eyes for a minute and sighed. Then I squared my shoulders, leaning forward on the table and said 'Yes, it's true. I kidnapped them. You two...' I pointed at David and Wendy 'Are the only ponies I have acquired by 'legitimate' means. These others...' I waved to encompass the other four 'I stalked and took them and made them submit themselves to me. Before I took them, none of them had any experience with the human pony world or even suspected it existed. But I took them and turned them into ponies and made them all champions. They had no choice in the matter, really. As far as being owned by me and being my ponies, anyway.' I shook my head. 'But when it came to submitting their bodies to me, they all had a choice, just as you two do. Certainly I stacked the deck in my favor and pushed them each as hard as necessary in order to get them to make that choice. I do like my life to be easy and fun and free of complications. In the end, even the most reluctant and recalcitrant of them...' I nodded towards Nathan, who blushed a little 'Chose willingly to submit to me. The day he finally accepted his tail was a grand triumph and I don't think he has any regrets.' Nathan shook his head. I looked around the table. 'Does anybody here regret taking their tail and pledging their bodies to me? Daniel, you are the newest. You took your tail, what, three months ago? Less? Do you wish now that you hadn't? Do you still want to return to your old life, living in a borrowed camper and washing dishes in a truck stop?'

Wordlessly, Daniel got up from his seat and came and knelt by me, eyes on the ground. His lips trembled a little around the words then he said, loudly enough for the others to hear 'All that I am is yours, Master.'

I reached down and tousled his hair then slipped my hand behind his head and caressed the nape of his neck. 'You are such a good boy, Daniel. You make me so proud.' He leaned in and laid his head against my thigh and wrapped his arms around my leg.

'There you have it.' I said. 'I may be a kidnapper and an evil sex maniac, but I think things have worked out well for everybody in the end.' I glanced down at Daniel and caressed him again. He wrapped his arms even tighter around my thigh, sighing happily. 'Not too long ago, right after I took young Daniel here, I offered Nathan and Gael both their freedom.' Nathan and Gael nodded wordlessly and Sarabeth looked up at me, slightly shocked. 'You were asleep, dear. Or I would have made you the same offer. Would you have taken it, Sarabeth? If I remember correctly, you were on your way to California when I took you. I believe you were going to be a movie star. I could have you on a plane there this evening, if you would like. And I have some few connections in Hollywood. I could get you some screen tests. Do you want your freedom?'

She looked down at the table. 'No, Master. I do not.' Her eyes raised up to mine and she said, 'I don't want to be anywhere but here and I don't want to be anything but your pony.'

'I love you too, Sarabeth. And I would be lost without you as my pony.'

Daniels hands were stroking up and down my thigh, getting closer and closer to my crotch all the time. My prick, which had been hard off and on all evening just enjoying the view of all my naked pets, was poking up in the crotch of my pants at his touch. Deciding to take the direct approach, I took his hand and placed it right on top of the apex of my pants and he started stroking me and moved in between my legs under the table.

'So, once again, there you have it. Yes, I drugged and kidnapped them against their will. Yes, I forced them to be my ponies. But they all gave me their bodies willingly and pledged themselves to me for life and when I offered them their freedom each of them declined. Even Daniel here had the opportunity to walk away scott free and go wherever he wished and he decided to stay.' I felt nimble fingers on the top button of my pants. It came open and my zipper slid down, exposing my cock. I sighed and slid down a little in my seat as I felt Daniels warm hand wrap around the shaft of my prick and start stroking me. Nathan glanced down and sideways under the table and smiled. After a moment or two I felt my foreskin slide back and Daniel leaned forward and took me in his mouth. I sighed again and twined my fingers in his hair as his head bobbed slowly in my lap.

'Gael. Since you started this, come here.' She got up from the table, stuck her crutches under her arms and made her way up to where I was sitting. I could see that her nipples were hard and I imagine that it was a combination of excitement and a bit of concern. She had knowingly set me up by starting the conversation that way and I suspect she was worrying that I was going to punish her. I knew that the best way to punish Gael was to banish her alone to her cage. I briefly considered just such a thing. Maybe spanking her and sending her to bed alone. That would have been punishment for her indeed. But I had other plans.

'Turn around so they can all see your tail, dear.' She did so. One hand was still entwined in Daniels hair as he busily sucked on my prick. The other went around her waist and I pulled her as close to me as I could get. I slapped her playfully on her full bottom then grabbed the flowing red strands of her tail and held it up for all of them to see.

'There are three marks which show the world that you belong to me and nobody else. The first, when I take you, is the tattoo. It is forever. Whether you take it willingly or not does not matter. You are marked for life as being owned by me. The second is the collar. That signifies that you are my pony and under my control. You wear it willingly at my direction. By doing so you concede that I am your Master. The third mark is the tail.' I tugged on her tail a little, making her gasp and squeak. She started to turn a little pink.

'You alone decide when you are ready to wear my tail. You must ask for it and place yourself face down with your ass up in the air freely and pledge yourself to me; heart, mind, body and soul. It shows to anybody who can see that you are willing and eager to give your body to me anywhere and at any time.' I tugged on her little tail again and said 'Isn't that right, Gael?' She shivered hard again, goose bumps appearing all over her body and she gasped 'Yes, Master! Ooohh....'

Her legs were starting to shake a little and I was starting to sweat from the sensation of Daniels mouth on my prick. The little slurping sounds of my cock sliding in and out of his lips were increasing as he moved up and down faster. I patted Gael on the bottom again and said 'Go sit down before you fall over.' Shakily, she returned to her seat, squeaking again as her tail came in contact with the wooden bench. She was bright red and her nipples were hard as little rocks on her chest.

'So, mmmm...' I moaned a little. 'Three days from now. Tuesday evening. Ahhh... You will be afforded the chance to gain your tails. Mmmm... Three days to get used to being owned by me and being my ponies... Ahhh... And then... Mmmm... we will see. Aaahhhh....' I lifted my hips and came in Daniels mouth, my fingers gripping his hair tight and the sound of him moaning and swallowing seemed loud in the still evening air.

I sat and stroked Daniels head as he slowed his movements, just teasing me with his lips and tongue as the spasms subsided. It gave me little electric jolts up and down my spine. Finally I sighed deeply and pulled his mouth off of my softening cock. Daniel sat back on his haunches under the table, licking his lips and grinning. I zipped myself back up and said 'Get back up here, boy.' He scurried out from under the table and I pulled him into my lap. Daniel wrapped his arms around me and cuddled his face into my neck while I hugged and patted him. 'I just wanted to thank you again, Master.' he whispered. 'For everything.' I hugged him and whispered back 'You are a good boy, Daniel.'

David and Wendy had their heads together down at the other end of the table. There was lots of nodding and shrugging and whispering going on. Nathan looked at them then at me and raised his eyebrows and shrugged as well. I let it go on for a minute then said 'David? Wendy? Is there something you want to say?' They both started and looked up, unaware until that moment that they had been the center of attention. David started to rise from his seat, then looked down at the girl next to him, raising his eyebrows and nodding questioningly. She shot a glance at me and blushed a little, then rose from her seat. They both came around the table and knelt by my chair.

'Master, I.... We...' he began. I help up a hand. 'Hang on just a moment, David.' I patted Daniel and said 'Hop up, lad. Back to your seat. I need to pay attention here and you are too much of a distraction.' The boy slid out of my lap, bent a quick knee in a bow and went back to his seat next to Gael. I turned in my chair, facing the two kneeling next to me and said 'Now! What's on your mind?'

'Master, I.... I mean, we... Umm...' David turned his head to look at Wendy. She reached out and patted his leg, then said 'Master, David and I are ready for our tails now.'

I was a bit taken aback at that. I just wasn't used to things happening quite so fast. There had always been that long transition period where my new ponies fought against their captivity and I had to spend days if not weeks forcing them in the direction I wanted them to go. The psychological games and the forced bondage and the..... Torture, to call it by it's real name... The whip and the crop and the cane.... I was almost a little bit disappointed. Even though it was a lot of work, it was also a bit fun. Just because I was such an evil bastard like that. Not that I really liked inflicting pain, except of course when they asked for it, like Gael and Nathan did now and then. That kind of thing was more sexual play that it was any sort of real sadism. It was more part of the thrill of the chase. They were making it all too easy.

In a way, it was a good thing. We could skip a lot of the preliminaries and get straight into training and having sex. Which, of course, was what this was all about. And I always looked forward to having sex with a new pet for the first time. Now I had two at once and the possibilities whirled around in my head. I looked down at those two naked kneeling forms and thought about having them both in my bed together for the first time and it made my cock twitch even though I had just come in Daniels soft sweet mouth only a few minutes before.

But, no. There were rules. Even if they were my own rules, I kept them for myself as strictly as I did for my pets. I leaned over to Sarabeth and whispered in her ear. She jumped up and ran off towards the stables. I looked back down at the two kneeling at my feet.

'I do wonder,' I said 'If you have thought this through and really know what you are asking. David, you have had one sexual experience with a man and it wasn't positive. I take it you have had sex with a woman before?'

'Yes, Master.'

'Did you enjoy it?'

'Oh yes, Master!'

'But you do realize that by taking my tail you are relinquishing all rights to your body. That you will be freely and willingly available to not only me, but to all of my other pets as I see fit? That I will require you to be sexually active with Nathan and Daniel as well as the girls? Are you really ready for that, David? Are you ready to willingly offer me, and all of us, your mouth and your cock and your ass?'

He colored and looked down at the ground again. 'I... I'm... not really sure, Master. But I think so. I think I'm ready.'

'Hmmm.... I do wonder. And Wendy. You have never had a sexual experience with anybody, as you say. Though no doubt you are quite aware of the mechanics of it. Living in Lord IX's household, you must have seen plenty.'

She too colored and looked down. 'Yes, Master. I have seen. Many times. Once I was old enough to understand, my Lord required me to attend many of his parties and private sessions with his stock. He called it part of my training. But I was never allowed to participate.' She blushed again and hung her head. 'He caught me kissing one of his servants when I was sixteen. The maid who had been assigned to me. He whipped us both and sold her the very next day. I.... I never had the nerve to try it again after that.'

'Yet you are telling me now that you are willing to put your bottom up in the air to have a plug inserted into it and swear that your body is available to me in all ways and at all times. Because once you do that Wendy, your entire body will be used by me and all of my pets. Your mouth and your pussy and your ass will be available to me and any who are directed by me.'

'Are you really ready for that?'

'I... I....'

'I don't think so.' I waved a hand. 'No. The rule is three days and three days it will be. Tuesday evening and no sooner. For several reasons that I don't really need to explain but I will. One: Three days is the rule. Two: You are not ready, no matter what you may think. And three is the simplest reason. Your tails aren't ready yet. I have to make them myself.'

Sarabeth had returned and knelt on the other side of my chair, offering up a small leather case about three inches by six inches. I took it and leaned over and kissed her. 'Thank you, love.' She got up and returned to her seat. I opened the case and pulled out my injector and held it up.

'This is the tool that I use when I take my new pets. It uses a small amount of compressed air to inject two drugs into the system quickly and fairly painlessly.' I popped open the back of the unit to show two glass vials inside. 'One is a drug that will render you unconscious for about six hours or so. It works quickly and is fairly safe. The other is a concentrated aphrodisiac that lasts for about three days. It makes you extremely horny and it is very distracting. It is also a good test of your self control. One of these drugs, for obvious reason, we will not need right now.' I slid one of the vials out and put it back into the case. 'Can you guess which vial still remains in here?'

David looked around at Wendy and the others and said 'I don't think I need it, Master. I'm horny all the time as it is. I mean... how could I not be?' Wendy blushed a little and Gael snickered.

'Nonetheless, you will have it, David. Both of you. You have taken my collar, that is the first step. This is the second. Between now and Tuesday evening you will be tested to your limits. I will take you to physical and emotional extremes to see how you react. And, unless you perform exceptionally well, you will not be allowed any sort of sexual release until then. I will be watching you closely until then. If either of you, as with any of my pets, if I catch you touching or playing with yourself without my permission, I will punish you. Do you both understand that?'

They both nodded. 'Yes, Master.' they chorused.

'Come up here and give me your arms, then.' Both of them rose up onto their knees and turned slightly, presenting their upper arms. I pressed it to Wendy's arm and it hissed. Then I re-cocked it and injected David. They shivered afterwards and rubbed the injection spots.

