Austin and Perry stood between the familar over-sized wodden coffee table and the open fireplace that sparked and hissed as the glowing embers started to flame around the dry logs that Perry had just laid atop them. Austin reached out and stroked Perry's exposed arm; after the more than ten years of passion and sex the two shared with each other Austin knew that when Perry bent over like that, with his ass high in the air, he wanted more wood than just the split bits of old apple tree from the large wicker basket!

The two twenty-something men embraced one another tightly and although Austin was only sixteen months older than his little brother he still had to bend-down to start kissing him.

As their tongues danced around one-another each sibling reached between their colliding bodies to work quickly at unbuckling belts before attacking shirt buttons, shoes and jean zippers; they were forcefully peeling themselves from their clothes as they continued kissing. It seemed like that within a very well practiced few seconds both young brothers were in their tight brightly patterned briefs; each piece of thin fabric barely able to restrain the physical reaction to their fully obvious passion for each other as, once again, their now exposed lean bare bodies collided and they tightly held onto one another.

The two brothers were working their lips along necks and around ears as their hands roamed across the lean curves that had been so well explored long before they had ever been this muscular. Soon their palms were sliding down deep behind out-streached waistbands and the two boys finally started looking like a couple of your typical Abercrombie models whose photoshoot was getting just a little too homoerotic for the catalogue!

Perry was the first to break-away. "Christ 'Tin," he stammered. "How the hell do you still make me feel like this?"

Austin reached over and cupping his open hand across the back of his little brother's neck began stroking his thumb along the top inch of Perry's upper spine.

"I could ask the very same of you too, Pear." He replied.

The short Minnesota fall evening had quickly become night and by only the light of the dancing fire the Samuels' boys stepped out of their underwear; each brother grinning as they admired the erect naked male perfection they both saw.

"I couldn't want for anything more than this," Austin whispered.

"What?" Perry asked. "Stuck at home on a Saturday night with no date and nothing worth watching on the box?"

"...And with my stark naked little brother," Austin added stepping forward.

The two siblings fell together and then tripped backward onto the wide green leather couch. Austin reached-up behind them and the room was almost immediately flooded with light from all directions.

"You were always so... beautiful," Austin said quietly as he reached down and in one large hand took hold of both of their achingly erect cocks. "So pretty," he added after a couple of strokes.

As his big brother bagan masturbating them both Perry held his brother's head to his left nipple, his large square pectoral muscle was twitching as the tight hairless skin was pulled away between Austin's teeth. Perry reached down and ran his index finger along his brother's crack, drove it down between the rock-hard hemispheres and then ran the tip of his finger nail across and around Austin's flinching puckered arsehole. His brother bit him hard - twice!

"Oh, would you just look at that!" Austin yelled as his slow oral decent of his little brother's flawless nude flesh had finally reached home. "Well done Pear!" He added just short of sarcastically.

Perry's eyes were glazed, his athletic body was ridgid and he breathed only in short gasps; it was as if completely blowing his nut this early had come as just as big a surprise to him as it had everyone else!

"Right in my god-damned eye," Austin laughed as he wiped the warm thick spunk away with the corner of Perry's discarded silk shirt. "Shit, it's all in my hair, over my fuckn' tits," Austin felt someting wet and lifted-up his muscular arm, "fuck you man - my armpit? How the fuck do you cum in my bloody armpit?"

The entire room reverberated with riotous laughter!

"Fuck me 'Tin." Perry spoke flatly but with a dedicated tone that made it plain that ejaculating an entire biblical flood of semen didn't mark the end of his fornicating needs.

Austin carried his brother to the coffee table and slid him forward so that his butt was hangging just over the edge. He lifted Perry's left leg to his shoulder and in a fit of erotic inspiration dragged his ridgid gently curved dick across the pool of his younger brother's sticky wet sperm trapped in the corner of his brother's favorite yellow shirt. His thought of pumping his little brother's seed back deep inside of him was eagerly accepted by Perry grabbing his buttocks and spreading his ass to expose his waiting, willing and more-than-ready little hole.

Austin lent his hips forward and braced his torso against the thick muscles of his younger brother's raised leg. Then as the head of his bare circumcised and sperm lubricated prick easily disappeared past Perry's young but well used ring both brothers' moaned in the combined pleasure of an overly experienced couple of lovers.