Once that was over I felt a wave of fatigue rush over me. It had been a long tiring week. We cleaned up and we all went to bed alone that night.

Chapter Three

I awoke early, as usual. Declining to spend time in my office, knowing the mountain of work that had piled up there in my absence, I went into the box room next door where my packages were delivered. About two dozen large boxes were piled up there. Some of it was the ingredients for the kibble I made for my pets. I chose to ignore those and open some of the others. Many of them were the things I had ordered from the gathering.

A couple of big boxes were the oil paints and supplies I had ordered for Gael. I set them aside for later in the day. Smiling inwardly, I could just imagine how she would find a way to express her enthusiasm.

One crate caught my attention just as soon as I had opened it. Smiling again, I got out some tools and started putting it together.

A slight tingle through Wendys ankle shackle brought her awake. Not enough to be a shock, just a tingle. The sun was barely over the horizon and the others were still in their beds, sound asleep. I spoke softly through the intercom.


'Mmmm...' she murmured sleepily. 'Yes, Master?'

'Get up and showered, girl. Quietly. Don't wake the others. Soft shoes, collar, leash. You have ten minutes.'

'Yes, Master!' She scrambled up to get herself ready.

It actually took her fifteen minutes. She had a lot of hair and, like Sarabeth, it took her awhile to get it dry and brushed out. I would have to remember that in the future. But I didn't mind waiting. When I opened the door she knelt and presented me with her leash. Taking it, I led her inside.

One of the items I had bought at the gathering was a small dining room table, all done in black lacquered paint and polished to a high gloss. It cranked open to separate the two halves and in the middle it had three holes, the one in the middle larger than the other two. Like a big set of wooden stocks. The top of the table was just high enough that when the girl got up on her knees it closed around her neck and wrists and held her perfectly immobile. A human centerpiece. I liked it and suspected that all of my pets would be taking turns having a meal with me at one time or another.

After I had looked at Wendy trapped in there for a little while I wished that there was a removable panel in the front so I could just step forward and make use of whoever's mouth was there at the time. I'd have to speak to that craftsman the next time I thought of it. I'm sure he did commission work.

I had prepared myself a good breakfast. Eggs and bacon and toast and hash browns and coffee. English muffins with honey for afterwards. I stuck a bendy straw in a glass of water and set it by the girls head so she could get a sip now and then and I fed her bites off of my plate while I ate. One of my feet ran up and down the inside of her spread thighs, marveling in the softness of her skin. It made her shiver and clench her fists up tight.

'Are you wet, girl?'

'Mmmm...' she moaned. 'Yes, Master, I am!'

'Good. Tell me about living in Lord IX's house. What was it like?'

I spent the next hour teasing her with my touch and listening to her talk. It was educational... And she was flushed with desire by the time I sent her back to the stables with instructions. Things were going well.

All of my pets were lined up in the stables when I arrived. Even Gael was in her harness on crutches. I wanted to make sure she got what exercise she could while she was laid up. If she was determined to run the steeplechase again next year then she was going to need to stay in shape. We went out to the corral and I had Nathan lead everybody in stretches. It was looking like it was going to be a nice day, but it was still cool enough that early in the morning there were lots of goose bumps and erect nipples in view. At least some of it was due to the temperature, anyway. In Wendy and Davids case, it was partially due to the chemicals sending their hormones racing. David had a substantial hard on that threatened to pop out of his pouch. It made me smile.

While the others jogged a couple of laps around the outside track, Gael and I walked a lap together. She was a bit tired and achy by the time we finished and sat down with relief when we got back to the corral. I wrapped one of the warm blankets around her shoulders and she smiled up at me in thanks.

Wendy and David were a bit pink and out of breath by the time they finished. Neither one of them had ever been much on physical activity of that sort before. Wendy had told me that morning she had never considered being an actual competition pony. She had always thought she would end up as a service or comfort girl. I told her in no uncertain terms that she would be a finely toned and athletic pony by the time we hit the next gathering. There was no room in my stables for mere sex slaves or spoiled house servants. She would be in the competition in one event or another and she would do her very best to win or she would be sporting some fine wide red stripes across her bottom. That made her get pink all over and she swore that she would do her best not to disappoint me. I patted her on the head and assured her that she was a good girl.

David hadn't thought about the physical aspects either. His thoughts about being a pony had revolved more around the sexual aspects and the comfort of being owned, a willing slave to another's whims. Well, that was fine. I fully planned on fucking him as often as possible. But in between he was going to be a fine competition pony and make me proud of him or suffer the consequences.

If neither one of them had thought their commitment through before becoming my pets, well... It was just too bad for them. My ponies performed for me on the track and in the arena as well as in my bed. It was the way of things in my little empire.

Since Gael was laid up I used her as a weight for the sulky. Nathan, Sarabeth and Daniel were already in their sulky harnesses and I had her ride behind them while they all ran three more laps around the track. Gael whooped and made the thin sulky whip crack in the air as she rode behind them one after another. I used the time to begin training David and Wendy in Being A Pony 101. We started off with basic stances and postures, then worked our way into simple gaits. I kept the crop in my hand and didn't spare their bottoms when I thought they weren't paying attention. Both of them ended up with at least half a dozen little pink marks on their butts and thighs by the time we were done.

When we broke for lunch everyone got into the showers and I announced it was lunch time and relaxation for at least an hour. Maybe two. After all, it was Sunday and our first full day back home again after the long trying week at the gathering. I wasn't going to work them too hard. Myself, on the other hand, had things I needed to do.

The room just to the left of the front door as you came in was called a 'sun room'. It let out onto the porch and had big screened windows that could open and let in the fresh air. It was a nice bright and comfortable room, but we didn't seem to use it all that much. When the weather was temperate enough to be outside, we were outside. Having ponies was (mostly) an outdoor sport. I thought that this room would be a good spot for Gael to paint. It seemed artists were always concerned about natural light and things like that. I didn't know much about it other than knowing what I liked. And I liked making Gael smile just as much as I enjoyed making her squeak.

It took me the better part of an hour to put her easel together and unpack the supplies I had ordered. Hopefully, the paints and brushes were the right kind. I had consulted that artist at the gathering and he suggested a basic setup that he figured she could use. I rearranged furniture and set things up and stacked a dozen blank canvases up against one wall, just waiting for her. I figured it would be a good consolation prize for breaking her leg. And she did, after all, show me how she wanted to paint again. It was only fair that I kept my end of the bargain.

I spent the next hour and a half putting together two more toys bought for my own amusement. Like my new breakfast table, I'm sure they would all be taking turns very soon.

During this time I kept an occasional eye on the kids in their cages. At one point I caught David on his bed with his hands under the covers working busily. A small shock down the ankle shackle brought that activity to a quick end. I told him over the intercom to remind me later that he was being punished. Bowing his head, he agreed.

Taking a trip out to the stables I brought Nathan out of his cage and had him help me move the boxes of his new tools and stuff into a room in the back that I had, up to that point, only used for storage.

At the gathering Nathan had discovered that he wanted to learn to make things in leather and had ideas for harnesses and other things. I decided to humor him and had okayed the purchase of the necessary tools and supplies.

I got Daniel and David out to help us move the heavier things and to help clean up and make the place workable. The room had windows and lights and lots of shelves and a heavy wooden workbench running down the middle of it that I thought would come in handy. Plus there was a pegboard up on one wall with plenty of empty hooks for hanging tools and things. I could see the look in Nathans eye that said he was already lost in thought, designing new gear in his head.

Another thing I was going to have to schedule time out of the cage for. And another place I was going to have to install a camera and an intercom. At least Gaels new studio was already so wired. I imagined that in the very near future I was going to have to find a hobby for each of them. Other than just being my ponies, that is.

Ah well. Busy ponies were happy ponies. And the happier they were, the happier they would keep me. I could live with the extra little bit of work it caused, I guess.

I told the boys to mind Nathan and help him all they could and turned to leave. Nathan called out to me and as I turned back, he ran over and knelt at my feet, grabbed my hand in both of his and kissed it.

'Thank you, Master.' he said, holding my hand against his cheek. I smiled down at him, stroking my thumb against his soft smooth skin.

'You have earned this, Nathan. You've always made me proud to be your Master and I think you will continue to do so in the future. Make good use of your time here. As a matter of fact...' I looked at my watch. 'You have maybe another hour, then we are going to move on to other things. A group activity. Get your stuff put away and organized. I'll let you know in time to get ready.'

'Yes, Master! Thank you again!' He released my hand and jumped up to give me a quick kiss then scrambled back into his new shop.

I clapped my hands loudly and called out 'Ladies! Soft shoes and collars, please. We have work to do!'

We walked slowly so Gael could keep up with her crutches. Wendy was still having issues with being naked outside and in front of others. She kept wanting to hunch over and cover her breasts until I threatened to cuff her hands behind her back. We stopped in the middle of the yard and I gave her another lesson on posture and stance, making her stand with her back straight and her shoulders back. A couple of light swats on her firm backside brought the color to her cheeks and made her straighten her spine.

'Do I need to make you walk with your hands behind your head, Wendy?' She looked miserable and her eyes were on the ground. 'No, Master. I'm sorry.' I slid my hand behind her neck and leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first, then harder as my tongue slipped into her mouth. I reached down and cupped one soft breast in my hand and pinched her nipple lightly as she moaned against my lips. Pulling away, I said 'Don't ever be ashamed of your body, girl. You are beautiful and you are my pony and I want to see your beautiful body all the time.' Releasing my hold on her soft breast I traced one finger lightly down her chest and belly making her gasp and squirm. I stopped my movement just above her pubic mound and said 'And the more that I see of your hot beautiful little body the more I want you. And when I want you, I can have you. Any time and in any way because you are my pony. Isn't that right?'

A flush of mixed embarrassment and desire had spread from her cheeks down her chest and she gasped 'Yes, Master! I am your pony!' I turned her and slapped her lightly on the butt again and said 'Then walk like you are my pony. Let me see you and make me want you, girl. Walk like you are proud to be my pony.'

And that pretty much took care of that for the moment. She had never been naked that much in IX's house. And never in front of his stock or servants except for the maids that had been assigned to her. She was just going to have to get used to it and that was that.

As we walked into the house I paused and said 'There's one thing I might need your help with, Gael. Before we move on to other things, that is.'

'Certainly, Master. What can I do?'

I smiled lightly. 'Well, I have some stuff here that got delivered just the other day and I wonder if you might know someone who would be interested in having it. It's nothing I can use. Probably just junk, but you might know what to do with it.' With that I opened the door to the sun room, ushering the girls inside. Gael had walked into the room looking like she was going to help me dispose of some old junk and be done with it. She took two steps into the room and just froze, her eyes wide and her jaw dropping open in shock at the sight of the easel and canvases and paints that I had set up. She said 'Oh...' in a small voice then walked slowly forward and ran her fingers lightly over the easel and the wooden box holding the paints and brushes. We followed her into the room, standing well back to let her enjoy the moment. Sarabeth came up behind me and slipped her arm under mine, pressing her warm soft breasts into my back and arm and she laid a soft kiss on my shoulder.

Gael had been silent after that first small exclamation. I couldn't see her face at all. I was hoping she was smiling. Then I saw the muscles in her back shudder like a small convulsion. And another. Concerned, I started to step forward and she turned around and we could all see her face was wet with tears streaming down her cheeks and threatening to drip off of her chin. She took one lurching step forwards towards me and threw herself in my arms. I caught her and held her just in time as her crutches hit the floor with a clatter. Gael buried her face in my chest and started sobbing uncontrollably, her hands clutching my back.

Oh hell, now what? Wendy looked alarmed and covered her mouth with one hand. Sarabeth moved in and started patting the sobbing Gael on the back. Gael suddenly unwrapped her arms then threw them up around my neck, cracking me a good one on my shins with her cast. She hugged me so tight I could hardly breathe and the pain in my leg almost took us both to the floor. She started peppering my cheek with kisses and wiping her tear stained face all over me getting me damp saying 'You are... the most....wonderful.... thoughtful.... dear Master....' then she burst into tears again.

I was going to need a band aid and a dry shirt by the time we were through.

It took awhile for Gael to calm down enough to let me know for sure that she was happy with what I had bought for her. Sometimes you just never knew with women. She started in right away wanting to bring over her sketch pad and have the others posing for her. I told her that we had an outing planned in a little while but I was willing to leave her here with her new toys if she wished but that she would miss dinner and a ride in the country. I had to promise her that she would have plenty of time to paint while we waited for her leg to heal. Reluctantly, she agreed to leave the studio and come with us. Wendy handed her back her crutches and we all went into the kitchen. On the way there Sarabeth hugged my arm and whispered 'That was a nice thing you did, Master. A very nice thing.'

I set the girls to preparing food and packing supplies into our big plastic coolers. There being seven of us now meant bigger meals and more work, but it was all good. Since it was a warm day I opted for cold foods. Potato salad, sliced cheeses and lunch meats. Crackers, grapes and apple slices. One soda each, several bottles of water and a small thermos of coffee for me. While they worked they all chattered about Gaels present and how they would like to pose for her. Even Wendy, who was so shy about her luscious little body, agreed to do figure studies. I smiled. Progress!

Since there was not yet an intercom in Nathans new shop and I didn't feel like shouting into the stables, I left the girls to finish packing up and walked over there. I found Nathan busy with a notepad and a cloth measuring tape, taking measurements of both of the other boys and jotting down the numbers as he went. He looked like his mind was swimming with ideas. And other things. He was taking a measurement around Davids upper thigh and the boy had a pretty firm erection going on. I could see his eyes going back and forth between the numbers and that hard member right in front of his face. I suspect that I had gotten there just in time.

I clapped my hands loudly for their attention and they all jumped and whirled around then went to their knees on the hard wooden floor. All three of them went a little pink.

'It looks like we are having a good time here. Just as long...' I said slowly 'As we remember our boundaries and respect all of the rules. This activity is a privilege, remember. Something that can be lost just as easily as it was gained.'

Nathan looked up at me and said 'It was my fault, Master. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.'

'See that it doesn't, Nathan. Not without my permission, anyway.' I clapped my hands again. 'Now it's time to put our toys away for the time being. We have things to do. Get number three cleaned up and pulled in front of the house. Top down, ready to go. Then back here and into your sulky harnesses. Nathan, parade harness. Daniel and David, plain sulky. Hmmm... tails for those who have them, of course. Your choice on which. No bells. Bitless bridles. Running shoes. Hmmm....' I did some quick math in my head. The sedan was only set up to hold four in the traces and the big carriage wasn't set up at all yet. We would have to remedy that soon. Maybe a longer shaft on the sedan? That was workable but not right now. I pointed at David. 'You bring along the eight foot lead from the corral locker. Set it in my seat then go to the other side and help Gael up into her seat when she gets there. Make sure her crutches get strapped firmly across the trunk. If we lose them along the way I'll paddle you before you get to eat dinner.' He turned a dark pink again and said 'Yes, Master!'

I took some work and a bit of running back and forth before we got everybody dressed and the carriage ready. But it was all worth it in the end. I had Nathan and Sarabeth in parade harnesses with patent leather and ostrich plumes in the front. Daniel and Wendy behind them. Gael sat next to me in a light training harness which was the next best thing to being totally naked, sitting tall and erect in the seat to keep from driving her tail farther up inside of her. I'm sure the bouncing of the carriage was going to be entertaining. David stood along my side of the carriage at the end of the lead rope which was tied loosely to the door handle in case he stumbled. He looked a little dejected at not being in the team. I told him that he would switch places with Wendy on the trip back home and he seemed to brighten up a little.

We had a favorite picnic spot that was about a mile down a long and winding path across my property. It was a dirt road but I kept it well graded and clear of large rocks and made sure to cover any washouts from the rainy season. And I had laid it out to purposefully wind around as much as possible to make the trip almost three times as long as a straight route would have been. As with so many pleasurable activities, getting there was half the fun. Gael snuggled herself under my arm with one hand on the inside of my thigh. I held her with one hand over her shoulder cupping a small soft breast in my palm and the reins loosely in the other. I was lost in the bliss of Gaels soft touch on my leg and the view of four mostly naked ponies in front of me and one trotting alongside. The smoothly working muscles and the jiggling bottoms and swishing tails and the jingle of the harnesses were like a drug to me. If this were some ancient epic or morality story we would disappear into the woods and ride through them for eternity, like the Flying Dutchman. And me with a happy smile on my face forever.

We went at an easy jog, just taking our time getting there. But all good things must come to an end eventually and my pets pulled up under the huge willow tree alongside the stream and slowed to a stop. My two newest were puffing a bit, but they would get there. Just had to work on their stamina a little. I unclipped the lead from Davids bridle and told him to get Gaels crutches and help her down. I helped the others get unhooked from the traces and had everybody remove their bridles for the time being.

Nathan grabbed Daniel and Sarabeth took Wendy in tow and they fell to unpacking the trunk of the carriage. The girls spread two big soft blankets out under the shade of the tree and the boys hauled out the coolers and set them down nearby. Gael and I reclined on one blanket while the others wandered around a little bit to unwind their muscles and cool off from the jog. While I leaned up against the trunk of the tree, Gael curled herself up under my arm and laid her hand back on my thigh again, stroking softly.

'Is there any way,' she said, her eyes wide and trying hard to look innocent 'That I can say thank you, Master?'

I wasn't fooled, of course. With Gael she always had ulterior motives. But then I was more than willing to get as much mileage out of her gratitude as I could. Let's see... she felt indebted to me after I drugged and kidnapped her and tortured her and made her a fetish object and basically a sexual slave? And got her leg broken to boot? Oh hell yes. I was running with that. Besides, watching my pets in harness pulling a cart in front of me always got me a little wound up. My prick had been hard while I was inspecting the harness connections even before we had left the house.

I took her hand and laid it atop my hard prick as it tented up the front of my pants. She cooed and her soft hand started stroking me through the fabric of my jeans.

'There is something,' I said as I felt my zipper sliding down. 'That you can help me with this evening, if you don't mind too much.' My pants came open and my hard prick sprung up, greedy and pointing at the sky. Gael turned her body and laid facing me, one arm across my hips and the other in my lap with her soft hand gripping the shaft of my prick. Without much more than a few soft licks, she opened her lips and took me inside her mouth. I groaned softly and stroked her soft hair as her head bobbed in my lap.

'It seems that young David is in need of a lesson in behaving himself and self control. And I'm sure Wendy could use a demonstration to her benefit as well. We could kill two birds with one stone. I thought that you wouldn't mind being part of that lesson.' I looked down at the back of her bobbing head and said 'You wouldn't mind a little instructive play time in front of an audience, would you my dear? Maybe you and Sarabeth together?'

'Hmmm-Mmmm!' she hummed around the mouthful of my cock. I reached down and undid the buckle of her crotch strap. She turned her hips and parted her thighs receptively as I pulled the strap out of the way and put my hand between her legs. She was soaking wet and one finger slid up inside of her easily and she moaned around my prick again. I put two fingers up against the base of the tail sticking out of her butt and moved it in and out a little as my finger dipped deep into her pussy and the heel of my hand rubbed against her clit, making her moan and squirm. It didn't take too long before her thighs tightened around my hand as she came for the first time. Her little hand tightened down on the shaft of my prick so hard I thought the tip might pop off.

I was so intent and focused on the sensations and the sight of her head bobbing up and down that I hadn't noticed that my other pets had returned and were standing around the spread blankets watching. Sarabeth and Nathan and Daniel were rapt and smiling. David and Wendy stood a little back hesitantly, yet unable to look away. Even though it was a beautiful clear spring day and the air was wafting with the scents of trees and grass and fresh water and clear air, the musky smell of sexual excitation was so thick there under the tree you couldn't cut your way through it with an axe.

I untangled my hand from Gaels hair and waved it at the blankets. 'Do sit down, ladies and gentlemen. Please. Relax. Let's unpack our lunch and enjoy ourselves.' I glanced down at Gael as she worked busily. Her hips were starting to churn again as she worked her way up towards another orgasm. I patted her head. 'She'll be full in a minute, but I'm sure she'll be hungry again real soon.' There were a few chuckles.

The little redhead came three times against my hand before I succumbed to her soft sucking mouth and jetted my seed down her throat with a sigh. By then our lunch was unpacked and things handed around to everyone. Sarabeth leaned in and kissed Gael as she sat up and handed her a cold can of soda. Gael downed half the can in one long pull as the flush slowly left her cheeks and she sat still, panting just a little. Wendy and David had been unable to tear their eyes away from the sight and both of them were deeply flushed and sweating just a little at the end. The drugs racing around wreaking havoc with their hormones were doing most of my work for me.

By Tuesday evening both of them would be ready to pop. Excellent. I would have two more willing horny little ponies to share my bed with.

Of course they were both so wound up right now I could have taken them both right there on the blankets in front of the others. But rules were rules, even if they were my own.

We had a light leisurely meal out under the tree and afterwards Nathan brought out a frisbee and several of them played and ran and laughed while Gael and I stayed put in the shade, watching and smiling at my pets at play.

At one point I was watching them play and an odd thought struck me and I chuckled.

'What's so funny?' Gael asked.

'Three more.'

'Three more what?'

'If I had three more ponies we could field a softball team.'

We both laughed long and hard at the mental picture of ponies in harnesses and tails playing softball. What a sight that would be!

It was a good afternoon diversion and they all grumbled and complained bitterly when I told them it was time to go back home.

But if I hadn't made them stop, David and Wendy (not to mention the rest of them) would have been too worn out for the trot back home again. And I wanted those two especially rested for later. I had plans.

While the others napped, I leashed Daniel and took him back to the house for some play time. One of the other toys I had bought was a small frame with a pair of metal stocks and shackles for the ankles that would hold somebody firmly in place bent over on their knees. I added a soft leather blindfold to add to the experience. He never saw the device until afterwards. And by then he was barely conscious. I teased him unmercifully with my hands and my tongue and my cock. I put weighted clips on his nipples which made him gasp and squirm and stroked him with a small vibrator until he was at the bursting point and then backed off again. I knelt with the head of my prick against his lips and made him beg me to suck my cock and gave him a swat with the crop every time he let it slip out of his mouth.

By the time I knelt behind him and slid my prick up his tight little ass, he was tightly wrapped and came before I was even all the way up inside of him. I paused while he panted through his orgasm then proceeded to fuck him long and hard. He came again while I was fucking him and once more, weakly, when my prick finally slipped back out of his ass.

When I put him back in his cage after our shower he rolled into the blankets and fell fast asleep. I don't know if he awoke to eat dinner or not and he didn't stir when I came to get David and the girls. On the way out I stopped at Nathans cage and kissed him through the bars and squeezed his fine prick until he was nice and hard. Then I released him as he moaned and told him that Sarabeth would be needing him later.

He moaned again in unspent lust as we walked out of the stables.

Chapter Four

A little while later I was enjoying the last of my new toys immensely. It was an elegantly crafted wooden cage that was really only meant for one but was deliciously snug for two. David and Wendy stood upright in the cage facing each other with their hands cuffed behind each others backs. Her soft firm breasts were pressed into his chest and his hard cock was pressing into her belly. I told them in no uncertain terms that neither one of them would be sitting down any time soon if either one of them came from them rubbing together. That position made the cheeks of their butts poke out from between the smooth wooden bars and left them freely available for a pat or a light smack or a squeeze at any time. To top off the whole experience they both had their mouths filled with ball gags. That was another thing they were just going to have to get used to. I had an active dislike for unfilled orifices.

Gael was tied face up on the bed and Sarabeth was busily teasing her to distraction. I told them I didn't want her to come until I was ready and Sarabeth was a champion at that as well. She used her fingers and her lips and her tongue on Gaels prostrate body like a surgeon, bringing her to the edge time and time again only to back away at the very last moment.

The cage holding the other two was on wheels and it had been rolled right up to the edge of the bed so they could watch up close while Sarabeth worked her magic. The girls had been going at it for the best part of an hour and all four of them were bathed in sweat. I lazed in my chair and watched and smiled.

Gael had begged me several times to let her come but I wasn't ready yet and neither was she. Neither were the two in the cage. Like a master chef, I was waiting for just the right moment to turn the meat before it was done.

Then finally: 'Please, Master! Oh god, please let me come! I can't stand it!'

I held up a hand to Sarabeth and she knelt up on the bed next to the gasping girl and sat back on her haunches as I came up and leaned down over Gaels body and looked her in the eyes. Her face was wet with perspiration and tears of frustration.