Austin groaned; well, really a long low rutting growl just as his slow first full insertion gently pressed his tight nutsacks against his brother's ass.

"You have the best fuckn' boi-cunt ever lit'l brother." Austin started to quicken his pace.

"Lock n' key," Perry whispered back.

Every-so-often Austin's long run of fast and agressive thrusting would slow down or even come to a stop as an increasingly sweat stained Austin would enjoy a gentle fleshy anal spasm massaging his fully encased and overly stimulated pole. Then, holding too tightly to Perry's narrow hips he would drag his little brother back down the varnished table and begin the full assult all over again!

Perry's raised leg dropped to his older brother's hip as Austin lent forward and again the two sibling's lips met in a long and damp passion laden kiss.

"Oh 'Tin," Perry mumbled, "fill me up man; just like that very first time, shit man, spray my guts full of yer wounderful hot spunk!"

Laying his wet steaming body atop the full length of his sprawled little brother Austin Samuels worked his arms under Perry's shoulders and held tightly to the back of his head as he bagan to rapidly work his way to an awesome climax. With each faster and harder forward pounding of his pelvis the entwined young couple were both forced further up over the sweat slickened tabletop.

Austin broke from his brother's kiss and arched his back in an exaggerated curve that threw his head up too. His face was strained and contorted, his lower lip was curled back over his bottom teeth.

"Fuck!!!" he screamed somewhat too loudly for a suburban livingroom!

He stayed there, held ridgidly in the waves of an orgasm far too strong too even cry out against. With the two of them almost unbreathing you could swear that the room was silent enough to hear Austin's balls once again pumping away against the parted sphincter of his little brother Perry.

As the older Samuels brother bagan to reclaim himself Perry gently stroked his brother's heaving shaved chest and swaying abdominal curves.

"Why don't you come back down here?" He asked.

Smiling like the Cheshire cat Austin slowly lowered himself back along his beautifully used and now completely satisfied younger brother. He stroked his brother's wet face and ran his fingers through the kids long blonde hair just as a set of final twitching spasms made sure that the very last of his available load ended up in the undeniably right place.

"Fuck it man, I'm so glad we still get to do this shit," Perry said happily.

Austin gave his little brother a few pecking kisses as he eased his backside up and slid his bloated dick from the soft, warm and inviting rectum he knew so very well. Kneeling between his brother's parted thighs he was again amazed at the gaping open hole he had always left in Perry's tight tiny ass.

As he stood up Austin's hanging genitals sparkled in the harshly lit room. The mixture of both the Samuels boys' spunk covered his cock, nuts and trimmed pale yellow pubic hairs with a sheen of glistening almost metalic looking silver.

"Yeah, I don't think I could survive if we ever had to stop fucking each other," he replied as he aided his well used little brother to his feet.

"Well then; I bet your glad the economy fuckn' sucks so much and you both had to come back home after graduation."

"What do you mean?" Asked Austin and Perry together; flatly.

"Don't get me wrong guys; I'm sure glad you two are back home, we both are. Aren't we honey?"

"Delighted! Now you two go and get yourselves cleaned-up while your mom and dad tidy up all this mess that their lovely little boys' just made."

Lining-up as they passed-by the sofa before headding for the hallway each sex-stained son dutifully kissed their parents cheek.

A little later with the fire again just glowing embers in the harth the entwined Samuels family sat on the couch and watched the late news together. The sexually exhausted and still butt naked boys, soon after, falling asleep in their parents soft loving embrace.

"Shit I'd almost forgotten how great Perry's cum filled ass-hole looks," their father whispered.

"...and Austin's cock;" their mother spoke quietly too, "shit no matter how big these kid's get we still made a hell of a couple of great spunk making machines, dear."

From behind their boys' the middle-aged couple lent together and gently kissed.

"...and they say you can't relive the glory days." Austin's father let his open hand slide up along his son's strong naked thigh and then slowly he gently wrapped his fingers around his sleeping boy's limp shaft. Then, he turned his head and quietly kissed his youngest son on the forehead.

As she had done countless times before their mother slowly slid from under her nude sleeping son. She stood-up and looking down she smiled broadly at all three of her lovely men.

"Coffee?" She asked her husband quietly.

Her husband cocked his head to the left and raised his right eyebrow.

"Blow-job?" He answered back.

January 2012.


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