'Please, Master...' she whimpered.

'Do you want to come, my little flame?'

'Oh god yes please, Master!'

'And what will you do for it?'

'Anything! I'll do anything!'

'Anything, Gael? Any price?'

'Anything, Master! Any price, any task. Just tell me and I'll do it!'

I leaned back a little, as if considering while she writhed against her bonds and whimpered in her need. Then I held up my hand and spread my fingers.

'Five. With the tawse.' Her eyes went wide and I saw her ass cheeks tighten up beneath her body. 'Yes! Ten! Anything!'

I curled up my hand until only one finger was raised. 'Only five. One other condition.'


I pointed at he two bound together in the cage. 'Them too. They must also willingly pay your price.' She moaned aloud and said 'Oh god, please.' then turned her tear stained face towards the cage. 'Please!' she wailed. 'It's only five with the tawse! Please! I'll make it up to you, I swear! I'll do anything you want! Please let me come!' Her hands were tight around the ropes that held her wrists and she was getting herself so worked up I was going to have to bring this to a close soon anyway. I didn't want her injuring herself accidentally.

David and Wendy looked at each other wordlessly for only a brief moment then looked at me and nodded. I smiled. I motioned for Sarabeth to untie Gaels hands and said 'Over the end of the bed then, my love.' Gael slid down the mattress and laid her face down pillowed in her arms over the foot of the bed, her bottom sticking up in the air and quivering with anticipation. I opened the cage and uncuffed David and Wendy from each other then removed their ball gags. I let them work their jaws and swallow a bit of water from my cup before I cuffed their hands back behind them and gestured towards Gael. Eyes wide, they both went and bent over the end of the bed on either side of her. Three delightfully tense bottoms stuck out, awaiting their punishment.

My tawse was a strip of leather about eight inches long and two inches wide split in two about halfway down it's length. Six inches of sturdy wooden handle wrapped in leather slid into my hand like a warm hard prick. It was one of my favorite tools. It stung like hell when used correctly and left wide red stripes across whatever patch of skin it touched but wasn't hard enough to leave a permanent mark or even a lingering bruise.

Standing behind them just enjoying the view, I said 'Gael, this is the price you agreed to pay for your pleasure. Do you still agree to pay the price?'

'Yes, Master!'

'Good. David, you were already owed a punishment for earlier in the day. Do you agree that five stripes with the tawse will be a just punishment?'

He gulped hard and his ass cheeks tightened up again. 'Yes, Master!'

'Wendy, you have done nothing to deserve punishment. But you have agreed to sacrifice your bottom for Gaels pleasure. She will now owe you five stripes in return. The next time you earn punishment she will take some of it for you. Do you agree that this is fair?'

'Yes, Master!' Her hands were clenched up almost as hard as her ass cheeks. From what she had related to me of her life before, she had received more than her share of punishments in her grandfathers house. She didn't seem to enjoy them all that much, though. We would have to see if we could relate at least some of the connection of pain to pleasure. The bits that were pain for pleasure, anyway.

Sarabeth knelt on the bed and bit her lip. Moving closer, she put one of her knees by Gaels head so that it rested against her thigh. Reaching out she put a hand on the others heads tenderly.

From day one I had never had to 'punish' Sarabeth. Sure, she had gotten a few swats with the crop during her training, but those were necessary to drive the lessons home as quickly as possible. And I had pulled her over my lap a few times and spanked her bottom pink as a prelude to sex, but never as punishment. Sarabeth had never once disobeyed me or my orders. Just as soon as I had taken her and she realized that she was now under my control, she had obeyed my every word to the best of her ability. It was her nature to submit and she did it very well.

I often marveled at how lucky I was by taking her.

'We will count them out loud, of course. After the first three strikes you will count 'one'. After the second three it will be 'two', until we are done. Any questions?'

'No, Master!'

Three rapid strikes across three upturned bottoms made them all squeak and go up on their tiptoes and they all said 'One, Master!' And three bright red stripes appeared. As soon as their heels hit the floor I swung again, bringing them right back up, legs trembling.

'Two, master!'

The third set made them all gasp and tremble hard and all three bottoms were bright red now.

'Three, Master!' The first two blows had been on each side and the third was right across the middle. The last two would land right at the bottom of each cheek at the crease of the thigh.

The fourth blow made Wendy cry out and she did a little dance of pain but kept her head down on the bed. Gael had her legs clenched tightly together and from the way she moved if it hadn't been for the cast holding her down, she would have been dancing the same way. David was silent but he was breathing heavily and trembling.

'Four, Master!'

I will admit right now that the last set was much lighter than the first. For one, my arm was getting tired. And two... well, I think it was enough. They were still hard enough to sting, but I thought I might give them just a little bit of mercy to show that I could.

It was not with a small amount of relief they said 'Five, Master!' I looked at Sarabeth and nodded. She slid back off the bed and stepped into the harness of her strap-on and pulled it snug around her hips and hurried around the end of the bed behind Gael. The tip of the big rubber dildo bobbed in front of her. Wendy moaned and shivered as Sarabeth walked past her.

The little blond walked up behind Gaels body with a smile on her lips. There were times that Sarabeth really enjoyed being the dominant one during sex, especially with Gael. And now and then with Nathan as well. I had a sneaking suspicion that Nathan was going to be in for a wild ride when we were through here. She stopped right behind Gael and looked at me, the tip of the rubber cock only inches away from Gaels behind.

'Gael, are you ready to come now?'

A hard shiver ran through her entire body and I saw her hands tighten up on the covers gripped in her fingers.

'Oh god...' she moaned. 'Please, Master! Please let me come.....'

I nodded my head at Sarabeth and she slipped closer, one hand on the little redheads hip and the other holding the shaft of the dildo and slipping it in between her pussy lips. Another hard shiver ran through Gaels body and she spread her legs a little wider. Gael was soaking wet and the head of the rubber prick slid inside her with no problem whatsoever. With slow, sinuous thrusts of her hips, Sarabeth moved forward until the dildo was all the way up inside the other girl. Gael moaned so deep in her throat it almost sounded like she was choking. Her whole body writhed and as soon as Sarabeths hips came into contact with her soft firm butt she stiffened up and came hard with a little scream, her hands so tight on the covers that they were in danger of tearing.

Wendy and David were still bent over the end of the bed, their eyes on the spectacle between them. Both of their bottoms bore wide red stripes from the tawse and both of their hips and butts were churning slowly. I could see from my seat that Wendys pussy lips were glistening with her natural lubricant and that Davids prick was hard and straining against the end of the bed as it hung down.

'Fuck her hard, Sarabeth. Make her come.'

'Yes, Master!' I saw the smooth muscles in Sarabeths back and butt flex as she withdrew almost all the way then slid the big dildo back up inside Gaels pussy. One hand went to the strap on her hip where the remote for the vibrator inside the dildo hung. She switched it on and we could all hear the buzz as the big toy started vibrating inside Gaels body. It only took a few slow strokes after that for Gael to scream and come again.

Working the strap-on in and out slowly at first, then faster and faster as her strokes got sorter, Sarabeth fucked the little redhead hard and made her come nearly a dozen times. Finally she was all the way up inside her with her hips slapping against Gaels poor abused ass as she drove it all that way up inside her one last time. Gael screamed aloud and collapsed on the bed, almost unconscious and panting liked she'd run five miles.

'I do believe that's enough, Sarabeth.' Panting a little herself, she withdrew from Gaels body and stepped back. We had worked out this little scenario between us beforehand. Sarabeth loosened the straps from her toy and dropped it back on the floor. Going over to David, she helped him stand up and walked him around to the side of the bed, turning him and laying him down on his back. She grabbed his ankles and spread his legs wide and said 'Just stay there, okay?' He nodded, his semi hard prick laying against his thigh and twitching. Then she went over to the other side and repeated the process with Wendy.

Standing up, I reached into my pocket and withdrew a quarter.

'Call it in the air, David.' I flipped the coin into the air.

'Heads.' I caught it in my hand.

'You win.' I nodded and Sarabeth crawled up on the bed between his knees. Crouching, she took his cock in her hand and lowered her head and took him deep into her mouth. David groaned and lifted his head to watch as Sarabeth moved those perfect lips up and down his cock. I stepped around and slipped a pillow under his head so he could see better. Of course I had an ulterior motive for this as well. Slipping out of my clothes, I knelt up on the bed by the pillow and said 'David, are you ready to pay the price for your pleasure now?' Eyes wide, he looked up at my hard prick hovering only inches from his face. He moaned again and then swallowed hard and stammered 'Y-y-yes, Master.'

'Good boy.' I put a hand on the side of his face and turned his head to the side and placed the head of my prick against his lips. Hesitantly, he opened his mouth and my prick slid inside. Davids hot slippery tongue swirled around the head of my cock as I moved it slowly in and out of his mouth. It wasn't too bad, for what I assumed was his first blowjob. He kept his lips tight around the shaft of my cock as I slowly and gently pumped into his mouth. Davids whole body was writhing as he sought to please me the best he could while he was also moving his hips up and down into Sarabeths mouth as she sucked his prick.

I could see Wendys eyes were wide and her mouth gaped slightly open as she lay on the bed next to us and watched. The muscles in her wide spread thighs and her belly also flexed as her hips churned ever so slightly. I looked at her and smiled and said 'You're next.' Her eyes went a little wider and she groaned and said 'Oh, god.'

The movement of Davids pelvis got wilder and wilder and his lips tightened down harder on my prick. He was making little moaning noises, getting faster and faster as Sarabeth sucked harder and harder on his cock. The little slurping sounds she was making turned me on almost as much as the feeling of David sucking my cock for the first time.

Finally Davids whole body tensed, his shoulders tight as he strained against the cuffs holding his hands behind his back. He opened his mouth wide and lifted his butt up off of the bed and moaned aloud around the mouthful of my prick as he came into Sarabeths mouth. She held him tight with her lips, swallowing repeatedly, her hand still stroking up and down his shaft as he shot his load into her over and over again. The muscles of his jaw were like rocks under his skin as he forced himself to keep his mouth open.

The feeling of him moaning with his mouth full of my prick was almost enough to make me shoot off right there and give him his first taste of my come. With an effort, I held off and let my prick slip out of his mouth so he could breathe normally. We had the rest of our lives to get him used to swallowing my come and I'm sure he would get full of it fairly soon. Besides, I wanted to save some for Wendy. And maybe even Gael as well, if I could manage to wait that long.

Sarabeth kept up the motion with her lips and her hands while he moaned and shivered. Finally, with a last little kiss, she let his prick slip from her mouth and fall back on his belly while he lay there and panted. Leaning down I gave him a quick kiss and a pat on the cheek and said 'You are a good boy, David.' A little pink, Sarabeth sat up on her haunches between the boys legs, smiling. I kissed her and said 'One more, love. Then you and Nathan get some play time together.' I patted her on the cheek and said 'You up for that?'

'Oh yes, Master! I don't think poor Nathan is going to know what hit him.' I suspected she was right.

We both moved over to the other side of the bed and looked down at Wendy. Her eyes were wide and I could see she was trembling a little and she made a noise halfway between a gasp and a moan that came out as a little squeak. Her legs moved like she was unsure whether to close them or throw them open wider.

'You said you have kissed a girl before. Did you like it?'

She shook her head and shrugged as well as she could with her hands cuffed behind her back. 'I....I'm not s-sure, M-Master.' she stammered. 'It was nice, but Grandfather caught us pretty quickly. The whipping we got wasn't very nice.'

I reached down and patted her head. 'Well, now you get to have a fresh start, love. I allow that sort of thing here. As a matter of fact, it's a requirement. And my Sarabeth can teach you more about kissing, and other things, than you ever imagined possible.' I turned and slipped an arm around the little blonds waist and said 'Isn't that right, dear?' In response, she threw her arms around my neck and sought out my lips with hers, pressing them to my mouth and opening wide to accept my tongue when it snaked into her mouth. My prick had flagged a little after leaving Davids mouth but the touch/ taste/ smell/ feel of Sarabeth as she writhed against me brought it right back to it's previous erect state in seconds. My hands wandered up and down her slim muscular back and down to cup her tight little bottom in my palms. It took a considered effort on my part to finally pull away from those warm lips and that wonderfully exciting body. I wanted nothing more at that point but to toss her up on the bed in between David and Wendy and fuck her hard and long.

But we had other things to do. Dammit.

Grabbing Sarabeth by the chin I turned her face towards the little brunette who had watched with wide eyes. Wendy's body was still slightly in motion and her large nipples were rock hard with her need.

'Do you want Sarabeth to kiss you, Wendy?'

'I...I...I don't know....I..... Yes, Master.' A deep red flush spread over her cheeks and spread down her chest. Sarabeth disengaged herself from me and crawled up slowly onto the bed, setting her knees on the mattress between Wendys spread thighs. She stared into the brunettes eyes and very slowly lowered herself down on the other girls body until she lay fully on top of her with her lips only a fraction of an inch away. Almost unconsciously, Wendy closed her thighs around Sarabeths hips and crossed her calves across the backs of her smooth pale thighs. Resting her weight on her elbows, Sarabeth slid her hands through that mass of curly brown hair and up underneath Wendys head and lifted it slightly until their lips touched. As they kissed Wendy raised her head of her own accord and opened her lips to Sarabeth and moaned a little down in her chest. When the brunette raised her head I went ahead and slipped a pillow beneath it like I had with David. That just made things a little better for everybody.

This time it was Davids turn to lay on the other side of the bed and watch. I'm fairly certain that had been his first orgasm in four days (unless he had cheated and hadn't been caught) and it had been a good one and he was pretty well exhausted. But not too tired to gawk at two pretty girls making out, apparently. Even Gael, who was still bent over the end of the bed, had laid her chin on her crossed arms and was watching.

I let the kiss go on for a few moments, then touched Sarabeth on her shoulder. Pulling her lips away, she slid her body down and sucked one of Wendys large nipples into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on it gently with her teeth. The little brunette gasped and sighed as she went back and forth from one breast to the other. Then, without any further urging from me, Sarabeth slid down, leaving a trail of slow kisses and licks across her belly until her chin rested right atop Wendy's pubic mound. As Sarabeth had moved down Wendy's legs had spread wider and wider and now they quivered and her pelvis jerked up and down in anticipation. She was taut as a bowstring and ready to snap any second.

When Sarabeth finally lowered her head and dipped her tongue into Wendy's dripping pussy the girl jumped like she'd been hit with electricity. She jerked her feet up in the air then they hit the mattress with a thump and she arched her back up in the air and howled as she came the first time. Hell, that was easy. Of course, she was pretty tightly wrapped when we started. And she went from the end of her first orgasm right into the second one, arching her back and crying out again. I touched Sarabeth on the back of the head and she slowed the movements of her tongue in Wendys dripping little honey pot. Just enough to keep her smoldering but not quite enough to make her come again so quickly.

I waited until Wendys breathing had slowed to a full breath rather than the fast panting. She was still moaning and rolling her hips against Sarabeths mouth and very talented tongue.

'Has another girl eaten your pussy before, Wendy?'

'Ooohh... No, Master.' she sighed happily.

'Has anybody eaten your pussy before?'

'No, Master.'

'So, what do you think? Do you like it?'

'Mmmm....' she rolled her hips again and smiled. 'Oh yes, Master. I like it a lot. I wish.... Aaahhhh... I wish I had done this years ago. But my grandfather wouldn't have allowed it. He would have beaten me. Ooohh.....'

I smiled back as I knelt up on the bed. 'Well, as I said, I encourage this sort of behavior here. It's somewhat of a requirement. And some day soon you will get to give Sarabeth as much pleasure as she is giving you. And Gael, too. Little miss Gael is also very talented in this field, or so I am told.'

Sarabeth lifted her head slightly, resting her chin on Wendy's pubic mound and said 'Gael is even better at it than I am. You'll love it, Wendy.' I could see Gael smiling at the end of the bed, watching the tableaux with hungry eyes.

'I can't wait.'

I knelt a little closer, my hard cock hovering right over the little brunettes face. 'Have you ever had a cock in your mouth, Wendy?' Her eyes popped open and looked at my prick only inches away and her eyes went wide. She gasped and all of the air seemed to go out of her in one breath. Her jaw worked a couple of times but no sound came out. Finally she managed to stammer 'N-n-no, M-master.'

'Well, this too is somewhat of a requirement around here. And you are going to have plenty of chances to get very good at it. I do so love seeing a pony with it's mouth full of my cock. And, as I told David, this is the price you must pay for your pleasure. Open wide.'

As Sarabeth dipped her tongue back in Wendy's pussy, I put a hand on her forehead and turned it gently to the side and slipped the head of my cock into her cute little mouth. She had not a clue what to do with it at first, but Gael was giving her tips like 'Suck on it gently' and 'Lick it like it was a lollipop' as I moved slowly in and out of her mouth.

I thoroughly enjoyed Wendy's first blowjob as I had Davids and I stroked in and out of her mouth while the little blond eating her pussy ran her through three more orgasms. The vibration of her moaning around my cock in her mouth made my hair stand on end. When Sarabeth and I finally pulled away from her body she was flushed all over and as limp as a dishrag.

My prick was still hard and bobbing in front of me as I walked around the end of the bed where Gael still knelt, displaying the red stripes she had gotten from the tawse. The little redhead watched me over her shoulder.

'Since David picked 'heads' guess what that leaves you?'

'T-tails. Master?'

'You betcha.' Sarabeth handed me the bottle of lube out of the warmer.

'Oh god.' Gael shivered and flushed and spread her legs even wider as I approached her from behind, one hand gently stroking her poor sore bottom.

Chapter Five

It was Tuesday morning, the day of David and Wendy's tailing that Daniel found himself in deep trouble once again. Thinking back on what happened and the consequences I don't know if I would have tried to stop it or not.

David and the girls and I were in the arena, switching back and forth between light workouts in the weight room and laps around the track. A lot of that was just more time for David and Wendy to get used to the training harness. It took awhile to be able to adjust them just right for your body.

Daniel and Nathan were out in the corral practicing something that they thought might make for a good tandem dressage routine. They were trying to keep it a secret until they saw if it worked and ironed out some of the details. I decided to humor them for the time being. Miss Gael was reclining by my chair keeping me entertained talking about the sketches and the paintings she had in her mind and how she wanted to do portraits of each of my pets.

We had been inside for about an hour when I decided to go check on the lads and see how they were progressing or if they were just out there dilly-dallying. I was all for learning new things but if they were just wasting valuable training time then I was going to call it to a halt.

Nathan told me later that it was just bad timing and really bad luck. I don't remember much. It's all pretty fuzzy. Whatever it was they were doing wasn't working very well and Daniel was getting frustrated. I remember hearing raised voices and an angry shout as I turned the corner and stepped out into the corral. From what I heard later was that Daniel had gotten angry with himself and, in a need to take out his frustrations on something besides Nathan, he had picked up a rock and threw it as hard as he could. It looked from it's initial trajectory that he was trying to throw it out of the corral and into the grass. Unfortunately for him, and me, it struck a fence post and rocketed sideways and clocked me just above the left temple, knocking me to the ground just as I entered the corral.

Like I said, I don't remember that part very well. It's kind of a blur.

What I do remember is suddenly being back in the arena and seeing faces all around me and blood all over my hands. Worried faces and voices. Somebody pressing a wad of gauze to my head to stop the bleeding. Somebody crying. Somebody shouting Daniels name.

When I finally came back to my senses a little I realized that I needed medical attention. There was no way I could have stitched that up myself and none of my pets had any real medical training other than rudimentary first aid. Collecting my wits, I raised my hands for quiet and sat up a little straighter on the artificial turf. I pointed towards the locker room and said 'Quickly now. Out of the harnesses and into some clothes. We are going to have company from outside. Move!'

While they were gone changing I pulled out my cell phone and hit #2 on my speed dial. That number belonged to Jock MacGregor, my man in town who did my shopping and picked up my mail. The only person outside who could get inside without my permission. When he answered I told him that I'd had an accident and needed a ride into town to my doctor. After assuring him that I didn't need an ambulance he told me he could be there in fifteen minutes and I thanked him and hung up.

Nathan was the first to come trotting back dressed in sweats and a t-shirt and sneakers.

'What happened?' He gave me a quick rundown of the events.

'Is Daniel in the locker room with the others?'

'No, Master. I don't know where he is.'

'Okay.' I nodded my head and immediately regretted it. The motion made me nauseous. The others were quickly filtering back into the arena. Last to arrive was Gael on her crutches. I instructed Sarabeth to grab me a folding chair out of the storeroom and bring it outside. Then I had Nathan and David help me up and out in front of the arena. Mr. MacGregor tried hard not to see anything he didn't want to and I wanted to make sure that he didn't see anything he didn't need to.

'I have someone coming to take me into town. I will be gone for probably a couple of hours. In the meantime, fan out and search the grounds for Daniel. Do not leave the compound. If you find him tell him to come back and wait for me.'

Nathan clenched up his fists and I snapped my fingers at him sharply. That also hurt my head. 'Do not touch him, Nathan. It was a stupid accident. If you find him do nothing more than tell him to return to his cage and wait for me. Understand? And don't leave the compound. I don't want you wandering around in the woods and getting lost. If you don't find him by the time I come back I will track him myself.'

I looked around at the knot of anxious faces. They all needed to be busy to take their minds off of the accident. 'Wendy. You stay here with me. Gael, you go search the stables. That will be the easiest for you on your crutches. Sarabeth, take the house. David, the arena. Nathan, cover the garage and all the smaller outbuildings. If you don't find him there take a quick trot around the inside perimeter. Go!' They all scattered except for Wendy who just stood there looking anxious and a little nauseous herself. I guess she didn't care for the sight of blood. She was so tender hearted.

I almost gave her a reassuring pat until I realized that both of my hands had blood on them. Instead I said 'Go into the kitchen and get a small plastic bag and put some ice in it and bring it back to me quickly, love.' She darted off to do my bidding, a bit relieved to have something to do.

An hour and a half later I was back home with five stitches in my head and a bottle of painkillers. Nathan had grabbed the extra cell phone from my office and had sent me text messages that they had no luck finding my lost pony. I told them to return to their cages and wait for me.

One of the things I had carried in my 'capture kit' when I was hunting ponies was an injector that inserted a tiny chip just under the skin of each of my pets. They all carried one beneath the tattoo of my mark on the nape of their necks. I had, up to this point, never needed to use those to track one of my pets. But now it seemed that forethought was wise in this case.

After MacGregor dropped me off and drove away I stood in front of the house and pulled out my remote. Scrolling through the touch screen I went to the tracking app and put in Daniels number. It popped up quickly. I hadn't figured that he would have wandered too far and I was correct. Unless he had managed to dig the chip out from under his skin, Daniel was at our picnic place down by the stream.

Moving carefully, I pulled out my little ATV from the garage and started down the road towards the picnic area. The jostling was almost enough to make me sick even though I drove slowly and carefully. When I drew near I couldn't see him anywhere at first. Then, as I got closer, I could see a huddled figure under the willow tree. Dressed only in his harness, collar and tail, Daniel lay on his side on the ground curled up in a little miserable ball. When I pulled up next to him, Daniel opened his eyes and looked at me. When he saw the bandage on my head he burst into loud sobs and covered his face with his arms.

I knew he was scared and upset, but frankly I didn't want to stay here all day. I still felt sick and queasy not only from the blow to the head but the painkillers as well. I wanted nothing more than to be in my own bed and sleep until the pain went away. But I had to do something with Daniel to bring him back home quickly. Even if he was hotheaded and impetuous at times, he was still one of my beloved ponies and I didn't want to lose him.

'Daniel!!!' I put all of my force and personality into that one word. He jerked like I had slapped him and stopped sobbing and stared at me. Putting that much effort into it made me queasy again.

'Get on, Daniel.'


'Now!' He scrambled to his feet and climbed onto the seat behind me. Reaching back, I grabbed his hands and put them around my waist as I popped the clutch and started back towards the house. He held onto me tight and I could feel his head against my back and his body shaking as he sobbed into my t-shirt.

When we got to the stables I said 'Soft shoes, leash, tail, house. Move!' He leapt off the seat and in the stable door as I pulled back into the garage. I remembered to pop open his cage door and his cabinet as I walked towards the house.

Despite being frightened and ashamed, I don't think Daniel had ever moved so fast before in his life. By the time I had walked slowly from the garage to the house he was already there on the front porch kneeling with his leash held up in the air. His ribs were heaving as he panted and his whole body gleamed with sweat. I grabbed the handle of the leash, said 'Do not speak, Daniel.' and led him inside.

There was a small round braided rug in one corner of my bedroom. I kicked it closer to the bed until it was inches away. I pointed to it and Daniel knelt, his eyes on the floor. Sitting on the edge of the bed I held up one foot and then the other. Daniel removed my shoes and socks in silence. I turned my body and lay back on the bed, cradling my head gingerly against the soft pillow with a sigh.

With my eyes closed I said 'I am going to sleep for a few hours.' Pointing towards the bathroom I added 'Go in and get yourself cleaned up. Then back on that rug. Stay there until I tell you otherwise. If you need to use the bathroom or anything do it quickly and get back there. Go quickly and quietly, Daniel.' Wisely, he rose in silence and closed the bathroom door gently behind him as he went. I rolled to my uninjured side and drifted off to sleep.

I vaguely remember waking up some time later in pain when the anesthetic had worn off. As soon as I rolled over Daniel was there handing me another pain pill and a glass of water. I patted him on the head and went back to sleep again.

It was nearly 6pm by the time I opened my eyes again. I don't think I had slept so much in one day in years. Crap. And there were things we were supposed to do this evening. I sighed heavily. I was in no shape for anything. Especially something as fun and important as a double tailing. It would have to be postponed. Daniel was still there kneeling on the small rug, his eyes on the floor. In front of him were my shoes and a fresh pair of socks. I decided those could wait a few minutes. My cell phone was softly vibrating on the night stand. Picking it up I could see several text messages from Nathan, mostly just asking if I was okay. In response I popped open his cage door and sent him a message saying 'Come to the house.' He was there in seconds.

When Nathan entered my room he looked at Daniel and I could see him frown down at the kneeling boy. Before he could even open his mouth I said 'Stop that, Nathan. He made a stupid mistake and he will be paying the price for it very soon, trust me. But Daniel is still your brother. You need to remember that. Besides, you could have stopped him. Why didn't you?'

That question caught him off guard. He stammered 'Master, I... I...' I waved a hand for him to stop.

'It is no matter, Nathan. What happened is in the past. We need to make sure that it does not happen again so we can get back to our lives. As I said, this was a stupid accident. It changes nothing.' I paused then asked 'You still love Daniel, don't you?'

Nathan took a deep breath and his shoulders slumped. He looked down at the boy who wouldn't meet his gaze and said 'Of course I do, Master. He is my little brother and I will always love him. Just as I will always love you.' He laid a hand on Daniels head gently and Daniel sighed.

I nodded and swiveled my legs off of the bed. The lad at my feet slid my socks and shoes on while we talked.

'Naturally, tonight's festivities will have to be postponed. It's unfortunate, but I don't feel good enough to participate or even referee. I'll need you to send David and Wendy my regrets on that and tell them that we will be back on for tomorrow evening.'

Daniel finished tying my shoes and I set my legs more firmly down. I was still a bit groggy and shaky. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to be moving around a whole lot this evening.

'I want you and Sarabeth to take charge of the morning training. Make sure Gael walks at least one lap, either on the track or in the arena. I don't want her getting lazy. Get some work done on your dressage routines. You get with David and see how he moves and find out what sort of theme might fit him. Have Sarabeth do the same with Wendy. Make sure everybody knows that I will be watching.'

'I won't be seeing anybody for the next 24 hours. Nobody except young Daniel here. We have some issues to attend to.' he blanched and looked back down at the floor, a worried look on his face.

'If it's an emergency, of course, feel free to call me. Keep the phone handy and pick up the extra remote. Tell Gael that she is free to come over to her studio any time she wants. But she is not allowed inside the house any farther than the studio and make sure she understands that completely.'

'Of course, Master. I'm just happy that you're okay.'

'Just a little banged up. None the worse for wear. And I'm sure by the time we are done here that this will never ever happen again.' I raised an eyebrow at Daniel and he looked down at the floor again.

'Any questions? No? Then come down here, boy.' Nathan leaned down and I slipped a hand behind his neck and kissed him. I was acutely aware that he was naked except for shoes and his collar and it made me grumpy that I wasn't able to respond to that.

'Give your brother a kiss before you go as well. That will be a reminder to him of what he will be missing. And it will probably be the nicest thing that happens to him in the next 24 hours.'

Nathan crouched down and took Daniels chin in his hand and looked him in the eyes. There seemed to be some sort of silent conversation going on for a few seconds. Then they both nodded and Nathan leaned in and kissed Daniel softly and said 'I will still be there when you come back, little brother.' Daniel looked like he was going to cry again.

Once Nathan had gone I stood and held out my hand. Daniel placed the handle of his leash in my palm then rose and followed me out of the room. I led him down to my office and pointed to the perch in the middle of the room. Silently he crawled up on it and knelt there, his eyes once again on the floor.

Thinking back, I couldn't recall him speaking a word since we got back to the house. I decided that was a good thing and decided to go with it for the time being.

'Look at me, Daniel.' His eyes were brimming with tears again and he blinked them away. There were little tremors in his chin. His mouth came open and I raised a hand to stop him.

'Do not speak, Daniel. Unless it is a dire life or death emergency, you will not speak to me for the next 24 hours. Do you understand?' He nodded, looking miserable.

'For right now you will just sit there and listen. I am very angry with you, Daniel. Very angry indeed. That was a stupid childish thing to do. What if you would have hit Nathan? What if I would have sent David or Wendy or Gael out to fetch you? What if you would have hit Sarabeth with that rock?' His face went white as the thought crossed his mind. Daniel held Sarabeth especially in a very high regard. Sometimes I think he respected Nathan and Sarabeth even more than he did me. It was no matter. Whatever motivated him the best was fine with me. As long as he was polite and respectful and willing to perform in the arena and in my bed.

'If you would have injured one of my other ponies with your stupidity I would have found it very hard to ever forgive you, Daniel. I am not angry that you hit me with a rock. It was a stupid accident. But I am very angry that you don't have the self control to keep from injuring somebody else because you were having a temper tantrum. If I have to, I will stripe your ass every single day for the rest of your life to keep your temper in check.' He swallowed hard and shivered.

'So here is what is going to happen for the next 24 hours. First of all, you will not speak. If you need to get my attention or go to the bathroom, raise one finger. Secondly, that little rug by the side of my bed will be your home until tomorrow evening. If I do not have need of you at the moment, you will be there, on your knees, eyes on the floor.' Daniel sighed hard with a little catch in his throat.

I decided I had to give him something to look forward to. A little something to ease his mind, anyway. I could tell the boy was about to burst with sorrow and regret. If I allowed him to speak I'm sure he would have been bawling about how sorry he was and how it would never happen again. I'd afford him that opportunity later. Right now I wanted him to concentrate on learning some self control.

'I am not thinking of selling or getting rid of you, Daniel. You are one of my ponies and I do not give up or give up on what is mine. You are mine and I love you and you will be mine for the rest of your or my life, depending on which comes first. So if that thought is bothering you, let it go. I am not getting rid of you, period. I am, however, going to make you dearly regret hitting me in the head with a rock.'

He managed to look relieved and a little more frightened both at the same time.

'For the next 24 hours you will not be a pony. You will merely be a household slave. An object, nothing more. If I need or want something, you will fetch it. If I make a mess, you will clean it up. You will prepare my food but you will not be dining with me. When you eat it will be nothing but kibble and water. Your dish will be on the floor by your rug and you will not make a mess or I will stripe you. If I am going somewhere you will be right behind me at the end of your leash. If I am sitting down you will be on your hands and knees in front of me, offering your back as a footrest.'

'The only thing you will not be providing for me is sexual relief. If I find myself needing release I will either take care of it myself or call somebody else over here to attend to my needs. And you will sit and watch, either way.'

'This morning you were one of my beloved ponies. An object of desire. Every time I saw you I wanted to take you to my bed and make love to you and that exquisite body of yours. Today and for the next 24 hours you are nothing more than a piece of furniture to me.' Daniel hung his head and a little sob escaped his lips.

'If I wanted to make this easy on you, I would just beat you and have it over with. But that would be much too easy. You will learn to control yourself, Daniel. You will not be a danger to anybody else because of your temper.' I softened my voice and added 'I have always been proud of you, Daniel. And I want the chance to be proud of you again.'

'Now,' I said 'Before we begin I offer you the last chance to speak before tomorrow evening. Do you have anything to say?'

Daniels chin quivered and his eyes were brimming again. He looked at me and whispered 'I want you to be proud of me again, Master.'

Chapter Six

For all of that evening I kept Daniel busy doing one thing or another. He brewed a pot of coffee and I employed a little toy I had been waiting to find a good use for. It was a tray that strapped around his waist and connected to his collar by a chain. He was instructed to place a cup of coffee on the tray and walk back to me with his hands behind his back. He was also assured of dire consequences to his tender backside if he spilled so much as a drop.

I sat at my desk for awhile catching up on some of my emails and he was on all fours in front of me with my feet propped up on his back while I held the keyboard in my lap and typed.

Although Daniel had been working in a diner when I took him, he knew nothing about working in a kitchen and was pretty much hopeless when it came to preparing food. I assured him that he would be learning from Sarabeth and Gael in the very near future. After a few false starts and messes, I settled for a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup. I wasn't really all that hungry, anyway. But I knew I had to eat something and it was soft enough I could eat it without hurting my head. Daniel knelt with his head and hands locked into the center of my new little table while I ate. Like Wendy, I set a glass of water with a straw by his head so he could drink. And also like Wendy, I couldn't resist running my foot up and down the inside of his thigh while I made my way through my meal. He wriggled and groaned a few times at my touch.

'Are you hard, Daniel?' He nodded.

'Don't you wish you could climb into bed with me after dinner?'

He groaned and nodded again. I soaked up the last of my soup with the final corner of my sandwich and ran my bare foot all the way up his smooth warm thigh, almost touching his balls. Daniel arched his back and groaned again.

'It's really too bad that's not going to happen, isn't it?'

After he had cleaned up the kitchen and retired to my room to eat his kibble out of his dish on the floor I had Daniel report to the library where I lounged in my chair reading a book. Resignedly, he started going to his knees to be my footstool but I raised a hand and stopped him. On my orders he went to the linen closet and fetched me a hand towel. I took it when he returned and had him kneel down on his haunches in front of my chair, facing me. I'd kicked off my shoes and socks before dinner so I could enjoy touching him with my skin. I raised my feet and put them on his shoulders and said 'Hold my feet, Daniel.' He raised his hands and held my ankles on either shoulder.

Watching Daniel running around the house naked all day had made me horny, anyway. It made me almost regret that I had told him that I wouldn't fuck him. I sure wanted to! And I had told the others that I wouldn't be seeing them until the next day or I would have called one of my other pets over to satisfy my needs while Daniel watched. But this was a good alternative. Laying the towel across my hips, I opened my pants and pulled out my semi hard prick. Daniels eyes widened. I leaned forward and pressed two fingers to his lips. 'Open your mouth, Daniel. I need some of your spit.' He opened his lips and took my fingers in his mouth and ran his tongue over my fingers, covering them with his saliva. When my fingers were good and wet I leaned back, tugged back my foreskin and spread his slippery saliva all over the head of my prick. He groaned a little again like a dog wanting a treat held just out of his reach.

I stroked my cock a few times until it was good and hard then leaned forward again.

'I need more.' And I stuck my fingers back in his mouth. This time the boy opened his mouth eagerly, sucking my fingers inside and closing his lips tightly around them. His tongue swirled around and his head bobbed back and forth as if it were my prick itself in his mouth instead of just my fingers. Looking down between my legs I could see that his own prick was equally as hard as mine and standing up tall and proud from his lap. Excellent.

'That's enough, boy.' I leaned back again and wiped more of his spit over the head of my cock and started stroking slowly up and down. His eyes never left my prick as I half reclined and stroked myself. Me, I kept my eyes on him and imagined him leaning forward and taking my prick deep into his mouth. Daniel didn't have a whole lot of experience at sucking cock yet but he was learning fast. My other pet Nathan, who was an expert at pleasing me with his mouth and tongue, was teaching him and he was coming along quickly.

It was with the mental picture of Daniel on his knees with my prick in his mouth that I lifted my hips a few moments later and shot my load on the small hand towel across my lap. Even if it served it's purpose, I thought that was a serious waste. I don't believe I had jerked off like that in years. Daniels face was flushed and his eyes were glazed and his fingers were almost white from the force of his grip on my legs. The expression on his face spoke of regret and sadness and exquisite torture. He quivered like a taut bowstring. I'm sure the merest touch would have made him come like a geyser. I wasn't going to allow him that if I could help it.

Damn it, the boy had to learn to control himself!

And damn it, that made my head hurt.

I rose and zipped myself back up, letting the towel fall to the floor. Daniel picked it up and followed me as I left the room. Back in my bedroom I stripped out of my clothes and let them fall carelessly where I dropped them. The boy scrambled after me, picking up each piece and checking the pockets carefully before dropping my clothes in the hamper. When I was completely naked I strode into the bathroom and cracked open the shower door. Daniel followed me like a lost puppy.

He had an almost hopeful look in his eyes when I started the shower running. Evil bastard that I was, I dashed those hopes quickly. I was determined that he wasn't going to enjoy a moment of this experience.

'Hold out your hands, Daniel.' I moved his arms until they were bent at the elbows next to his ribs, hands held out palms up. Grabbing a fresh towel off of the stack, I draped it over his hands.

'Hold that.' I said, and stepped into the shower. He looked like he was going to cry again as I closed the door behind myself.

Getting clean and trying not to get that bandage wet was a major pain in the ass. But I was funky and still had bits of dried blood on me here and there and needed to be clean again. I managed it but I was tired and aching by the time I was done. And I didn't even give him the pleasure of toweling me off. I merely took the towel and dried myself and dropped it on the floor, leaving him once again to clean up after me. Normally I wasn't so careless and callous about my pets and their feelings. They were my servants, yes. But I also loved them dearly and did not want them to resent me or think that I took them for granted. These were special circumstances.

It was late enough in the evening that I could sleep some more and try to recover. I took a pain pill and checked in on the stables while Daniel cleaned up the bathroom. On the monitor I could see that everyone was behaving themselves. Showering or chatting or reading a book and relaxing in their cages. Gael was laying on her stomach on her bed facing out into the hallway, sketching. I couldn't be sure, but it looked like she was drawing Nathan as he showered. That brought a small smile to my lips. I'd like to see that one when she finished it. David and Wendy were sitting near the fronts of their cages chatting across the aisle and Sarabeth was reclining on her bed reading a book. From the way her foot was keeping time it looked like she had her ear phones in and was also listening to music.

Assured that things were well in hand, I rolled under the covers and laid my head down on the pillow. Behind me I could hear Daniel come back into the room and curl up on the little rug next to my bed. Wordlessly, I fell asleep.

Sometime during the night I awoke hearing a strange noise. Fighting through the fog of the pain pill it took me a minute to realize that it was Daniel, laying on the rug and sobbing quietly. I don't know if he was awake or asleep and dreaming. Rolling over, I reached a hand down and put it gently on his head, stroking his hair.

'Sssshhhh....' I whispered. 'It's okay, Daniel. You're a good boy. Master loves you.' He quieted down and drifted back off into a calm sleep. I almost envied him. My mind was troubled and sleep refused to ease my mind. There were times when being me was bloody difficult. I suspect that it would have been easier just to beat him and get it over with. But I had made my decision and we all had to live with it.

He may have settled back to sleep but I could not. Grumbling quietly to keep from waking him, I got out of bed and went to my office to start the day.

A couple of hours later found Daniel freshly roused and kneeling by my desk, holding a tray with my coffee cup and a plate of toast with jelly. I was answering emails and we were both watching my other pets via the monitor while they trained in the arena.

'You are missing a day of training, Daniel.' I said. 'You and Nathan need to be practicing running together. But instead you are in here and he is out there running with David.'

Daniel almost opened his mouth to say something and caught himself at the last moment and nodded carefully. He'd already almost let my coffee cup slide off of the tray once. I promised him wide red stripes across his backside to match the coffee burns on the front if he did that.

'Maybe if David comes along quickly enough I will put him in the chariot team with Nathan instead. He seems to have a little more self control.' Daniels eyes went wide and tragic and he looked at me and shook his head.

'And if you had behaved yourself you might have been out there right now running with Nathan with your body full of my come rather than just kibble.' He sighed again and his shoulders slumped a little. My coffee cup on the saucer slid alarmingly close to the edge of the tray and he juggled to keep it upright. I rescued my cup under the pretense of getting another sip of coffee.

'That is precisely what I am talking about. Your lack of focus and self control. That short temper. The impulsiveness I can live with. It makes you fun and exciting, sometimes. Especially in bed. I do enjoy that now and then. But out there...' I gestured towards the monitor and the window outside. 'You need to be focused. All of my ponies are champions or potential champions. Even if they do not win first place I am proud of my ponies because I know that they all went out and tried their best to win. My pets all try hard because one, they like being winners and two, because they love me and want to please me. And I love each and every one of you because of those traits.'

The whole point of this exercise in punishment wasn't to just be cruel to him because he had hit me in the head with a rock. If I had just wanted to punish him for that I would have thrashed him with the cane and been done with it, leaving his cute tight little butt covered with welts that wouldn't fade away for a couple of days. I needed to get him to realize that he was no longer in the outside world, where mistakes were covered by a quick 'Sorry' and forgotten. That his actions affected the whole group and not just himself. We were all a team here, despite the somewhat odd social dynamic.

I needed something to get under his skin. Then I hit on an idea that might work. It was risky, but it might just be the thing.

'The other night while we were eating outside I offered you your freedom. You got up from your seat and said, and I quote 'All that I am is yours, Master.' Do you remember that?'

He nodded.

'Do you regret turning down my offer? Do you want your freedom from me, Daniel?'

His eyes went wide again and he shook his head vehemently.

Staring into his eyes steadily I said 'I told you that I would not give up on you, Daniel. And I also said that I would not sell you. But something has to give here. I cannot have you being a danger to my other ponies. I just can't, Daniel.'

He sighed heavily and his eyes went to the floor.

'I may have to go back on my promise. I will not sell you to another Master. But if you cannot learn to control yourself then you will wake up on the side of the road somewhere miles away from here. I will just drop you and your things off in a safe place somewhere and walk away from you, Daniel.'

He started and shook and an involuntary cry escaped his lips. Quickly, I reached down and rescued my plate of toast before it ended up on the floor.

'So here is what we will do, Daniel.' I said, rising from my chair. 'This is where you make your decision. The biggest decision of your life.' I pointed to the wall that held all the pictures and trophies and ribbons my pets had won. 'I want you to look at this wall. I want you to see what you and the others have accomplished here. I want you to see how proud I am of all of you. I want you to see what you can accomplish if you learn to apply yourself.' I stepped over to the monitor hanging on the wall and swiveled it on it's bracket until it was facing him so he could see the others while they trained.

'And I want you to watch your brothers and sisters out there. They are working and training hard, trying to better themselves. Becoming a team. Becoming better than what they were before. Working hard so that they could be proud of themselves and more, making me proud of them.'

'And there's one other thing I want you to look at.' I strode to the corner where I had a full length mirror on a rolling stand. Wheeling it over, I placed it to one side and pointed it slightly down. Now there was no place to look except at the wall, the monitor or into the mirror at his own reflection.

'This is what this is all about, Daniel. Pride in yourself. Sure. I took you against your will. I kidnapped you and made you my slave. But you decided of your own free will that this is what you wanted. You decided to give yourself to me, body and soul. You decided that you wanted to work hard enough to be a champion. You decided.'

'And now you have to decide again. Do you want to be a man, and a champion? Or a spoiled homeless brat on the side of the road?' Pointing at his reflection in the mirror I said 'Look at yourself. Look at what you have become. See if you can see the proud pony that I have come to love and cherish. See if you can see the potential champion that I see whenever I look at you. See what I see, Daniel.'

I pointed up to the clock. 'It is now 10 am. You will stay right here, looking at this wall. Watching the monitor. Looking at yourself. For one hour. And you will not move from this spot. At 11 o'clock and not a second sooner, you will come find me and tell me your decision. I am leaving it entirely up to you.'

I thought for a moment. 'I will give you an easy way out after all, Daniel. If you decide to leave, you will wake up somewhere at least six hours away from here with no knowledge of how to get back and we will be done. If you decide to stay, you will bend over the end of my bed and take five swats with the cane. Once those are done your punishment will be over. You can go back to being one of my ponies again. Fair enough?' He nodded miserably.

'One hour, Daniel.' And I left the room.

I spent most of the next hour eating a light lunch and trying to relax. I was hoping that he would make the right decision. I did not want to lose him. Daniel was bright and sweet and extremely hot and I didn't want to lose him in the arena or in my bed. But he alone had to decide whether to grow up and face life like a man or run and hide like a child. All I could do was wait.

As the clock struck precisely eleven, Daniel entered my room and walked to the end of my bed. The cane was waiting there, resting on the coverlet. Hesitantly, he picked it up and looked at it, turning it over in his hands. From the darkened corner where I sat I could see him shiver lightly. I could also see that his nipples were hard and his fine thick cock was twitching back and forth between excitement and trepidation. I'd moved his rug from the side of the bed to the end so he would have a place to kneel down that wasn't on the hardwood floor.

With a gentle sigh, Daniel went to his knees at he end of the bed and draped his body forward on the mattress with his knees slightly parted. Right before he lay his head down, he reached behind himself and laid the cane across his lower back. I just sat and watched for a few moments, enjoying the sight of him waiting there bravely for his punishment. His ribs moved as he tried to relax and control his breathing and I could see the muscles in his butt and legs tensing up and relaxing. Every now and then he would shiver again.

Wordlessly, silently, I rose from my chair and stalked across the room, my bare feet making no noise.

'You will count them out loud, of course.' Startled, Daniel jumped and twitched. A small squeak escaped from his lips and the cane almost rolled off of his back. With an effort, he controlled himself and laid his head back down on the bed and said 'Yes, Master.'

The handle of the cane slid into my hand as I lifted it from his back. I didn't give him but a second to prepare for the first blow. As soon as I got a grip on the cane I lifted it and brought it down across his taut buttocks. The 'smack!' echoed across the room followed immediately by a cry from Daniel. His hips pressed into the end of the mattress and the muscles in his ass tightened up and rippled as a thin red welt appeared across his ass cheeks.

'One, Master!' As soon as the words left his lips the cane was swishing back down again, laying another stripe just an inch below the first one. Another gasp and a cry and Daniels hands gripped the bedclothes in tight fists.

'Two, Master!' The third one came down just above the first, making parallel lines across his ass. He pressed himself even harder into the end of the bed and gasped 'Oh god... oh, god.... Three, Master!'

The fourth blow came below the others, just above the line of his thighs where his cheeks began to curve out so delightfully. It was a crime to deface such a fine perfect little ass, but it was a necessary lesson and the marks would fade in a day or two. His fists were threatening to tear the bedspread and his hips humped into the end of the bed as if it were a live body in front of him and not just a mattress.

'Oooohhh...... Four, Master!'

The fifth and final blow came at a diagonal across the others, making an angry red tally mark across his bottom. Daniel arched his back and raised his head up, all of his muscles quivering in pain as the last echoes of the sharp smack echoed off the walls. His butt and hips moved even harder against the end of the bed.

'Five, Master! Oh! Oh god.... Five, Master! Ooohh....'

Tossing the cane onto the bed, I knelt down behind the boy and gently ran my palm over his poor tortured bottom feeling the raised welts against my palm. He moaned and rolled his hips and moved against my palm, the muscles in his butt rippling and flexing under my touch. My other hand grabbed his hip and pulled him a little back from the bed and then slipped around to the front of his body. As I suspected, his movements weren't all from the pain. His thick beautiful prick was rock hard and it twitched and swelled up even more when my fingers closed around his shaft. Daniel moaned deep in his throat as I stroked him with one hand and rubbed the fire out in his poor striped bottom with the other.

It had been close to 48 hours since I had allowed him any sort of sexual release. And with the small amounts of the aphrodisiac drug in the kibble that my pets ate and the way I had kept him frustrated this whole time Daniel was ready to pop in a second. It didn't take long at all with me stroking him harder and harder for him to suddenly gasp and arch his back and cry out in pleasure this time, his hot sticky come dribbling down my fingers and onto the floor. I held him and stroked his fine prick while he shivered and moaned and finally laid his head back down on the bed, panting.

With a small smile of regret, I took my hand off of his prick and patted him gently on the back with my other hand.

'Wait right here, Daniel.' I rose and went into the bathroom to wash his come off of my fingers. I got two wash cloths and wetted one with warm water and the other with cold. I laid the cold wash cloth across the stripes on his ass. At the touch there he took a quick breath and then sighed. While the cool sensation eased the fire on his butt I used the other cloth and cleaned off his prick and the mess on the floor. Then I helped him up onto the bed and laid him face down.

When I lay down next to him, Daniel snuggled up under my shoulder and lay his head on my chest, draping one arm across my body. I kissed the top of his head and said 'You are a good boy, Daniel.'

'I'm sorry I lost my temper and hit you, Master. I didn't mean it.'

I petted him and said 'Ssshh... I know you didn't, Daniel. It was an accident. And it's over and done with now. We need not mention it again. It's past history.' Daniel raised up on his elbow and look at me, one hand reaching up tenderly and touching my temple right below the small bandage covering my stitches. 'Still,' he said two fingers stroking my temple 'You always said that you would never leave a permanent mark on one of us. And here I have put one on you. It's not right. There should never be a mark on this handsome face.'

I laughed and took his hand in mine and pressed it to my lips, marveling in the warmth of his skin. 'Hardly handsome.' I said. 'You are my beautiful boy. You and all the rest. I surround myself with beautiful pets so nobody will notice how I look.'

Daniel frowned. 'I notice how you look all the time, Master. And I think you are beautiful too. At first I thought you were a horrible monster. Then I looked again and saw what a wonderful caring person you could be. Then you became beautiful in my eyes. And then I started to love you and I have loved you ever since.'

I raised my hand to his face and pressed my thumb gently between his eyes smoothing out the crease in his brow. 'And I love you too, Daniel. I have always thought you were beautiful and sweet and sexy. I loved you from the first time I saw you there in the diner.' My hand slid down to his cheek. 'And there should never be any frown lines or worry marks on this beautiful face. Let me do all the worrying for us. You just concentrate on being a good pony and let me handle all the rest, okay?' My hand slid further back behind his neck and pulled his lips into mine and I kissed him deep as his mouth opened to me. Daniel groaned into my mouth and I felt his hand slipping down my chest over my t-shirt and towards the waistline of my pants. His fingers hesitated briefly there and then slid over the bulge in my pants and started stroking over my cock through the material. It was my turn to groan at his touch. His mouth was hot and insistent against mine as my pants came open and the fly slid down. My cock sprang free and his warm strong hand wrapped around it and started stroking me as I got instantly hard at his touch.

Daniel pulled his mouth just far enough away from mine that he could speak. I could feel his words on my lips as he spoke.

'Will you fuck me, Master?'

'I'm afraid it will hurt you, Daniel.'

'It's okay, Master. I want it to hurt a little. The stinging outside will remind me to behave myself.' He paused and I felt his prick bump up against my hip. 'And the stinging on the inside will remind me of why I love you and love being your pony.'

'In that case I would be more than happy to fuck you, Daniel. 'I've missed having you in my bed, anyway.' I groaned again as he stroked me a little harder, the tip of my prick glossy with the pre-come lubricating me. 'Last night when you held my legs..... I want to stand up and slip my cock in your sweet little mouth. I wanted it so bad. But I had that picture in my mind when I came.'

'Then let me give you another picture to help you imagine with.' He said as he slid down my body. 'Just in case you need some help with that.' Kneeling by my side, he hooked his thumbs in the waist of my pants and started pulling them down. I lifted my butt and then my legs as my pants came off and dropped to the floor. I stripped off my t-shirt and it hit the floor seconds later. One small soft hand touched the inside of my knee and I moved my legs apart. Daniel climbed over my leg and crouched down between my thighs. Slowly, his hands slid up my thighs, making the hair on my legs stand up.

My hardon had flagged a little with stripping off my clothes and moving around but as one hand gently cupped my balls and the other slid up around the base of my shaft I quickly rose to the occasion again. My sweet penitent little pony boy made a pleased sound in the back of his throat as his hand slid up and down the shaft of my cock. He just crouched there staring at my prick for a moment, watching his hand slide up and down. Then he looked up into my eyes and said 'Master, can I suck your cock?'

'You don't really need to ask me that, Daniel.'

He nodded. 'I know. But I like it when you give me orders.' He turned those warm brown eyes back up to me and said 'All that I am is yours, Master.'

I smiled. 'By all means, Daniel. Put my cock in your mouth and suck it. Get me nice and hard so I can fuck you in your tight little pony boy ass.' At my words his mouth fell open and his eyes squeezed shut and a little moan escaped his lips as he shivered hard. I could see goose bumps rise up all over his body. You'd almost think I said I was going to cane him again, the reaction was so hard. The way he squeezed my shaft made me groan a little as well.

He lowered his head and his tongue snaked out and licked the head of my prick. A little string of my pre-come stretched from my prick up into his mouth as he sucked his tongue back in and tasted me. He made a little satisfied sound and smacked his lips as if approving of the taste. Then he pressed his lips together and planted a small kiss on the tip, then another and another, each time relaxing his lips just a little more and a little more until, with a sigh, he took the head of my cock into his mouth and sucked on it gently. Daniels tongue swirled around the smooth glossy head, wetting it with his saliva and making my toes curl up just a little. He hummed a little when my cock was in his mouth, making me tingle all over.

Apparently Daniel had been paying attention to the lessons Nathan had been giving him. I made a mental note to reward Nathan for being such a good teacher.

One hand went to the back of the boys head as it bobbed up and down on my crotch. My fingers curled in his hair, just caressing him, not trying to control the motion. He was doing good enough without any direction from me.

'Oh Daniel,' I groaned. 'That feels so good. And I just love seeing you with your mouth full of my cock. That looks so sexy. And knowing that in a few minutes I'm going to fuck you in your ass makes it even better.'

It was his turn to groan and shiver as he thought about me slipping my prick in his ass. He stopped for a moment and pulled his mouth away and husked 'I can't wait, Master! I want you inside me so bad!' Then he pulled my cock back into his mouth and started sucking even harder.

We were both getting pretty wound up and I could only take a little bit more of his hot mouth on my prick. I really wanted to go ahead and come down his throat and could have at any moment. But I would have had to wait a few minutes to recover afterwards and I really didn't want to wait. I had other things in mind. My fingers tightened in his hair and I pulled his head up until my cock slipped out of his mouth. Daniel looked up at me with the head of my prick resting against his chin right below those delightful lips.

'I think we need a towel, Daniel. I want you up here with your ass in the air. I want to see your poor striped bottom while I fuck you.' He made an excited moan then leapt off the bed and came back moments later with a big fluffy towel to spread in the middle of the bed. When he climbed up to arrange himself in the middle of the towel he reached up and handed me the bottle of lube out of the warmer on my headboard.

'Please, Master!' he begged. 'Please punish me with your cock. I've been a bad pony and I need to be punished. Make it hurt on the inside like it does on the outside.'

If I hadn't been so damned horny I would have snorted at the cliché of his words. But I was so hot I wanted nothing more than to fuck him in his ass fast and hard. I shot a generous dollop of the lube on two fingers and pressed them to the rose of his opening, spreading him open quickly and sliding them up inside while he moaned and panted. I pulled out and shot some more lube on my fingers and slid them inside him again, twisting them around roughly and lubing him up inside and out. Normally I spent more time making sure whoever was in bed with me was ready and receptive. But he begged me to fuck him hard and rough so that was what he was going to get.

Pulling my fingers out a second time I wiped them off on the towel and shot a line of lube onto my prick from the head to the base and aimed my cock at the opening of his ass while he quivered on his knees in front of me. I pressed forward, feeling the ring of muscle fighting the intrusion as he slowly opened his body to me. Daniel alternately held his breath and panted and he whined a little in mixed pain and pleasure as the head of my cock forced it's way slowly into his ass. I could feel him try to relax his sphincter to the intrusion but it kept clenching up of it's own accord.

He lay with his ass up in the air and his head down on the mattress and gasped 'Oh...oh! Oh! Oh god.... Oh yes... Oh god... Oh please.... Oh!' And then he yelped as the head of my cock slipped past the ring of muscle and into his wiggling butt. Daniel was no virgin but he was so wound up it felt like the first time all over again. His ass was clenched down so incredibly tight on my shaft it felt like I'd wrapped a dozen rubber bands around myself and cinched them tight. He moaned and gasped and mewled in his throat as I fed him more and more of my cock until I was buried all the way inside of him and his sore striped bottom was pressing into my belly. At that point I grabbed him firmly by the hips and pulled him into me tight, sliding in the last quarter inch and we both paused for a moment and groaned in pleasure. His ass channel was rippling around my prick like it was a hand playing a flute inside him, fingers running up and down trying to find the right note.

I'm sure having those fresh cane welts pressed up into my belly was stinging him some, but I was too wrapped up in my own pleasure at the moment to really pay that any attention. Then when Daniel looked over his shoulder and gasped 'Oh yes! Hurt me, Master! Punish my ass!', well, as you can imagine I had no problem at all with that. I lifted a hand and slapped one smarting ass cheek and as he gasped and tried to pull away from the sudden unexpected pain, I pulled out about halfway and then my other hand gripped his hip bone and pulled him roughly back into me, driving my cock home in his ass again. He cried out in pain and pleasure.

After half a dozen smacks on his reddened butt and an equal half dozen thrusts inside of him, Daniel stiffened and howled and bucked hard against me and came. He squirted so hard I could hear his come spattering on the towel beneath his body. He was gasping so hard I was afraid he might pass out. I held us both still until his body relaxed a little and he could move again. Pressing one hand in the small of his back I said 'Down... down...' and pressed him until he lay fully face down on the mattress and I lay on top of him with my legs on the outside of his and my prick still planted firmly in between his smooth hot ass cheeks.

I rocked my pelvis into him and Daniel moaned and rolled his smarting bottom beneath me. He made little squeaks as the skin of my belly rubbed against the raw welts on his butt. Raising up on my arms I looked down at him. His hair was already matted with sweat and I was momentarily fascinate watching the muscles in his back and his ribs moving as he fought to breathe normally.

'Do you want me to fuck you, pony boy? Do you want me to fuck you hard in your tight little pony boy ass?' He moaned something intelligible into the mattress but it sounded a lot like 'Oh god yes, please! Fuck me hard, Master!'

Or something like that. Either way I took it as an affirmative. And I was going to fuck him hard no matter what he had replied at that moment anyway. There were times when this was all about what Master wanted and this was one of those times.

I started moving slowly at first, just humping my cock into the soft pillows of his ass, grinding my hips into his butt and reveling in the feeling of his cheeks pressing into my belly and the way his tight ass gripped me. Then I began to move a little bit faster, pulling out a little more each time until my belly was slapping into his ass cheeks. Daniel started moaning again and moving beneath my body, pressing himself back up into my thrusts. His hands were gripped into tight fists and I could feel his legs kicking as I fucked into his soft willing body hard.

About the time when I thought I wouldn't be able to last any longer, Daniel stiffened and howled again. His ass cheeks turned into two fists of muscle and his inner ring clamped down on me, trapping my prick inside him as he shivered and came. That pushed me over the edge and I added my own howl of joy as I drove all the way into his body and started flooding his bowels with stream after stream of my come. We both froze in position, each pushing against the other and gritting our teeth and making inarticulate noises of ecstasy. Each time my prick swelled and spit inside him Daniel shivered and his ass tightened down on me again adding to my own pleasure.

Finally, slowly, I collapsed down across his heaving back, trying to rest some of my weight on my elbows. I buried my nose in his hair and kissed the nape of his neck which made him shiver again. He was sweaty and reeked of sex and I thought he smelled wonderful. I kissed the nape of his neck again and whispered 'Love you, pony boy.' He wiggled and purred beneath me then turned his head and whispered back 'Love you too, Master.'

A couple of hours later as I led a leashed Daniel back to his cage the others were all there in their own cages waiting. I gave him a kiss and closed the cage door behind him while they all knelt and watched.

Finally Nathan couldn't contain himself any longer and he said 'Master, is everything okay now?' I turned to him and smiled and replied 'Everything is fine, Nathan. Everything is just fine.'

And it was.



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